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Smart Home-Tech Gifts for Dad

Smart home devices are revolutionizing how people live their lives on a day-to-day basis. If your Dad loves optimizing his home with smart home technology, then this comprehensive list will give you some great smart home-tech gift ideas he will love. 

Whether your Dad is just starting out with smart home devices or he is a seasoned pro, there is sure to be something he will love on this list. 

Take a look at what we found, and shop with confidence knowing you can find something for your techie Dad!

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Best Smart Home-Tech Gifts

The following list contains presents that are roughly $40 to $150 that will help make Dad’s life easier around the house.

1. SimplySmart Digital Photo Frame

Don’t make Dad pick and choose which of his favorite photos he wants to display with this digital photo frame! With its HD display, this frame can display up to 5,000 photos in a slideshow format. Compatible with both Apple i0S and Android devices, Dad will love being able to show off his beloved friends and family without cluttering the home with hundreds of picture frames.

2. Echo Smart Home Hub

If your Dad is already a fan of the Alexa suite of products, then he will love this Amazon Echo Smart Home Hub. With just a voice command, the smart home hub can control any and all Alexa-compatible devices within the home.

3. Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

What Dad wouldn’t enjoy coming home to a house that smells amazing? Small but powerful, this Pura smart home diffuser can fill large spaces with luxurious scents. The diffuser is completely controlled via a smartphone app, and can accommodate two fragrances at a time. With the app, Dad can customize the intensity of each fragrance and set a schedule for when it runs.

4. Echo Show 5

If you are looking for a more economical Echo device for Dad, but still want something powerful and visually impressive, look no further than the Echo Show 5! With its full HD display and crystal clear 2MP camera, Dad can use this both as a smart home hub and a video calling device. 

5. Smart Lock

This smart lock has all the bells and whistles Dad will love at a price point you will love. There are so many ways to use this bluetooth smart lock, including biometric fingerprint technology, keypad, access card, app control and even a regular key! With remote sharing, Dad can permit access to trusted friends and family members with the press of a button. It also has an auto-lock feature, which means Dad will never forget to lock his door again.

6. Six Piece Smart LED Light Strips

This set of six ultra-modern LED smart home light strips will add a pop of brightness and color to Dad’s space. Perfect for the Dad who loves to game, or even just wants to decorate his man cave with some super cool lights. These can be fully controlled using a smartphone and boast a wide range of color options. 

7. Ring Video Doorbell

With Ring, a simple wired connection will transform Dad’s front door into a one-way portal. With the Ring app, Dad can see the door in real-time, and use the embedded speaker and microphone on the app to communicate with whoever may be at his door. The Ring app will also log video clips for later review and can be customized to suit Dad’s needs and his schedule. 

8. Amazon Smart Thermostat

This energy-star certified, Alexa-enabled smart thermostat will provide Dad with ultimate control of his comfort. Easy to install DIY style, Dad can modify the temperature in his home with the press of a button on its touch screen interface, or he can use Alexa voice commands without ever having to touch anything. 

9. Blink Mini Indoor Cameras

With these Blink mini indoor cameras, Dad can keep an eye on what’s going on at home from anywhere in the world. Easily accessed from any smartphone, laptop or tablet, the high-quality video will let Dad see the entirety of any room it is set up in. With 1080p video quality, Dad won’t miss a beat, and the ease of installation makes these a no-brainer for indoor security. 

10. Echo Dot

Dad will love the compact and sleek design of this 4th generation Echo Dot. It has a clearly displayed clock and a top-notch speaker system. If your Dad needs a smart home hub that won’t take up too much real estate, then this Echo Dot is a perfect gift!

11. LED Backlights with Camera

If you want to help Dad level up his TV or gaming setup, these LED backlights are a great way to do it! Easy to install and controlled via an app or voice commands, these bright, dynamic lights will make any TV or desktop look ten times more impressive. 

12. Blink Video Doorbell

With two-way audio and a fantastic quality camera, Dad is sure to love this Blink Video Doorbell! Once setup is complete, Dad will be able to access the camera at any time via the Chime app. It will also send Chime alerts based on the sensitivity and security settings Dad inputs, and it is available in both a wired and wireless version. 

13. Smart Plug Power Strip

Does your Dad run out of outlet space for all his smart devices? Is he always forgetting to turn off a lamp at night? Well, this smart power strip could be the solution! With six plugs and two USB ports, it has plenty of room for all Dad’s gadgets!

14. Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel

This touchscreen control panel will let Dad command all his smart devices within the home from one screen. With a polished, user-friendly interface, this control panel can handle the thermostat, lights, music and more. The customizable display features an easy-to-read clock and displays the current temperature both indoors and outdoors.

15. Aeotec Smart Home Hub

If your Dad can’t seem to decide between Alexa and Google devices, then this smart home hub would be a lifesaver! Any smart device can be connected to and controlled from this central hub, meaning Dad can keep his Alexa and Google Home. Hey, why choose when you can have both, right?

16. Smart Electric Curtain Motor

Curtains make a house feel more like a home, but who wants to deal with the hassle of closing and opening them every day? With this smart electric curtain motor, Dad can open and close his curtains on command! It can also be optimized to open and close the curtains at certain hours, so Dad can wake up to the sunshine without getting out of bed.

17. Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera

Let Dad keep an eye on the outside of the home without any possible intruders suspecting a thing. These light bulb cameras look like they came straight out of a spy movie! Don’t be fooled by their disguised appearance, because these little guys can record video in 1080p. Available in a two-pack, Dad will love these cameras, and will probably feel pretty cool installing them to.

18. Eufy Smart Robot Vacuum

Keeping a clean and pristine home is a lot of work. Lighten Dad’s workload by gifting him this amazing eufy Smart Vacuum! This device is self-charging and can run on an automated schedule, meaning Dad can come home to a clean house every day. 

Luxury Smart Home-Tech Gifts

The following list contains presents that are roughly $150+ that can really upgrade Dad’s home and make his life easier.

19. Smart Control Ceiling Fan

What’s not to love about this smart fan? Dad will appreciate that it can be controlled using voice commands and is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. With reversible blades to suit any aesthetic, this low-profile smart fan will keep the cool air flowing and the home looking polished.

20. August Smart Lock

Unlike other smart locks, this smart lock can fit any existing deadbolt. Dad can enjoy the convenience of a smart lock with touchless entry without having to do any drilling or mounting. The wifi-enabled lock will add an extra layer of security to Dad’s home and let him stop using regular old house keys in an instant.

21. Meta Portal Go Portable Video Touch Screen

Lesser known than Google Nest or Amazon’s Echo Show, this Meta Portal device provides many of the same features with the convenience of a wireless device. Dad can control his smart devices, make video calls and more on the go with this portable device. 

22. Smart Home Energy Monitor

Let Dad have complete control of his home’s energy usage with this Smart Home Energy Monitor! Compatible with both electric and solar sources, this device monitors usage in real-time. It is also fully equipped to monitor circuit levels, meaning Dad can keep an eye on each circuit within the home and make sure everything is functioning at optimal levels.

23. 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock

Dad will love this ultra-functional Keyless Entry Smart Lock. It has wifi, bluetooth, fingerprint technology, and a keypad. It also has an ANSI Grade 1 certification, meaning Dad can take confidence in the security of his home. 

24. Philips Premium Smart Bulbs

If Dad loves controlling lights from his smart home hub, Alexa, Apple or Google device, he will love these smart bulbs! Optimized to work with smart home technology, these bulbs have over 16 million possible colors!

25. iGuard Stove Automatic Shut Off with 24/7 Monitoring

Everyone that enjoys cooking has definitely forgotten to turn off their stove at one point or another. This smart home stove range monitor will give Dad peace of mind knowing that the stove will never be a hazard again. With 24/7 monitoring, Dad can control the stove from his smartphone anywhere, and it’s even compatible with voice assistants like Alexa!

26. myQ Smart Garage Door Control

With this myQ smart controller, Dad can open and close the garage from anywhere in the world, using only his smartphone. The device is ultra-quiet and can be operated using a wifi or cellular data connection. Dad can also add multiple accounts so nobody in the family needs to worry about losing their remote.

27. Universal Smart Home Water Meter

Dad will love this bluebot smart water meter, which can be installed in minutes and requires no subscription. With real-time usage tracking, Dad can stay on top of the billing cycle ahead of even the water company. Help Dad save time and money with bluebot!

28. Level Lock Smart Lock

The smart lock features multiple methods of keyless entry, using either touch, smart card, or even Dad’s smartphone. The device is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit and is even bluetooth enabled! Now fumbling for keys can be a thing of the past for your Dad, because this smart lock will be the last lock he ever needs. 

29. Echo Show 10

Hey Alexa, what’s the coolest Echo Show on the market? Without a doubt, it is the new, top of the line Echo Show 10! With this, Dad can control his smart home with a simple voice command. Featuring an HD smart display, this Echo Show will do it all, from keeping Dad posted on the game score to controlling the temperature and lights within the home. Using the high-quality integrated webcam, Dad can also place video calls to any other Echo device, even outside the home!

30. Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera Set

Help Dad keep an eye (or three) on the house with this pack of Blink outdoor wireless cameras! Easy to install and even easier to use, these cameras will give Dad peace of mind knowing his property is being monitored 24/7.  Unlike others, these cameras have a two-year battery life!

31. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

This third-generation Google Nest thermostat is equipped with machine learning technology. It can read patterns in Dad’s usage to automatically automate temperature control throughout the home. With a compact, sleek appearance, this thermostat will look great on any wall. 

32. 8 Piece Ring Alarm Security System

Home security is more critical than ever. Give Dad a gift he will never forget with this 8-piece Ring suite of products. Compatible with Alexa and equipped with 24/7 professional monitoring, this set will give Dad peace of mind knowing his home is always being protected. From the keypad and central hub to door and window alarms, this security system will let Dad sleep safe and sound knowing he’s guarded by the most popular security brand on the market.

33. Smart Home Control Panel

For the Dad who enjoys optimizing and auto-controlling every aspect of his home, this three-switch touchscreen smart home control panel is a perfect gift. Compatible with Alexa, Ring, Google Nest, Apple HomeKit, and more, this panel can control every smart device from a single panel.

