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50 Plant Lover Gifts for your Plant Loving Mom

If your Mom loves plants you have come to the right spot! We’ve handpicked 50 plant-lover gifts that she will love just as much as she loves her plants.

Our Moms give us so much, so show her you love her (and her plant children) with a great present. We did the hard work of digging up the best gardening and houseplant-related gifts for Mom, so you can give a gift that keeps on growing.

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Best Presents for Plant Lovers

The following list contains presents that are roughly $40 to $150. This is a great range of gifts that will put a smile on Mom’s face without making your wallet frown! ​

1. 5-Tier Vertical Garden

If your Mom lives in an apartment, townhome, or any space without a big yard, then vertical gardening might be the perfect option for her! With five spacious raised containers, your Mom can grow all sorts of things using this vertical garden. It looks elegant, saves space, and gives Mom room to grow anything her heart desires, even without a yard!

2. Half-Moon Plant Stand

This half-moon display allows Mom to place plant pots and hang them vertically. It comes in two colors, and you can order it as a 2-pack or a single stand. This is a perfect way for Mom to display the plant babies she is oh-so-proud of.

3. LEVOIT Smart Humidifier with Alexa Control

Any houseplant-loving Mom could use a boost of humidity to keep the brown edges at bay!  This smart humidifier features Alexa control, which will allow Mom to regulate the humidity levels from anywhere. It also has a large capacity, is ultra-quiet, and has a built-in nightlight setting. As a bonus, this device is also essential oil compatible, so Mom can humidify her plants while she makes her home smell lovely!

4. AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Does your Mom love to cook with fresh herbs from her garden? Give her this AeroGarden which is perfect for growing herbs year round indoor. The device includes a grow light, and the system uses seed pods that can be popped directly into the tray. It also looks stunning on any counter, adding a splash of greenery and elegance.

5. Raised Garden Bed

If you liked the previous vertical garden, but want something more compact, then this raised garden bed is the perfect option for your Mom! The coolest feature of this raised bed is the water level indicator, meaning Mom never has to worry about over or under-watering her plants! This bed can easily fit 6 or more veggies, and can be moved indoors in the colder months to keep the growing going!

6. Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart

Every gardener knows that a wheelbarrow is an extremely helpful tool to keep around. If your Mom spends a lot of time working outside, tending her garden, and moving things around, then she (and her back) will love this sleek 8-in-1 Aerocart. The Turbo-Lift technology makes 200 lbs feel like 17! 

7. Wallygrow Wall Planters

This set comes with 6 individual large planters, and they are available in thirteen beautiful colors. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, these self-watering planters are perfect for any type of plant. They are very easy to install and can even be used for Mom to create a beautiful plant wall!

8. Compact Walk-In Green House

If your Mom has the space and is serious about her plants, consider gifting her with her very own greenhouse! These can be used outside or brought indoors to grow year-round. This particular model features 8 shelves to place plants, and the metal shelves are sturdy enough to hold heavy pots and containers. 

9. 6-Piece Garden Tool Set

If your Mom has been using the same set of worn-out gardening tools for ages, then perhaps an update might be exactly what she needs. This set is made from pure stainless steel with ash handles and includes all the basics needed for any gardener. It also includes a premium canvas and leather tote organizer! 

10. Vertical Living Wall

If your Mom is all about plants and not so into DIY projects, getting her this pre-made living wall is an excellent choice. With this sleek setup, Mom can spend minimal time with assembly and maximize her time spent doing what she loves. The wooden frame adds a touch of farmhouse feel to any space, and the three bins are large enough to do some serious gardening.

11. Trellis Planter Box

If your Mom loves to grow any sort of climbing plant, like roses or tomatoes, then this planter box with an included trellis is the perfect gift for her! It’s large enough for many types of plants or vegetables, and this planter features wheels on the bottom which make it a portable solution if plants need to be rotated often. 

12. Outdoor Raised Garden Bed

Recently, raised garden beds have become increasingly popular. They are suited to any type of yard, and keep plants contained in an aesthetic way. If your Mom loves to garden outdoors, then consider getting her a raised garden bed just like this one. 

13. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp

If your Mom is always complaining about the lack of light indoors for her plants, then a grow light like this one is sure to make her smile! This lamp contains full spectrum light and is completely dimmable. It also has a convenient chain so that Mom can suspend it wherever she wants. 

14. Propogation Box

For the Mom that loves to take cuttings from her houseplants and propagate them, or the Mom that is always starting seedlings indoors, a propagation box is a gift she is sure to appreciate! This propagation box has vents for airflow, a clear dome to allow sunlight, and an easily removable tray. The tall ceiling will allow her youngest plants to reach new heights, and it will keep the humidity level regulated. Bonus tip: consider gifting Mom this plus the grow lamp above for the ultimate package!

15. Glass Display Cabinets

Putting houseplants together in a glass display case has become wildly popular among houseplant enthusiasts! This option not only looks visually stunning, but also helps the plants by raising their humidity levels. Mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and she will love how wonderfully displayed all her plants will look with this multi-tiered glass cabinet!

16. Metal Garden Trellis

For Moms that appreciate the beauty of vining flowers, this twin set of garden trellises is an excellent present to add a touch of whimsy and magic to her outdoor space. From roses to morning glories, all sorts of flowers and even ivy-type plants can climb up these trellis frames, bringing color and life to Mom’s garden!

17. Dual Garden Kneeler and Stool Set

Everyone knows that gardening, while rewarding, can be back-breaking work. Save Mom from discomfort by giving her this dual kneeler and stool set. The extendable legs can be folded out to make a comfortable seat, or folded in to create a soft kneeling pad, making it perfect for any type of work Mom needs to do! 

18. Wagon Planter

How adorable is this wagon planter? Give Mom a gift that will make a statement in her yard with this stylish planter! The multiple platforms mean that Mom can put various types of plants, even potted ones, together in this planter

Luxury Presents for Plant Lovers

The following list contains presents that are roughly $40 to $150. This is a great range of gifts that will put a smile on Mom’s face without making your wallet frown! ​

19. Gardyn Indoor Vertical Hydroponic System

The premium standard in indoor gardening, this Gardyn indoor hydroponic system is the best way to create a vertical indoor garden that not only produces in abundance but looks amazing. Mom can grow as many vegetables and fruits as she desires with the self-watering system, equipped with a light to ensure the plants always have access to plenty of water and light they need to grow.

20. Outdoor Portable Gardening Station

This portable gardening station will become your Mom’s new one-stop shop for all her outdoor gardening needs. It is fully equipped to serve as a repotting station, hold tools, and even has a built-in bench. The wheels allow it to be moved around easily wherever Mom needs it to be, meaning she can bring it to any area of the yard without doing any heavy lifting. 

21. Outdoor Cold Frame

If your Mom lives in an environment prone to cold and frost, then this cold frame will allow her to easily protect more sensitive plants from the harsh temperatures. The clear polycarbonate will still allow plenty of sunshine, but the seal will protect plants from frost damage which can destroy many types of common crops. 

22. Large Walk-In Greenhouse

This greenhouse is the stuff gardening dreams are made of. Mom will be dazzled by this spacious, easy-to-assemble greenhouse, which boasts plenty of storage for all her plants. It is also doubly reinforced, meaning it is as sturdy as can be and won’t topple over, even in the wind and rain. 

23. Outdoor Garden Sink

Gardening can be very messy work, and your Mom would definitely appreciate this outdoor garden sink! It can be mounted to the exterior of a home and attached to the regular water spigot. It also has a hose attachment, which is perfect for any gardening Mom. It even has counter space on either side of the sink, so Mom can set things on the side. Made of ultra-durable plastic, this sink will last through the elements and give Mom plenty of utility.

Affordable Presents for Plant Lovers

This list contains gardening and houseplant gifts that are under $50. These tools and accessories may have a small price tag, but they will make a big impact for your green-thumb Mom.

