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60 Beach Lover Gifts

Does your Mom love going to the beach? Is she happiest with sand between her toes and salt in her hair? If so then you have come to the perfect spot for beach lover gifts.

This comprehensive gift guide will cover all kinds of gifts for your beach-loving Mom, at price points that work with your budget. Keep reading to see what gifts we recommend for your beachy Mom.

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Best Presents for Beach Lovers

This list contains Beach Lover Gifts that are roughly $40 to $150. 

You can’t go wrong with getting Mom this classic Tommy Bahama backpack chair. This is a beach go-to, and Mom will enjoy the ease and portability of this chair. She can throw the straps over her shoulders, walk out to the beach and enjoy a relaxing day by the water.

04/05/2024 11:12 am GMT

Give Mom a cool, shady spot to escape the sun with this canopy beach tent! Mom can set it up in minutes, and she will enjoy relaxing in the tent while watching the waves. This tent also makes a perfect spot for Mom to curl up reading a good book

3. Snorkeling Set
$54.99 $38.99
06/19/2024 12:39 pm GMT

If your Mom is the adventurous type, then consider getting her a snorkeling set! This set has everything Mom needs to get out in the water, including goggles, flippers and a snorkel. It also comes in a beautiful aqua color that Mom is sure to love.

Our Favorite
06/19/2024 12:38 pm GMT

When going to the beach, it’s important to keep the drinks cold! The Icemule 15L Jauny Cooler Backpack is a stylish and effective way to bring drinks to the beach and keep them cold. 

A good beach umbrella can make a massive difference on a hot beach day. This umbrella comes with patent-pending ANCHORX system which makes it easy to anchor into the sand and optimal for windy conditions. 

04/05/2024 11:27 am GMT

This reclining canopy chair is sure to make Mom smile. Mom can raise or lower the canopy covering up top, meaning she will always have shade when she gets too hot.  It’s also lightweight and portable, making it perfect for beach trips!

04/05/2024 11:28 am GMT

If Mom loves to lay out in the sand, she will appreciate this deluxe beach lounger set. These chairs are lightweight and comfortable, and the set even includes a beach table to place between the loungers! A perfect gift for both Mom and Dad, or for Mom to use on a girl’s beach trip!

04/05/2024 11:30 am GMT

For the Mom that likes to get active on the beach, this beach volleyball set would make a great gift! Optimized to be used in sand or soil, this beach volleyball set has everything Mom needs to get a game going. The set even includes a convenient carry and travel bag, meaning Mom can take it wherever she wants to go!

These rubber bags have been extremely popular recently, and Mom would have no problem using this as a beach tote. The rubber design keeps out sand and water, and they can be easily rinsed off after leaving the beach. Mom can store a lot in this oversized bag, making it perfect for beach trips.

Every beach bum Mom needs a good beach umbrella! This one is not only oversized to provide the maximum shade, but it can be fully adjusted and locked in place. The tilt mechanism keeps it right where Mom wants it, and the built-in sand anchor will hold the pole in place.

04/05/2024 11:36 am GMT

This canopy umbrella is a bit different than traditional umbrella options. Instead of standing up vertically, it lays in the sand and creates a shaded shelter. The 8 foot shelter is easy to transport, and it provides UPF 50+ protection so Mom can avoid sun damage while enjoying the beach.

04/05/2024 11:39 am GMT

Mom is sure to love this floating lounge chair, which features a cutout for dipping your toes in the water and a built-in cupholder! This lounger also has a tether point on the side, so Mom can relax in the ocean without floating away.

The Neso Portable Beach Table is a fun gift for Moms because it combines practicality with a touch of whimsy. With its built-in cup holders and cell phone pockets, it offers convenience while lounging at the beach or having a picnic in the park. Plus, the adorable flamingo design adds a fun and unique element that sets it apart from other portable tables.

04/05/2024 11:41 am GMT

If your Mom needs to place an umbrella or tether a float on the beach, then she needs one of these sand anchors! This plants firmly into the sand and will keep anything Mom attaches to it safe and secure.

