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Dad Cooking Gifts

With the hottest cooking gadgets, you can help Dad expand his skills in the kitchen or out on the grill. 

If you’re not sure what to get him, we’ve put together a list of the best appliances, gadgets, and accessories that will be sure to take your Dad’s cooking skills to the next level.

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Best Cooking Presents

The following list contains presents that are roughly $40 to $150 that will help your Dad go from a cook to a CHEF!

1. MEATER Meat Thermometer

Does your Dad love a perfectly cooked steak or burger? If yes, then this completely wireless bluetooth meat thermometer would be great for him to achieve the perfect results every time. The MEATER meat thermometer allows your Dad to monitor his cooking or grilling right from his phone. Your Dad can save himself the guesswork and allow MEATER to estimate how long to cook the meat for perfect results every time.

2. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Cooker

The Instant Pot 7-in-1 Cooker makes multitasking a breeze. With the press of a button, Dad can have rice, beans, meat, or any other food cooking while he focuses on perfecting his main course. This Instant Pot acts as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and so much more! 

3. CROWNFUL Air Fryer

An air fryer is a perfect addition to any Dad’s kitchen! With 12 cooking functions Dad can make a variety of meals with no oil and no mess. This air fryer is a great gift for any Dad that likes quick and easy meals.

4. Dokaworld glass nesting bowls

If your Dad always finds himself having leftovers, then these glass storage bowls are perfect for him. The leakproof smart locking lids keep foods and liquids from spilling all over the fridge and the nesting bowls save tons of space in the cabinets! 

5. Home Hero 29 Utensils Set

If your Dad has just picked up the art of cooking, the Home Hero Kitchen Utensil set has all the utensils he needs to get started. Crafted with high quality stainless steel, these utensils will last him through his cooking journey!

6. A Spice Affair BBQ Seasoning Set

If your Dad loves a flavor packed meal and trying new tastes, then this BBQ Seasoning Set is a great gift for him. With seasonings for any kind of meat or veggie, this is the perfect gift for your BBQ loving Dad.

7. CUSIMAX Hot Plate Burner

Dad’s cooking skills don’t only have to be shown off at home! The CUSIMAX portable hot plate electric burner is perfect for tailgates.

8. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack

This spice rack organizer is the perfect gift to help Dad organize all of his favorite spices in one place. With 36 jars and 396 different spice labels included, this set is sure to have a label for any spice that Dad loves.

9. Lazer Designs Personalized Grill Set

have Dad’s name engraved on this beautiful barbeque grill set so he can feel like the real grill master!

10. Grillbot Automatic Cleaning Robot

The Grillbot robot cleaner does all the work on Dad’s grill so he doesn’t have to! Dad can enjoy a fresh home-grilled meal with all his friends while the robot gets to work, making it the perfect gift to save him time and effort!

11. COKLAI Indoor Grill

Does your Dad ever have to put off his grilling because of bad weather? With the COKLAI electric indoor grill, he doesn’t have to! Dad can grill all year round, making it the perfect gift!

12. LEVOIT Air Purifier

Any Dad who cooks knows that the smell and smoke can take over the rest of the house. This air purifier is a great gift for eliminating odor and clearing out any smoke produced while cooking. 

13. Whiskey Globe Decanter

This globe decanter is an elegant gift that has 4 glasses and makes for a wonderful centerpiece in any kitchen. With the bonus whiskey glasses so Dad and his buddies can enjoy a slow-cooked meal and sip their whiskey.

14. Charcuterie Board Set

This charcuterie board makes for a beautiful presentation when Dad is hosting dinner. This set comes with cutlery, bowls, slate tags, and chalk. This board is elegant, practical, and perfect for any kind of gathering making it the perfect gift!

15. MASTER FENG Pasta Maker

If your Dad loves pasta then this pasta maker is the perfect gift for him. With 9 thickness adjustment settings, Dad can handcraft his favorite style of noodles right at home.

16. Emeril Pizza Grill

With this pizza oven kit, your Dad can make the perfect pizza in just minutes. Dad can impress all of his guests by elevating homemade pizza to brick oven quality, making it the perfect gift for pizza lovers!

17. AOKEDA Professional Knife Set

Every cook needs a good knife set! This 15-piece set is a great gift for any Dad who loves time in the kitchen. The stylish wood block is perfect for countertop presentation and the set comes with a stainless steel sharpener to keep the knives in tip-top shape.

Luxury Cooking Presents

The following list contains presents that are $150+ that will help your Dad take his kitchen to a cuisine!

18. Revolution Touch Screen Toaster

This touchscreen premium toaster is a great way to add some smart technology to Dad’s kitchen! It is simple to use, and easy to clean. and toasts 35% faster than leading toasters. A great present for Dads that like to make toast, sandwiches, waffles, and more!