24. Gardening Baskets

If your Mom has an abundant fruit or vegetable garden, then she will definitely need a convenient way to carry it all back into the house! These wicker baskets are a classic, timeless choice, and pretty enough to be displayed on a countertop! The wide opening and sturdy base will make any Mom’s gathering adventure more fruitful!

25. Extra-Comfy Waterproof Kneeling Pad

Gardening is hard work, so take it easy on Mom’s knees with this super plush, waterproof, extra-durable kneeling pad. Made from a high-density foam, it’s lightweight enough to be easily transported, but thick enough to protect Mom’s knees while out in her garden. Who knows, Dad might even steal this for his DIY projects around the house when Mom is away!

26. Gardening Apron with Pockets

What gardening Mom wouldn’t love this stylish yet highly functional apron? Thick enough to resist thorns and brambles, yet lightweight enough that Mom won’t overheat, this gardening apron would make a great gift. It comes in two highly fashionable colors and has pockets large enough to keep Mom’s tools handy while she works.

27. Garden Hose

This garden hose is ultra-lightweight and extendable, meaning when not in use it can be compacted and stored away. Mom won’t have to drag around a clunky hose ever again, and she can make sure her garden is getting plenty of water without the heavy lifting.

28. Fairy Light Watering Can

Does your Mom’s garden need a touch of magic? This beautifully lit watering can will make her yard look like a movie set. It looks incredible at night, illuminating Mom’s garden with a soft twinkle. As a bonus, it may also help keep wildlife away from the plants while Mom gets her beauty sleep

29. Complete Gardening Tools Set

If your Mom loves to grow, give her a head start with this complete gardening tool collection! This set contains ten pieces, and also features a stylish storage bag with a handle, so Mom can carry her tools around and easily store them when she’s done.

30. Clear Cloche Glass Dome

Does your Mom have a houseplant that always looks sad and droopy? The answer is probably not your Mom’s plant skills, but instead, the air in her home being too dry. You can help her fix that problem by gifting her a clear cloche! By placing this over a plant, the humidity levels are raised over 20% instantly! This means Mom’s treasured plant that just won’t grow right can thrive in a wonderfully displayed way. Beauty and the Beast vibes, anyone?

31. Plant Terrarium

For several years, succulent gardens have been wildly popular, and there is no better way to arrange succulents than in an adorable terrarium! Mom will love the easy access door and large capacity of this terrarium. With its size, it would be perfect for more than just succulents- you could place all sorts of plants in here! Mom can show off her artistic skills and create a work of living art with this great terrarium at an even greater price.

32. Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light

If your Mom is always growing from seed, then she definitely needs a way to organize the sprouts while they start inside! This seed starter kit has ample space for all different kinds of seedlings, and it even has its own grow light so it can be used anywhere in the home, no sunlight needed.

33. Solar Pest and Animal Repeller

The enemy of any good garden is pests. Mom will definitely love this solar-powered pest and animal repeller, which uses ultrasonic frequencies to deter animals and pests away from her precious garden! 

34. 6 Pack Wall Hanging Glass Terrarium Bulbs

These bulbs have been all over social media recently, and for good reason! Easy to install and visually stunning, Mom will love these terrarium bulbs which are perfect for smaller plants or propagation. 

35. Natural Seagrass Cover Pots

With the rise in popularity of bohemian style home decor, many Moms have been looking for ways to make their plant collection fit the new theme. These natural seagrass cover pots are a perfect choice! Mom can simply place her plant into this cover pot, no need for repotting, and she will have a beautiful boho home in a snap!

36. Plant and Garden Tool Collection

This set of gardening and plant tools contains 83 pieces, meaning your Mom will have absolutely everything she needs. There are even specialized tools for succulents, and it comes with a convenient storage tote to keep it all nice and tidy.

37. Indoor Watering Can

If your Mom has a lot of houseplants, then she definitely spends a lot of time watering them. Let her do it in style with this classy, elegant watering can. This piece is beautiful enough to look like decor, but the long spout makes it a perfect choice for watering houseplants even in hard-to-reach places. 

