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50 Presents for Geeky Dads

Is your Dad a Star Wars nerd? A potterhead? A Marvel fan? Star-Trek? Lord of the Rings? Comic Books?

If he likes any of those, then you are in the right place! This is your comprehensive guide to buying a gift for your fantasy franchise-obsessed Dad. Buying your Dad a gift based on his favorite fandom makes the present all the more meaningful. Show Dad you get him and care with any of these gifts for geeky Dads.

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Best Gifts for Geeky Dads

The following list contains presents that are roughly $50 to $150. This is a great range of gifts that will help your Dad show off his Geeky side.

1. Darth Vader Bathrobe

Geeky Dads enjoy cozy comfort too! This fleece bathrobe is designed to look like Star Wars’ most iconic father- Darth Vader. Now, Dad can embody the dark side after an exhausting day of conquering the galaxy.

2. Arc Reactor Model

If you’re looking to splurge a little, this LED light-up model of Iron Man’s Arc Reactor complete with a display case, is perfect for a Marvel-loving memorabilia collector.

3. Custom Light Saber

Light Saber

There are many lightsaber collectables out there, but at Ultrasabers, Dad can get a completely customized one! If Dad has been bummed that he doesn’t live near Savi’s Workshop on Bantuu, now he can finally enjoy a genuine-feeling lightsaber.

4. Captain America Utility Backpack

A sustainable and sturdy backpack is a must-have for every Dad. What better way to rock a backpack than with Cap’s logo and vibe?

5. Fantastic Four Epic Collection

Fantastic Four comics were likely the go-to of Dad’s childhood. This nostalgic collection started off the greatest revolution in comic history- Marvel!

6. Speak Friend and Enter Doormat

This iconic Lord of the Rings line is the perfect welcome into Dad’s home or room. It includes latex backing to be sure that no lord slips walking in or out of the house.

7. Disney+ Subscription


If Dad doesn’t already have Disney+, a subscription could be a great and unique gift. He’ll have unlimited access to his favorite fantasy franchises from the MCU to Star Wars. You and Dad can enjoy watching his favorite movies together.

8. Marvel Unlimited Subscription

Marvel Unlimted

Dad can follow his favorites with an annual subscription to Marvel Comics. With the Marvel Unlimited Subscription he’ll get access to endless comics and all new in-universe stories.

9. The Lord of The Rings Journeys In Middle-Earth Board Game

This is an epic adventure game sought after by all Lord of the Rings fans. No matter how many times Dad plays, no two games are exactly alike. Another great gift for Dad to enjoy with the whole family.

10. Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Get this Lord Of The Rings inspired chess set for Dad so he’ll be able to command the forces of good or evil during a game of chess. Pieces include Gandalf the Grey, Galadriel, Gollum and more!

11. Harry Potter Hardcover Book Set

This may be the most obvious gift for Potterhead Dads, but that’s not to say they won’t love it. Sure he’s probably read the books, but does he have the full hardcover collection? Who knows how valuable these may be one day.

12. Star Tech Bluetooth Badge

If Dad is a Trekkie, he’ll go nuts over this fully functioning Bluetooth ComBadge! It features the classic ComBadge chirp sound effect when it’s pressed, the technology can receive phone calls or enable Siri, Google, Cortana or Alexa.

13. Infinity Gauntlet Lego Set

Building LEGO models makes for great bonding time with Dad. What better place to start than building one of comic book culture’s most recognizable objects? Marvel’s infamous Infinity Gauntlet will make a great conversation piece and decoration in any room of the house.

14. Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter Set

This whiskey decanter set with a stormtrooper helmet design is a great option for the liquor-loving Dad. The force will definitely be with him when he serves himself his next drink in one of these.

15. Harry Potter Igloo Cooler

Igloo reimagined this fan-favorite cooler by adding the original Harry Potter series illustrations to its shell. This 26-can cooler will keep plenty of beer cold for Dad.

16. Dragon Pool Float

Dad will feel like a medieval hero riding around the pool, lake, or ocean on this giant inflatable dragon pool float. When fully inflated, this creature stands at 103 inches and holds up to 400 pounds and two people.

17. Game of Thrones Inspired Drink Set

This set includes a medieval horn beer mug, shot glass, bottle opener, horn spoon, and golden storage bag. Dad can drink like the King in the North with his direwolf-engraved drinking accessories.

18. Death Star Whiskey Ice Mold

This one is for the whiskey-loving Dads. If Dad is a Star Wars fan, he’ll love this round ice cube mold shaped like the Death Star. The mold makes 2.4 inch Death Stars that will give Dad’s whiskey an extra kick of the force.

19. Deadpool Monopoly

With so many versions of the universally loved game of Monopoly out there, this Deadpool edition may take the cake for a comic-loving Dad. The game features new tokens and comic book art.

20. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

This collectable Star Trek USS Enterprise pizza cutter is a must-have addition to any Dad who is beamed up by pizza. He’ll be able flaunt his fandom and kitchen accessories.

21. Star Wars Candles

Star Wars Candle

Has Dad ever wondered what it smelled like on the forest moon of Endor? With Homesick’s Star Wars-inspired candles now he can find out! Choose from three scents: Endor, The Death Star, or Tatooine.

Affordable Gifts for Geeky Dads

Some cheaper ticket items (about $40 or less) that can help Dad geek out on his favorite fantasy-franchises.

