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If your Mom loves going to vineyards, attends wine tastings on the regular, and has her own collection at home, but you don’t know what to gift her? We have you covered! Here’s a list of 50 gifts for your wine-loving Mom that she will love when it’s wine o’clock!

This list has a gift for any budget or occasion, so you’re guaranteed to find something absolutely grape that your Mom will use. 

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Best Gifts For Wine-Loving Moms

This list contains gifts for your wine-obsessed Mom that are between $40 and $150.

1. Electric Wine Opener

While having a corkscrew opener can be great for traditionalists, others will prefer an electric wine opener. This all-in-one electric wine opener also helps pour through an attached spout. It comes with a battery-powered aerator, 2 vacuum stoppers, a foil cutter & a gift box to wrap the gift up nicely.

2. Leather Wine Carrier

This handmade genuine leather wine carrier will become your Mom’s new favorite thing to put her wine in. The handle is reinforced so it doesn’t break quickly, and the bag comes in 6 different colors. It looks expensive and holds 2 wine bottles. 

3. Bath Caddy Tray

The best gift for any Mom is the gift of self-care. Your Mom who is obsessed with wine will love taking her glass of wine into the bathtub with her on a weeknight. The caddy tray is made of bamboo natural wood and also has a place for a book or iPad.

4. Personalized Wine Barrel Sign

This rustic barrel is a perfect personalized gift for your vineyard-loving Mom. You can have it personalized to what you would like for it to say, whether it’s a heartfelt message to your Mom or an important date. The barrel lid itself is made of hardwood oak and a heavy-duty D-ring hanger is included to hold it to her wall. 

5. Wine Wall Art

This retro framed canvas print will look wonderful over your Mom’s wine cooler or bar cart. The dimensions run 18″x24″ and is made of gallery-wrapped canvas. The simplicity won’t take away from whatever you choose to hang it over. Your artsy Mom will enjoy your wine-inspired gift. 

6. Old Cork Removal Kit

With a wine-loving Mom, it’s likely that she owns a few older wines that may be valuable. If they’re older, the corks may be difficult to remove without fracturing. This removal kit will make for a wonderful gift so those old bottles of wine don’t have to continue sitting untouched in her wine rack or cooler.

7. Electric Wine Chiller

Your Mom will never need to use an ice bucket for wine ever again with this gift! This stainless steel electric wine chiller will keep her wine at the perfect temperature. It can hold one bottle of 750 ml wine, and can be taken anywhere. The temperature is easy to adjust on an LED touchscreen.

8. Wine Accessory Kit

This wine accessory kit is made to be similar to those accessories found at hotels. It consists of 9 different pieces including a rabbit wine opener, two spare screws, two stoppers, a thermometer, and more. All are made of stainless steel with an elegant minimalist design. Your Mom will love the upscale feel of opening the wine bottle with these!

9. Chardonnay White Wine

For any white wine lover, this is going to be the ultimate gift. Your Mom who is a wine enthusiast will love this expensive bottle of Chardonnay. This 750 ml bottle of wine has notes of vanilla, crème brûlée, baked apple, pineapple, toasted oak, and butterscotch. What’s not to love?

10. Hydro Flask Wine Gift Set

This hydroflask holds 750 ml of wine and will keep it at the perfect temperature. The set is available in a multitude of different colors, allowing you to choose the right one for your wine-loving Mom!

11. Set of 3 Wine-Scented Candles

These 3 wine-scented candles will have your Mom feel like she’s in the middle of a very intense wine tasting. Each candle is poured into a recycled wine bottle. The set contains one of each of the scents: Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and Oaked Chardonnay.

12. Wine Crystal Carafe

Part of the fun of drinking wine is what you’re pouring it out of. Your Mom will love this crystal carafe that is personalized with a message from you to her. The carafe can hold up to 32 oz. of her favorite wine.

13. Hammered Metal Kiddush Wine Fountain Set

Your Mom will love breaking out this set for any of the major Jewish holidays! Made of hammered metal, it’s a beautiful wine fountain set to display. The set includes 8 matching shot cups that can each hold 1.2 ounces with the 7.5 ounce Becher in the middle. 

14. Wine Aging Tool

Peugeot is a well-known French brand with a reputation for high-quality kitchen items. Your Mom will love being able to age her wine to her desired year. One of the tools in this kit helps age the wine one year per second when it comes in to contact with the wine!

15. Charcuterie Board

Nothing goes better with wine than cheese and crackers. Your Mom will love creating her own charcuterie plate for herself, as well as friends with this all-inclusive set. It consists of cheese markers and stainless steel tools, as well as the bamboo board itself. 

16. Kate Spade Wine Glasses

 These stemless wine glasses have gold polka dots etched into the glass for a sophisticated and fun design. Each glass holds up to 12 ounces. 

17. Saber Wine Opener

Does your Mom have a flair for the dramatic? This wine opener will be the best opportunity for her to let her love for drama show. This saber is made of rustproof stainless steel and can be used to open any wine bottle.

