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Does your Dad always have music playing whenever he’s doing ANYTHING? Does he love jamming out on an instrument and knows exactly what musician came out with a specific song in a certain year? If you’re tired of always getting a tie or pair of socks for your Dad, then this list is perfect for the next time you’re looking for that perfect gift. 

You are bound to find something that’ll make him rock n’ roll in this list of 50 handpicked gifts for Dads who like music

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Best Gifts For Dads Who Love Music

This list contains fun and practical gifts for your Dad who loves music that are between $40 and $150.

1. Monopoly David Bowie Edition

Does your music-loving Dad constantly listen to David Bowie? Then this Monopoly game will be the perfect gift for him. This will ensure that at the next family game night, he has a blast and can show off his knowledge of David Bowie. 

2. Guitar Whiskey Decanter Set

This is an extremely unique gift and your Dad who loves music will probably never see anything like this at one of his friend’s places. This decanter can fit 1,000 ml wine or whiskey and comes with 2 10 oz. glasses. 

3. Paul McCartney Book

This beautiful hardcover book by Paul McCartney is the best gift to get your Dad who loves music, when he’s a huge Beatles fan. This book features 275 pictures taken by McCartney himself and gives a better glimpse into his life back then.

4. Metronome Watch

If your Dad is a musician and you don’t know what to get him? Check out this metronome watch that provides 8 hours of use, helps develop rhythm through sound, sight, and vibration, and comes with a fully operational app. 

5. Personalized Vinyl Record Song Print

Dads more often than not are suckers for cheesy gifts. If you have a specific song that reminds you of your music-obsessed Dad, or you guys have a favorite song, then this is the most sentimental gift you can give him. You get to decide if you want a black or white frame, and the entire item will measure at 13”h x13”w x 1.5”d. 

6. Vinyl Storage

If your Dad loves music, then chances are that he has a ton of vinyl and maybe not the best storage. Does he have them lying around in stacks? Then this rack is the most practical gift you can get him. It holds 160-200 LPs – ideal for a small collection!

7. Waterproof Bose Mini Speaker

Does your Dad who loves music like to sing in the shower? This may up the ante on the shower fun! This small waterproof Bose speaker comes in four different colors and with a tear-resistant strap. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours – plenty of showers in the future!

8. Music Note Tie

Your Dad always asks for ties, and here is the BEST tie to fit his love for music. This tie is made of silk, is 57.5″ long, and is 3 1/8″ wide. This tie makes a perfect complement to a black blazer and white shirt.

9. Sport Coat for Concerts

Does your Dad who loves music have appropriate clothing for going to his concerts or musicals? Here’s a beautiful sport coat that is timeless and sophisticated, perfect for any music gathering. It also comes with pockets.

10. Unisex Guitar Pick Necklace

Sometimes what your Dad is missing is some extra swagger – and what better way to do that than to add some swanky jewelry to his outfit? The guitar necklace is perfect for sensitive skin and is nickel-free and cadmium-free. 

11. Leather Adjustable Fender Guitar Strap

This leather guitar strap that is adjustable is perfect for the guitar-playing Dad who loves music. It’s made of high quality leather, adjusts to the perfect length for your Dad and is made in Canada.

12. Comfy Fender Hoodie

Maybe your Dad who loves music has ALL the Fender items. And with good reason! It’s a wonderful instrument manufacturer. So why not add to his growing collection with this comfy cotton hoodie that he can wear at his next guitar practice.

13. Multiple Guitar Stand

This stand is perfect if your musician Dad has several guitars. It’s an extremely practical gift, that’ll also ensure that all of your Dad’s prized instruments have their own respective spaces. The stand can hold up to 4 guitars/instruments, and has a 3 tier shelf.

14. Lego Fender Set

Does your Dad love to play with Legos? If so, he’ll love this Lego Fender set! The set comes with Lego bricks so you can build the guitar in either red or black. 

15. Piano Cutting Board with Utensils

This bamboo cheeseboard is perfect for when your Dad has his band mates over. Within the piano are cheese and wine utensils. It includes a corkscrew, a cheese knife, and a cheese fork. 

