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If your Mom works from home then this list of 50 work-from-home gifts for Mom is for you! These gift ideas will help upgrade her home office or help her be more efficient while working from home. No matter what the occasion or how big (or small!) your budget is, you’re guaranteed to find something truly fantastic that your hardworking Mom will love. 

The list is categorized by budget with options from affordable to luxury. 

Table of Contents

Best Gifts For Moms Working From Home

This section contains gifts ranging from $40 to $150. 

1. Wireless Charging Stone

Minimalist and intuitive to use this charging stone makes the perfect gift for Mom’s desk. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including iPhone 8 and newer, Airpods, Galaxy S8, S9, S9 Plus and more.​

2. Lounge Set

There’s something about a matching lounge set that makes one feel put together, yet comfy. This 2-piece set combines a crop top with bat-wing sleeves and a round neckline with wide-legged pants made of ribbed material. Your Mom will absolutely love being fashion-forward and cozy while working from home. 

3. Flower Vase

To brighten up your Mom’s day, give her a beautiful vase and add some fresh flowers. This modern and minimalistic ceramic vase will look stunning on her desk and bring a smile to her face.

4. Temperature Control Smart Mug

If Mom loves coffee, give Mom the ultimate coffee mug! She can control the temperature with her smartphone to make sure her coffee never gets cold.

5. Cube Video Conference Lighting

Easy to use light for zoom meetings so Mom can improve her presence on camera. Easily attachable for at the desk or on the go.

6. Home Ergonomic Work from Home Posture Chair

This kneeling ergonomic office chair will help keep Mom’s spine in natural alignment to help prevent aches, even after hours of sitting.

7. Air Purifier

Mom will love clean air in her home office! A great choice for easing allergic symptoms and sneezing, this air ppurifierurfier comes in a set of 2 and can cover up to 912 square feet.  

8. Cube Edge LED Desk Light

This LED Desk lamp can help Mom improve her appearance on video calls or brighten her workspace for increased productivity and quality of work on and off camera.

9. Wireless Headset with Microphone

Bluetooth wireless headset with long battery life and an exclusive charging base to help Mom look and sound more professional on calls.

10. Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Now Mom can work and work out at the same time! Designed with ultra-smooth gearing and to fit in compact spaces. Comes with a mobile app so Mom can set and track her fitness goals during the workday.

11. VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter

Turn Mom’s normal desk into a standing desk with this desk convertor. Standing desks can help ease back pain and improve blood flow to help Mom be more productive throughout the day.

12. Desk Fridge

This convenient lightweight 4-liter thermo-electric mini fridge is a fun gift for Mom’s desk. Perfect for storing yogurt, soda, seltzer, and other small treats Mom can enjoy during the workday.

13. White Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Give Mom’s desk a fresh garden feel with this in home garden system. The perfect accessory to put in the backdrop of any video call.

14. Lap Desk

A lap desk is the perfect gift Mom’s working outside, on the sofa, or in her dad. Give Mom some versatility working around the house by getting her a lap desk.​

15. Desk Lamp

This energy-saving desk lamp is the perfect accomplice when reading. With one-click access to the reading mode which features differing brightness and various color temperatures, this lightweight lamp will be great for when Moms need extra lighting.

16. Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is powerful, easily filling a space with fragrance and blends water and pure essential oils to disperse aroma. Great for Mom’s office to not only smell great but to relax Mom and get her in a zen state. 

17. Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

Gifting Mom this quality massager will let her relax during her busy work week. Perfect especially for Mom’s with back pain

18. Gold-rimmed Water Carafe

To help your Mom successfully stay hydrated, this carafe is the best gift. It comes with 2 glasses, and is made of crystal with a gold rim. The carafe can also be used as a vase, if needed. It holds 59 ounces of her favorite liquid. 

19. UGG Slippers

Comfort is key, and there’s nothing comfortable than these UGG slippers made of sheepskin. They come in a variety of colors, so your Mom will love these to keep her cozy throughout the day. 

20. Logitech Webcam

Having a high-quality web camera is key to feeling like the ultimate professional during Zoom or Google Meet meetings. This HD camera will have your Mom’s video looking crisp and clear with the best audio accompanying it. 

Luxury Gifts For Moms Working From Home

If it’s a bigger occasion or you have a larger budget, this section covers all gift ideas starting at $150 & up. 

21. L-shaped Standing Desk

This is the standing desk of your Mom’s dreams! The l-shape will allow her to have enough space to keep all of her work necessities in close reach. The dimension of the desk are 63 x 40″.

22. Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Standing for long periods of time at a standing desk can be challenging on the joints. This ergonomic anti-fatigue mat is made of advanced polyurethane technology that will help reduce back pain and muscle fatigue. 

23. Coffee and Espresso Maker

Give Mom the extra jolt she needs to get through the work day with this single-serve espresso and coffee machine.

24. Electronic Notebook

If your Mom is a fan of anything modern and new in the technology world, then a standard paper notebook will not be her ideal. This electronic notebook will hold all of her important meeting notes and more, so they’re all available at the tap of a finger.

25. Michael Kors Smartwatch

Just because your Mom is working from home doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to get her steps in. This stylish and practical smartwatch also operates as a fitness tracker that tracks her sleep, heart rate, and so much more.

26. Digital Picture Frame

Sometimes all your Mom needs for that last push of energy when the motivation wanes is a picture of family and/or friends. This digital frame will make her smile, especially when others text her new pictures to enjoy. 

