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Whether its business trips or vacation get a ways, Mom’s need their travel essentials. Gift them something from the list below to really enhance their travel experience. 

Maybe your Mom always struggles getting through security with her skincare items, or she complains about always being cold on the plane. Regardless, we have an extensive list of gift ideas to help your Mom who loves to travel

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Best Gifts For Moms Who Love Travel

This category of travel gifts consists of gift ideas between $40 and $150.

1. PhoneSoap 3

This cell phone case and holder has a UV light sensor that disinfects Mom’s phone while it is charging. Perfect to help Mom stay germ-free in the airport!

2. Overhead Suitcase

The American Tourister Stratum XLT is the ideal carry-on suitcase for Mom’s next vacation, business trip or weekend getaway. This lightweight and durable suitcase is 21 inches and fits in overhead. It also features single spinner wheels for a smooth ride and straight roll every time.

3. Wine Tote Bag & Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glasses

This cute wine bag set is amazingly lightweight, with padded insulation to protect Mom’s favorite bottles of wine or champagne. It includes two premium insulated stainless steel stemless wine cups, making going to the beach or pool comfortable and convenient.

4. Women's Anti-Theft Bag

The Heritage Anti-Theft Small Crossbody carries and keeps more items organized than everyday bags. From multiple storage pockets to an interior zippered RFID pocket to protect Mom’s valuables.

5. Apple AirTag Pack of 4

Has your Mom ever lost something while traveling? Having an AirTag will help her keep track of all of her valuables through FindMy app. The setup is extremely simple and easy. 

6. Collapsible Travel Pet Carrier

We understand that some Moms are inseparable from their pet children. This pet carrier is big enough for a large cat or medium dog. It’s ventilated and collapsible, making it easy to take their favorite pet with them. 

7. Comfy UGG Knit Pants

Traveling is all about comfort! And it’s best when combining comfort with fashion! These knit pants come in different colors and are SUPER cozy and comfy. Made of a blend of recycled and regular polyester, these pants run on the larger side. 

8. Travel Keepsake Box

This keepsake box helps keep all of your Mom’s travel memorabilia in one convenient place. This all-in-one organizer has 10 files, 2 compartments, 2 drawers, and 5 adjustable sections to add travel brochures, tickets, and anything else your Mom has brought back from her travels.

9. Travel Decor

This print is made for the traveling Mom in mind. It’s full of motivational travel quotes, that’ll have your Mom quickly reaching for her passport. The size is 24×18. 

10. Instant Photo Printer

Your Mom can instantly print photos with new friends right on the spot with this cute and compact mini printer. It comes with 90 sheets, giving your Mom ample opportunity to take pictures!

11. Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

If your Mom loves to read but doesn’t have the room to pack books, this Kindle is the perfect gift for her. It charges wirelessly and auto-dims according to the lighting. She’ll be able to store as many books as she wants on there!

12. Comfy Slip-On Sneakers

These neutral-colored slip-on sneakers are not only stylish, but comfortable. Walking from one attraction to the next can be tiring, but these shoes promise all-day comfort and deliver!

13. Amazon Fire Tablet

This tablet will help your Mom not get bored on long flights or train rides. She’ll be able to watch her favorite shows or entertainment, while traveling with no problem whatsoever! It has 12 hours of battery and 64 GB of storage.

14. Korean Snack Box

In-between your Mom’s travels, your Mom still can travel to Korea through this ultimate snack box. The box includes 18 authentic Korean goodies, including a beauty product, magazine, and one merch item.

15. Wine & Whiskey City-Themed Set

For wine-loving Moms, this U.S. city-themed decanter set is going to be a hit. The set includes 4 glasses, and can be bought with Dallas, New York, Memphis, or Los Angeles etchings. 

Luxury Gifts For Moms Who Love Travel

These gifts are perfect for bigger budgets or a bigger occasion, and include travel-themed gift ideas over $150.

16. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Looking for headphones that will reduce ambient noise by up to 95%? Look no further than Sony’s Noise-Canceling Headphones. They play up to 35 hours of wireless playback, allowing your Mom plenty of entertainment without having to charge them.

17. Travel Sized Bath & Shower Oils

Perfect for Mom to experiment with her moods and needs; each Bath & Shower Oil brims with warming aromatherapy solutions to ease her everyday troubles. Gift her the gift of being zen and stress free. 