04/05/2024 11:42 am GMT

If your Mom likes to get in the water but is always complaining about getting her hair wet, this body board is a perfect option. This is designed to let Mom swim and enjoy the waves while keeping her head above the water. It would also make a great gift for Moms that aren’t strong swimmers!

04/05/2024 11:45 am GMT

Mom deserves to jam out at the beach, and this waterproof JBL speaker is a great option. With excellent sound quality, full IP6 waterproofing, and extended battery life, this speaker will keep the tunes going all day long.

If Mom is looking for a bigger umbrella, this oversized one would make a perfect gift! It comes in the classic rainbow coloration, and it can be adjusted and tilted whichever way Mom desires. It also features a vented design and full UV protection.

04/05/2024 11:48 am GMT

For the Mom that likes to kick back in style and comfort, this beach lounger would make a perfect gift. It also includes a retractable canopy covering to keep Mom shaded and cool. The chaise folds out so Mom can lounge and relax, and the compact design makes it easily portable.

If your Mom is in need of a good cooler that won’t take up too much space, this inflatable floating cooler is a great option. When inflated, the cooler can float on the water, making it perfect for beach and boat days! It also has built in cupholders and tether points, so it is a versatile cooler that’s ready for any adventure Mom wants to take.

04/05/2024 11:51 am GMT

If your Mom frequents beaches with rocky sand or lots of shells, she will surely appreciate these water shoes. They are lightweight and breathable, but the rubber soles will protect Mom’s feet from any terrain. They also come in multiple colors.

04/05/2024 11:58 am GMT

This cute pink pop up sun shelter will keep Mom safe and shaded, even on windy days. It is lightweight and can be set up in mere minutes! This shelter is also a fraction of the cost of many other similar items, so you can give Mom a practical gift she will love without breaking the bank.

Luxury Presents for Beach Lovers

Want to splurge a little? This next list of Beach Lover Gifts are all $150 and more.

04/05/2024 12:00 pm GMT

For Moms with kids or grandkids, lugging all their chairs and toys out to the beach can be a hassle. This compact beach cart will make beach trips a breeze! Mom can load up the cart and simply roll it out over the sand. It folds up tightly to make it easy to store in the car.

04/05/2024 12:01 pm GMT

Every beach day needs cold drinks, right? Mom can store plenty in this soft cooler bag. With a convenient shoulder strap, toting this bag is a breeze. Mom will appreciate how easy it is to transport, and how easy it is to clean.

24. Cargo Beach Cart
$149.99 $119.99
04/05/2024 12:05 pm GMT

This heavy-duty beach cart has space for anything Mom wants to bring along with her. This cart also includes a storage bag and a tire pump, meaning it is ready for any adventure. Mom can easily fold this up and store it, and the tires glide smoothly over any sand.

25. Beach Bicycle
$179.99 $131.99
04/05/2024 12:08 pm GMT

If cruising down the coastline is something your Mom would enjoy, then this single bicycle would make a great gift. The design is not only beautiful, but the bike is made to ride through sand without issues. Mom will love adventuring on this beach bike!

Costa Del Mar is the name in beach eyewear. They have the best polarization and UV protection of any brand, and Mom will love these stylish shades. All Costa glasses also come with an extended warranty for life, meaning Mom can treasure these for years to come.

04/05/2024 12:13 pm GMT

Give Mom an island of her own with this inflatable floating dock. The comfortable deck is sturdy enough to stand on, and it has room for three to four people. It also includes multiple tether points, meaning Mom can anchor this to the sand or off a boat.

04/05/2024 12:15 pm GMT

If your Mom likes to have adventures in the ocean, this ROC paddleboard would make a great gift! Like most beach paddleboards, this is an inflatable option that includes a paddle and ankle strap. Whether your Mom is just getting started or an advanced paddleboarder, she will love this cute gift.

04/05/2024 12:16 pm GMT

The classic luxury cooler, Yeti makes amazing products that keep drinks and food cold for longer than most other brands. Mom will love this hardshell Tundra, which can store enough food and drinks for the whole family.

