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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation to your Dad than with a thoughtful gift. From sentimental keepsakes to practical gadgets, this list covers a wide range of Father’s Day gifts for every type of Dad. So, sit back, relax, and find the perfect gift for the amazing Dad in your life on his special day.

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Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad ($40 to $150)

This list contains fun, useful, and stylish Father’s Day gifts for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

05/29/2024 02:31 am GMT

A practical summertime gift for Dads who like to keep their drink cold. This compact countertop ice maker has a nice sleek design, is easy to use, and won’t take up too much space in Dad’s kitchen.

If Dad is still rocking an old baseball jersey from the 80’s or 90’s this Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil him with a fresh new jersey from his favorite baseball team.

06/02/2024 07:17 pm GMT

Upgrade Dad’s shoe game this Father’s Day with these casual mesh shoes from Bruno Marc. These shoes are designed to be worn casually and are both stylish and affordable. 

For the Beach
05/29/2024 03:04 pm GMT

If Dad plans on spending time on the beach or the lake this summer than he is going to love this ICEMULE Backpack Cooler. It’s ay easy way to take his drinks with him on the go and keep them cool.

05/24/2024 02:08 pm GMT

This mini massage gun from Bob & Brad is a great gift for active Dads who often complain about sore and tight muscles. The small size of this makes it easy for Dad to take on the go and it comes with 5 different adjustable heads. 

What Dad wouldn’t look great in a Fedora? Upgrade Dad’s style this Father’s Day and get him this Fedora from the Wallaroo Hat Company.

"Fore" the Golf Lover
05/29/2024 03:05 pm GMT

This golf cart speaker from Rokform is the perfect gift for Dads who love to golf and jam out to music. The magnetic speaker attaches to the side of the cart and the bluetooth can easily connect to Dad’s phone. Plus it has 24 hour battery life so it will last Dad the entire round of golf.

Help Dad cook his meat to the perfect temperature with this smart wireless meat thermometer. The thermometer comes with an app so Dad can monitor the internal temperature of his meat in real-time right on his smartphone. A fun gift for any Dad who loves to cook and grill.

Our Pick
05/29/2024 03:07 am GMT

The Airmoto Air Pump is a practical accessory that every Dad should keep in his car or garage. It is rechargeable, lightweight, and can fill up car tires, bike tires, basketballs, and more. All he has to do is set the PSI that he wants and once the pump gets the air to that PSI it will automatically turn off. 

05/24/2024 01:02 pm GMT

The Casio G-Shock Sports Watch is a practical and fashionable gift for outdoorsy Dads. The watch has all the functionality of a normal watch, plus it can act as a stopwatch to track time and time splits. It is solar powered too so it should never lose battery!

A great grill for tailgating, this cast iron charcoal hibachi grill makes a fun gift for Dads who love to grill. If Dad loves to grill meats then this will make an awesome gift for him.

05/24/2024 01:03 pm GMT

A super fun new game for any Dad who likes a little competition. This game is played with 2 or 4 players and you throw little hacky sacks and try to get them in or on the black funnels to score points. It’s designed to be played sitting and is a perfect fun game for the beach and barbeques.

If Dad loves whiskey than whiskey glasses & stones will always make a reliable gift. It comes in a high caliber Military themed container with a set of cubes, 2 glasses, tongs, and 2 stone coasters.

05/29/2024 02:17 am GMT

Great for any handy Dad who likes to do dirty work. This painters backpack by Purdy has a durable design and a lot of pockets that can hold all of Dads tools for his DIY jobs.

05/28/2024 11:16 pm GMT

Provide Dad with some relaxation this Father’s Day and gift him this back massager. It can easily fold over his office chair or couch and he can get a nice back massage after a long day of work. Plus it has heat!

If your Dad likes to grill, he is  going to love these Bear Mountain Grilling Smoker Pellets. Just put these on the grill and let the flavors of these pellets rise up to provide a smooth smokey flavor to Dad’s favorite dishes. These pellets work on outdoor pellet grills smokers, gas, charcoal, and electric grills. 

05/28/2024 11:35 pm GMT

Upgrade Dad’s chainsaw this Father’s Day. This rechargeable mini chainsaw makes for a practical gift for Dads who love to do DIY projects.

05/28/2024 10:07 pm GMT

Pamper Dad this Father’s Day and gift him a silk pillowcase from Celestial Silk. Dad’s skin and hair will thank you if you gift him this!

Most Unique
05/28/2024 10:18 pm GMT

A super unique gift for a music-loving Dad, this Otamatone Japenese electronic musical instrument is a fun gadget that will allow Dad to be musically creative and silly at the same time.

05/29/2024 02:13 am GMT

If Dad has any hunting plans this summer he is going to need proper hunting attire. This hoody from STIKA has UPF 20 sun protection as well as quick-drying and sweat-wicking to keep Dad dry and cool while hunting.

Luxury Father's Day Gifts for Dad ($150+)

This list contains Father’s Day presents that are $150 or more. If you are looking to get Dad something very special, these presents will be a great choice.

A dartboard is a fun addition to any Dads mancave or living room. Gift Dad a dartboard from his favorite MLB team so he can show off his fandom while competing against his friends.

05/24/2024 01:06 pm GMT

Practical smart-home technology that Dad will appreciate. This Digital Radon Detector can connect to Dad’s smartphone so he will always be able to monitor the Radon levels in the home.

05/24/2024 01:12 pm GMT

If Dad doesn’t have an air fryer then gifting him one will make for a great Father’s Day gift. With this air fryer Dad is going to to be able to fry and cook food easily. Plus this air fryer from Fritaire has a glass exterior that Dad can see in and is incredibly easy to clean.

