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Finding the perfect gift for an engineering Dad can be challenging, but our team has curated a list of 50 handpicked unique and practical gift ideas so that you can find the giftsipriation you need! 

Whether your Dad is into mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, or another type of engineering you are sure to find something interesting on this list!

Table of Contents

Best Gifts for Engineer Dads

Gifts within $40-$150 price range that are all perfect for engineers. 

1. Classic Newton Pendulum

Every Engineer is familiar with Newton’s third law of motion. This cradle is a great gadget for Dad to have on his office desk. To show off his love for physics and help him relieve stress from his tough job. 

2. Locomotive Laser-Cut Wooden Puzzle

Engineers love to challenge their brain and this puzzle promises quite the challenge. This wooden puzzle is laser cut to be 3D and ready to be assembled by your Dad.

3. The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet

Engineers will appreciate the designs this minimalist slim wallet as it proves a sturdy and durable wallet for Dad to have. Made from military-grade materials that’ll last a lifetime — guaranteed! 

4. Wood Circular Perpetual Wall Calendar

Perpetual calendars are great invention: a reusable calendar that goes all the way to 2100. Your Dad will no longer need the annual calendar with this perpetual calendar by his side.

5. Hardcover Engineering Notebook

A great notebook for your Dad who needs to jot down his engineering ideas. These professional grade lab notebooks are essential for recording notes and drawing and are in fact the same books used by some of the most innovative companies and research institutions in the world.


6. Robot Arm Kit

This one is for the robot lovers and engineers who enjoy coding and machine learning. Let Dad write the code to control the robotic arm to perform the variety of motions available. 

7. 3D Printing Pen

Let the world be Dad’s canvas with this 3D printing pen. This 3D Pen comes packed with 15 different colors, plastic refills and a comprehensive activity guide. Perfect for your creative and intellectual Dad. 

8. Rechargeable Headlamp Hard Hat

For the Engineering Dads that love to get their hands dirty with projects. These Hard Hats were designed and engineered for optimal safety, comfort and fit — ideal for Dad.

9. Retro Left-and-Right-Brain Wall Art

This Wall Art will definitely add some much needed revamping to Dad’s living room. In this canvas, depicted are the left and right side of the brains — the analytical and creative sides of the brain. Both qualities. which your engineer Dad posses. 

10. Pocket Sundial

If your Dad knows early inventions and engineering history, he knows that the sundial is the oldest known instrument for telling time. An engineers dream to have, and this sundial is pocket -sized perfect for traveling. 

11. Conscious Step Men's Socks

These socks are a great gift for your Dad that loves to give back. Buying a set of these socks goes hand in hand with giving socks to an orginzation of Dad’s choice. 

12. Rocketbook

These smart notebooks have 60 reusable pages so when Dad gets to the last page of a notebook he won’t have to get a new one. Dad can upload his handwritten notes using the Rocketbook App and then wipe them clean with a damp cloth for a fresh start!

13. Whiskey Decanter Set

For the engineers who love their history — because they know the past holds all the answers. This decanter set is engineered to be globe shaped and comes with maps imprinted on the glass. 

14. Smart Electric Curtain Motor

Engineers are known to solve problems quick and efficiently, so why not help Dad make his life more quick and efficient with this electric motor for curtains. Not only perfect for engineers but for Dads that also love their home technology. 

15. Astronomical Refracting Telescope

This gift is made perfect for the space loving engineers. A telescope for Dad to have a nice night looking at the planets and all the universe has to offer.  

16. 3D Globe Wooden Puzzle

A challenging and fun project for Dad to work on especially if he loves globes and everything history. While Dad is building this 3D Puzzle, he will enjoy learning about geography, constellation and architecture! 

17. History of Engineers Book

For the history buff Dad that would love to expand his knowledge about the world of engineering. This book covers the history from the Great Pyramids to the newest space technology. 

18. Tactical Sling Backpack

The job of engineers is one that can have many roles, including doing field work. This is when Dad would love to have a tactical backpack handy. 

19. Eureka Crate Subscription

This is the gift that keeps giving. A subscription to this crate allows Dad to have access to monthly projects that will give him the joy of tinkering and keep his brain creative. 

Luxury Gifts for Engineers

The most luxurious Engineering gifts for Dad all over $150. 

20. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

This Peak Design backpack is made for everyday use and field work use for your engineer. Dad Also can be used for Dad’s other hobbies such as camping or fishing. 

21. Futuristic Pen Made From Aerospace Alloys

For the mechanical engineers or Dad’s that love metal and aerospace materials. This hovering pen made of airplane grade aluminum is sure to bring a little excitement into your Dad’s daily routine. A fun useful office for your Dad’s desk during his business. 

22. Spot Thermal Camera

Great for electrical engineers since the camera allows Dad to see the heat emitting from objects. Help enhance the way Dad does his work with this gift. 

23. 350 lbs Capacity Tool Cart

This cart is made for Dad’s that love handy projects or for engineers that love to get their hands dirty with various projects. 