18. Travel Sized Skincare Collection

Traveling can be rough on the skin. Flying, for example, can cause dry and cracked skin. By gifting your Mom this collection of travel-friendly skincare items, your Mom won’t have to worry about any of that. The set includes two cleansers, a sunscreen, hydration cream, and day and night serums. It also comes with a travel cosmetic bag.

19. Fujifilm Instax Mini Value Pack

Taking pictures helps keep that trip alive, even after your Mom has returned home. This Fujifilm set will help her take the most beautiful pictures of her favorite memories. It includes 40 sheets of film, a carrying case, batteries, and more.

20. Massaging Travel Laptop Backpack

This unique backpack will carry all of your Mom’s electronics on her trips, AND give her a massage at the same time. No tense shoulders or neck while wearing this backpack for extended periods of time. It also includes an integrated USB charging port, and protection pocket to keep her privacy safe. 

21. Canon Digital Camera

What’s a good trip without the pictures and videos to prove it? This digital camera will allow your Mom to take stunning pictures and/or vlog it to share later.

22. Luxurious Bath Robe

Your Mom can feel like she’s on a vacation from the comfort of her own home in this luxurious robe made of Supima cotton. The waffle weave will remind her of the hotel robes at some of the fanciest hotels she’s stayed at.

23. Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music makes the world go round, and when hiking or going on the road, having a good set of tunes can be crucial. This bluetooth portable speaker is waterproof, and has 24 hour battery.

24. Real-Time Voice Translator

When your Mom goes traveling next, she won’t have to worry about learning the language beforehand. This pocket-sized translator translates up to 82 languages in real-time with speech-to-text.

25. Holy Stone Foldable Drone

This compact drone will get the most stunning overhead video of your Mom’s travels. The 4K camera works with image stabilization and is GPS-assisted. The drone will automatically return when the battery gets low.

Affordable Gifts For Moms Who Love Travel

No big budget, no problem! These gifts for and about travel are all under $40. 

26. Scratch off World Map

The world is Mom’s oyster! With this scratch-off map, it’s easy for Mom to keep track of every place she’s been and everywhere she wants to go. It includes a World Map, a Map of the United States, and accessories: scratch tool, and memory stickers to pin each new adventure. 

27. Personalized Passport Holder

This personalized passport holder is a great present for Mom. This holder is perfect for securely carrying a passport, vaccine card, and boarding passes. Made from top-quality leather, this passport holder is sure to impress.

28. Tea From around the World

This ceylon tea set with global illustrations features a selection of 8 different teas, handpicked to introduce Mom to the diverse range of teas around the world. Each kind of tea comes with 10 tea bags for a total of 80 teas.

29. Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Bundle

This travel pillow is the best neck support pillow for air travel and long car rides. It has a unique ergonomic design that cradles Mom’s head in comfort while she sleeps or relaxes on the go. The memory foam contours to Mom’s head shape, providing maximum support without putting pressure on her face or ears. The bundle comes with an eye mask, earplugs and storage bag for a best-in-class travel experience for Mom.

30. Folding Travel Mirror

This folding travel mirror is perfect for on-the-go makeup applications. With 72 LEDs, it provides three different light colors and modes to help Mom get the perfect look. The ultra-thin and compact design makes it easy to take wherever Mom needs to go, and the USB rechargeable batteries mean she’ll never have to worry about running out of power. 

31. TSA Approved Carry on Containers

These TSA-approved Travel Bottles have a leak-proof design that is perfect for toiletries, shampoo, and conditioner. A great present for Moms that travel for business or fun. The BPA-free bottles are a must-have for any Mom that travels often.

32. Everlasting Airplane Footrest

The Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest is a must-have for any long airplane flight. This ergonomic foot hammock cradles your feet and heels, providing much-needed support and comfort during extended periods of sitting. Made with memory foam and adjustable straps, the footrest is easy to install and fits most standard airline seats.

33. Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

The Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail kit is also great for on the go! The perfect way to elevate Mom’s cocktail game, this small batch, handmade kit contains all the ingredients Mom needs to create two top-shelf Moscow Mules – all she needs is to grab her spirit of choice and mix it up. The neat packaging in a copper tin makes it easy to transport, so she can always enjoy a delicious cocktail no matter where she is.