19. Torva Outdoor Prep Cart

This rust-proof and weather-resistant table is a great gift for Dads who love to prepare meals and drinks outside. This cart has wheels on the front allowing for easy transportation across the yard. This is a perfect gift for your Dad if he likes to grill for his friends.

20. MITSUMOTO SAKARI Japanese Chef Knife

This 8-inch hand-forged Japanese Gyuto chef knife is designed by a professional and famous Japanese knife maker. This high-quality and beautiful kitchen knife is the perfect gift to impress Dad and take his cooking to the next level. Your Dad would look and feel like a true professional while using this beautiful hand-crafted knife.

21. Breville Joule Sous Vide

If your Dad loves trying new ways of cooking then this sous vide is the perfect gift. Sous Vide is a way of slow cooking using vacuum-sealed bags and cooking the food in water for long periods of time. This Breville Sous Vide is the smallest sous vide tool available on the market. It even connects to an app that displays exactly how the food cooks, producing perfect results every time.

22. Gourmate All-in-1 Multi-Cooker

If your Dad has tons of appliances sitting on the countertops then this All-In-1 Multi-Cooker is the perfect gift for him. With 10+ cooking functions, it can replace food processors, blenders, bread machines, and more. Whether your Dad is a beginner in the kitchen or a professional, this multi-cooker has guided recipes to assist him in cooking and manual mode to allow him to cook on his own.

23. GEMSide Automatic Meal Cooker

With this Automatic Electric Meal Cooker your Dad can save time and multitask or relax while the food is being prepared. All he has to do is put the food and species into the cooker, and it will cook automatically. With recipes for over 300 dishes, your Dad will have endless opportunities to make any meal he wants!

24. Circulon Professional Cookware Set

Whether your Dad has just picked up the art of cooking or if he’s already experienced, this 13-piece professional cookware set is a great addition or upgrade for his kitchen. This set is crafted from high-quality bronze, aluminum, and other sturdy materials making it the perfect long-lasting gift to take Dad’s cooking to the next level.

Affordable Cooking Presents

The following list contains presents that are less than $50 that will help your Dad enhance his cooking without hurting your wallet.

25. NexCover Grill Cover

If your Dad loves his grill, this cover will do the perfect job of keeping it pretty and protected. The NexCover grill cover is weather resistant to protect your Dad’s grill from the elements and rust. With measurements ranging from 50-70 inches, it will fit most grill brands making the a great present for any Dad that loves his grill.

26. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Whether your Dad prefers to cook indoors or out on his grill, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron griddle is perfect for him. The reversible feature allows for eggs and pancakes on the smooth side and steak and burgers on the ribbed side.

27. SMOKE & GRILL Grill Basket

Whether camping or grilling at home, your Dad will always have a use for the SMOKE & Grill portable grill basket. Dad can have all of his veggies and meats in one basket making it easy to flip and carry, allowing for the perfect grill every time. This grill basket even includes a basting brush, grilling gloves, and a portable case so Dad can barbeque away from home.

28. FANGSUN Grill Caddy

This FANGSUN grill caddy can help make Dad’s grilling experience so much easier. With 7 compartments and 3 hanging hooks, Dad will have all of his grilling and cooking necessities in one place. The handle on top allows for easy portability and this caddy even has a paper towel holder for easy cleanup anywhere. 

29. Gourmet Easy Store Bottle Basting Brush

This all-in-one basting brush sauce bottle is the perfect accessory to make Dad’s cooking easier. Dad can squeeze his favorite sauce on his food while basting at the same time. This allows for an easier basting process that is mess free and creates fewer dishes! With a 16 oz bottle, Dad will not have to refill the sauce as often making it the perfect accessory for his kitchen!

30. EurKitchen Butane Torch

This premium culinary butane torch is a great addition to your Dad’s kitchen. This torch is the perfect gift for Dad to char some veggies or sear some meat.

31. Presto Electric Griddle

If your Dad loves to grill up a big breakfast for the family, then this griddle is the perfect gift. With 22 inches of space, Dad can make multiple meals at once in the same place, saving time and effort!

32. Carhartt Apron

These Carhartt aprons are high quality, stylish, and will keep your Dad’s clothes clean and fresh while he cooks. They even have pockets so Dad can keep his utensils, phone, and other necessities on him while he cooks!

33. Grill Sergeant Gloves

If your Dad likes to get hands on with barbecuing and grilling then these oil and heat resistant gloves are a perfect gift for him. These gloves provide hand and forearm protection keeping your Dad’s hands free from damage.