04/05/2024 12:17 pm GMT

If your Mom likes to take trips to the beach with family or friends, she will definitely make use of this gazebo canopy! It has enough room for several people to escape the sun, and it can be quickly anchored into the sand, meaning Mom won’t have to worry about it blowing away!

04/05/2024 12:20 pm GMT

If your Mom likes to capture memories at the beach, then this GoPro HERO is a great choice. The camera is rough and ready for anything, be it sand or water, and Mom will enjoy taking photos or hours of video with this tiny but mighty camera.

04/05/2024 12:22 pm GMT

If you want to gift Mom a Yeti product, but the Tundra cooler feels too big and clunky, then consider the Yeti Roadie cooler bag instead! This bag is much easier to transport than a traditional cooler, but it still has ample space and the cold-keeping ability you expect from Yeti.

If your Mom really loves to jam, then this JBL Partybox would make a great gift. The speaker features amazing audio quality, lights, and a stellar battery life. It’s also splash-resistant and makes an excellent beach speaker option for Mom. It’s loud enough to get the party started, but lightweight enough that Mom can carry it with ease.

Affordable Presents for Beach Lovers

On a tight budget? This next list of Beach Lover Gifts are all less than $40!

Every beach-loving Mom needs a dependable beach bag. This mesh bag has a large capacity and plenty of compartments for storage. While it isn’t waterproof, it is very easy to rinse out and won’t hold sand.

Gift Mom a stylish and protective beach hat, like this one. Not only does it look cute, but it will protect Mom from the sun while she enjoys the beach. It also comes in multiple styles, so you can pick one that best suits your Mom.

If your Mom loves to walk the beach and collect shells, then these seashell collection bags would make a great gift. The mesh bags will sift out the sand, but keep shells of all sizes safe and secure. For the Mom that loves to beachcomb, these bags are a great and inexpensive gift option.

Whoever said building sandcastles was just for kids? Let Mom unleash her inner architect or artist with this ultimate set of sand tools! This set contains everything Mom would ever need for a sandcastle, sculpture, or anything else she wants to make.

04/05/2024 12:32 pm GMT

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but reliable beach chair for Mom, this bright and fun folding chair will do the trick. Mom can kick back and relax with this easily portable, lightweight chair.

04/05/2024 12:33 pm GMT

If your Mom isn’t a fan of the sand between her toes, then these AquaSocks would make a great gift. They are quick-drying, meaning Mom can wear them in the water too! These will protect Mom’s feet while still being lightweight and breathable.

04/05/2024 12:36 pm GMT

If your Mom is always coming home from the beach with lots of seashells, then this cute display will give her a trendy way to show them off! The holder can accommodate a large number of shells, and it will look great in Mom’s house to match her other beachy decor.

This huge, sandproof beach blanket will have Mom relaxing in the sun all day long. Big enough to comfortably fit multiple people and available in adorable patterns and colors, Mom is sure to love the comfort and style of this beach blanket. This is so much better than your average beach towel!

Even Moms that love the beach hate tracking sand into the car or house. This sand removal kit will put an end to gritty floors forever. Mom can use these to brush sand off her feet, or dust off her favorite beach chair. They also come with a cute storage bag, and can be tossed in Mom’s beach bag for easy access.

For the Mom that loves the “Beach Life,” these sand spike drink holders will have her sipping in style while she basks in the sun. Available in a multipack, there are enough cupholders for the whole family to enjoy a day at the beach.

04/05/2024 12:42 pm GMT

Nobody wants sand in their drink, including Mom! These can lids will fit any standard size can and turn it into a sealable bottle in a snap. Mom will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of this design, and you can’t beat this price for a multipack of colorful can lids.

04/05/2024 12:43 pm GMT

Every Mom needs a cute coverup to throw on over her swimsuit. This crochet style coverup has beautiful island vibes, and it comes in over five colors to suit Mom’s fashion sense. These are beachy and boho, and would make a great gift for Mom.

04/05/2024 12:44 pm GMT

This beach table can do it all- it has cupholders and phone holding slots, making it a perfect present for your beach-loving Mom! The spiked legs easily slide into the sand, keeping the table safe and secure for a day at the beach.

