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Gifts for puzzle lovers

If Mom and Dad are the types who love puzzles, word games, board games or have very analytical and detail-oriented personality traits, they might love one of these puzzle lover gifts!

Puzzles are a classic hobby great for improving short-term term memory, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. Here we have 50 of the best and most thoughtful gifts one can receive as a puzzle lover and problem solver. 

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Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

These gifts for puzzle lovers are all $40 or more and Mom and Dad will love them to pieces!

1. Mona Lisa Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Starting the list off with a puzzle of a classic historical painting. Mom and Dad have the closest thing to Mona Lisa in their house with this puzzle.

2. Wooden Puzzle Escape Room Game

Bringing 2D puzzles to life, this gift is a wooden 3D puzzle that your parents can put together and try to solve similar to an escape room. Great for parents that love to solve a mystery or love to think through problems.

3. Clear Puzzle Glue Sheets

Many love to frame their puzzles after their hard work and dedication. Introduce these clear glue sheets to your parents that will allow them to stick their puzzles to it and easily frame the beautiful displays of puzzles.

4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Drawers

For complicated puzzles, your Mom and Dad need to have space to organize the pieces. This table has four trays to organize and sort the puzzle pieces by color or shape and has unique magnet closures that make sure drawers stay closed. 

5. Game Night Adventure Challenge Puzzle Book

A must-have for Mom, Dad, and the whole family to enjoy some mind games and puzzles. With challenges ranging from baking an apple pie blindfolded to painting on a unique canvas, boring family board games is a thing of the past. Until you scratch it off, your adventure is a mystery!

6. Portable Wooden Puzzle Table

Needing a stable environment for your puzzles is a must. This puzzle board tray & bracket set will hold your parent’s puzzle in place while helping relieve neck tension that may come from hours of puzzling.

7. 3D Wooden Puzzle Japanese Style Box

This is an exquisite-looking storage box. It is set up to be a puzzle kit and can be fun to put together. If Mom or Dad is interested in wooden puzzles or crafts, this will be a perfect gift choice. 

8. Square Spinning Lazy Susan Puzzle Table

When Mom and Dad do those 1,000-piece puzzles that are intricate, this lazy susan table will easily become their favorite puzzle accessory. This puzzle spinner allows puzzle lovers to move and position their working surfaces to easily reach puzzle pieces for assembly. 

9. UNIDRAGON Original Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

The reviews rave about Unidragon puzzles! The detailed pieces have been laser-cut to ensure smooth edges that fit perfectly together. The gorgeous prints and bright colors will not fade even after repeated handling of the pieces, ensuring that Mom and Dad’s puzzle set will look pristine for a long time.

10. Puzzle Board with Drawers & Cover Mat

This beautifully designed puzzle board is one of the best puzzle accessories. This puzzle plateau makes a great place to keep Jigsaw puzzles in progress & also enables Mom and Dad to move it into a safe place while they work on it at home

11. The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

The Clearly Impossible Puzzle is uniquely designed to be one of the hardest puzzles Mom and Dad will ever encounter. The present will always keep giving fun and enjoyment.

12.Porta-Puzzle Jigsaw Caddy

This puzzle caddy is great for parents that love their puzzles and their travels. This will keep the puzzle and pieces tight and unmoved and allow them to take their favorite hobby abroad. 

13. Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mat

Don’t let Mom or Dad confuse this with a yoga mat, this is a puzzle mat! This mat will snugly hold your puzzle and allow it to be rolled up. Whether your parents want a clean space or ways to quickly store the puzzle, this will be a great present. 

14. Brain Teaser Puzzles - 3D Maze Ball

These 3D maze balls are designed with different difficulty levels to choose from, suitable for any parent that loves problem solving and puzzles. Perfect gift to keep in an office or business space for quick stress relief. 

15. Ransom Note — Word Magnet Game

Family game nights will never be the same once you gift this board game to Mom and Dad. Ransom Notes is a laugh-out-loud, fresh game where everyone competes against each other to answer outlandish prompts from a limited pool of word magnets.

16. Illuminated Globe 3D Puzzle

This luminous globe is a retro-style 3D puzzle with built-in LED. It combines a 3D wooden globe model with a practical night lamp. Very special handcraft kit for Mom and Dad to assemble together.  Once finished, it could glow beautifully in any room.

17. The Uzzle — Family Puzzle Board Game

Puzzle lovers like to problem solve and love the big picture, which is why this board game is the perfect mix of puzzles and playing games with family. Mom and Dad will have tons of fun competing against each other or their friends. 

18. Winter Castle 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Parents that love the scenery will love putting this puzzle together. It unveils a great scenic sight a winter castle.

19. Paint by Numbers Puzzle Kit

For the artistic parents, this might not be a puzzle, but this paint-by-numbers canvas does propose a challenge that will be great for Mom and Dad to solve. 

20. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

If your parents are die-hard fans or geeks of Harry Potter and love to build lego sets or are puzzle-oriented, this is the one and only gift for them. This legendary lego set of Hogwarts castle will be eons of fun for your parents to assemble.

Affordable gifts for Puzzle Lovers

Fun useful gifts for the puzzle-making experience all under $40! 

21. The Puzzle Scoop

When Mom and Dad’s puzzles get to be thousands and thousands of pieces, this LED puzzle scoop is a necessity for lifting, magnifying, moving, and illuminating pieces. 

22. Puzzle Sorting Trays

Another essential accessory for puzzle lovers is sorting trays. Every seasoned puzzler knows the best way to tackle a hard puzzle is to sort it out by colors, and this sorting tray allows your parents to do just that!

23. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Puzzle Box

This award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. A perfect gift for parents that are looking for a puzzle-like challenge. Also great for parents that are engineers

24. Famous Painting Mini Puzzles

These mini puzzles are perfect for any history buff parents. One look at this and they will love to solve the intricate puzzle that will display famous historical paintings. 

25. Brain Teaser for Wine Bottle

Wine and puzzle lovers unite! With this gift, not only will your parents get a wine bottle but also a bottle holder that provides a bit of a puzzle like a challenge.

26. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles from Photos

One of the more sentimental gifts on this list. Choose a family favorite picture and create a customizable puzzle for Mom and Dad to put together and hopefully eventually frame. 

27. Puzzle Shaped Wooden Coasters

The puzzle-style coaster for drinks is made of solid wooden material of excellent quality. It has a delicate wooden texture, and beautiful color. Great for margarita lovers or any beverage drinkers.

28. Jigsaw Puzzle Glue

The puzzle glue is the best way to immortalize a puzzle Mom or Dad have made. Great for framing or safe keeping the iconic puzzles your parents have done. 

29. Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

This brain teaser puzzle poses an intellectual challenge for problem solvers and game lovers. Tis wooden T-shape piece puzzle delivers hours and hours of fun and mystery for Mom and Dad.

30. Puzzle Exercise Mats

Great present for parents that love to workout; this puzzle mat is easy to assemble for a quick workout. Then when Mom or Dad is done using them, they can just pull them apart and stack them up neatly for storage.

31. Plexi Glass and Hanging Puzzle Frame

These are the perfect frames to showcase your parent’s wonderful puzzle creations. Just choose the size and make sure to buy the puzzle glue, then this will make a great gift for Mom and Dad. 

32. Scenic Italy Puzzle Piece

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle features Cinque Terre on the stunning Italian coastline. A popular destination for European travelers, this nighttime scene is a masterpiece to snap together piece by piece. Great for your parents to enjoy making. 

33. The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book

Sometimes the best gift is to give the gift of health. Let Mom and Dad exercise their brain; this book is designed to help them strengthen their thinking skills. The book includes crosswords, cryptograms, word searches, calcudoka, sudoku, and logic puzzles.

34. Classic Mystery "Recipe For Murder" Jigsaw Puzzle

For lovers of cooking and board games, this is the ideal board game for a fun family game nighhome-cookedt that can be played after a nice home cooked meal. 

35. Cute Puzzle Mug Set

This simple and eloquent mug set is the perfect gift for Mom and Dad to showcase their love for puzzles and their love for each other while they enjoy their morning cup of coffee.

36. Stainless Steel Puzzle Necklace Set

Another equally sentimental gift for puzzle lovers. If you get this for your parents, everyone can see their love for puzzles and each other. 

37. 750 Piece Floral Shaped Puzzle

Bring joy to your parents with this classic floral-style puzzle. This colorful jigsaw puzzle is just the right level of challenge for a few days of activity for Mom and Dad

38. Golfing Vintage Collage Puzzle

For the Puzzle lover parent that also loves to golf, this gift will be a two-in-one present! This golf vintage puzzle is a golf collage of famous courses around the world, sure to please any golf enthusiast.


39. Booklover Library Jigsaw Puzzle

Another great puzzle for your parents to have in their collection. Especially if they are a connoisseur of books and like to read

40. Puzzle Piece Wood Ornament Pair

Great gift for the holiday season as this puzzle-themed ornament set will be the superstar ornament on your parent’s Christmas Tree. 

41. 300 Piece Cute Puppies Puzzle

If your parents are proud dog owners, then this adorable puzzle set is made for them! Made especially great for Mom and Das that are just starting to puzzle. 

42. Ultimate Mind Games Book

The next step after your parents have mastered puzzles is to introduce them to the world of puzzling mind games. 

43. Nighttime Puzzle Light

Prevent Mom and Dad’s eyes from straining when they want to sneakily do a puzzle in the dark. This light wraps around the neck giving the optimal light necessary when one tries to complete their puzzle. Also great for night-time knitters or readers.

44. United States Map 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

For the parents that are frequent vacation takers or have a bucket list, this United States map puzzle will be great for them to have as they get reminded of all the trips they have yet to take across the country to the beaches and snowy mountain ranges. 

45. Personalized and Customized Vintage Maps Art Print

A sentimental gift for your parents that could be a great anniversary gift to them. This custom-made print displays puzzles, and their love for each other and makes a great decorative piece for an office

Funny Gag Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

These puzzling gifts will make your parents laugh. Who doesn’t love a little humor in their gifts?

46. Novelty Puzzle Ankle Socks

These funny ankle socks are the ideal gift for Mom or Dad since they get in the zone while doing their puzzle.

47. 100 Games to Play with a Stick [A Hilarious Parody Book & Gag Gift]

A funny book to gift your parents that will no doubt puzzle them. 

48. Funny Dirty Word Search

This is for the parent that wants to show everyone their love for puzzles and word games.

49. Build-on Brick Mug

Get Mom and Dad this mug that not only is functional but also can be put together lego style.

50. Funny Puzzle Lover T-Shirt

A simple funny T-Shirt perfect for the parent that love love LOVES puzzles.

For Parents that are Puzzle Lovers and Problem Solvers!

As your parents get older it is important for them to stay mentally active. Engaging in cognitively stimulating activities such as puzzles, word games, and board games can help their brain functions, including memory, attention, and thinking. Here is a website for Mom and Dad if they want to do puzzles online! Now go get them their favorite puzzle gifts!