38. Upside Down Garden Hangers

If your Mom loves growing strawberries, peppers, or anything of that sort, then these upside down garden hangers are the perfect way to let her maximize her output while minimizing the space needed! They can easily be hung from any ledge or railing, and are easy to empty and clean. 

39. Large Volume Watering Can

For the Mom that seems like she is always outside watering plants, gift her a large capacity, ergonomic watering can like this one! It has a large handle, long spout, and a detachable sprinkler head. This watering can is sturdy but lightweight, meaning Mom gets more water with less weight, and you get more bang for your buck!

40. Terracotta Pot and Saucer Set

Terracotta is a classic for a reason! Give Mom a beautiful set of these simple terracotta pots. They each include a saucer to catch any drainage and come in multiple sizes. Mom and her houseplants will definitely thank you!

41. Colander Basket

Every gardener knows the struggle of collecting produce, bringing it in, and having to transfer it to a colander or other container to wash it off. Spare Mom the trouble with this ultra-versatile, collapsible colander basket! 

42. 6-pack Macrame Plant Hangers

If you’ve been in any home wares store in the last three years, chances are you have seen macrame everywhere. If your Mom loves houseplants, then consider giving her this pack of macrame plant hangers! She can hang 6 plants using this set, and they will look oh-so-stunning in her home.

43. Leather Gardening Gloves

Any Mom that is a true gardener has definitely felt the pain of being pricked by a sharp thorn or branch. These leather gloves are thick enough to protect Mom’s hands but still allow dexterity. Not to mention, these gloves come in so many colors and patterns, there is sure to be one your Mom will love, and you can’t beat this price! ​

44. Repotting Mat

Everyone who loves houseplants knows what a pain and a mess repotting your plants can be. If you want to make Mom’s life a little bit easier and a whole lot less messy, gift her a repotting mat! The mat folds up for easy storage, but the tall edges prevent soil from spilling out where it shouldn’t be.

45. Wide-Brim Roll Up Sunhat

While gardening is a fun hobby, it can also be dangerous if Mom doesn’t adequately protect herself from the sun. This cute wide-brim sunhat has SPF 50+ protection, meaning your Mom will be stylish and safe from the damaging rays. 

46. Retro Propagation Station

If your Mom is always taking cuttings from her houseplants and propagating them in random cups, she would really appreciate having such a beautiful display to use instead. This looks like decor, but it is a fully-functional propagation station with three bulbs. 

Funny Gag Presents for Plant Lovers

If your Mom has a sense of humor, then perhaps a funny gag gift would be most appropriate for her! Take a look at these options that are sure to make Mom laugh.

47. 4 Count Funny Wine Glasses

After a long day of tending to plants, Mom might enjoy kicking back with a nice glass of wine. These hilarious plant Mom-themed stemless glasses will let mom sip in style, while still honoring her favorite hobby. 

48. Serial Planter Coffee Mug

Is your plant-loving, caffeine-addicted Mom also a true crime fan? Then this funny coffee mug would be perfect for her! Let Mom proudly display that she is a “serial planter” with this cute mug. Roots, beware!

49. I Wet My Plants Decorative Towel

Every Mom seems to love decorative towels that can be placed around the home, and if your humor-loving Mom also loves plants, then this would be a nice addition to her home! Life’s too short to take yourself seriously, so let Mom show off that she likes to wet her plants!

50. Gardening Pun T-Shirt

Nothing beets a great gardening pun! Get Mom this Romaine calm t-shirt or browse the other funny puns that they have and she will sure to have a laugh.

Grow Your Gift Giving!

This list gave you 50 great ideas for gifts you can give your plant-loving Mom. Whether she loves gardening or houseplants. If you are looking for more great gift ideas, consider giving Mom a shopping spree at a local nursery. It would be a great way to spend time together and let her get new plants while supporting local businesses! 

Another option would be to look into various types of plants your Mom likes to grow most and search for gifts directly related to that specific plant.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope this list has given you some inspiration and excellent ideas for what to get that plant-obsessed Mom of yours. She is going to love how much thought you put into your gift, and we wish you the best in your search for the perfect present!