05/24/2024 12:59 pm GMT

If Dad likes sparkling water or soda then a soda streaming machine will make a great gift that Dad will actually use. We tested this specific machine from Carbon8 and it works great as well as looks incredibly sleek in the kitchen.

For Hunters
05/28/2024 11:30 pm GMT

Digital night vision goggles make a fun gift for any Dad, especially Dads who like to hunt or bird watch. It gives Dad a cool way to see in the dark and will make him feel like he is a secret agent. 

If Dad loves to walk when he plays golf then an electric push cart would make a practical gift. This push cart comes with a remote so Dad can control where is golf clubs go without needing to apply any physical force to the cart. 

06/02/2024 04:41 pm GMT

Gift Dad a new pair of high-quality shoes from Samuel Hubbard. These pristine lace-up shoes are great for the office or a night out on the town.

Affordable Father's Day Gifts for Dad (Under $40)

This list contains Father’s Day gifts that are $40 or less. From fun gadgets to heartfelt keepsakes, there is something on this list that your Dad will love.

This 3D Pop-Up Happy Father’s Day Card is a fun and thoughtful Father’s Day gift for Dads. It not only features an awesome design, but the way that the card pops open to reveal intricate and impressive 3D paper art will certainly make Dad smile and feel the love.

For Meat Lovers
29. Stainless Steel Meat Claws
$32.99 ($32.99 / Count)
05/29/2024 03:21 pm GMT

These meat claws from Grill Sergeant make a fun and practical gift for any Dad who loves to eat and cook meat. With stainless steal forks and wooden handles, these meat claws will help Dad shred pork, chicken, and other meats.

06/02/2024 04:50 pm GMT

An awesome gift for Dads who love coffee, this canister from Airscape will give him a new place to store coffee beans. The inner lid twists down to press the air out of the canister helping to extend the life of coffee beans, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, cookies, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food, or any other perishable goods.

05/28/2024 11:06 pm GMT

If Dad likes to enjoy some beverages on the course while he is golfing, then this golf cooler bag will make it easy for him. He can stow his favorite drinks in this cooler bag and bring them to the course nice and cold.

A cool practical gadget that will keep Dad’s hands warm during cold and cool nights. Plus the magnetic aspect makes them easy to keep together and keep track of.

A great gift for Dad’s who love and take good care of their car. This Pura Smart Car Diffuser fits into a cup holder and will keep Dad’s car smelling fresh. 

For Movie Night
34. Popcorn Movie Night Set
$21.98 $19.78 ($0.90 / Ounce)
05/29/2024 03:25 pm GMT

If Dad is a movie-buff then he will appreciate this popcorn movie night gift set. Equipped with 5 gourmet popcorn kernels and seasonings, this set will give Dad some unique popcorns that he can try at home while he watches his favorite movies.

05/27/2024 11:50 pm GMT

If Dad often gets his boots dirty then this boot scrubber will make a practical gift. No mounting required, set this up in the garage or the mud room and give Dad a place to clean his boots and shoes. 

A fun gift for any Dad or Grandpa, this book by Allan Kronzek will help any Dad learn simple easy magic tricks so he can wow the young kids and be the star of the show!

This Penko Acacia Pistachio Snack Bowl is the perfect gift for Dads who love snacking and want a convenient way to enjoy their favorite pistachios without worrying about the shells. Its innovative double-dish design allows for easy shell storage, making snacking mess-free and enjoyable.

A new hat from Dad’s favorite MLB team is sure to be a home-run gift this Father’s Day!

05/28/2024 10:16 pm GMT

Test Dad’s knowledge with the History Channel’s Trivia Game. A fun game to play with the entire family.

05/29/2024 03:27 pm GMT

This compost bin from Bamboozle is a practical gift for Dad’s kitchen. This will give him an easy place to dispose of his compost and the bin will stop odor from stinking up the room.

41. Blue Light Glasses
$39.45 ($39.45 / Count)
05/24/2024 01:57 pm GMT

If Dad spends a lot of his time in front of a computer, these blue light glasses from Prospek will make a practical present.

05/28/2024 11:00 pm GMT

A beard grooming set is a practical gift for any Dad who loves taking care of their beard. This set comes with Bead + Face Recovery Lotion, Beard + Face Wash, Beard Butter, Beard Oil, and a Beard Comb. 

05/24/2024 01:04 pm GMT

If Dad uses mouthwash then he will get really excited when he receives this gift. This mouthwash comes in a compact container making it perfect to take on the road.

See how much Dad remembers of the last 25 years with this fun Popculture timeline trivia game.

05/29/2024 02:15 am GMT

A great practical accessory for Dad’s car, this magnetic car mount is easy to set up and will give Dad a place to put his phone while he drives.

A fun little gadget that Dad will appreciate. This hand grip trainer from Bob and Brad is a fun gadget to have around the house. Dad can squeeze the grip trainer while he’s ion the couch or working to always be improving and strengthening his grip.

Funny Father's Day Gifts for Dad

Dad’s love a good joke, so adding a dash of humor to your Father’s Day gift is always a good idea. Check out these funny gifts for Dad below.

Dads love Dad jokes and this book is filled with them. Scratch off the joke to see the corny answer to each joke in this book.

The Happy Nits silicone body scrubber has a funny name and shape to it that will give Dad a nice chuckle.

Press the button and get a Dad joke! This button will provide him with hours of entertainment.

Dad is certain to get a good chuckle out of this cup that says “You’re the luckiest Dad in the world. I would love to have me as a daughter.”

Happy Father's Day to all the Amazing Dads!

Whether your Dad loves a traditional gift or prefers personalized keepsakes, there is something for every Dad on this list of Father’s Day gift ideas.

We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect present for your Dad.

Say thank you to the amazing Dads in your life with a special gift on this very special Father’s Day!