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Historian. History Buff. History Nerd. Historophile. All words to describe someone who loves to learn about history. If your Mom or Dad loves to learn about ancient civilizations, the civil war,  George Washington, or is constantly watching the history channel, then this is the place to find presents for them! 

We have handpicked 50 gifts for history buffs so you can find the perfect present for your history-loving parents. 

Table of Contents

Best Gifts for History Buffs

We’ve got a great mix of unique gifts we’d think your history-buff parents would love. All within the $40-$150 price range. 

1. 4,000 Years of World History Timeline Poster

Starting off strong, this gift is for the ones who LOVE World History in its totality. This poster covers over 4,000 years of history all within a timeline that would look chic in your parent’s living room as an art piece as well. 

2. George Washington Oil Painting

This beautiful art piece is an oil painting done of when George Washington was crossing the Delaware river. A great addition to your parent’s house especially if they love American history and the American revolution. 

3. Soviet Russian Tank Model Kit

Does Mom or Dad love to learn about wars? This model kit is perfect for them to learn about military tanks and also makes a great conversation starter in their house so they can flex their history knowledge.  

4. Italian Luncheon Plates

Blue Italian plates are one of the most important designs in British ceramic history. This would be a great gift so Mom and Dad could have a historical centerpiece for dinners.

5. Vintage U.S. State Magnet Set

If road-trips are in your family’s blood, then these vintage magnet sets are the gift you need to get your parents! Have them place the magnets of the states they’ve been to already which will encourage them to explore the states they haven’t been to yet. 

6. Globe Decanter Set

For the parents that love an occasional drink, this decanter set with glasses comes with a globe shape and imprint to further showcase their historian knowledge. 

7. National Geographic History Book

This National Geographic book provides the rich history of the world with maps, archival imagery, and revealing photographs. Perfect to enhance your parent’s view of history. 

8. Mini Cork Globe for Tracking

There are so many historically rich places to travel to around the world like The Colosseum in Rome or the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Gift your Mom and Dad the joy of tracking these wonders with this cork globe.  

9. Trivia History Game

Does Dad always claim he’s a history buff? Does Mom always bring up her historical expertise? Gift them this trivia history game known for testing people with historical timelines and who is the ultimate history nerd!

10. Antique Greek Bronze Statue

For the parents that love Greek Mythology, this Atlas statue will be a nice present. Atlas is known to be holding up the Earth on his shoulders for all eternity which is shown in this antique statue

11. The Veiled Maiden Statue

If mythology isn’t your parent’s style but the elegant textures of Greek Art is, then this Maiden Statue is the perfect gift that will adorn Mom and Dad’s living room. This handcrafted statue presents Greek Art in its entirety.  

12. Gold Finish Fountain Pen

What History lover doesn’t enjoy some calligraphy? With this 24K Gold Finish Fountain Pen, your Mom or Dad will have the neatest handwriting that could rival our founding fathers’. 

13. World Map Wall Art

Every History Buff would love this map of the world displayed in their room of choice. It makes beautiful decor and a great conversation starter in any room.

14. Medieval Knight Bookends

If Mom or Dad love Medieval history then this bookend is a must have. Especially for their bookshelf or office, this display of history will fit perfectly. 

15. Teas of The World Gift Set

Not only for the fanatic of the Boston Tea party, this gift is for Tea Lovers from all around the world. What’s better than drinking some tea and learning history along with it? Also pairs well with doing yoga. 

16. LEGO White House Architecture

The White House is a historical piece and is great architecture to study as well. Why not gift a LEGO set that encapsulates the White House?

17. WW2 Operation Overlord Battle Map

Operation Overlord is arguably one of the most important operations to take place in history. If your parents enjoy learning about the World Wars, then this battle map is a great gift for them. 

18. American Revolution Writings

If Mom or Dad love learning about the American Revolution, this boxed set with all the historic pamphlets of the time is the ideal reading gift for them! 

19. Vintage Shelf Organizer

This Vintage bookshelf is the most convenient and reliable place for your parent’s books and their history collectibles. Fits perfectly in their living room, family room, or even bedroom! 

20. History Vault Subscription

This History Vault subscription gives your parents unlimited access to thousands of documentaries and series exploring history — from ancient empires to modern warfare. If Mom and Dad are really history enthusiasts , this is the gift for them. 

Luxury Gifts for History Buffs

These following luxurious gift ideas are all $150 and above and perfectly curated for history buff parents. 

21. Globe Bar Wine Holder

This gift has all the essentials! Holds Mom and Dad’s wines but also is a great global piece to have that looks great!

22. Wooden Shelf

This authentic and dependable wooden shelf provides the ideal place for your parents to keep their history books but also display their tasteful art pieces. Could also fit well in their office as well.

