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Mom’s birthday is a big deal! Getting Mom a birthday present is always a good idea, but this year if you want to make her birthday extra special, consider planning a special way to spend the day with Mom. So plan a date and take Mom out!

Here are 33 fun and unique ideas for things to do with Mom on her birthday!

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If Mom Likes to be Pampered

1. Go on a spa day together: Treat your Mom to a spa day and relax together. You can book massages, facials, or other spa treatments and enjoy the amenities. Or you can even give her a spa day at home.

2. Cook a special dinner for her at home: If your Mom prefers a home-cooked meal, plan and prepare a special dinner for her at home. If you want to go all out, create a menu with her favorite dishes and let her pick what she gets served.

3. Breakfast in bed: Start her day off right with a special breakfast in bed featuring her favorite dishes, coffee, and juice. You can also add a personalized Happy Birthday note or card to make it extra special.

4. Take her on a shopping spree: Treat your Mom to a shopping spree at her favorite store or a shopping center. You can help her pick out new clothes, accessories, or home decor.

5. Take her out for a fancy dinner: Take your Mom out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant she’s been wanting to try or one that she loves. Spend some quality time with her and enjoy a great meal!

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If Mom Likes to Learn New Things

6. Take a dance class together:  A dance class is a fun way to get active and learn something new. There are many different classes you can take like salsa, swing, or ballroom. 

7. Go on a wine-tasting tour: If your Mom enjoys wine, take her on a wine-tasting tour. You can get dressed up and spend the day visiting different wineries and tasting different wines.

8. Take a pottery or art class together: Take a pottery or art class together and learn how to create something beautiful. Perfect for an artsy Mom, and you can use your creations as a reminder of your special day.

9. Take a flower arranging class together:  Learn how to create beautiful floral arrangements at a flower arranging class. Then Mom can display the beautiful arrangements in her house.

10. Go on a garden tour: Take a garden tour and admire the beautiful landscapes and flowers. If Mom is a plant-lover, she’ll love learning about different gardening techniques and plant care.

11. Take a pottery wheel class together:  A pottery wheel class is a fun way for Mom to get her hands dirty and learn how to create pottery. 

12. Go to a jewelry-making class: Go to a jewelry-making class and create your own jewelry. This will be a fun day to spend with Mom and she can look glamorous wearing the jewelry after. 

13. Take a calligraphy class together: Learn how to create beautiful lettering with Mom at a calligraphy class. You can also use your new skills to write Mom a beautiful Birthday card or note of appreciation.

14. Take a language class together: If your Mom is into travel and different cultures she might love to take a language class. She might love to learn the language spoken by her ancestors or if she has a trip planned the native language to where she is traveling. 

15. Attend a book reading or author event: If your Mom loves to read, attend a book reading or author event together. You can meet the author and discuss the book

16. Take a yoga or fitness class together: A yoga or fitness class is a great way to learn new techniques and exercises to improve health and wellness. 

17. Take a cooking class together:  A cooking class is great for learning new recipes and techniques. You can choose a cuisine that your Mom loves or try something new.

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If Mom is Adventerous

18. Go on a hiking adventure: Spend some quality time with your Mom in nature by going on a hike. Choose a trail that is suitable for her fitness level and you can even pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way.

19. Take her on a road trip to a place she’s always wanted to visit: Plan a road trip to somewhere your Mom has always wanted to visit. You can enjoy each other’s company in the car and make stops along the way to create lasting memories.

20. Go on a hot air balloon ride:  A hot air balloon ride is a unique and memorable experience. You can enjoy the views and take photos together that will last a lifetime.

21. Go to a museum or art gallery: If your Mom is interested in history, take her to a museum or art gallery. You can plan ahead and book a guided tour or simply explore on your own.

22. Go on a bike ride together: If your Mom enjoys cycling you can take her on a bike ride with a scenic route or one that explores new areas.

23. Go to a nearby city for a day trip: Plan a day trip to a nearby city that your Mom has always wanted to visit. You can explore the sights, try new foods, and make lasting memories together.

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If Mom Likes to Spend Time with Friends and Family

24. Have a picnic in the park: Pack a picnic basket with your Mom’s favorite foods and head to the park for a relaxing picnic.

25. Go on a beach getaway: Plan a beach getaway and enjoy the sun, sand, and water. If Mom’s a beach bum she will love to spend a day soaking up the sun.

26. Go to a tea room: Go to a tea room and enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea with your mom. You can also try different tea blends and treats.

27. Go to a comedy club for a night of laughs: Laugh together at a comedy club and enjoy some good jokes. If Mom loves to laugh this will be a great night out on the town.

28. Go to a local fair or carnival: Have fun at a local fair or carnival and enjoy the rides, games, and food. This is also a great way to support local vendors and performers.

29. Go to a wine and painting class: Combine wine and art with a wine and painting class. A relaxing night of sipping on wine while creating a beautiful masterpiece.

30. Volunteer together for a cause you both care about: Find a cause you both care about and volunteer together. You can make a difference in your community while spending quality time together.

31. Have a photo shoot together: Hire a photographer or use your own camera and have a photo shoot together. You can dress up in goofy costumes or choose a scenic location or a studio and take beautiful shots.

32. Have a movie marathon: Plan a day to watch Mom’s favorite movies that she is always talking about or pick out some new movies that you think Mom will love..

33. Have a game night with her favorite board games: Plan a game night at home with your Mom’s favorite board games. Invite other family members or friends to join in and see who will be crowned the champ!


Creating lasting memories with Mom is going to be more special to her than any best gift you can give her.  

Whether you choose to do something relaxing, active, adventurous, or educational, by just putting in the initiative and planning a day with Mom will warm her heart and show her how much you care.

Planning a fun day for Mom doesn’t necessarily get you off the hook for a present though! I’d still get Mom something even if it’s just a birthday card! If you need help finding Mom a birthday present, we keep an up-to-date list of the 31 Hottest Gifts to get your Mom for her Birthday. There are also tons of places to find giftspiration in the Mom section of the site. 

Good luck and Happy Birthday to your Mom!

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