34. Fullstar All-in-One Chopper

No matter what your Dad likes to craft in the kitchen, the Fullstar all-in-one chopper can be useful. This gadget includes a vegetable chopper, a mandoline, a cheese grater, a dicer, and a spiralizer. Dad can chop up an entire meal using only one appliance making it the perfect gift for his kitchen.

35. KTKUDY Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

These electric salt and pepper grinders make it much easier for Dad to season his food. The one-handed operation allows Dad to grind salt and pepper while handling food and the sleek silver design makes them attractive enough for table use.

36. Harper Livingston Personalized Serving Platter

This personalized serving tray is the perfect sentimental gift that will be sure to get a laugh out of your Dad. Dad can have his name and birth year printed on this tray to bring a little bit of personalized flavor to his cooking experience.

37. UMAID Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Plate

This 100% natural himalayan salt cooking block adds an extra salty flavor to all of Dad’s meals. These salt blocks transfer flavor to food making them perfect for cooking directly on the stovetop or grill. Not only can Dad add flavor to his meals, but the beautiful pink block makes for a great presentation of food.

38. Cave Tools Meat Claws

Keep Dad’s hands clean with these practical claws for pulled pork or any other meat! These non-slip claw handles make pulling and carrying meat much more comfortable and mess-free. They are even dishwasher safe making them the perfect gift to take Dad’s cooking to the next level.

39. Grillaholics Burger Press

Does your Dad love a perfect burger? If yes, then this Grillaholics stuffed burger press is the perfect accessory for him. Not only can Dad shape the perfect burger with this press, but he can also use it to stuff his patties with his favorite ingredients.

40. Sage Owl Grill Scraper

If your Dad loves his grill, this grill scraper is the perfect tool to keep it in good shape. This bristle-free scraper is safer to use than a traditional bristle brush because it doesn’t lose bristles, which are dangerous to ingest. 

41. Be Burgundy Personalized Cutting Board

No matter what your Dad likes to cook, this personalized cutting board is the perfect sentimental gift. With a wide variety of premium wood and custom engravings, you can fully personalize this cutting board to make it the perfect gift for Dad.

42. Caron & Doucet Cutting Board Oil and Wax

If your Dad cooks, he probably has a cutting board too. This set of conditioning oil and wax is great for hydrating and prolonging the life of the wood as well as eliminating odors. Made with food grade coconut oil, this set is a great gift for keeping Dad’s cutting boards pretty and fresh.

43. Millhouse Spice Hot Sauce Making Kit

If your Dad loves to add a little kick to his meals, then this deluxe hot sauce-making kit is a perfect gift. This kit can make up to 10 bottles, making it the perfect activity for Dad to do by himself or with family and friends.

44. WEQUALITY Basting Pot

This stainless steel basting pot can sit on top of the grill while Dad cooks, keeping sauces hot! This pot comes with 2 replaceable brushes that attach to the lid for convenience, making it a great practical gift.

45. Dreamfarm Sauce Scooping Brush

No Dad likes to waste sauce! With this sauce-scooping basting brush, Dad can get every last drop of sauce onto his food. The long handle makes for safe and easy basting, making it a great gift!

46. Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

With this portable charcoal grill, Dad’s grilling can be taken anywhere. This is the perfect gift for tailgates, barbecues, camping, and much more. This grill is big enough for spacious cooking and compact enough to take anywhere, making it a perfect gift for an outdoorsy Dad! ​

Funny Gag Cooking Gifts

Nothing like a good Dad joke to make Dad’s day! These funny gag gifts are useful and will get a good laugh out of Dad and the whole family.

Or you can tell your Food Loving Dad a funny Dad joke! Try this one:

What do you call a fake noodle… An impasta!

47. OTOTO Crab Utensil Rest

Red the crab is a funny yet very practical kitchen tool that your Dad would love! Finding a place to set down dirty utensils while cooking is always a struggle, this crab holds your utensils right above the pot saving you the mess and space. It also doubles as a steam releaser, making it a great gift to get the perfect temperature with ease!

48. Place4Print Embroidered Chef Hat

This adorable custom chef hat can have Dad’s name on it! The perfect gag gift for family photos.

49. Leva Cesn Funny Beer Apron

This apron is a great gag gift that is sure to make Dad laugh. Be sure to have some cold beers on hand when he’s wearing it!

50. GreatGadgets Beer Holster

This gag gift is not only funny but also practical! This beer holster is perfect for BBQs and a funny gift that Dad can show off to his friends. Your Dad can have an ice-cold beer on him at all times while grilling outside!

Get in the Kitchen with Dad!

Aside from material items, Dads love to spend time with their children, no matter what age! 

Asking your Dad to teach you some of his cooking skills is the perfect way to show your appreciation for his hobby while spending time with him!