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Gifts for Artsy Moms

If you have an artsy Mom that loves to be creative and expressive, we have the perfect gifts for you to get her! 

Whether she likes painting, sketching, jewelry making, interior design or so many more hobbies, this list has all the best art gift ideas that will draw Mom in and elevate her art! 

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Best Gifts for Artsy Moms

These gifts all fit in the $40-$120 price range. The most popular and quality items.

1. 103-Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

This complete premium quality professional 104-piece deluxe art set has everything your artsy Mom will need to create her masterpiece! 

2. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic paints are the go-to paint medium for a lot of artists and especially if Mom is a beginner in her art journey, this acrylic set with 20 vivid colors will be the perfect gift. 

3. CASTLE Quality Soft Core Colored Pencils

Every Artist needs their quality colored pencils for those days they want to sketch in their masterpiece. Mom will be sure to love this as this set has over 120 beautiful colors. 

4. 30 Pack Canvases

This pack of canvases is great for oil paints, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, wall décor… you name it! The high-quality binding will enhance Mom’s painting experience tenfold. 

5. ARTEZA Acrylic Pouring Paint

If Mom is ready to level up her art, she must try pouring paint to create vividly intricate designs on the canvas. This high-flow paint has the right ratio of pouring medium already mixed in, so she doesn’t need to worry about prepping the paint, she just needs to pour! 

6. Solid Beech Wood Studio Easel

If Mom has an art studio or even an office where she likes to paint, chances are she will need a sturdy easel. This solid beech wood easel will help Mom create her masterpiece and it will ease any backpain she may have. 

7. Posca Paint Markers Set

The best thing about art is that there is no limit to what one can achieve. With this paint marker set, Mom can create the most illuminating posters or fill in amazing drawings. 

8. Self-Adhesive Vinyl Kit

Scrapbooking is a popular alternative in the art world. This vinyl set with seld adhesive papers will add a depth of vibrant color that Mom will love. 

9. Eco-Friendly Oil Paints

Let Mom make the next Mona Lisa with these state of the art oil paints. Not only will they be easy to blend and good quality, but they are non-toxic and won’t hurt the environment. 

10. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Bring Mom’s artistic vision to life with these Prismacolor Quality Colored Pencils! With a range of 150 vibrant colors, she will be sure to have all the colors she needs. 

11. Number and Letter Metal Stamp

For the Moms that are into printings and jewelry design, this stamper will stamp soft metals for jewelry and other keepsakes so she can advance her artistry skills. 

12. Riley Blake Designs Fabric Set

Fashion design has always been considered highly in the art world. If Mom has a sewing machine or likes to knit, then these fabric designs are just what she needs to create the most striking and quality pieces. 

13. Artist Portfolio Travel Bag

If traveling and art are part of Mom’s life, and they happen to be at odds, help Mom bridge the gap by gifting her this artist travel bag. This bag lets her store her artworks as she travels! 

14. Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers

These Dual Tip Markers blend and layer well without leaving streaks behind and drying quickly. Blending colors is an essential skill for any artists so let Mom practice her blending with these markers. 

15. 3D Brick Wall Stickers for Interior Design

Let Mom further express her art through interior design. These brick stickers are self-adhesive designed and easy to install. These will no doubt add a sleek look to any room in Mom’s place.

16. Canvas Drying Rack

If Mom tends to be a paint-a-holic, starting new paintings without finishing her previous ones, this gift is the perfect solution! Not only does this serve as a drying rack but also a canvas storage and organizer.

17. Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set

This ultimate graphite pencil and sketch set is great for any Mom who loves to sketch and really work on the nitty-gritty of her drawings. 

18. Wooden Paint Organizer

This paint organizer holds over 50 paints and has room for even the tiniest of paints. Any artists knows they need to keep their paints organized for an efficent painting session. 

19. Kuretake Gansai Watercolor Set

Gansai is traditional Japanese watercolor, utilizing colors that are based on those seen in nature. This vivid watercolor set will be just what Mom needs to make those hyper-realistic paintings.

20. Deluxe Ultimate Artist Painting Set

For the Mom that wants to do it all: this deluxe 130+ piece set contains everything (from sketching tools to detailed paints) that  Mom needs to create her masterpieces! 

Luxury Gifts for Artsy Moms

Amazing cream-of-the-crop artsy gifts for Mom that are all in the $120+ price range.  

21. Circut Explore Air 2 - A DIY Cutting Machine

Whether Mom likes to scrapbook, organize or create, this cutting machine lets Mom make the most amazing labels and stickers. So whether it’s for her journal or a small business she wants to start, this present will surely make her day! 

22. Apple 2022 iPad Air

A gift that needs no introduction. An Ipad is perfect for the graphic designer or digital artist Mom. There are many apps such as Procreate where you can imitate painting and create visually stunning artwork on the Ipad.  

23. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Paired with the previous gift, an Apple Pencil is a necessity for Moms who do their graphic designs on the Ipad.

24. Ginkgo Leaf Metal Art Decor

If Mom is an art connoisseur, then this metal art piece will be just to her taste. Whether she wants it for her art studio or wants to interior design her living room, this gift will no doubt be her favorite.  

25. Painting Studio Work Station

This painting work station is a MUST HAVE for Mom. Don’t let Mom paint in her room or in the family room and then make her clean up afterwards. Everyone knows true art is born from chaos, so let Mom have her art space with this painting studio. 

