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50 Gifts for Knitters

Looking for the ideal gifts for knitters? Does your Mom love to knit, sew, crochet, or embroider? We have handpicked 50 sew-pendous gift ideas to give your Mom. Let’s get into the knitty gritty of it! 

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Best Presents for Knitters

We have seamlessly compiled a list of the Best Presents all within $40-150 price range. 

1. Knitting Blocking Mats

Blocking mats are an essential piece to have for any avid Knitter. It will help her create intricate projects since the mats allow her to have precision and extra support. 

2. Knitting Machine

An alternative to hand knitting, Mom can use this knitting machine to create beautiful intricate designs. 

3. Deluxe Sewing Kit

A sewing kit is the perfect gift for the Moms that love to work with thread and needles to create amazing works of art

4. Sewing Machine

If your Mom has been hand sewing all her life, its time to gift her an upgrade — a sewing machine will automatically make her stitching go by faster. 

5. Starter Knitting Kit

If Mom wants to get into knitting, then this starter kit has it all! From the needles and yarns she needs to a step-by-step manual, this kit is just the i-knit-iative she need to get started! 

6. Polyester Embroidery Thread

The amazing quality of the thread and the variety of colors and hues this embroidery set comes with make it the perfect gift for Moms who wants to add color to their projects. 

7. Stitch & Story Beginners Kit

Let Mom experience the joy of creating while learning the new skill of knitting. Unlock her creativity with this set that shows the step by step of how to make a pom hat.

8. Baby Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca yarn is a great quality yarn; it has a lovely silky texture, is hypoallergenic, and provides excellent stitch definition. Let Mom have pure silky and organic yarn as her go-to wool. 

9. Knitting Bag

For Moms on the go, this knitting bag has got it all! Six interior sections with matching holes on the top are great to keep skeins of yarn separated. It’s great for preventing tearing and has room to store all knitting accessories. 

10. Rolling Sewing Machine Tote

If traveling is important to Mom but she has to stay away from her knitting projects, solve her woes with this gift! This tote bag has room to take on a sewing machine and the necessary items for her to create projects while she’s away. 

11. Embroidery Kit with Organizer

This kit is perfect for Mom’s who want to start embroidery projects but don’t know where to begin. Comes with all the tools needed to start, gift Mom the joy of making beautiful pieces. 

12. Embroidery Hoop Stand Holder

On the note of embroidery, this hoop stand will make Mom’s life that much easier with her projects. An absolute essential for embroidery-loving Moms. 

13. Crochet Kit with Hooks Yarn Set

 This 100% acrylic yarn pack contains 20 colors, bright and lustrous, no duplicates and comes with a 73 Pack Crochet Hook Kit which includes everything you need to crochet. The best present for your Mom who wants to crochet and knit. 

14. Yarn Winder

Ask your Mom if her knitting can get a little messy at times. Chances are she will say yes. So why not make her life a bit easier with this winder that will easily wind up the ends of the yarn to a functioning ball. 

15. Wooden Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls help keep yarn clean, organized, and, most importantly, untangled as Mom works her way through a project. A great way to help Mom stay organized. 

16. Yarn Ball Holder

This Yarn Holder is ideal to use if Mom doesn’t want to keep chasing balls of yarn around the floor.  It keeps Mom’s thread under control and serves as the perfect storage after knitting. 

17. Knitting Cart

This present is the perfect addition to your Mom’s knitting space or office. A cute, modern cart will fit perfectly in her room while also storing important knitting accessories. 

18. Vintage Fabric

This Vintage Fabric set is 100% polyester, medium weight, and is tightly woven Turkish dock fabric. A perfect way to enhance her projects and add vintage themes. 

19. Cozy Yarn Throw Blanket

If Mom isn’t too much of a knitter but loves knitted goods, this cozy blanket will provide her warmth and the relaxing feel of wool. 

20. Subscription

If Mom is a very enthusiastic and avid knitter, up her game with this subscription from Knitcrate. They provide you will a box full of materials needed for a project every month. 

Luxury Presents for Knitters

Looking for the best and luxurious items?  ParentPresents has the perfect sew-lution! These gifts are all over $150. 

21. Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This deluxe sewing machine comes with 80 built-in designs and 6 embroidery lettering fonts for personalizing Mom’s projects. A must have for her sewing and embroidery needs. 

22. Weighted Yarn Blanket

If Mom loves the feel of weighted blankets and loves the yarn texture, this is definitely the blanket for her. Perfect for cozying up during movie nights with the family. 

23. Luxury Craft Table

Every Mom needs a craft table for their hobby. Even more so if her hobby is knitting, sewing, or crocheting since there are so many pieces.  Help her eliminate any back pain that may come from her knitting and give her a space to do her magic. 

24. Travel Wool Tote Bag

Created just for travel, this wool tote bag holds about anything Mom will need as she travels with her knitting essentials. 

