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Gifts for Movie Loving Parents

For parents that love a good movie, this assortment of gifts is just what they need. Whether they’re watching a new movie or a classic film for nostalgia, here we have the handpicked a selection of gifts for movie lovers.

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Best Gifts for Movie Lovers

These gifts for film lovers are in the $40 to $150 price range that your parents will love!

1. Old Fashion Popcorn Maker

Nothing tastes better than popcorn popped from a movie theater machine. Give your parents the present that won’t stop popping with this Old Fashion Popcorn Maker!

2. Saiyin Sound Bar

Upgrade your parents’ sound system with this home theater experience. This will give them exceptionally clear sound to make movie nights come alive like they are at a theater.

3. Ultra 2022 Roku Set

If your Mom and Dad love to browse through streaming services, they need this Roku set. And if they have an old one, the 2022 version is a fun upgrade that comes with hands-free voice control and personal shortcut buttons.

4. Weighted Blanket

Give your parents comfort with this 15lbs blanket. Let them enjoy the feeling of luxurious softness while they watch their favorite movie.

5. Inflatable Movie Screen

A must-have for Mom, Dad, and the whole family to enjoy their movies outside. Set this screen up in the backyard or maybe even on the beach so your parents can enjoy their summer movie nights like they never have before.

6. Adjustable Floor Chair

Sitting on the couch may make Mom and Dad go stiff when they are binging their favorite show — this adjustable floor chair gives the comfort of sitting on the floor and the feel of sitting on a couch. Let those binges continue!

7. Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

This popcorn seasoning variety pack comes with several different flavors so Mom and Dad can experiment with new popcorns when they watch new movies! 

8. Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector

This projector makes movie nights outside so EASY. All Mom and Dad need are their phones to set the movie up and voila! A fun convenient way to bring movie night anywhere!

9. Couch Console Holder Tray

Movie night marathons can be exciting…..and messy. Help your parents out with this holder tray that fits snacks, drinks, phones and much more so it is a quick clean up after they are done watching.

10. Comfortable Throw Pillows

Comfort is a must whether it’s watching sports, news, or any film. These cotton pillows are the finest accessory to add support and comfort for Mom and Dad.

11. Oversized Cozy Wearable Blanket

If Mom is always cold, this wearable blanket is the perfect way to get warm and cozy when it’s movie time.

12. Set of 4 Cocktail Glasses

If Mom and Dad enjoy margaritas while they watch movies, gift them this set of cocktail glasses! These glasses are made reliable and durable with the use of the latest innovative technology.

13. All-Natural Acacia Charcuterie Set

If your parents love cooking and hosting movie nights, this is the gift they need. This compact, all-in-one cheese board set is bigger and more versatile than standard serving trays giving movie nights endless snacks for everyone to enjoy.

14. Acacia Curved Serving Tray

This serving tray features an elegant curved design with cutout handles for a comfortable grip. Mom and Dad will love having this nearby for their food for when the horror movie gets too scary or the comedy film gets too funny.

15. Ottoman Coffee Table

A perfect addition to any living room. Not only is it great as extra storage where Mom and Dad can keep the movie night blankets but also comes with a coffee table top to ensure the drinks are in one place!

16. Foldable Floor Mattress

If a show or movie is too intense, and it’s 4 in the morning, chances are your Mom and Dad don’t want to call it quits and want to continue watching. Give them the comfort of knowing they can easily fall asleep on this floor this foldable floor mattress.

17. Soft and Fuzzy Socks

Who wouldn’t love feeling cozy and warm when watching sentimental feel good films. Gift some toasty socks to Mom and Dad to make their movie nights a special one!

18. Couples Matching Pajamas Sets

If movie night is a tradition for your parents, this comfortable pajama set is the present they need. Mr. and Mrs. engraved satin PJs will add some fun to their movie time!

19. 120'' Projector Screen

This gift is for parents that love having outdoor movie days. For great value, this screen has the best quality and price to ensure the ideal movie-watching experience for film lovers.

20. Inflatable Air Mattress for Car

Does your Mom or Dad love drive in movie theaters? Than this car mattress is the perfect present. This car mattress not only ensures comfort for when they watch movies out of their car but it is also easy to set up.

Luxury Gifts for Movie Lovers

The cream of the crop gifts when it comes to the movie-watching experience that are over $150+. 

21. SAMSUNG 65-Inch TV

What every movie lover needs is a TV that provides the best quality and sound for the perfect home theater experience. 

22. Surround Sound System

A home theater essential! Your parents will surely love this surround system speaker with the best audio quality available.

23. Home Theater Seating

A perfect addition to the living room. Make your parents feel like they are in the theater by bringing these movie theater styled seats to their home.

24. Portable Projector

Crystal clear and amazing picture quality as well as fantastic volume and sound quality. Mom and Dad who love their movie and TV time would appreciate having this portable projector on hand.

25. AirPod Pro Wireless Earbuds

If your Mom or Dad love watching TV on their phones, Ipads or Laptops, make sure they have the best wireless earbuds to give them the best quality sound — these Airpods do just the trick! Especially ideal for parents that love having the latest technology.

26. Ameriwood Home TV Stand

Home theaters are more than the perfect TV or exceptional sound system — its also having the ideal TV stand. This product is strong, sturdy and will look great in your parents living room or home theatre. 

