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Mom Gifts for Yoga, Meditation and Zen

Looking for gifts for yoga, pilates, meditation, or mindfulness? 

You’ve come to the right place for the BEST assortment of gifts for your Yogi Mommy. These gifts can help Mom deepen her regular meditation or yoga practice. We’ve found all the ideas so you don’t have to! Scroll through this list of best gifts for yoga Moms and find something great for your Mom!

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Best Gifts for Yoga Moms

Fun useful yoga and mindful gift ideas for Mom all roughly $40 to $150.

1. Yoga Mat 6 Piece Set

This mat is ideal for yoga, pilates, and other workout routines; suitable for beginners and experienced Moms alike!

2. Yoga Wheel Set

This is for the Mom that wants to build balance and her core strength while preventing any injuries. The yoga wheel set provides ease and comfort for challenging poses — a necessary item for yoga Moms. 

3. Yoga Bolster Pillow

Some poses may provide a challenge, this bolster pillow provides support and safety during yoga. Give Mom this pillow for her adaptability. 

4. Meditation Bench

Meditation is often done before or after a good yoga session. This bench provides Mom with the optimal comfort as she begins relaxing into a peaceful state of mind. 

5. Meditation Mat

If the Meditation bench is not Mom’s style, here is this very comfortable Meditation mat. Made just for Mom’s serene and soothing meditation time.

6. Yoga Exercise Ball

A yoga ball is a must need for any yoga lover. This ball activates all the deep muscles in the abdomen, pelvis, and back — perfect for Mom’s looking to correct posture and if they have back pain.

7. Yoga Mat Storage Racks

If your Mom’s house looks like a gym at times from the amount of fitness tools she has — gift her this storage rack to tidy up her place. It holds multiple mats, weights and other accessories!

8. Home Gym System

If Mom has always said she wants to start getting fit but doesn’t know where to start, this Home Gym system is perfect for beginners. It comes with elastic bands, a pilates bar and much more!

9. Yoga Inversion Bench

If your Mom really enjoys her yoga, this is the gift to get her. This Yoga inversion bench will help Mom with yoga inversion which is believed to release tension, increase circulation and strengthen muscle.

10. Smart Weighted Exercise Hoop

A perfect addition to any workout routine are weighted hoop exercises! Known to improve aerobic health and burn calories quickly, this might just be what Mom has been looking for! 

11. Back Support for Meditation

If Meditation is something your Mom wants to pursue but her back pain gets in the way, gift her this back support chair for her Meditation. It’ll make sitting much easier and her life much more relaxed. 

12. Japanese Zen Garden Kit

Does your Mom get stressed out at work sometimes? Buy her this zen garden kit to add some peace and serenity to her work or home office.

13. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Whether its Yoga, Meditation, or whatever your Mom’s choice of relaxation is, she NEEDS this aromatherapy diffuser. Not only will it add a perfect relaxing scent to her room it will also help her feel more energized during her activities. 

14. The Self Care Bucket List

This is for the Mom’s that forget that self care is necessary. These cards come in the form of a bucket list which will motivate Mom to take care of her physical and mental health with some self love! 

15. Mindfulness Gift Set

This gift set includes a soothing Bath and Shower Gel, relaxing Pillow Spray, calming Essential Oils, Floral scented Candles and a daily Mindfulness Practice Guide. The perfect gift for Mom who wants to be more in tune with her self and start meditating.  

16. Yoga Statue Decor

Perfect for Mom’s that love Yoga and a little bit of interior design. These tasteful statues can be a great addition to Mom’s living room or her yoga room. 

17. Nourishing Candle

A candle with soothing scents are an ideal gift to give Mom’s who love zen and mindfulness. Lavender and Jasmine aromas are known to calm the body and energize the soul. 

18. Foam Roller

A foam roller is an essential! Give Mom the perfect Yoga accessory that will enhance her yoga routine. 

19. Aromatic Incense Sticks

If candles aren’t Mom’s style, then these incense sticks with lovely woody scents are the perfect substitute! Incense sticks are known to reduce stress and anxiety with the calming aromas they give off. This gift set comes with the best scents known to help Mom unwind and be mindful.

20. Meditation Sound Bowl

If your Mom loves to meditate, get her to the next level with these Sound Bowls as her present. The sound waves from the bowl promotes a deep, meditative state that is highly conducive to healing and can amplify one’s intentions. 

21. Meditation Crystals Set

If the sound bowls aren’t Mom’s style, these crystals might be just the gift! This set comes with a variety of crystals that can provide healing, balancing and energizing states of mind during Mom’s meditations. 

22. Wrist Support For Yoga

A much needed tool for Yoga, these bars provide optimal wrist support when doing challenging poses. Gift Mom ease and comfort for her Yoga with this present. 

23. Yoga Set

If buying indivdual items for your Yoga loving Mom is proving to be a hassle, this Yoga Set has everything! From mats, to blocks to even a bag to carry the items, Mom will love having this with her.

24. Yoga Active Wear Set

Yoga and fitness are great activities, however sometimes finding the perfect clothes for it can get tiring. This active wear set has all the combos and pieces Mom might need as she works out. 

25. Non-Slip Socks For Yoga

Yoga can have some very difficult positions at times, Mom might even catch herself slipping during these poses. Getting her these gripping, non-slip socks would be very helpful for her yoga practice.

