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Mom deserves to feel special on her special day. One way to make her feel loved is to get her a fun birthday card that aligns with her interests. Whether Mom is having a big birthday party or a more lowkey day, we have the perfect card for you to give to her. 

From hilarious puns to heartfelt messages, keep on reading to learn more about these 25 handpicked birthday cards For Mom you can order online!

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Heartfelt Birthday Cards for Mom

Mom’s birthday is an occasion you don’t want to forget. These classy, cute cards feature longer messages on the inside, perfect for showing Mom how much she is loved.

1. Floral American Greetings Card

This pretty card has a long, sweet message that will show Mom how much you care. With an included envelope and a touch of sparkle, Mom is sure to love this birthday card.

2. Hallmark Flower Card

This gorgeous card is a great way to show gratitude towards Mom. It’s super pretty with a 3-D cover featuring gold foil accents.

3. Pink and Green Card

This thoughtful card features a long, sincere message that celebrates the amazing woman Mom is. It is super thoughtful and has fun textures and colors.

4. Birthday Cake Card

The outside of this card is classy and elegant and the message inside is super beautiful. It is high-quality with gold accents and sparkles.

5. Pink Floral Card

If Mom is a pink lover or a floral enthusiast, she will greatly appreciate this amazing, sparkly card. The inside features a thoughtful, gold message. 


Funny Birthday Cards for Mom

If Mom loves a birthday joke and has a great sense of humor, these birthday cards are for her. 

6. Back and Body Hurts Card

This back & body hurts parody card will have Mom laughing for hours. Whether Mom is a shopping enthusiast or a fan of funny cards, she is sure to get a kick out of this hilarious card. It is blank inside so you can write Mom a heartfelt personalized birthday wish.

7. Funny Plant Card

This eco-friendly card pokes fun at Mom’s ability (or lack thereof) to take care of her plants. Despite making fun of her gardening skills, this card will remind Mom just how amazing of a mother she is.

8. Eye Test Card

This super funny and sarcastic card is perfect for making your Mom laugh. Looking just like a traditional eye test, this card pokes fun at Mom’s age. It is blank inside and comes with a fun sticker sheet for even more personalization. 

9. Thanks Mom Card

This hilarious card emphasizes just how much love Mom is surrounded by. It is perfect for a Mom with a great sense of humor.

10. Funny Birthday Card

This cheeky birthday card emphasizes that motherhood is the best gift Mom has. It has fun, vivid colors and can be personalized on the inside!

Dog-Themed Birthday Cards for Mom

If Mom is a dog-lover, she will appreciate these paw-some birthday cards.

11. Singing Dog Card

If Mom wishes her dog could sing, getting her this card is the next best thing. It has an adorable graphic and is printed on recycled cardstock.

12. Dog Happy Birthday Card

This card is perfect for any Mom that loves dogs, yoga, birthdays, or any combination of the three. It features a hand-drawn design, giving it a cozy, thoughtful feel.

13. Yellow Dog Card

This adorable, minimalistic card features a cute dog and a bunch of balloons. It has a simple, yet sweet message inside that Mom is sure to love.

14. Pawsome Birthday Card

If Mom likes to walk the dog or loves a dog-themed pun, she will absolutely adore this fun birthday card. It is super cute and can be recycled!

15. 3D Dog Card

This adorable card is a truly special one as $1 is donated to the Humane Society with each purchase. The inside features a cute, pop-up puppy!

Unique Birthday Cards for Mom

Sometimes a regular birthday card doesn’t have the excitement that Mom deserves. Mom will remember these one-of-a-kind cards for years to come.

16. Bamboo Card

The bamboo card will stand out and last a lifetime. It has a gorgeous floral design and a beautiful message inside.

17. Bouquet Card

This bouquet is even better than the real thing – the flowers will never die! This unique card doubles as a fun piece of decor that will look great in Mom’s home.

18. Jumbo Card

There are few things more fun than giving someone you love a comically oversized birthday card. This 14 x 22-inch card is sure to put a smile on Mom’s face.

19. Confetti Cards

Prank cards make birthdays even more special. Surprise Mom with a cloud of confetti by getting her this truly unique card.

20. Greenhouse Card

If Mom has a green thumb, she will love this greenhouse pop-up card. Watch Mom’s face light up as she opens this simplistic card with a super fun surprise inside. 

TV-Themed Birthday Cards for Mom

If Mom loves checking out new shows, has an unhealthy attachment to TV characters, or just loves television, these cards are for her.

21. The Office Card

If Mom is a big fan of The Office, she will love this Michael Scott themed birthday card. It is super funny and will arrive bent-free.

22. Friends Card

This card plays off a classic running gag from the TV show Friends. It is super sturdy and has a blank inside for complete personalization!

23. Golden Girls Card

Thank Mom for being a friend with this incredible Golden Girls birthday card. It features a cute hand-drawn graphic of the iconic Golden Girls women.

24. Survivor Card

Is Mom obsessed with reality shows? Does she often wonder if she could win shows like Survivor? If so, she will absolutely love this birthday card featuring the iconic Jeff Probst. 

25. Gilmore Girls Card

This birthday card features one of the best mother-daughter pairs, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Featuring a silly phrase from the show, this card is perfect for a Tv-loving Mom.

Make Mom’s birthday extra special.

From floral pop-up cards to cards featuring tv icons, Mom is sure to love one of these thoughtful cards. Whether it’s sweet or funny, a special card is a great way to show Mom you care.

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Good luck in your search for the perfect card for Mom!

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