34. European Plug Adapter

This 6-in-1 European power adapter is perfect for international traveling families. The adapter turns one European Type C socket into 2 standard American outlets & 3 USB and 1 USB C charging ports, making it easy to charge multiple devices at once. The USB ports can charge up to 2.4A, and the USB C port can charge up to 3A, so Mom can even charge 6 devices simultaneously!

35. Portable Charger

This portable charging device is great for charging Mom’s iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and more. Plus, its stylish white design makes it the perfect accessory for any occasion. A must-have for Mom’s purse so she will never have to worry about her phone battery while on-the-go.

36. Burt's Bees Set

This set includes lip balm, 2 hand creams, 2 foot creams, a salve, and body butter. Great for Mom to keep her skin refreshed and hydrated throughout her travels. 

37. Compression Packing Cube Set

Light compression packing cubes are perfect for your Mom who might over pack her clothes. These are indispensable in saving more space and keep Mom’s essentials well organized for a wonderful adventure. 

38. Velvet Travel Jewelry Box

This travel jewelry organizer stores and protects Mom’s treasured pieces. This lightweight case can hold multiple earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

39. Socks & Travel Pouch

Snoozies Skinnies women’s slippers are lightweight, washable, and foldable sock slippers. This makes them one of the must have travel accessories for Mom to have. So when she arrives at her destination, these travel slippers help her feel at home! 

40. Water-resistant Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Convenient and easy to carry, this bag is great for an overnight stay, a long journey, or outdoor activities. Perfect for Moms who have a lot of makeup and toiletries to pack. 

41. Waterproof Pill Organizer

Your Moms weekly vitamins and/or medications will be easy to take on any vacation in this portable pill case. The pill box case is waterproof and has enough containers for 7 days. It’s made of BPA-free plastic. 

42. Collapsible Water Bottle

The Collapsible Water Bottle was designed to fit in a pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase. Unlike rigid water bottles, this is foldable and can be rolled, folded or flattened and tucked away.  Great for your Mom to needs to stay hydrated. 

43. Folding Travel Fitness & Exercise Mat

If your mom is a yoga-loving Mom, she needs her mat to go with her. This foldable yoga mat easily fits in Mom’s carry on or overnight bag. An essential! 

44. All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit

This First Aid Kit will have Mom prepared for any potential travel emergency.  This kit is ideal to treat pain and swelling, as well as cuts, scrapes, and burns, so perfect for a Mom that’s always there to save the day!

45. Miers Labs No Jet Lag Remedy

After a long-haul flight, Mom will want to arrive feeling fresh and alert with no jet lag. These remedy pills will help to alleviate body stress and fatigue due to disruptions in the body’s natural clock rhythm that Mom may face in her travels. 

46. Destination Candle Paris

A candle is always a fool-proof gift, however this is no ordinary candle! Niven Morgan has a line of candles reminiscent of different popular travel destinations. If your Mom has recently been to Paris, she’ll love smelling this clean cypress scent.

47. Travel Mini Perfume Case

After a long day of travel, smelling good can become a priority. These travel perfume bottles are refillable, come in two different colors, and are perfect if your Mom is on the plane or if she’s constantly on-the-go. 

48. Travel Blanket & Pillow

Being on airplanes can get quite chilly. Your traveling Mom will love this blanket and pillow set. It comes in different colors and is extremely soft and warm.

49. Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

Not everyone has the gift of getting sleep while traveling, but a sleep mask makes traveling a lot easier! This eye mask is made of 100% GA grade mulberry silk, which makes it soft, smooth, and breathable.

50. Casual Soft Ribbed Sweater

Since it gets chilly quickly on airplanes and in the car, this oversized sweater will help keep your Mom looking good and warm while traveling. Available in different colors, this sweater has a wide crew neck, ribbed details, and drop shoulders. She can wear it with leggings and later on dress it up with jewelry. 

For the Traveling Mom!

Traveling is both exhausting and invigorating! Make travel the most comfortable and fun it can be with these fun gifts for Mom. The ideas in this list will help her make the most of her travels, help her look (and feel) her best, while also giving her ample opportunities to make memories! 

This list of gift ideas for Moms who love travel will have something for everyone, no matter the budget!