22. Batman Kitchen Timer

Have Dad feel like a hero in the kitchen with this Batman Bat Signal kitchen timer. When time is up, the timer will light up with the bat signal and can even project onto the wall for a truly immersive superhero experience!

23. Marvel Encyclopedia

This is THE gift for the ultimate Marvel-obsessed Dad. From The Avengers to Squirrel Girl, this Marvel Encyclopedia has information and secret histories on all of Dad’s favorite characters.

24. Game of Thrones Cook Book

Is food the way to Dad’s heart? This Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook is an awesome gift if Dad has ever wondered what it’s like to feast in Winterfell.

25. Comic Strip Photo Frame

This frame is arranged like comic strip panels and includes thought bubble and comic text shapes for you to create your own story. Personalize this sentimental gift with fun family photos for an awesome gift for Dad!

26. Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shakers

These TARDIS shaped salt and pepper shakers are a great edition to any Doctor Who devotee.

27. Marauders Map Color Changing Mug

Does Dad know Hogwarts as well as the Marauders do? If so, this is the mug for him! This magical mug reveals the Marauder’s Map when hot liquid is poured inside.

28. Binary Code Tie

Does Dad have to wear a tie to work? This humorous tie has “TIES SUCK” written out in binary code to entertain Dad and his fellow geeky friends.

29. Eye of the Dragon Trinket Box

Dragons are a staple creature in any mythical franchise. This highly detailed dragon eye trinket box will complete Dad’s side table or dresser.

30. Game of Throne Dragon Egg Candles

Winter is coming! Prepare Dad for the long night with these intricately designed dragon egg candles modeled after Daenerys Targeryen’s petrified eggs.

31. The Resistance: Avalon Social Deduction Game

The fantasy themed game of deception will have Dad (and the whole family) engaged from start to finish. A great option for family game night.

32. Star Wars Golf Balls

Is Dad a geek golfer? These golf balls are decorated to look like BB8, The Death Star, and R2D2. He can use these on his next outing or display them on the shelf!

33. May the Course Be With You Golf Towel

This clever towel would pair perfectly with the Star Wars golf balls to make an epic golf-themed gift for Dad.

34. Superman Cape Socks

These make giving socks as a gift cool again. With the Superman logo and an attached cape, everyone will get a kick out of superDad’s new socks.

35. Drink Like a Geek Cocktail Guide

Drink Like a Geek is a pun-filled all encompassing geeky guide to cocktails. Featuring superheroes, wizards, and more, Dad will surely find some of his new favorite cocktails in this book.

36. Loki Shirt

If Dad is a fan of the god of mischief, he’ll appreciate this Loki for president shirt. He can sport it while patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the newest season of Loki! ​

37. The Book of Unusual Knowledge

With a whopping 704 pages, this book is perfect for any knowledge-hungry father. He’ll love reading through the various topics and then sharing his newfound knowledge with family and friends

38. Lightsaber Chopsticks

If a real lightsaber isn’t in the budget, these clever lightsaber chopsticks will do the trick. These utensils actually light up and there’s a large variety of colors to choose from to ensure Dad’s gift is as special as possible.

39. Marauders Map Blanket

After a long day of mischief, Dad will be able to manage it all and relax with this durable Marauders Map fuzzy blanket. Whether watching the Harry Potter movies or just unwinding, he’ll love this versatile piece.

40. Cards Against Humanity: Nerd Bundle

A nerdy twist on this classic game will lead to fun for everyone. Dad can show off his cleverness and knowledge of the fantasy geek world with a ton of brand new cards.

41. Spiderman Airpod Case

Airpod owners can all relate to the panic of thinking they’ve lost their airpods. Now Dad can keep track of his airpods and show off his geeky side with this convenient Spiderman case.

42. Star Trek Coffee Mug

Dad will love energizing in the morning with this Trekkie mug. This is a great Star Trek quote and a great affordable gift for Dad.

43. Star Trek Captain Dad Shirt

Show your appreciation for Dad with this epic “Captain Dad” Star Trek shirt. This is a great affordable option for a proud Trekkie and even prouder Dad.

44. Mydethun Moon Lamp

Let Dad create a mystical atmosphere in his room or the home with this fantastical moon orb lamp. An added bonus is it’s made from eco-friendly materials!

45. The League of Half-Baked Heroes

Dad knows and loves the classic superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Captain America, but is he familiar with Spider Queen or Doctor Hormone? He’ll be laughing and thoroughly entertained while exploring this book of lesser-known comic facts.

46. Legend of Zelda Coasters

Style Dad’s desk or table with these Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coasters. Any gamer dads that are fans of the game will appreciate these small statement home accessories.

47. Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

Dad will crack open his next cold one with the power of the god of thunder when you get him this bottle opener. The hammer-shaped tool is a great add-on to any gift bundle for Dad.

48. Superman Tumbler

With a portable coffee tumbler, Dad can have a Clark Kent moment on the go. It’s a good gift for Dads who travel to an office in the morning for work.

49. Tony Stark Sunglasses

What marvel-loving Dad doesn’t secretly wish he was Tony Stark? Now he can embody the businessman and superhero in style with Tony’s infamous sunglasses.

50. Create Your Own Comic Book

This gift is super unique and perfect for any creative and comic-loving Dad. Each template in the book is designed to enhance the creative process.

Time to Help Dad Geek Out!

No matter which franchise Dad loves, he’s sure to geek out over these one-of-a-kind gifts. Ranging in prices and fandoms, we hope that some of these gifts strike a chord with you – and most importantly – Dad.