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Margaritas are a classic cocktail that Mom can enjoy year-round. What better way to celebrate Mom’s next special occasion than with a margarita-themed gift! 

All these gift ideas are happy hour approved, so you can be sure that your margarita-loving Mom will get plenty of use out of them!

So grab your salt and limes, and get ready to browse our list of 33 gifts for margarita lovers

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Best Presents for Margarita Lovers

A great pick of gifts for your margarita-loving Mom. These gifts are all between $40 and $150.

1. Legacy Cantinero 6-Shot Glass Serving Set

A beautiful wooden tray and set of 6 glass shot glasses that is perfect for entertaining. The wooden tray has indents for the glasses, ceramic dish, and salt shaker meaning fewer spills and easier carrying!

2. Mexican Hand Blown Margarita Glasses

Treat Mom to a set of 4 beautiful margarita glasses. Each glass is hand blown by skilled artisans using techniques handed down from generation to generation.

3. Electric Citrus Juicer Squeezer

Fresh squeezed limes is an essential part of any margarita. Make Moms life a lot easier with an electric juicer! With a one-press button, integrated filter, and stainless-steel construction, Mom will have fresh, seedless juice in no time.

4. Drinkini Margarita Kit

For Moms starting out making homemade margaritas, this kit comes with everything needed to serve and enjoy an iced-cold drink. It comes with 2 margarita glasses, a 3-tier salt rimmer, stainless cocktail shaker, jigger, and a lemon squeezer. 

5. 128-Ounce Margarita Maker & Slushie Machine

This 128-ounce machine can make up to 1-gallon of Moms favorite margarita. It is perfect for parties or large gatherings. It has double-wall insulation, a lever-style spout, and handle for easy carrying. 

6. Mezcal Tequila and Spirits Sipping Glasses

A beautifully crafted set of 5-ounce crystal sipping glasses to enjoy tequila. Every set of four tasting glasses comes neatly packed in a gift and storage box.

7. Mud Pie Glass Margarita Pitcher

This pitcher holds 118 oz of margaritas. It has a glass base engraved with “margs”, a wooden top saying “drinks on the house”, and comes with a long silver spoon for stirring. 

8. Tequila Decanter With Agave Plant

Rather than storing tequila in the labeled bottle from the store, give Mom a beautiful decanter to store and display her tequila. This decanter is made of hand crafted glass and has a beautiful glass agave plant in the center. Mom will love this tequila storage that doubles as a bar-cart decoration. 

9. Margarita Cocktail Kit

Gift Mom a margarita-on-the-rocks kit. This set comes with everything all the basics needed for making a margarita at home. It has two on the rocks glasses, a stainless cocktail shaker and jigger, a citrus squeezer, Rokz Lime Infused Margarita Salt, and recipe cards! Perfect for a margarita movie night!

10. Stemless Margarita Glasses

A set of 6 stemless margarita glasses with a unique blue ribbon down the side. The glass shape is perfect for Mom to hold her favorite margarita. The glassware is made 100% BPA and lead-free and is dishwasher safe. 

11. Mixology Bartender Kit

Help Mom craft a perfect margarita, along with other cocktails, with this ready-to-go 10 piece set. The eco-friendly bamboo stand was carefully designed to keep barware tools organized and accessible. No more clutter in your kitchen drawers and cabinets, plus it makes for attractive bar-top decor! 

12. Nutribullet Personal Blende

Turn any margarita into a frozen margarita with the Nutribullet blender. The fastest, easiest solution for creating a frozen beverage of choice. Add the drink, pack it with ice, and twist to blend. 

13. Handblown Tequila Decanter

A simple, yet stylish, decanter made in Mexico by seasoned artisans. It is made with lead free hand-blown glass and can hold 750 ml of tequila. A beautiful way for Mom to store and display her tequila. 

14. YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

A to-go mug that is perfect for keeping Moms margarita icy cold. Whether she is walking down to her friends house or sitting outside by the pool, this  double-wall vacuum-insulated will ensure her drink stays cold. 

15. Cocktail Shaker

A 17 ounce crystal cocktail shaker is a timeless alternative to metal cocktail shakers. It will look classy and sophisticated on any bar top or cart. 

Luxury Presents for Margarita Lovers

High-end gifts for Mom to elevate her margarita-making game. All of these gifts are above $150. 

