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If you have a Dad that loves to hunt, we have the perfect gifts for you to get him!

Below you will find 50 awesome hunting gifts for Dad. These handpicked gifts include anything and everything from essential gear to camo-patterned gadgets to hilarious novelty items.

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Best Hunting Gifts for Dad

This list contains fun hunting gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Hunting Boots

These insulated hunting boots will ensure that Dad stays comfortable while he goes hunting. They feature a fun, nature pattern that will provide some camouflage. They are waterproof, lightweight, extremely durable, and anti-slip!

2. Range Finder

This functional range finder is a hunting essential. It is portable and has extreme accuracy up to 700 yards. It is waterproof and dust-resistant and can double as a tool for Dad’s golfing trips!

3. Grunt Tube

Hand crafted in either White Oak or Walnut, this Shooter Buck Grunt Tube from Okayest Hunter will help Dad make sounds that will attract deer and is guaranteed to give him more opportunities to miss a shooter buck.

4. Wild Game Sampler Set

This wild game sampler set makes an amazing gift for any fan of hunting. Products include  elk, bison, wild boar, Alaskan salmon, and more! The entire set comes in a nice carrying case.

5. Heated Gloves

Dad’s hands will stay warm and toasty with these heated gloves! They are waterproof and wind-resistant. They also feature a rechargeable battery and three different heat modes.


6. Hunting Knife Set

This 14-piece knife set will help Dad’s hunting process go smoothly. With each type of tool Dad could need and extras such as gloves and a carrying case, this set would make a great gift.

7. Antler Grill Tools

If Dad loves grilling alongside hunting, this 3-piece grill utensil set is an incredible gift. Each high-quality, stainless steel piece has an antler-style handle!

8. Deer Sign

This gorgeous metal sign can be personalized with Dad’s last name! It is made out of 16 gauge steel and powder coated to one of eleven different colors.

9. Duck Call

This premium duck call is super easy to use and sounds exactly like a mallard hen. Made from acrylic cast rod, these duck calls are durable and very versatile! 


10. Shot Glass Rack

This shot glass rack features one-of-a-kind, authentic buffalo horns! It is made out of handcrafted wood and is great for parties or as a piece of fun decor!

11. Camo Overalls

These classic hunting overalls are super durable, yet quiet enough for hunting. They feature adjustable shoulder straps, a partial elastic waistband, two side buttons, a zippered fly, and double layered knee fabric!

12. Survival Kit

Any good hunter must be prepared for an emergency. With this emergency survival kit, Dad will be ready for any situation that may arise. It comes with a compass, a thermal blanket, a fire starter, and much more!

13. Stool/Backpack

This multi-purpose bag is a super great gift. It can be used as a stool, a backpack, and an insulated cooler! It is also super durable and easy to transport.

14. Leather Wallet

This beautiful trifold wallet is perfect for any hunting enthusiast. The slim, leather wallet, which features an embossed Whitetail deer, has multiple card slots and an ID compartment.

15. Decoy Bag

With this bag, Dad’s decoys will stay organized and ready for use. It has 12 different slots and a big front pocket. It also has a mesh bottom to drain out any water and an adjustable, padded shoulder for easy carrying.

Luxury Hunting Gifts for Dad

Want to spoil Dad? This list has gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

16. Shooting Earbuds

These earbuds will keep Dad’s ears safe while he hunts. They are waterproof with noise suppressing and echo cancellation technology and a battery that will last all day!

17. Night Vision Goggles

Dad will be equipped for some nighttime hunting with these 4K night vision goggles. It has a large HD display and different modes so Dad can easily take pictures and videos!

18. Insulated Hunting Jacket

This insulated jacket is great for some late-season hunting. It is super cozy yet quiet. With windstopping technology and fleece lining, Dad is sure to stay warm!

19. Hunting Lights

Help Dad see with these hunting headlights! It is super easy to install and has multiple types of lighting to ensure the most effective hunting experience.

20. Sports Watch

This sports watch is perfect for the great outdoors. It has features such as an alarm, predicted sunset time, altimeter, barometer, compass, and much more!

21. Hunting Blinds

These hunting blinds feature three full panels of one-way see through mesh which allow Dad to remain undetected, while still being able to see his surroundings. It is noise-free and has silent sliding windows!

22. Hunting Daypack

This hunting daypack will help Dad keep organized! It is super comfortable to wear, has plenty of spots to hold gear, and will help Dad blend into his surroundings.

23. Antler Chandelier

This antler chandelier is a unique, rustic piece of decor. The resin antlers are hand-painted! The beautiful lights are super durable and easy to install.

24. Hunting Pants

These breathable, lightweight pants are made from recycled fabric! They have tons of useful pockets, a water repellent finish, and a camo pattern.