27. Home Theater Ceiling Lights

Help Mom or Dad create the best home movie theater with the best ceiling lights. Every theater has lighting that makes the movie watching experience a special one, make it the same for your parents.​

Affordable Gifts for Movie Lovers

Here are some more affordable gifts for movie and film lovers. All of these gifts are $40 or below!

28. Blue Light Glasses

Watching TV on your phone, laptop, or on the big screen can cause strain to the eyes. Help Mom and Dad out by getting them these much necessary blue light glasses that will help protect their eyes. Ideal for parents who work in front of computers too. 

29. 40 ct Snack Box

This snack box variety pack includes a delicious assortment of 40 different snacks and treats. Perfect for Mom and Dad to indulge in different treats every time they have a movie night.  

30. Laptop Lap Desk

If your parents love a good movie night from the comfort of their bed, this is a great present to gift them. This laptop lap desk is not only a space to hold the laptop but also lessens any back strain from uncomfortable seating while watching the movie

31. Movie Theater Themed Throw Pillows

These are the pillows Mom and Dad need for their home theater. It embellishes the room and creates a cinema-esque environment. ​

32. Supreme Snack Organizer

What’s a movie theater without some snacks? Get this organizer for your parents who would love on-demand snacking while watching their favorite films. ​

33. Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones are a must for Mom and Dad who love their shows but always complain about the noise in the background. A state of the art noise canceling headphones will not only produce quality sound but prevent them from getting distracted.

34. 84 inch Projector Screen

This foldable wallet-friendly projector is perfect for outside movie nights as well as indoors to watch those classic action packed films in the best quality possible.

35. Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If Mom or Dad are movie geeks, what better gift to give them than the joy of gifting this poster. This scratch off poster comes with all the classic films on them —perfect especially if your parents often can’t decide on what to watch.

36. Super Soft Blanket and Pillow Cover Set

A super comfortable blanket is an ESSENTIAL for movie nights and additional pillow covers to tie in the room. Your parents will adore having this in their living room. ​

37. Retro Style Plastic Popcorn Containers

Bring joy to your parents with these classic retro-style popcorn containers. These are a classic part of the theater experience, and bringing them home would be magical for Mom and Dad.

38. Nostalgia Popcorn Maker

Going along with the popcorn containers, why not pop the popcorn in a nostalgic popcorn machine? This maker is not only a perfect addition to movie nights but it is also easy to use and makes great popcorn.

39. Modern Gourmet Popcorn Maker

If retro 1900s styled popcorn machines aren’t your parent’s style, this chic modern popcorn maker is the way to go for them. Popcorn is an absolute required snack for movie nights so gift Mom and Dad this maker! ​

40. Home Movie Theater Decor Pieces

If Mom and Dad have been looking for the perfect way to spice up their home theater or movie room — these decor pieces are just what they want. Subtle, decorative, and easy on the eyes, these pieces will definitely add to the movie atmosphere.

41. Support Pillow for TV Watching

If TV watching on the bed is your parent’s ideal movie night but back problems arise from it, this support pillow will fix the problem. Gift your parents a fun, relaxing, backache-free movie night.

42. Indoor Electric S'mores Maker

Who wouldn’t love having s’mores…INSIDE the comfort of your home. If your parents love chocolates and sweets this is a great gift. No fires, no smoke, no mess. This indoor S’more maker is easy-to-use and great for movie nights!

43. Cell Phone Clip-On Holder

If phones are the way Mom and Dad consume television, then neck pain may occur from their heads being bent down all the time. Eliminate that pain with this phone holder that can clip on to a desk or bed side and they can watch their shows and movies (or even read) with ease. 

44. Movie Theater Lights Projector

Every movie-loving family wants a special experience while they watch their films. What better gift for your parents than this theater projector light to make the movie more engaging.

45. Swimming Pool Lounger

If your parents love outdoor movie nights and have a pool, let them have fun with theses pool loungers which will allow them to watch movies like they never have before.

Funny Gag Gifts for Movie Lovers

The gifts that will make your parents laugh. Who doesn’t love a little humor in there gifts?

46. Funny Ankle Socks

These funny ankle socks are the ideal gift for Mom or Dad since they get in the zone while watching their shows.

47. Movie Clapboard Blanket

A funny accessory blanket to have handy in your parents living room or home theater.

48. Buttered Popcorn Scent Candle

This is for the parent that can’t get enough of the buttery heavenly scent of popcorn. ​

49. Horror Fanatic Coffee Mug

If Mom and Dad love horror movies… or are scared to death of horror movies, get them this mug that seems innocent enough but is temperature sensitive and will turn into a horror scene when hot.

50. Funny Movie Lover T-Shirt

A simple funny T-Shirt perfect for the picky parent that has specific taste for movies.

For Parents that Love Movies and Films!

If Mom and Dad love watching movies and films these gift ideas will help enhance their experience. 

And consider picking out a movie and watching it with them. I remember one time I asked my Dad if we could watch his favorite all-time movie. He ended up picking Animal House and he had the best time reliving memories, laughing, and explaining that this was what movies used to be like!

To make it easier, we’ve even put together a list of 27+ Movies To Watch with Dad!

Also, consider taking them to the movie theatre to see a new movie. That’s another fun way to spend quality time together and bond!

No matter what you decide, the thought is what is most important, and since you’ve found this guide you are off to a great start! Best of luck finding the perfect present.