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Reading is a pastime anyone can enjoy; Many Moms like to indulge in the unwinding relaxation that comes with reading. We have compiled a list of the best Gifts for Readers so you can find the perfect present for Mom.

Listed below are items and accessories that will enhance the reading experience and products that coincide with hobbies adjacent to reading. Your reading Mom’s going to love whatever you pick from the list below! 

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Best Presents for Readers

These are the ideal gifts to get Moms that enjoy reading, writing and journaling that all fit into the $40-$150 price range.

1. Desk Light

This energy-saving desk lamp is the perfect accomplice when reading. With one-click access to the reading mode which features differing brightness and various color temperatures, this lightweight lamp will be great for when Mom need extra lighting.

2. Parker Fountain Pen

This elegant Parker 51 Fountain Pen has a smooth look and a crisp finish, perfect for writing and calligraphy. This gift will be sure to dazzle Moms who love to write!

3. Temperature Control Smart Mug

This smart thermos mug is the perfect solution for coffee and tea drinkers while they read their books! The technology prevents the beverage from ever running cold. Temperature adjustment features along with a 4-8 hours charge span will keep Mom and Dad’s coffee or tea at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

4. Shoulder Massager with Heat

Every Mom is a hard worker, which is why she should be allowed downtime to enjoy her hobbies. What better gift to give than a neck and shoulder massager that provides a deep tissue massage and a soothing experience while she reads.

5. Fur Blanket

A perfect gift for Moms that are always cold! This elegant yet cozy faux blanket provides the warmth and comfort Mom needs during her reading time or journaling time near the fireplace. This 50″x 60″ blanket not only is made from the softest fibers but also comes in an assortment of colors perfect for finding your Mom’s favorite color.

6. Porcelain China Tea Sets

A great gift for Moms who love their tea when they read or write. The delicate gold hand gilt designs along with the Bone China Porcelain make this a quality tea set for a great price. 

7. Calligraphy Markers

Does your Mom love calligraphy, card making, scrapbooking, journaling, or designing greeting cards and invitations? If yes, these water-based pigment ink pens make a great gift! 

8. Reading Support Comfort Pillow

Comfort is key, and Mom deserves to feel her best when she reads her books. This backrest pillow is great to alleviate any back pain or sore muscles when reading. It will be a perfect fit for Mom with the full-sized arms and added pockets to hold Mom’s phone, glasses, book, or tablet.

9. 12 Pack Notebooks

If Mom likes to read and write then she definitely goes through a lot of notebooks! This 12-pack of classic notebooks will load her up so she won’t need to replenish anytime soon.

10. Gel Ink Pens

Every enthusiastic writer should have a set of gel pens to aid their writing! And for Mom, it is especially important that she has the right fit of pens that come in a variety of colors, so she can have fun writing or color-coding

11. Foam Reading Pillow Wedge

Ensuring the right posture while reading might be difficult to attain when Mom is so immersed in her reading. The solution? This Foam Bed Wedge Pillow Set will give your Mom support to her upper back and shoulders, promoting a better reading posture.

12. Neck Massager

Help Mom relax her neck as she reads by gifting her this electric neck massager! Its shiatsu massage heads and heat allow for total relaxation. It has a cordless and hands-free design with adjustable velcro!

13. Himalayan Salt Lamp with Essential Oil Diffuser

Reading, writing, and journaling can all be sacred parts of your Mom’s day. This salt lamp is made with 100% real pink Himalayan Salt crystals which are known to release ions that can increase Mom’s energy levels and improve her sleep. In addition, it also comes with a cool mist humidifier making this a necessary present for Mom!

14. Yankee Candle Classic The Fragrance Gift Set Box

Candles are excellent additions to any hobby Mom is pursuing. Lighting these Yankee candles during an invigorating reading session or relaxing journaling time is just what Mom needs to complete her experience. This set specifically makes for the perfect gift since it comes with 11 candles with varied scents and burn times.

15. Electric Candle Warmer

Pairing well with the Yankee candles listed above, candle warmers are great for Moms who love candles. Avoid the fire hazard of burning candles by melting them with safety settings. Not only does it allow your candles to have more burn time but also allows the scent to linger longer.

16. Bath Pillow for Bathtub

Which Mom wouldn’t enjoy a nice me-time with her favorite book of choice while she’s taking a relaxing bath? These top-quality bath pillows can be used to provide support for Mom’s sensitive joints & sore muscles. Gift her this bath pillow so she has the best comfort while reading in the tub!

17. Luxury Bathtub Reading Tray

Going along with the bath pillow, this bathtub reading tray offers a variety of amenities such as a book/tablet holder, candle/cup slot, and wine glass holder, all designed perfectly for Mom’s relaxing day in.