25. Hunting Harness

Dad can keep all of his gear close and organized with this harness bag. It is comfortable to wear and allows Dad to quickly and easily access all of his hunting goods.


26. Hunting Vest

This jetstream vest will keep Dad safe and comfortable on the most windy of days. It is great as both outerwear and a layering piece! It also has pockets for storing small items. 

27. 3-Piece Camo Suit

Not only does this suit have a camouflage pattern, but it also has technology to block Dad’s bioelectrical signature – making him less likely to be noticed by animals! It is super comfy and breathable.

28. Multifunctional Rope

This heavy-duty rope can be used in tons of situations. It is double branded, fray-resistant, and stretch-free.

29. Trail Camera

If Dad likes photography and hunting, this outdoor camera is the perfect gift. Dad can monitor wildlife and take some gorgeous nature shots. This HD camera is waterproof and has a night vision mode!

30. Flashlight

This hand-held light is a great piece of equipment for Dad to have on hand. The red LED light  can light up the eyes of animals that are over 500 yards away!

Affordable Hunting Gifts for Dad

These next hunting gifts are all great for Dad and are under $40!

31. Shot Glasses

These hunting-themed shot glasses can hold up to two ounces of Dad’s favorite drink. The high-quality thick glasses would be a stylish addition to Dad’s bar cart. 


32. Game Cookbook

Help Dad combine his love for hunting and cooking with this fish and game cookbook. This book features over 100 recipes that any carnivore would be ecstatic to try.

33. Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler

This food-grade, portable tumbler would make any hunter smile. with vacuum insulation, Dad’s drinks will stay hot or cold. The exterior is sweat-free and easy to hold. 

34. Carhartt Men's Knit Beanie

This versatile, 100% acrylic beanie will keep Dad’s head warm and elevate his style. It is super stretchy and comes in 19 different colors!

35. Antler Letter Decor

This 3D antler letter is a super unique gift that will spruce up Dad’s home. While it is made out of strong polyresin, it is lightweight and affordable! You could buy Dad’s first initial or multiple letters to spell out a word!

36. Deer Call

This amazing deer call has a super cool modislide that will allow Dad to choose whether he wants to imitate a Buck, a Doe or a Fawn! It is easy to use and produces very realistic sounds.

37. Rangefinder Strap

Dad can keep his rangefinder wherever he needs it with this handy strap. The holder can be stuck to a backpack, belt, waist strap, and more!

38. Trail Camera Viewer

With this small, compact adapter, Dad can easily see the pictures and videos he has captured while hunting! It has a camo pattern and is compatible with most iphones!

39. Scent Control Bags

It’s no secret that hunting clothes can get a bit…smelly. That will no longer be an issue with these water-resistant, scent-controlled bags. They have a large capacity and a side pocket!

40. Under Armour Hat

This camo hat is a great, more casual way to stay unseen while hunting. It has scent control technology, a sweatband to keep Dad cool, and an adjustable closure!

41. Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is made out of 100% polyester camouflage fabric. It is super durable and has multiple pockets, including two water bottle holders.

42. Camo Sunglasses

Help keep Dad’s eyes protected by gifting him these polarized sunglasses. They have camouflage frames and a scratch resistant coating! A microfiber pouch comes with purchase. 

43. Personal Water Filter

While he hopefully won’t have to use it, it is important that Dad is equipped with a way to stay hydrated no matter what. This small water filter will allow Dad to safely drink water from any source!

44. Breeze Detector

This non-toxic powder will help Dad see which way the wind is going. The small, red squeeze bottle is easy to carry and spot!

45. Thermal Socks

If Dad enjoys some late-season hunting, he will have to stay warm. These heat-insulating socks will do the trick. They come in a ton of fun patterns that Dad is sure to love.


Funny Hunting Gifts for Dad

Here are some funny gag gifts related to Hunting that will make Dad laugh!

46. Funny Mug

This comical, ceramic mug is sure to make Dad smile. It is microwave safe and comes in a cute gift box!


47. Hunting Joke Book

This hunting-themed joke book will have Dad laughing for hours on end. From puns to one-liners, Dad will love this book.

48. Hunting T-Shirt

If Dad is a hunting and fishing fan, he will absolutely love this hilarious t-shirt. The classic fit shirt is lightweight and very comfortable!

49. Funny Socks

If Dad loves puns and lounging around, these socks would make a great gift. They are super funny and comfortable!

50. Coffee Mug

If you want to poke fun at Dad’s hunting abilities, get him this hilarious mug! The high-quality mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

For the Dad that’s always decked out in camo!

From warm clothing to fun technology, any one of these handpicked gifts will make your hunting-enthusiast Dad very happy. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift a Dad that likes hunting might also enjoy fishing or skiing!