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Whether your Dads a new entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO, these gifts will help him stay productive and organized throughout the year.

From stylish accessories to must-have electronics to office gifts, there’s something for every business Dad on this list. So don’t wait any longer—check out our top 50 presents and get Dad something great that he can use at work!

Table of Contents

Best Presents for Business Dads

This list contains presents that are roughly $50 to $150 that your business Dad will love.

1. Vintage Leather Crossbody Bag

Made of Italian leather, this innovative bag is fit with specialty back panels and straps for comfortable wearing. A great backpack that pairs well with business casual attire so Dad can look stylish going into the office.

2. HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle

Brighten up your Dad’s routine with a glowing smart waterbottle! This waterbottle glows periodically to remind him to stay hydrated. And when you purchase this water bottle, your Dad can track his water intake through the free HidrateSpark App.

3. The Minimalist Watch

Add to your father’s watch collection from Fossil. This watch has a slim and clean style that will look great on Dad when he is headed to work. You could even customize the watch with a complimentary engraving from a participating local Fossil store to make it more personalized!

4. Vintage Genuine Leather Briefcase

There is nothing like the smell of genuine leather! If your Dad is a bag connoisseur, he’s sure to love this briefcase. Updated with YKK metal zippers to withstand 1000 times pull strength, this bag is sure to last a long time.

5. Professional Briefcase

If your Dad’s job requires a more professional appearance, this Leather Briefcase has all the space he’ll need. With the ability to fit a laptop, a tablet with room to spare.

6. Hoverpen

Engineered to defy gravity and beautifully designed to provoke curiosity. The Hover pen stands on its own and spins as Dad wishes. It makes the perfect center-piece for Dad’s desk! An aesthetically pleasing conversation starter as well as a high-quality pen.

7. Decorative Bamboo Palm

Does your Dad have a green thumb? No? Then this bamboo palm tree would make a great gift (especially since fake plants don’t require any maintenance)! Little things like fake plants can make Dad’s zoom background look much better.

8. Minimal Laptop Stand

Make your Dad’s work life a little more interesting with a laptop stand. This laptop stand is easily adjustable and great for travel. This product was also specially designed so your laptop won’t overheat.

9. Levitating Light Bulb Decor

Who said lamps had to stay the same? Level up your Dad’s work space with a magnetic levitating light bulb! Set in an attractive wood set, it makes for fun home office decor and a wonderful conversation starter for anyone visiting your Dad at work.

10. Coffee Mug Warmer

This multifunctional coffee mug warmer not only warms up drinks but also cools them down in addition to charging your phone! If your Dad likes a hot cup of coffee during work then he will enjoy this useful tool.

11. Magnifier Lamp

Do your Dad’s eyes strain when he reads? A magnifier lamp might be the perfect gift for him. Featuring 3x the magnification, this distortion free magnifier will help your Dad read more easily without pesky glasses.

12. Mobile Printer Stand

If your Dad works from home, a mobile printer stand will help him tidy up his space. Made with a vintage appearance, this stand is sure to compliment your Dad’s work space.

13. Light Ring

It’s important now more than ever to maintain professional appearances while on video calls, and a ring light will do just that. This ring light is made with a swinging arm which makes it easy to adjust and move around. He’ll even be able to adjust the brightness and color to compliment him as he’d like.

14. Keyboard Tray

Upgrade your Dad’s desk with a keyboard tray. This tray is made with a 360° adjustable joint to easily adjust height and angle according to your Dad’s preferences. You never know what’ll make a difference in his life!

15. Computer Desk

How long has your Dad had his computer desk? Forever? If it’s time for a new desk, then a Coleshome desk is an excellent choice! Feel free to choose from 14 selections. If your Dad has a taste for vintage or bright and fresh look, Coleshome has got your back.

16. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Your Dad will love this unique yoga mat made with eco-friendly materials and cork! Yoga is proven to increase flexibility, relaxation, and heart health. Whenever your Dad sees this mat in the corner of his office, it’ll be a helpful reminder to take care of his health!

17. Blue Light Glasses

If Dad spends lots of time in front of the computer at work it can be very strenuous on his eyes. Blue Light glasses make for a very practical gift that Dad will certainly use at the office or when he’s working from home.

18. Lap Desk

If Dad works from home this lap desk is a must-have. By having this lap desk Dad can work comfortably from his favorite chair, the couch, or his bed!

19. Wireless Charging Stone

Minimalist and intuitive to use this charging stone makes the perfect gift for Dad’s desk. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including iPhone 8 and newer, Airpods, Galaxy S8, S9, S9 Plus and more.

20. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Headphones can be bulky and inconvenient. Gift Bose wireless earbuds to your Dad that deliver powerful sound without the inconvenience of wires. With 9 hours of playtime, your Dad will enjoy these earbuds in his professional and personal life!

Luxury Presents for Business Dads

This list contains presents that are roughly $150+ that will that your Dad will love!

21. Air Purifier

Does your Dad have allergies? An air purifier might just bring him to tears, and it won’t be because of allergies! This Westinghouse air purifier can remove pet hair and dander from the air so Dad can work in a clean air enviornment. His allergies will thank you!

22. Apple Tablet

If your Dad has a lot of meetings, a tablet might be a very useful tool. Typing notes during meetings can seem rude, but a tablet can be much more discreet. His clients will thank you! ​

23. Portable IPS Monitor

Does your Dad travel for work? It’s convenient using additional computer monitors at home, but traveling makes it practically impossible to use additional monitors. This portable IPS monitor is the perfect tool for someone always on the go, but with limited travel space.

24. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

Give Dad the extra jolt he needs to get through the work day with this single-serve espresso and coffee machine.