16. Microphone

This microphone plugs in easily via USB cable and is perfect for home recording sessions. The microphone comes with a filter, a stainless steel scissor arm, as well as a shock mount and user manual.

Luxury Gifts For Dad Who Loves Music

Have a bigger budget? This list has ideas for your Dad over $150. 

17. Fender Guitar with Accessories

Your music-aficionado Dad probably knows Fender is considered a classic in the music industry. Maybe he’s always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, or he wants an upgrade to his previous guitar. This guitar comes with all the bells and whistles, including an amplifier, tuner, strap, picks, and instructional DVD.

18. Sony Turntable

Your Dad has a vinyl collection, but does he have a stellar turntable? If the answer is no, then this Sony turntable may be the best gift for your Dad who loves music. This turntable is the perfect blend of modern and old school. It’s easy to operate, connects to bluetooth, and has the capability to rip vinyl records to MP3.

19. Beats Wireless Earbuds

Since your Dad is already listening to music all the time anyway, getting him the best ear buds will completely change his experience. These Beats earbuds by Dr. Dre offer noise cancelling, are super comfortable, wireless, and are compatible with Apple and Android.

20. Polaroid P3 Retro Boombox

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned boombox? Good news is – this boombox combines the best from the past and the present. It’s the size of a pineapple, connects with bluetooth quickly, and has up to 15 hours of playtime. 

21. Cassette Media Player

Your music lover Dad probably still reminisces of the times when cassette tapes were around. This is the best gift for him! This cassette media player features a dual cassette deck, connects seamlessly with an amplifier, and comes with all the necessary cables.

22. Lighted Music Boxing Workout Equipment

Maybe your Dad loves music AND fitness. Then this gift is made for him! The machine comes with built-in speakers and light sensors that light up so he can punch to the rhythm of music. The smart machine is easily connected to bluetooth on your phone or device. It’s extremely easy to install and will be a fun way to keep your Dad fit and healthy.

23. Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

What’s better than being able to listen to music with the best kind of sound quality? Not much! These sunglasses can also quickly switch to phone calls when those come through. They charge within one hour and a full charge lasts for five and a half hours.

Affordable Gifts For Dad Who Loves Music

Want to find something small and affordable to gift your Dad? This list includes gifts for your Dad who loves music under $40.

24. Personalized Spotify Blanket

For the next movie night, this warm blanket is a must! Choose a significant song that you want to be printed on the blanket, and your Dad can simply scan the song and listen to it as well. Made of fleece, it’ll keep him warm – both in body and heart.

25. Music-Themed Family Game

Family night couldn’t get better…until now! Your music-fan Dad will LOVE this game. The cards will give a topic, and each player must come up with a song that fits the topic. The best song picked wins!

26. Cork Vinyl Coasters

When your music-loving Dad drinks his ice cold beer, a vinyl coaster is just the right fit. Because the LAST thing your Dad wants is your Mom to be unhappy about water stains on the furniture. With cork backings, the coasters are a fun statement that helps your drink stay exactly where it should.

27. Songwriting Journal

For the songwriting Dad, this journal is a fitting gift. The journal has a faux leather cover, lyric writing pages on the left, and music composition pages on the right. It’s a size A5, making it convenient to carry around. 

28. DIY Guitar Pick

Does your Dad love guitar picks? He can create his own guitar picks with this pick maker. This also comes with a leather guitar pick holder, as well as 4 strips to start off with.

29. Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Dads who love music are likely to have an extensive vinyl collection, but do they take care of those vinyl regularly? With this gift they’ll have all the tools they need to do so. The kit comes with a cleaning fluid, cleaning gel, brush, and duster. 

30. Rock n' Roll Card Deck

If Dad is obsessed with old Rock n’ Roll, then these cards will do the trick (pun intended). The cards are poker-sized and include musicians like Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Jimi Hendrix, and more. 

31. Van Gogh Guitar Picks

For the Dad that loves art AND music, these guitar picks are an ideal match. The set comes with 12 medium-sized guitar picks with a variety of different motifs from Van Gogh. 