25. Express Knitting Machine

If Mom’s knitting takes a long time, help her speed it up with this amazing knitting machine. She’ll have so much ease winding up the yarn with this machine rather than hand knitting. 

Affordable Presents for Knitters

We found the ab-sew-lute best presents that are all under $40 for Mom! 

26. Knitting Loop Rings

Have Mom wear this ring during the knitting process; it lets her wind the knitting thread around so that the thread is easier to be controlled. Definitely a thoughtful gift that will optimize her knitting process.

27. Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

A best selling shampoo for the delicate goods made from yarn and wool. A great gift for Mom to keep her knitted products all safe from the harsh washing machine. 

28. Sewing Kit

Sewing is a perfect hobby for Mom. Whether she’s a pro or just getting started, this kit has got everything she might need to make the best sewn projects. 

29. Storage Tote Bag

This bag not only looks amazing with its vibrant colors but has the necessary space to hold all of Mom’s knitting needs. 

30. Hedgehog Shape Pin Cushion

This hedgehog shape pin cushion is a cute way to show Mom that you love and respect her passion for knitting. Also a great place for her to keep her left over pins.  

31. Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Give Mom the gift of learning. This book has all the essential crochet hacks, tips, and tricks Mom needs to become a pro at crocheting. 

32. Hanging Yarn Organizer

Does Mom’s knitting space always have yarn rolling around? Then she needs this organizer which compactly stores the yarn balls behind the door. A brilliant solution! 

33. Sewing Machine Earrings

A small but impactful gift to show Mom you see her efforts when she knits, crochets and sews. These cute and chic earrings might just make mom a little teary eyed. 

34. Warm Knit Scarf

The perfect present especially if winter times are coming up. Mom will surely love to have this cozy knitted scarf to warm her up.

35. Knitting Light

Prevent Mom’s eye from straining when she wants to knit in the dark. This knitting light wraps around her neck giving her the necessary light she needs to continue her project. Also works great when Mom wants to read a book in the dark!

36. Personalized Sewing Labels

If your Mom is the one in the family always creating hand made knitted goods, look into getting her customizable sewing labels which she can attach to the back of her projects to add some love. 

37. Knitting Row Counter

Knitting is a process which takes time, care and precision. Allow Mom to ease that process up with this row counter which keeps track of the knitting she’s doing so she stays on track for projects. 

38. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are often attached to the fabric and to the knitting itself. They are essential for your Moms who love to knit because they are so helpful in keeping track where she left off. 

39. Embroidery Starter Kits

If Mom has always been saying how she wants to begin her embroidery journey, this starter kit has everything she will need to create intricate beautiful designs.  

40. The Yarnit

The Yarnit is a durable clear globe that provides a protective home for Mom’s yarn and accessories. A great way to make sure she’s on track with her knitting projects. 

41. Knitting Enamel Pin

A small token of a gift that Mom can add to her knitting tote, her purse, or any bag. A pin that can stay with her everywhere she goes and is an emblem of her passion for knitting. 

42. Sewing Plaque

A cute plaque for Mom to hang on the door of her sewing room. She will definitely love to have this to showcase her love for her hobby. 

43. Knitted Flowers Bouquet

What better gift than flowers for Mom? Especially ones that won’t go bad! These knitted flowers make for a fun and cute gift for Mom. 

44. Bamboo Knitting Needles Set

Whether weaving scarves, cutting threads, or sewing clothes, this bamboo set can make her knitting process much easier. Especially ideal if she loves to make handmade gifts for the people around her. 

45. Crochet & Yarn Kit

A two in one gift for Mom. Not only will this gift come with quality yarn but also all the tools needed to start a project. Perfect for Mom to get started or continue to get better with her crocheting. 

Funny Gag Gifts for Knitters

These funny gag gifts are perfect for your Mom that loves to laugh!

46. Novelty Knitting Mug

A cheeky mug that has a yarn texture accompanied with it to show off Mom’s love for knitting.

47. Crocheter Bag

A cute pouch for keeping small knitting items. And with a hilarious pun on the fun this is certain to make any Mom crack up!

48. Funny Knitting Notebook

This notebook has a funny yarn joke on the front, but it also makes a very practical gift as Mom can use it to track her knitting projects. 

49. Sewciopath T Shirt

This one is for Moms that love, love, love to sew. If your Mom is a “Sew-ciopath” this shirt is perfect!

50. Yarn Lover Tote

A cute bag with the funny “It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Yarn” quote that will shine some light on Mom’s obsession for knitting.

Too much yarn? Don't Yarn-derestimate these gifts!

All these gifts were curated carefully for every type of knitter! Those who love color and vibrancy in their projects, those who love to work hard to create magical handmade gifts, and those who love a simple knitted good. If you’re Mom loves to knit than the gift for her is on this list!