04/05/2024 12:46 pm GMT

Tossing a beach bag on the ground means getting sand everywhere, so gift Mom this umbrella hook instead. With four strong prongs that can hold up heavy bags, Mom will appreciate not having to toss things in the sand. It fits all standard umbrella sizes, making it a versatile and practical present.

04/05/2024 12:47 pm GMT

This 3-in-1 cooler backpack is much more than a way to keep drinks cold for a long day at the beach. This backpack doubles as a table and a chair as well, making it the ultimate in convenience for Mom’s beach adventures! The cooler capacity is large enough to store enough drinks and food for a day in the sun.

Go beyond regular beach cupholders with these oversized ones, which include pockets for phones, keys, or whatever Mom wants to put in them. They also come in a multipack of fun and bright colors, making them a great gift for a Mom that loves going to the beach.

04/05/2024 12:49 pm GMT

Every Mom needs a good float for relaxing in the water, and this hammock float is a classic, timeless choice. Mom can rest in it like a hammock, or use it as a saddle and drifter. The 4-in-1 design makes it a versatile and wonderful gift option.

Let’s face it, phones and water just don’t mix. These phone lanyards are completely waterproof, and will keep Mom’s phone from getting wet while she enjoys the beach. They’re also perfect if Mom is prone to losing her phone, because they keep it secure and dry on the lanyard!

52. Handheld Fan
$24.99 $17.99
04/05/2024 12:52 pm GMT

Sometimes the beach gets a little hot, and if there’s no breeze blowing, let Mom make her own with this cute and ultra-portable handheld fan! This small but powerful fan is rechargeable, and also features a built-in flashlight so Mom will always have what she needs, no matter the time of day.

No table at the beach? No problem, when you have this umbrella table tray! This clips to any standard beach umbrella, and provides enough compartments to store all kinds of things. Mom will love how easy it is to clip on, and how much she can secure in the various sections.

04/05/2024 12:56 pm GMT

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and that goes for sun exposure. This stylish and feminine UV protectant shirt will let Mom enjoy the beach without risking catching too many rays. It is also made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, meaning Mom can keep cool while staying safe.

55. Beach Towel Clips
$7.99 $6.99 ($0.87 / Count)
04/05/2024 12:57 pm GMT

Mom doesn’t want to spend her whole beach day holding down a towel that won’t seem to stay in place. These beach towel clips will keep Mom’s towel exactly where she wants it with no fuss. They come in a multipack of cute colors, so there will be enough clips for multiple towels or a huge beach blanket.

04/05/2024 12:59 pm GMT

This floating dry bag will keep anything inside it safe and dry, making it ideal for the Mom who enjoys going out on the water. Perfect for a day on the boat with Dad, this dry bag will hold plenty of items and prevent them from sinking if they fall into the water.

04/05/2024 01:00 pm GMT

Does your Mom always insist on taking family beach portraits? If so, then give her a beautiful way to display her beach pictures with this cute beach photo frame! This will make a welcome addition to Mom’s beach theme decor at home.

Every beach-going Mom needs a good pair of shades. These polarized sunglasses will keep Mom safe and stylish by protecting her eyes from the bright sunlight. Available in multiple styles, there is something for every Mom at a fraction of the cost of designer shades.

04/05/2024 01:02 pm GMT

Regular old beach towels never seem to stay on, but this hooded beach towel will have Mom snuggled up in comfort. They are also roomy enough to allow Mom to change on the beach in a snap, without worrying about having to find privacy somewhere. They come in many colors and are designed to fit a wide range of sizes.

04/05/2024 01:04 pm GMT

Let Mom get out there and catch some waves with this durable body board! It features a wrist strap to keep Mom’s board secure, even in rougher water. This makes a great gift that Dad might want to steal and get in on the fun!

Present shopping can be a beach!

We hope this list has given you a great idea of what to gift your beach bum Mom! f you are looking for something a bit different, you might consider looking into booking Mom a beach trip. Scout listings from VRBO and Airbnb to find Mom a perfect beach rental, and spoil her with a trip to her favorite place.

Whatever you choose, your beach-loving Mom will appreciate the thought and time you put into selecting her a great present!