23. Black Onyx Gemstone Globe

This unique gemstone globe is handcrafted by master artists that have used more than 30 different precious gemstones from all over the world! The best gift for your parents. 

24. LEGO Colosseum

All history lovers must know the world famous Roman Colosseum. This LEGO set is an astounding present to gift for the parents that love their ancient roman history. 

25. Collector's Coin Holder

Does your Mom or Dad have coins they love collecting? This US Flag shaped coin holder is the sturdiest place to hold their coins and puts on a spectacular display.

26. Vintage World Map Canvas Prints

This canvas print is a remarkable piece to have showcased and makes a lovely gift for your parents who love history and maps! 

27. Signature Edition Kindle

A great gift for history buff parents that love to read and brush up on their history books! This kindle also comes with all the accessories needed. 

Affordable Gifts for History Buffs

The best history themed gifts for history buffs all under $40. 

28. Smithsonian Institution History Book

This is THE book to have for any history lover. With this book, Mom and Dad can go on a fascinating journey through the ages and explore historical events. 

29. Illuminated World Globe

Globes are essential to understand History in its entirety since the world is a connected place. This globe not only serves as your parent’s go to globe but functions in the night as a potential unique night lamp. 

30. Retro Funny Metal Sign

Does Mom or Dad have an office, library or special room for their History books? This retro sign is a must-have for them so they can finally let people know they are entering their History Buff zone. 

31. Ides of March Pencil Holder

For the fans of Julius Caesar and Roman history, this cute pencil holder makes the perfect gift for your parents that they need to enhance their office. 

32. This Day in History Calendar

A fact a day keeps the doctor away! With this ‘This Day in History’ calendar, your parents will learn a new history fact everyday which will bring them closer to the history they love learning about. 

33. World Map Paper Place Mats

If Mom and Dad are having guests over, there is no better placemats than ones with the world map printed on them. Not only a perfect conversation starter but looks stylish to have. 

34. Inspirational Feminist Posters

For the parents that love girl power, these posters display strong women in history that have contrubuted greatly to society in numerous ways. 

35. African American History Wall Art

These African American figures in history have made strides in minimizing inequality. No better gift for the parents that love to learn and appreciate African American history.  

36. Vintage Historical Stickers

If your parents love to journal or read, then these historical stickers would be ideal for them to have! With the vintage theme represented on all the stickers, it makes for a stellar finish to any project.  

37. Museum Lover Tote Bag

This one is for the Moms that love their history and enjoy going to the museum where they can visualize the past. What better accompaniment than this tote bag that is fit for the occasion?

38. US Presidents Jigsaw Puzzle

If your parents are puzzle lovers as well as history buffs, then there is no gift better than this puzzle with all the US presidents. 

39. Rustic Ancient Egyptian Statue

Ancient Egyptian civilizations are such a fascinating part of world history. This sculpture pays homage to the Goddess Bast, the Mother and Protector of Egypt in the Ancient World. An incomparable gift to get your Mom or Dad. 

40. Geography Card Game

This is an essential card game for any geography enthusiast parent. They get to learn about flags, capitals, and locations of all world countries in this trivia game. 

41. "Freedom" Documents

These documents are the greatly important Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Great for parents who love their American History and would like a piece of history in their own home.

42. Calligraphy Fountain Pen

If your parents really like the script handwriting of the freedom documents, then this quality calligraphy pen set allows them to create documents of their own. 

43. Historic Transformative Art Book

Art is an integral part of history. This book is for the parents that appreciate art and understand its value in history. 

44. National Geographic Travel Book

Using this National Geographic travel book, your parents can utilize the great historical places they have listed, and explore the world around them. This book has it all: when to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to ensure the most enriching and authentic experience.

45. History by Mail Subscription

At History by Mail, they will teach your parents through replicas of the historical letters themselves rather than droned out books. Get them a subscription as a present so they can receive mail just like their favorite historical figures.

Funny Gifts for History Buffs

For the history buff parents that to love to laugh, these gifts were made for them! 

46. History Funny Shirt

A funny joke about history repeating itself on this t shirt!

47. Funny History Mug

Perfect for coffee lovers, here is a humorous mug for any history buff to show their love for history. 

48. Cute Stemless Wine Glass

This wine glass is for the Mom’s that love wine and history! 

49. Funny Henry VIII's Wives Mug

This humorous mug about Henry the Eight’s wives is perfect for lovers of England royal history. It is heat sensitive, so as the mug stays warm, one of his wives will appear. 

50. Mens Novelty Socks

Which parent would not appreciate these cozy socks that have a fun presidential twist?

Next Steps for your History Loving Parents.

Now that you’ve gotten your parents their perfect historical gift, what’s next? Any history buff would love to go visit a museum or even go to the places local to them that are rich in history. 

Another fun thing to do with your parents is to get an ancestry test to learn more about your own family lineage and the history it could hold!