18. Decorative Wooden Wine Dispenser

This cute little wooden box is more than just a wine dispenser. It’s a coastal-inspired decorative accent piece. The dispenser holds 3 liters of wine, and comes with a small area to write the name of the wine in chalk (chalk is included). This dispenser also is available in different colors.

Luxury Gifts For Wine-Loving Moms

If you’re looking for something that screams luxury or high quality, these ideas are all $150 and up. 

19. Modern Bar Table Cabinet with Charging Station

This wine bar cabinet will hold all of your Mom’s wines and comes with power outlets so she can add an ice maker or even coffee maker if she loves coffee! The cabinet comes with a light strip that’ll shine a light on her bottles and beautiful wine glasses. This is an extremely versatile and practical gift and screams modern luxury. 

20. Rustic Farmhouse-Style Wine Bar Cabinet

Does your Mom love the rustic farmhouse-kinda-style? Then this wine bar cabinet is perfect for her! It’s made of engineered wood and heavy duty metal to give it that Chip and Joanna Gaines vibe. The cabinet can hold 12 liquor bottles, as well as 6 wine glasses with ample storage on top as well as underneath one of the wine racks. 

21. Simple Stackable Wine Rack

If your wine-loving Mom is someone who loves simplicity, this stackable wine rack is going to be a great fit. The rack is made of thick pine wood and is made for Cabernet, Merlot, and Pinot Noir wine storage. It fits 144 wine bottles and is easy to assemble.

22. Wine Refrigerator

Your Mom may have a standing wine collection but not the storage for it. This temperature stable wine cooler is perfect to preserve a wine’s full flavor and aroma, while looking extremely chic. It fits most standard 750 ml wine bottles and has soft interior lighting to showcase the wine bottles. The wine cooler holds 18 bottles, and another option is available for 12 bottles. 

23. Set of 6 Crystal Handblown Wine Glasses

It’s a well-known fact that wine tastes better in a pretty glass. Give your wine-loving Mom the gift of these beautiful elegant wine glasses that she’ll enjoy every week. These wine glasses are specifically made for red wine, and are made of crystal. 

24. Gold Wine Goblet Necklace

Who doesn’t love a cute necklace? Your wine-obsessed Mom will adore this solid 10k yellow gold wine pendant necklace. It’ll go great with almost any color and outfit. Even better, this necklace is made in the U.S. so you’d be supporting a small U.S. business!

25. Beautiful Glass Wine Decanter

This glass wine decanter helps aerate wine so your Mom who loves wine will be able to drink it sooner. Your Mom will love being able to age any wine to her desired age in no time. Just swirling it for an hour helps it age for several years. 

26. Insulated Wine Bottle

If your Mom would love to bring wine to her next outdoor outing, this insulated wine bottle is perfect. The bottle can carry 750 ml of her favorite wine, is vacuum insulated, has a ceramic lining and comes with shatter-proof tumblers. Everything she could possibly need for her next picnic or girl’s trip!

27. Wine Home Brewing Kit

What’s more fun than making your own wine? Your Mom will love this DIY kit that is easy to use and allows her to make her own fruit or grape wine! The distiller is made of stainless steel and food-grade-safe materials. 

Affordable Gifts For Wine-Loving Moms

For something on the smaller side of a budget, here’s a list that caters to exactly that! These next gifts for your wine-loving Mom are all under $40.

28. IPhone 13 Phone Case

A cute clear liquid wine phone case is a great small token of appreciation for your wine-happy Mom! It’s such a unique personalized statement piece that her friends are bound to comment on. 

29. Wine Tumbler Set of 2

Is your Mom often on the go? Then this set of 2 wine tumblers is perfect for her. Each tumbler holds about 16 oz. of her favorite wine, and will keep it at the perfect temperature for hours. The cute design will make it look like she has a glass of wine no matter what she’s drinking!

30. Stylish Insulated Wine Purse

When your Mom is invited to the next event, this insulated purse will be the perfect vehicle for the wine she’ll bring. This is no ordinary wine cooler! It’s a purse AND cooler at the same time. The purse is made of quilted faux leather and comes in different colors. Added bonus: materials are all BPA-free. 

31. Wine Book

This coffee table book is the best gift for the Mom who loves learning about wine. For the Mom that loves to read, this book covers all aspects of Italian wine, from how it’s made to the various different types of wine made in each specific region. 

32. Wine Tote Bag

This wine tote bag has the feel and look of a Longchamp purse but has the added benefit of carrying 1.5 liters of wine in addition to any other food items. It’s a cute way for your Mom to transport her food to work or bring some food and wine to a party. 

33. Crystal Wine Stopper

This beautiful crystal geode wine bottle stopper will make for a beautiful gift no matter what occasion. Made with a natural amethyst and gold edging, this wine stopper is a piece of art. It fits all kinds of wine glass bottles and has a silicone sealing plug so that there are no leaks. 