24. Robotic Arm Kit

The best present you can gift your Dad is to allow him to tinker and work with a robotic arm kit. This will scratch the engineering itch in his brain. 

25. Handcrafted Gold Wall Clock

This beautiful handcrafted wall clock will surely be appreciated by any engineers as this display is a gorgeous and intricate detailed look. 

Affordable Gifts for Engineers

The affordable gifts for Dad that won’t hurt your wallet all under $40!

26. Scientists History Hardcover Book

If your Dad loves reading, then this is the gift for him and his love for engineering. This book covers all the greatest scientists from all of history who have made great contributions. 

27. Durable Multi Purpose Apron

This apron is designed to be used for grilling, cooking in the kitchen or crafting in the workshop. With three large pockets, cell phone holder, pen slot and bottle opener/utility clip, Dad can keep all of his essential tools on hand.

28. Acrylic Wall Math Clock

Engineers need to be great at math, so why not test your Dad with this cheeky gift. This clock has equations instead of actual numbers for the time so Dad will need to solve a math problem for every number on the clock! 

29. Tesla Patent

A cool historical art piece for an electrical engineering Dad. This set of 6 patent prints for Nikola Tesla will make a great piece of decor to any room in the house.

30. Equations Necktie

For the business Dads or the engineers who love to showcase their appreciation for the equations, this necktie is the fashion friendly accessory they need! 

31. Large Travel Coffee Tumbler

Ask your Dad how much caffiene he really consumes. Chances are he’ll say he can’t function without it — this coffee tumbler is perfect to hold his coffee for his demanding engineering job. 

32. Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

They say that engineers are people who love to challenge their brains and think through processes. What better gift than this brain teaser that will surely stump Dad.

33. Equations Pencil Pen Holder

A must have for Dad’s office space, this pencil holder is themed perfectly for Dad’s engineering job which does require the usage of many equations. 

34. Scientific Beaker Mug

This mug is especially for the chemical engineers. If Dad loves his science and chemistry, he will surely love this beaker shaped mug with the breakdown of coffee. 

35. Multitool Pen

This is the pen of your Dad’s dream  especially if he loves the engineering behind designs. This is a 6 in 1 multifunctional pen that comes with a pen, ruler and leveler, touchscreen stylus, and a Phillips Screw Driver / Flathead Screw Driver. 

36. Mens Office Decor

If Dad has his office or space where he dilligently works on his engieering projects, why not let him embellish it with this office decor plaque that has Engineer displayed on it. 

37. THINKERS Smart Notebook

This gift is so much more than just a notebook. With the accompanying app, Dad’s notes will automatically get transferred into his smart phone, so he can always have his notebook nearby if needed. 

38. High Precision Cutting Board

If Dad loves math, engineering but also cooking… this cutting board is the perfect blend of all 3. Let Dad cut his food into precise squares or cut his vegetables in particular angles; this board will be a fun and creative kitchen gadget for Dad. 

39. Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Book

With 399 fun, challenging and invigorating brain teasers all packed into this one book, Dad will love to have this as a gift to keep his brain young and sharp. 

40. Engineer Designed Keychain

A small gift, but one that shows the immense love and appreciation you have for your Dad who is an engineer and has worked hard over the years. 

41. TerraCycle Circuit Board Coasters,

If your Dad’s a stickler for using coasters, this gift is the one for him. With the circuit board theme printed on these coasters, your engineer Dad will love to have these nearby for when he has guests over. 

42. Da Vinci Code Lock Puzzle

For the geeky Dad’s who love puzzles and history, this Da Vinci Code lock will provide him endless fun. Decoding this puzzle will be no easy task! 

43. LED Flashlight Gloves

For any projects that Dad might have to do in the dark these gloves with LED lights on the thumbs will really come in handy. Help protect Dad’s hand while providing him the light he needs to do his work.  

44. SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

This award-winning Shashibo fidget box features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes. An ideal gift for Dad who’s looking for a challenge to strengthen his mind. 

45. Assorted Brain Teasers Puzzles

This set of brain teasers are an unique assortment of puzzles that your engineer Dad will love! Perfect for entertainment, to provide a challenge, relax, or for a family game night. 

Funny Gag Gifts for Engineers

These gifts have got humor and jokes. Great gifts for the Dad that loves to laugh

46. Funny Physics Science T Shirt

For the physics loving engineers. This is a funny science pun for Star Wars lovers as well. Great for Dad’s who are geeks for this fandom as well. 

47. Humorous Engineer Definition Mug

This joke definition for engineers will be sure to make Dad laugh. 

48. Engineer Socks

The perfect cozy socks for engineers that have a cheeky little joke. 

49. Joking T-shirt For Dad

Perfect T-Shirt for Dad’s that are engineers. 

50. Funny Engineer Keychain

A cute keychain for any engineer to have but especially your Dad. 

Make Dad's Day Special!

Whether it’s his Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, or you just want to make your Dad feel appreciated, anything from this gift guide will surely do the trick. 

Even if your Dad isn’t an engineer, these gifts work for any father that loves to analyze, process ideas, tinker, and create!