16. Pro Slow Masticating Juicer

A sophisticated juicer for Mom to get more from her limes, lemons, or other citrus and fruits. The juice from this machine can stay fresh up to 72 hours in the fridge so Mom can make batches of juice in advance. 

17. Bar Cabinet

A margarita-enthusiast Mom needs a place to store her tequila, glasses, juicer, and more. It is perfect for storing wine, tequila, and everything Mom needs to make cocktails! 

18. Margarita Glasses and Pitcher

A beautifully-constructed pitcher and 6 margarita glasses in an easy-to-carry metal holder. This set is great for dinner parties as it will serve up to 6 guests and has a beautiful red and white swirl design. 

Affordable Presents for Margarita Lovers

Awesome margarita-themed gifts for Mom that are all under $40! 

19. 12 Inch Chip and Dip Serving Set

A wooden platter made from 100% natural acacia wood is a great serving tray for chips and dip. The sauce bowl can be separated and used alone, or used together. 

20. Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails Recipe Book

Not Mom’s typical read! This hardcover book with a beautiful design written by Robert Simonson. Allow Mom to expand her cocktail repertoire and discover how to use mezcal and tequila to create numerous cocktails. 

21. Ice Cube Trays Silicone 3 Pack

Sometimes, switching up a cocktail is as simple as changing the ice cubes. Silicone ice cube trays with lids made of 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, nontoxic and odorless and can make sphere, cube, or hexagon ice cubes for Moms next margarita. 

22. Mud Pie Lime and Salt Rimmer

A margarita must be rimmed with lime and salt! Now, the task couldn’t be easier. With Mid Pie Lime and Salt Rimmer, squeeze a lime into the tray, pour some salt, and rim multiple margarita glasses with ease! 

23. Women's Casual Crew Socks

The perfect humorous gift for your margarita-loving Mom! A crew sock with margaritas and tacos that fits women’s shoe size 4-10.5. 

24. Fiestas: Tidbits, Margaritas & More

Does Mom enjoy Mexican food with her margarita? This cookbook captures the spirit of a Mexican-American upbringing with delicious and beautiful recipes. For the Mom that loves to cook! There are plenty of cocktails as well, including a Strawberry Basil Margarita! 

25. Jalapeno Citrus Margarita Salt

Why use regular salt when you could use Jalapeno salt! A blend of jalapeno powder, lime juice crystals, and sea salt comes together in a convenient jar. Perfect to add a bit of spice to Moms next margarita!

26. Mamacita Needs a Margarita T-Shirt

A humorous T-shirt for your margarita-loving Mom. A shirt that says “mamacita needs a margarita” comes in 9 colors and 5 sizes. 

27. WAX & WIT Soy Candle Margarita

Fill Moms home with the delicious scent of margaritas! This 100% natural soy wax candle is infused with lime, blood orange, tequila and salt. Each candle comes ready as a gift in its own box! 

28. Philosophy Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

A margarita scented bubble bath? Yes please! Indulge Mom with this award-winning beauty brand that cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling conditioned and super soft. 

29. 10 Inch Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler and Mixer

An essential tool set for any home bartender – this kit comes with a stainless steel muddler and stirring rod. The muddler will allow Mom to crush any fruit, citrus, or herbs that she wants to stir into her margarita. 

30. Strongwater Best Margarita Mix

A ready to go margarita – just add the tequila! Strongwater Margarita Mix takes away the hassle of making a margarita. It is made with 100% fresh and real ingredients like lime juice, water, and just enough sugar. 

31. Hobnail Drinking Glasses

For Moms that enjoy having their margarita on the rocks, these beautiful glasses are the perfect gift. A set of 6 is perfect for entertaining and each glass can fit 12 ounces. 

32. Citrus Juicer

Every margarita needs fresh citrus juice. Make Moms life a lot easier with a lime squeezer. This tool makes it easy to get as much freshly squeezed juice as possible. 

33. Set of 4 Round Wooden Coasters

A set of 4 wooden coasters comes with a handy metal coaster holder. The raised-lip design on these coasters ensures that liquid does not run off and protects any table. 

Margarita Time!

We hope that you found our list of 33 gifts for margarita lovers helpful and inspiring! Margaritas are a fun and festive cocktail and any margarita lover will be excited to receive one of these gifts.

These gifts aren’t just perfect for birthdays and holidays, surprise Mom with a margarita-inspired gift during happy hour one night! 

We hope that our list has inspired you to find the perfect gift for the margarita lover in your life. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!