34. Wine Bath Bomb Set

These are the cutest bath bombs in the shape of wine bottles. Each one is scented with essential oils and comes in different colors. The set includes 24 bath bombs that are all gluten-free and vegan as well. Your Mom will fall in love with taking baths when using these bath bombs. 

35. Wine-Scented Candle

This candle is made in the U.S. and comes poured in a recycled wine bottle and smells like wine. There are scent options such as Vintage Merlot, as well as other alcohol options like Whiskey. 

36. Wine Stain Remover

This stain remover will be one of your must-haves for your Mom when she goes out so she doesn’t panic when she spills red wine on her favorite blouse or dress. The stain remover works for red wine specifically and comes in a 4 oz. bottle. 

37. Shower/Bath Wine Glass Holder

We’ve all heard of shower beers, but with this wine glass holder shower wines are also possible! This is a great gift that will completely change her shower experience. The holder itself has a marble pattern, so not only is it pretty but it’s practical as well! No suction or mounts are needed to use, it’ll stick to any kind of wet or dry flat surface. It also comes in two other colors.

38. Letter Wine Cork Holder

For your cork-collecting Mom, this wine cork holder is an ideal gift. It’s a great way to display any cork she’s held onto. You can choose the first letter of her name or go with the “M” for “Mom”. The letter is handmade and made of metal coated in a gloss finish. Each one holds about 100 corks. 

39. Wine Wars Game

Does your Mom pride herself in knowing EVERYTHING about wine? Then she’ll love showing off that knowledge in this wine-themed trivia game. Questions are categorized into 3 categories: Vine to Vino, Wine Cellar, and Cork Culture. Every aspect of the wine-making process, including the business and art aspects of it can occur as a subject in this fun but educational game.

40. Wine Journal

When your Mom goes to wine tastings, it’s helpful for her to have a specific notebook for her to write down her thoughts. What better notebook than this wine-themed one? With 120 lined pages there is more than enough space for her to write down ALL the notes on a wide variety of wines.

41. Wine Soap

This soap actually smells like vintage Merlot since the scent is derived from wine itself. The soap is made of natural ingredients and has over 1,000 positive ratings. If your Mom loves unique scents, this is going to be her new favorite soap!

42. Wine Bottle Puzzle

This wine bottle puzzle is going to be a hit when your Mom has guests over. Great for any wine and puzzle lover, the puzzle needs to be completed before Mom and her friends can drink their wine!

43. Wine & Snack Caddy

This caddy will be an incredible gift for your Mom who loves to entertain. It’s an easy caddy to take with her to a friend’s or to even use as a centerpiece when someone is over. The caddy has space for one bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a tray for snacks. 

44. Glass Markers

Why would glass markers make for a great gift? The next time your Mom has her gal pals over for a glass of wine, she can clearly mark whose glass is whose. No more confusion and no need to worry about the markers being permanent either! They are super easy to erase and dry quickly (no smudges!). 

45. Wine Tasting Mat

If there are no vineyards close by, that doesn’t mean your Mom has to forgo the wine tasting! This wine tasting mat brings wine tastings home to her! This includes 24 sheets with each sheet offering 4 tasting options that she can rate on body, smell, taste, and color. 

Funny Gifts For Wine-Loving Moms

Who doesn’t love a funny gift? Check out these funny gifts for your wine-loving Mom that are going to make her laugh. 

46. Funny Wine-Themed Coasters

What Mom isn’t a stickler about not putting a glass or drink onto the table without a coaster? This ceramic and cork set with funny wine-themed puns are sure to be a hit for your Mom who enjoys wine. The coaster set comes with 6 individual coasters that are super absorbent and a coaster holder. 

47. Corks Are For Quitters T-Shirt

This soft cotton shirt is going to be regularly worn by your wine-loving Mom. It’s available in both solid and heather colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Your Mom will get several comments from others for sure on what she’s wearing!

48. Funny Wine Bell

Your Mom will love this little bell to ring for her wine. It’s definitely a fun gift that she won’t find anywhere else! 

49. Funny Wine Bra

This wine bra has made its rounds on TV and is the perfect fun and funny gift for your wine aficionado Mom! She’ll be the life of any party when she wears and drinks out of this (the picture opportunities will be endless). The bra holds about 25 oz. of her favorite beverage. It comes in a few different colors and two sizes (medium and large). 

50. Funny Wine Box/Gift Basket

Your Mom doesn’t just deserve one gift, but several and this gift basket of funny wine-related gifts is perfect for just that. It contains a pair of funny socks and a shatter-proof 15 oz. wine glass with a funny inscription.

For the Wine-Loving Mom!

Your wine-loving Mom deserves to feel appreciated and special, and any of the gifts on this list will help her feel exactly that. She can continue her love affair and deepen it through each and every one of these items that’ll help her love wine even more!

No matter your budget, you’ll find something on this list of gifts for wine-loving Moms!