32. Carpool Karaoke Game

Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is one of the funniest and funnest television segments we’ve seen. This game will have your Dad challenging a different player to sing karaoke James Corden-style. See how many points your Dad can win by impressing others with his (hopefully) beautiful voice. No cars needed to play this game!

33. Tupac Shirt

Maybe your Dad isn’t a fan of classical music or of rock n’ roll, but loves rap and r&b. Then this Tupac shirt will be something he’ll love reaching for on Casual Fridays. 

34. Music Note Candle Holders

This 4-pack of different music notes makes for a wonderful gift for your composer Dad. These candle holders are made of black metal and will provide a soothing ambiance for future dinners. 

35. Music-themed Wine Glass

Drinking wine is more fun when it comes in a fun glass, right? Your Dad who loves music will love this punny gift. The words and music notes are etched into glass, and the glass is dishwasher safe. 

36. Ticket Stub Diary

Instead of having a box of saved ticket stubs, your concert-loving Dad can put all of them in this ticket stub diary. With 52 pages there’s plenty of space to keep adding to that collection for years to come. 

37. DIY Ukulele Kit

This DIY wooden ukulele kit is a perfect activity to do together. Easy to assemble and fun to do, this is a great gift for your musician Dad. 

38. Grip Strengthener

Musicians need great grip strength, and if your Dad loves music as well as making music then this is going to be a gift he appreciates. There are 6 different levels of resistance starting at 6.6 lbs and going up to 21 lbs. 

39. Neon Music Sign

This neon music sign is the perfect decor that your music enthusiast Dad will appreciate. The sign comes with 3 batteries and 4 hooks for easy assembly and attachment.

40. LED Drumsticks

Drummers always need new drumsticks. These drumsticks aren’t your average drumsticks, but light up in 15 different colors. 

41. 1,000 Piece Puzzle

This puzzle will be a fun family project to do together. At 1,000 pieces, the puzzle features various rock n’ roll album covers. If it’s too difficult, there are letters on the back to help your Dad finish it.

42. Music Laptop Case

Does your audiophile Dad need a new laptop bag? If so, this may be the best time to get him a new one! This laptop case is made of neoprene material and is therefore water-resistant.

43. Music Pencil Holder

This pencil holder is a cute gift for your Dad who loves music. This is made of recycled metal with the following dimensions: 4.7″L x 2.5″ W x 5.4″ H.

44. Cassette Iphone Case

Everybody loves an iPhone case that’s a reflection of their personal tastes. Your music addict Dad will love the nod to the classic cassette tapes that unfortunately don’t exist to the same extent that they used to. Perfect for an iPhone 11 and comes in five different designs. 

45. Personalized Acrylic Song

Another opportunity for you to give a personal gift to your Dad who loves music. It features a QR code for him to scan so he can listen to it on his phone. 

Funny Gifts For Dad Who Loves Music

Dads are known for their unique sense of humor, so they’re bound to love one of these gag gifts. 

46. Funny Socks

Most likely you’ve heard the whole “I just want ties or socks” line before when it comes to gifts. These are the best socks to get for your Dad who loves music. Made of 80% cotton, these socks aren’t just funny, they are also comfy. 

47. Funny Doormat

This doormat will be a hit with your melomaniac Dad. It tells your future guests exactly what to expect when entering the home. The doormat size is 23.6″x15.7″. 

48. Funny Sign

Who doesn’t love a funny sign? Your Dad will love this sign and hang it in the garage or in his office. The sign is made of metal and is 12″ by 8″. 

49. Funny Music Mug

If your Dad who loves music is a classical music fan, this mug will be the best way to drink his morning coffee. There are two size options: 11 and 15 oz. 

50. Funny Shirt

Maybe your Dad loves Star Wars AND music. Then this shirt will have him laughing every time. It’s made of cotton and comes in 3 different colors. 

For the Musician Dad!

If your Dad loves music, there’s no way he wouldn’t like something from this list. With so many options like things that will jazz up his wardrobe (pun intended) to gifts that will upgrade his music-making experience, there’s something for every Dad!