18. Organic Herbal Tea Variety Pack

If your Mom is a dedicated reader or journalist, she most likely loves to sip tea as she enjoys her time. This pack of tea has 7 herbal flavors that are 100% organic and have antioxidants that are good for Mom’s health. So give this to Mom to improve her health and her reading time!

19. Graphite and Charcoal Sketching Pencils kit

Moms that love to journal might also want to venture into other artistic pursuits. Let Mom go on an adventure with this sketching pencil set that will allow her to create a new passion. Not only will you be giving Mom these premium quality graded graphite and charcoal pencils but also the chance to explore new hobbies.

20. Vintage Leather Journal

Sometimes all Mom needs is the perfect journal to write down her thoughts or to store the ideas of the book she wants to start writing. This vintage leather journal gives her just that. Bring Mom happiness by gifting this journal that has state-of-the-art handmade cotton paper.

21. Electric Tea Infuser

Every Mom needs the perfect cup of tea to enjoy her books and journals. This tea infuser heats water to an ideal temperature and then steeps the leaves for the right duration. It combines the speed and efficiency of an electric kettle and the steeping capabilities of an infuser, making it a great gift for tea and book lovers.

22. Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oils Set

Lavender, cherry blossom, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, white tea, peppermint, bergamot, geranium, and Sweet Orange. This aromatherapy diffuser comes with all these lovely scents to fill Mom’s home while she reads, writes, or journals.

Luxury Presents for Readers

The cream of the crop of everything reading and journaling are all listed below. These items priced above $150 and will surely make Mom feel special.

23. WorldPenScan Pen Scanner

Technology has just made Mom’s life easier again! With this pen scanner, no more typing is needed since Mom can effortlessly extract text from paper/screen to any computer or smartphone while also transcribing any voice into text. Writing and reading made easy for Mom when you gave her this lovely invention!

24. Memory Foam Reading Bean Bag

This memory foam bean bag is the perfect accomplice your Mom needs when she has a great book that needs to be read. This is the ideal bean bag to get Mom for her reading nook — a place designed just for her love of reading

25. Relaxing Indoor Table Fountain

Creating the ideal ambience for reading and writing for Mom is a necessary step. Help her get the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity with this indoor table fountain. This rustic fountain not only looks perfect with Mom’s books but also adds proven calming sounds that will ensure she has the much needed soothing mood to read or write.

26. Amazon Kindle Signature Edition Bundle

The Kindle is a known reading accessory perfect for on-the-go readers. From being able to read at the beach to traveling and needing a book handy, a Kindle is essential. With this package comes not only an ad-free Kindle, but Mom will also receive a leather cover and wireless charging dock which completes the look!

27. Latte & Cappuccino Espresso Machine

Mom will love this espresso machine for those days when she needs coffee in her system after a late night spent reading. With an easy-to-use 19 Bar Pump Machine and built-in milk frother, she has everything necessary to become a true barista.

28. Industrial Wooden Bookcase

This rustic industrial wooden bookcase that has 6 tiers of vintage storage racks with open shelves. The perfect accessory for Mom that fits well in the living room, bedroom, or reading room. This is a must-have present for a Mom looking for ways to showcase her lovely selection of books.

29. Upholstered Chaise Lounge Chair

Chaise lounge chairs are perfect for readers especially in the summertime when the sun is the perfect lighting to be reading near the windows. This sofa bed is made with high-quality upholstery and fine linen that works well in any room.

30. Library Books Poster

An art piece is a fundamental item Moms love to have, and if your Mom loves reading, then she will love this! This fun yet sophisticated piece is a cozy reminder to the family that Mom loves reading and is something she could place in her reading corner that will make her feel special.

Affordable Presents for Readers

The following features gift ideas your reading-obsessed Mom will enjoy which are $40 or less. They definitely will bring a smile to her face without hurting your wallet too much.

31. The Five Minute Journal

For Moms that love to journal or are looking into journaling, give her this! This Five Minute Journal promotes happiness and mental wellness; it is designed for positive manifestation to inspire thankfulness.

32. Mom-Pour Wine Glass

This premium-quality crystal stemware is an ideal gift for Moms who enjoy the occasional glass of wine. Not only is it dishwasher safe (Mom will appreciate that) but it is also a fun lighthearted gift that will make her laugh.

33. Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night

Mom may find it enjoyable to have a book light for her books when traveling or having a late night reading session. This super lightweight mini lamp perfectly clips onto books and has several brightness modes for warm or white light, bright or soft preferences. 