26. Bath Soak Set

Part of being mindful and zen is to also have the perfect showers and baths! With these bath soak sets that have calming scents, Mom will feel re-energized after her bath! 

27. Lavender Gift Basket

This is an elegant collection of lavender products. Get your Mom this gift basket if Lavender scented items are her favorite! Perfect for relaxing. 

28. Relaxation Water Feature

Sometimes all Mom needs to relax is a tiny and cute water fountain inside her house. This water feature blends together water and fire creating the ideal relaxation tool. 

29. Jade Stones "Tree of Life" Plant

According to crystal therapy, Jade is known for calming and soothing properties; it also eliminates fear and calls for benevolence. Adding this gift to Mom’s plant collection or putting it near where she meditates will give off a great aura that Mom will love.

30. Yoga Side Sleeper Pillow

This is a great pillow for yoga-lovers to sleep on so they can enjoy a great night’s sleep. This pillow gives support to the muscles that may ache from doing yoga, pilates, or any exercise.

Luxury Gifts for Yoga Moms

If you want to get your Yogi Mom something expensive, these next gifts for Mom who does yoga are all $150 or more.

31. Meditation Chair For Home Office

A meditation chair would be great for Mom’s home office. With this chair she can giver her feet a break as well as time to squeeze in a quick meditation during her work day. 

32. Luxury Muscle Therapy Yoga Set

This muscle therapy set is a must need for Mom’s who have muscle pain and want to stretch it out. This set relieves tight muscles and fatigue effectively and it can also be used in multiple ways, such as stretching. acupressure massages, and balance exercises. 

33. Indoor Fountain Fish Tank

Add charm and relaxing sophistication to Mom’s home or office with this elegant tabletop water fountain. When it comes to letting the days’ stresses and anxieties fall behind, this is the perfect gift for Mom to have. 

34. Yoga Chaise Lounge

With a sleek and modern look, this chaise lounge chair is perfect for creating the ultimate relaxation zone. Mom can not only use this for her yoga, but it’s also great for reading books and watching movies.

35. Elastic Resistance for Yoga

These state of the art resistance bands are necessary tools for Mom’s yoga. Especially good for coordination/ balance development and endurance training. 

Affordable Gifts for Yoga Moms

The best yoga gifts to get your Mom that won’t hurt the wallet, under $40! 

36. Yoga/Pilates Mat Tote Bag

If your Mom has a yoga or pilates class she often goes to, then she needs this tote bag. Chic and stylish, this bag not only will hold her every day items but also her mat! 

37. Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

If Mom doesn’t have her very own mat for her yoga and stretching, get her this mat cleaner; this antibacterial spray with lavender scent is perfect for Mom to use at the gym or her yoga class. 

38. Yoga Dice and Resistance Band Set

This set of bands is essential for Mom’s yoga  — resistance bands are known to improve the quality of exercises and promote stabilization. A plus that this set comes with yoga dice that will make your indecisive Mom find the next stretch for her! 

39. Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Thick mats are a crucial item to have. The comfort, ease and protection it provides is unrivaled. Make sure you get Mom this to help with her yoga! 

40. Yoga Blocks

If your Mom has trouble at times getting into deep poses for yoga or maintaining her balance, these yoga blocks might be just what she needs! 

41. Yoga Meditation Cushion

This cushion is great for Moms that love meditation. It provides support and comfort during her calming meditations and is also sized perfect for travel. 

42. Breathing Buddha for Meditation

Sometimes meditating can be difficult; this breathing Buddha is the perfect buddy for Mom to meditate with. Not only will it serve as a daily reminder to meditate but also ideal for visual learners who might prefer guided open-eyed meditation. 

43. Healing Meditation Accessories

Having extra tools while meditating might make Mom’s relaxation deeper and more fulfilling. This set comes with crystals, a gem stone tree and a healing bracelet, all perfect for Mothers that love to meditate. 

44. Relaxation Zen Garden For Desk

If your Mom gets stressed out easily, she needs this zen garden. Zen Gardens promote relaxation and stress relief while bringing tranquility to Mom’s home. 

45. Organic Tea

Tea is a natural relaxer. This organic tea is great to drink right before meditation so Mom has the best and most tranquil meditations.

Funny Gag Gifts for Yoga Moms

Here are some funny gifts for the Mom’s who love yoga, meditation, and zen that are sure to get a chuckle.

46. Funny Yoga T Shirt

For the Moms that love love love Yoga that they are willing to skip happy hour for it! 

47. Humorous Wine Glass

Ask Mom what her favorite relaxing activity is? Her answer is going to be a glass of wine! So even if she likes yoga, this funny wine glass will always tell the truth! 

48. Yoga Socks

Socks are the coziest and comfiest item one can own, so if your Mom loves to unwind and relax, these socks will do the trick. 

49. Relax Funny Candle

If your Mom needs some relaxation in her life, this funny candle will do the job! 

50. Cute Yoga Mug

A cute mug will never go wrong as a gift and especially perfect for Mom’s who love to do yoga. 

Get Mom's Yoga On!

If your Mom loves yoga and meditation or has always mentioned that she wants to start adding fitness and mindfulness into her routine, what better gift to get than a yoga gift!

This will not only give her the tools she needs but will also help give her the motivation she needs to get going!