27. Caraway Whistling Kettle

This fast-boiling kettle will help heat water in mere minutes for whenever your Mom wants to make herself a quick tea and/or instant oatmeal. It holds 2 quarts of water and looks stunning on anyone’s stovetop. 

28. Treadmill with Desk

This easy-to-store treadmill also comes with a removable desk. Your Mom can get her work done while remaining committed to her health and fitness goals. Perfect for Moms that like to walk and it’s extremely easy to assemble and store. 

29. Apple AirPods Pro

These wireless ear buds will have up to 2x more active noise cancelling properties than its previous generations. Your Mom will appreciate being able to use these for her meetings and to drown out any background noises. 

Affordable Gifts For Moms Working From Home

Here are some more affordable work-from-home themed gifts for Mom all under $40.

30. Cube Productivity Timer

Does your Mom love any productivity hacks? Using a timer can be her new best friend. This cube timer is battery-operated and works easily by simply turning the timer to the appropriate side it immediately starts counting down.

31. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

The perfect tool for Mom to easily clean up dust, crumbs, hair, and other small messes that clutter cover her keyboard and workspace.

32. Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

Durable seat cushions that strap to Mom’s chair and provide support for sciatica, lower back, & tailbone pain.

33. WearMe Pro - Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are designed to protect Mom’s eyes from UV rays coming off phones, laptops, tablets, and more! Blue light glasses can help: improve sleep, reduce digital headaches, minimize eye strain, and eliminate unwanted glare.

34. Multi Port Desktop Power Station

This is an easily attachable USB port so Mom can charge her devices while keeping her desk neat and free of unnecessary wires and chargers.

35. Tile Pro (2022)

The Tile Pro is great for Mom’s that constantly lose their phones or keys. Mom can use the Tile App to ring her keys or double tap her keys to ring her phone even when the ringer is off so she will never lose either during the work day. ​

36. Mesh Desk Organizer

Here is a space-saving organizer to help Mom declutter her workspace. Perfect for Moms trying to stay organized. 

37. Simple Life Painting/ Wall Decor

A serene and inviting art piece to add color to Mom’s office space. Also makes for a great zoom background!

38. Costa Farms Live Money Tree

Money trees are supposed to bring its owner abundance and good fortune. Why not gift those two things to your Mom? Plants are known to boost moods, improve concentration, and so much more. This plant is approximately 16 inches tall.

39. Mini Cute Office Desk Shelves

Give Mom’s books a place to live with this cute desk shelf made perfect for her office. Providing the most comfortable learning office environment for Mom.

40. Smart Planner

To help your Mom manage all of her tasks, stay on top of her productivity, and ensure she plans enough time for her hobbies & friends, this planner is the perfect gift! It’s undated, meaning she can start at any time to organize any aspect of her life!

41. ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk

This under desk footrest will help ease pressure off of Mom’s lower back and hips. It will also ensure proper foot placement while sitting which will help improve blood circulation to the legs and ease pain over time.

42. Italian illy Coffee

Sometimes there’s no time to run to Starbucks in between meetings. Give the gift of delicious European coffee that is smooth and strong. Nothing like the American counterpart, one cup is all your Mom needs to satisfy her coffee cravings.

43. Sahale Glazed Nuts Variety Pack

Delicious snacks are a must when working! These glazed nuts are the perfect combination of healthy and yummy, and your Mom will love keeping them in her top desk drawer. This pack contains 4 different flavors and 12 packs total. 

44. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen

Nothing looks fancier than paperwork written or signed with a fountain pen. This fountain pen reflects your Mom’s classy nature and comes with ink cartridges, as well. 

45. White Noise Machine

Working from home can come with its own problems, including the plethora of noises and distractions. This white noise machine can help drown out any other sounds like cars driving by to help your Mom concentrate. It has 20 different nature sounds and can play for up to 5 hours uninterrupted.

Funny Gifts For Moms Working From Home

Your Mom will love these gifts with her wicked sense of humor. Choose one of these funny gifts to make her smile on the tough and great work days. 

46. Funny Throw Pillow Cover

This throw pillow cover will look fantastic on the pillow of your Mom’s couch or the one on her chair at her desk. She can be her own employee of the month any month of the year! 

47. Funny Home Office Wall Decor

If your Mom complains about some of the office email drama, she’ll love this funny print. No frame is included, so you may want to consider gifting her one as well!

48. Funny Virtual Bingo Game

When your Mom is stuck in endless meetings, she’ll love this virtual meeting bingo game. She’s bound to get a bingo within the first 5-10 minutes of a meeting! A surefire way to keep things entertaining, rather than boring. 

49. Funny Work-from-home Wine Glass

It’s wine o’clock somewhere in the world! And your Mom will love sipping her wine out of this particular glass during the week. The glass can hold 15 ounces of her favorite beverage.

50. Funny Work From Home Writing Set

This funny and cute writing set contains several pencils, a pencil holder, and two notebooks. Using these will remind your Mom to not take work too seriously and to have fun. 

For Moms Working From Home

Whether your Mom just started working from home or is a certified work-from-home pro, this list of 50 gifts for work-from-home Moms is going to give you ideas that fit any gifting occasion and any budget. It includes practical gifts that will make her life easier, as well as funny gifts that will make her smile whenever she’s having a rough day. No matter what, she’ll appreciate you thinking of her!