34. Marble Style Bookend

Sometimes a bookshelf might not be a perfect fit for your Mom’s home, but a marble bookend would be a great alternative to Mom’s work office or kitchen shelf. With extra storage space, Mom can store kitchen utensils, office supplies or add some flowers to liven up the room.

35. Blue Light Reading Glasses

These sets of 6 blue light glasses are proven to prevent dry eyes and keep Mom’s eyes safe from the strenuous light of computer screens. If your Mom loves to read or journal on her Ipad or Kindle, this is a great gift for her.

36. Library Themed Coffee Mug

Who doesn’t love to sip some coffee as they read their favorite book? If your Mom loves to read, chances are she needs a perfect mug that goes with her hobby. 

37. Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle

When Mom hosts her book club or just wants endless tea to drink, this tea kettle is just the right one! Ideal for serving the whole family or a party, this stainless steel kettle makes the perfect tea that goes well with whatever book Mom is reading.

38. Handmade Floral Bookmarks

These resin dry flower bookmarks make the perfect accessory since they are lightweight and do not occupy space. These simple yet stunning bookmarks are just what Moms are looking for when needing a place to mark where they left off.

39. Literary Themed Tote Handbag

With choices from classic novels such as Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Wizard of Oz, and Les Misérables, this is the handbag to get your reading-obsessed Mom. With a subtle yet compelling design printed on a 100% cotton canvas tote bag, this is a great way for Mom to show off her fandom for the books she loves.

40. Floral Ceramic Pen Holder

This simple yet beautifully designed ceramic pen holder is the perfect place for Mom to store all her precious pens. The quaint gift will get put to good use so your Mom doesn’t lose those valuable pens and pencils!

41. Reading Cedar & Wild Fern Candle

The scents in this candle set just the mood Mom needs to have the best read of her life! Candles and scents are known to boost the part of the brain that retains reading so what’s a better gift than the perfect candle that sets the tone of a library!

42. Aromatherapy Diffuser

If candles aren’t your Mom’s thing, that’s perfectly okay! Essential oils pair well with this aromatherapy diffuser. Mom can pick any scent she loves, add a few drops with water in the diffuser, and viola! The perfect atmosphere with the smell she loves for her reading sessions.

43. Wooden Desk Decor

If your Mom is an avid reader, it’s probable that she has a sacred bookshelf. But what’s missing? This bookshelf decor accessory that showcases Mom’s love and attitude towards books. Designed to hang from a wall or stand freely on a shelf, this is the perfect accessory to add to her bookshelf or reading nook

44. Bamboo Book Stand

There is no better place to cozy up with a book than one’s bed. Gift your Mom who loves to read in her bed this quality bamboo wood book holder. Comes with soft memory foam cushions, and a spacious tray with strong page clips, this book stand is also very lightweight, perfect to carry around.

45. Book Light Page

If the lights in Mom’s room are too bright for her nighttime reads or she needs extra light when she’s reading on an airplane, this is the book light to get her. This book light adopts a new lighting structure design, in which a transparent panel lights up with a warm light, giving Mom the best read.

Funny Gag Presents for Readers

Looking for a gift for your Mom that loves to pull pranks and make people laugh? These funny gag gifts will definitely do the trick!

46. Reading Addiction Mug

“Mom, Mom…Mom!” might be a common phrase said in households where Mom is immersed in her new novel and you can’t get her attention. Get this perfect gag gift that highlights her so-called reading addiction so not only can she enjoy a nice cup of coffee but also is a lighthearted jab at her love for reading.

47. Funny Mom Joke Wine Glass

Which Mom wouldn’t enjoy a glass of wine to unwind her day with a side of a nice book. Additionally, if your Mom is the joking kind, she’ll love this specific cup that lets everyone know she’s in her zone for reading and not to disturb.

48. Sarcastic Notebook/Journal

The essential notebook for Moms who love to write but can become forgetful at times. The funny cover is ideal for those families with inside jokes. A cute, cheap, and really funny notebook to give!

49. Literary Insults Gift Poster

An imperative poster to have for bookish Mom’s who love to playfully throw around teasing words. With snarky comments from Jane Austen to Shakespeare to Mark Twain, this is a reader’s dream gift to receive especially when they love to joke around with their book clubs!

50. Funny and Snarky Pens

A cute and colorful pen set with snarky comments written on the sides will definitely make Mom laugh! Perfect for when she needs to write a kitchen grocery list or write in her journal, every time she goes to pick this pen up, a smile will be sure to break out from the funny remarks the pens have to offer.

Get Shopping!

From this list, the options for what to get your reading-obsessed Mom seem endless. Find what best suits your Mom’s interests, likes, and personality and feel free to even mix and match some of the items so she gets the best of both worlds.

No matter what you give as a present, she will appreciate the effort and thought put into the gift regardless!