Affordable Gifts for Artsy Moms

The quality gifts any artist Mom will love that won’t make your wallet hurt! The gifts below are all around $40 or less. Feel free to pair some of these gifts together to make a bundle of gifts! 

26. All in One Art Set

This all-in-one sketching set is great for your Mom who is a beginner in the world of sketching. Sketching can help develop a number of different areas of your brain (similar to puzzles) such as attention to detail and hand-eye coordination.

27. Spiral Bound Sketch Pads

Having a quality sketch pad is essential for your creative Mom. If she likes to use her graphite pencils for elaborate sketches or to plan out her other artworks these spiral-bound pads are great for just that. 


28. Jewelry Making Kit

Did you know jewelry-making eliminates stress? This kit can help Mom reduce her stress while also having some cute jewelry to show for it!

29. Aesthetic Vintage Tote Bag

This vintage tote bag is inspired by the Starry Night by Van Gogh. Your art-lover Mom will love to take this around town as she runs her errands. 

30. Detail Paint Brushes Set

These fine detail brushes work great for any type of nail art, face painting or painting miniatures models. All great ways for Mom to be creative! 

31. Paint & Plant Flower Craft Kit

If your artsty Mom is also a plant mom, then this gift is he one for her. This kit lets her not only paint the pot but also grow three different beautiful flowers. 

32. ARTEZA Fabric Paint Markers

Let Mom create detailed Fabric Drawings with this Fine-Tip Marker Set. Each fabric marker in this set has both an ultra-fine and a fine tip so that she can create detailed designs and drawings! 

33. 3D Fabric Paint Set

Specially formulated for fabrics, this paint set has bright and brilliant shades, including metallics and fluorescents. For the Mom that wants to foray into elaborate fashion and fabric designs. 

34. Home Decor Accents

These home accents add an element of depth to any room Mom wants to decorate. The three sculptures are in different poses – thinking seriously about the past, present, and future. These will be great to help her improve her concentration when she happens to be working, reading, or meditating.

35. Horror Movies Poster Wall Art

This two-in-one gift is ideal for Moms that love movies and obviously their home decor/art. A great addition to a home theater or TV room. 

36. Art Paint Brush Holder

A high-quality paintbrush holder is necessary for Mom to be able to organize her brushes without losing them. Great for storing or traveling! 

37. Vintage Journaling Scrapbooking Supplies

Printed on thin sheets of paper and in many different styles and color tones, these vintage papers are essential for your Mom that loves to journal. These papers feel the exact same feel as real vintage book pages, making them perfect to decorate Mom’s scrapbook with.

38. Scrapbook Album

Scrapbooking and memory-keeping are underrated ways for an artist to express their creativity. This 8×8 inch kraft scrapbook album is durable and suitable for long-term storage for Mom and her loved ones’ beautiful memories.

39. Paint Brush Washer, Cleaner and Holder

This brush cleaner basin is divided into 3 compartments for soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing her brushes. Additionally, it also features a removable layer containing a paint palette and a lid that doubles as a place for mixing paints. 

40. Famous Painting Patterned Socks

Socks are always going to be a great gift regardless of their design. These spunky and fun socks are perfect for any Mom who appreciates historical paintings.

41. DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

Let Mom create three colorful designer jewelry trinket dishes. It can be a cute bonding moment you have with Mom as you guys use this DIY kit to create a beautiful jewlery holder. 

 42. Art Organizer Tote Bag

This craft and art tote bag possess total of 16 external compartments so definitely can hold a mini art gallery. It is ideal to keep all Mom’s painting and drawing supplies tidy and accessible.

43. DIY Candle Making Set

Candles are not only great for decoration but great for self care. Gifting Mom this candle making set will be sure to calm any nerves she has while letting her make the best scented candles she’ll ever have!  

44. Hand Casting Kit

Sculptures and sculpting are very skill oriented ways of art. However, this gift will make it so much easier for Mom to create her scultpure: a hand cast! 

45. Paint Palette Earrings

A gift list for Mom is not complete without some jewelry, so this palette earring pair is definitely a cute gift for Mom that loves her painting and creativity.

Funny Gag Gifts for Artsy Moms

Van Gogh get your Mom one of these funny gifts below and she is certain to get a good laugh! 

46. Fat Cat Art Book

If Mom loves cats, laughs and art, this is the gift for her. This book features the iconic paintings but with an added adorable ginger cat! 

47. Gogh Hard Or Go Home T-Shirt

This novelty graphic tee tshirt features Vincent Van Gogh, who Mom is sure to love. Gogh get her this shirt…what are you waiting for?

48. Punny Stemless Wine Glass

For the Mom that not only enjoys Monet’s paintings but a good glass of wine. Maybe she could even sip her wine and paint to unwind from the day! 

49. Bathroom Funny Wall Art

A hilarious wall art for Mom to put in the bathroom thats sure to bring on the laughs! Great for wall art lovers that are looking to be humored. 

50. Funny Mug for Artists

A funny mug for the coffee-loving artist Mom. Don’t let her mix this up with her paint-water cup, this ones for coffee only! 

For the Mom that is too creative for her own good!

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” – Émile Zola.

If Mom loves to be creative, free-spirited, and artsy then the presents listed here are just for her. Find out what type of art medium she likes to use and then find a gift from this specially curated list.