25. Under Desk Treadmill

If your Dad is looking for more exercise while maintaining his work, this treadmill should do the trick! Built with a quiet motor and wireless speaker, this small treadmill was made to be used in the home so Dad can workout and work at the same time. ​

26. Gaming Chair

If your Dad enjoys a firm desk chair, this chair is for him. It might be a gaming chair, but it has shown excellent results for comfort through it’s ergonomic design shown to support your head and spine. If the office chair is what you want to get Dad and it’s not this one there are many other ergonomic office chair options to explore!

Affordable Presents for Business Dads

This list contains presents under $40 that your Dad will think are a great bang for the buck!

27. Adjustable Foot Rest

This simple footrest is made with multiple textures and shapes to provide relief for your feet. It is also height adjustable and helps correct posture and circulation. When you gift this to your Dad, he will appreciate you putting his health first!

28. Stirling Engine Toy

This neat little steam engine is absolutely fascinating. It fits perfectly on Dad’s desk and all it needs is the heat from your coffee! Your Dad is sure to enjoy this little knicknack and is bound to make him smile.

29. Transparent Computer Side Panel

Is your Dad a fan of stickynotes? Help your Dad organize himself with a transparent side panel that can easily attach to his computer monitor. Separated into three sections, he’ll be able to easily make sense of his notes! ​

30. Muyan Moving Sand Art

Brighten up your Dad’s working space with Muyan Moving Sand Art. Whenever your Dad needs a moment of relaxation or is experiencing eye fatigue, this particular art piece will allow his eyes to rest and refocus.

31. Wood Docking Station

“Is my Dad messy?” If you know, you know! This docking station has plenty of room for your Dad’s needs. Made with ash wood and completed with a varnish finish, it’s simple to assemble while maintaining a sense of high quality.

32. Heated Lunch Boxes For Adults

Gift the power of hot lunches to your Dad. Especially suited for long travel days or when the office microwave may be broken! This lunchbox will help your Dad save time while enjoying a hot meal.

33. Vertical Laptop Stand

Is your Dad a bit messy? A vertical laptop stand will help him keep his desk organized. It’s made of aluminum and is adjustable for any type of laptop or tablet. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

34. Power Strip Bank

With this power strip bank, your Dad will be able to power and charge his electronics all in one place! This power strip bank has 9 AC outlets, 4 USB ports, and can power heavy duty appliances like your treadmill, lamps, and more.

35. Desktop Vacuum

Make cleaning easy for your Dad with a desktop vacuum cleaner. This ergonomic invention is small and perfect for storing on a desk. This product’s 360° rotatable design with high suction and low noise makes it all the more convenient.

36. Coffee Mug Warmer

If you’d like a more cost effective coffee warmer, this one should do the trick! This coffee warmer is perfect for travel and simple to use. Whether he drinks tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, he’s sure to enjoy a warm cup of joe! ​

37. Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

Durable seat cushions that strap to Dad’s chair and provide support for sciatica, lower back, & tailbone pain will make a great present for any Dad that spends a lot of time sitting at work.

38. Jstyle Tie Clips

If your Dad has to wear a tie to work than he could always use extra tie clips! Every time Dad puts his suit in the morning he can smile knowing that you gave him this awesome tie clip!

39. Work From Home Survival Kit

This Work From Home Survival Kit comes with 9 fun gadgets that will help Dad during the work day. With a phone stand, webcam cover, fidget cube, a conference call bingo card, and much more. Dad will have all he needs to survive working from home!

40. Desk Lamp w/Wireless Charger

Upgrade your Dad’s desk lamp with a lamp that can also charge your phone! The brightness can be set with 30 and 60 minute timers and he’ll be free to choose from 5 modes of color through touch control.

41. Foot Balance Rest

This affordable foot balance rest is a great tool to straighten posture while adapting to any angle. If your Dad has back pain, consider this simple foot rest as a gift.

42. Desk Organizer

Is your Dad always losing his pens and paperclips? Get him a desk organizer where he can organize all his pens and extra office supplies. This product has plenty of space and is sturdy so it will last!

43. Office Desk Mat

A deskmat can improve your Dad’s productivity, organization, and also prevent scratches and damage to your Dad’s desk. Coming in a variety of colors, your Dad will appreciate such a useful gift.

44. Headphone Hook

Does your Dad use headphones? If so, then a headphone hook would be super handy. This product is small and simple but very effective to clear desk space. It’s adjustable and can be rotated based on his preferences. ​

Funny Gag Presents for Business Dads

This list contains some funny desk gadgets and games that will brighten up your Dad’s work day.

45. Table Top Mini Bowling Game Set

Have a little fun at work with this mini bowling set! It’s a great size to keep on his desk and deal with any stress. This game is also travel friendly, so whenever he’s away he’ll think of you when he plays. ​

46. Golf Pen Accessory

Does your Dad like golf? Then this golf pen set will make a great present for him. And all the while, he can still use the pens to write with!

47. Mini Punching Bag

A punching bag is sure to make your Dad laugh! Honestly, a mini punching bag can be a great stress reliever. This product is made with heavy duty materials and comes with a an air pump to last for a long time. And it will be from the convenience of his desk!

48. Conference Call Bingo

A hilarious gift to have Dad chuckling while he is on work calls. See if he can get bingo when these common phrases are said during his conference calls!

49. Not My Job Stamp

If your Dad has people who work for him that he complains about this “Not My Job” stamp will make a hilarious gift. 

50. Old Lives Matter Tumbler

A funny practical gift that takes a little dig at Dad’s age but also a great tumbler to hold Dad’s coffee, water, or other drinks.

Work Hard Gift Harder!

From the practical to the luxurious, we’ve got something for every business Dad. If you didn’t find something on this list check out the other lists that we have on the site.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and good luck finding the perfect present!