34. LEVOIT Air Purifier

After living through a pandemic, many of us are taking note of the air quality around us. Let Dad breathe easier with this LEVOIT Air Purifier, which is powerful enough to purify an entire home using just one device. The purifier is Alexa-compatible and has automated settings, meaning it’s a “set it and forget it” sort of thing. This device can remove 99.97% of all types of particles from the air, making it perfect for allergy sufferers and those who simply want to breathe cleaner air.

35. Smart Slim Recessed Pot Lights

Throw a little light on Dad’s home with these smart outdoor lights! Easy to set up or stake into the ground, these color-changing lights can be customized to glow any color. Dad can control the exterior lights with an app or voice control, and these lights work with both Alexa and Google Home. 

36. Verifi Smart Safe

Let Dad stash his valuables in this ultra-secure, biometric safe with a fingerprint lock and keypad. Perfect for storing small, high-value items, Dad can take comfort knowing his most prized possessions are safely locked away in a safe only he can unlock. 

37. Smart Full Body Shower Panel

Give Dad’s shower a major boost with this full-body hydroelectric shower panel. This rain shower will give Dad the ultimate luxury experience. Smart home technology allows the integrated LEDs to change to any color Dad desires. This can be installed in nearly any shower and looks incredible while being highly functional.

38. Smart Slim Recessed Pot Lights

Leaving a spare key under the rug might be convenient, but it can also be costly. With this smart key lock box, Dad can keep his spare secure while also securing his home. The integrated camera allows Dad to view any visitor through the app, and the lock box can be unlocked from anywhere in the world. Perfect for when someone drops by and Dad is away! 

Affordable Smart Home-Tech Gifts

The following list contains presents that are under $50 that can help upgrade the technology in Dad’s house.

39. Alexa Light Bulbs

For the Dad with an Alexa-controlled home, this six-pack of ultra-bright, dimmable, high-energy efficiency smart bulbs would make a perfect (and practical) present! With a simple voice command, Dad can raise, lower, or turn off any of the lights in his home. The lights connect to Alexa devices via bluetooth and don’t require any setup beyond screwing them into the socket and connecting Alexa.

40. Smart Ultrasonic Diffuser

Did you know that essential oils not only smell great, but some may have beneficial properties? Gift Dad this elegant smart diffuser that features Alexa and Google control, using either an app or voice control. It also has a built-in LED and automatic shut-off timer, so Dad can fill it with his favorite oil and forget it!

41. Smart LED Strip Lights

Dad will be wowed with these lightweight, flexible LED strips that boast 16 million possible colors! Even cooler, these lights can auto-sync with any music being played to create a stunning light show. This pack contains two rolls of LED strips, totaling over 32 feet of coverage. 

42. Smart Light Switches

What Dad doesn’t dream of being able to turn off the lights with a clap? Do him one better with these Alexa and Google-enabled smart switches! These connect to your Dad’s in-home wifi and require no smart home hub to operate. 

43. Smart Plug Mini

Give Dad more power over his power with this four-pack of mini smart switches! Compatible with Alexa and Google products, and requiring no hub to operate, these small switches are mightier than you might think! Dad can shut off or turn on any of these with a voice command or press of a button.

44. Smart Table Lamp

Does Dad need some light in his life? This ultra-modern smart table lamp looks great on a shelf, nightstand, or even a coffee table! This lamp works with Google Home or Alexa and can produce a full range of RGB color combinations to suit Dad’s style and mood. The lamp can be brightened or dimmed with a simple “Hey Google” and will definitely bring good vibes to any space.

45. Outdoor Smart Plug

If your Dad is handy and likes to work outdoors or in the garage, then he would love this outdoor smart plug with two sockets and IP64 weather resistance. This smart plug works with Alexa and Google, and can be controlled even when Dad is away from home. Perfect for outdoor lights, power tools and more!

46. Color Changing Smart Bulbs

If you’re thinking about gifting Dad some smart bulbs, but plain old white bulbs seem too boring, then opt for these impressive color-changing ones instead! These smart bulbs are compatible with Alexa and Google and can display any range of colors Dad chooses. Plus, with music synchronization, these lights will turn Dad’s house into a party, any time!

47. Kasa Smart Security Camera

Let Dad keep an eye on his castle with this indoor smart security camera. Easy to mount in a convenient location, this camera can pan and tilt to provide full panoramic views of any room it’s placed in. With 1080p camera quality and incredible night vision, this camera will let Dad see it all, no matter what time of day or night.

48. Universal Remote Control

Is your Dad always losing the remote? Put an end to that forever with this universal controller! This remote goes far beyond flicking through channels, and it can control nearly any device in the home. Lights, television, and even air-conditioner can be controlled with just one app. 

49. Electric Candle Lighter

This LED battery powered lighter is a great gadget for Dad to have in the house. It works great for candles, cooking, BBQ’s, fireworks and much more.

50. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This useful desktop vacuum cleaner is powered with AA batteries and is a useful gadget for Dad to have around the house. It will help him keep his desktop clean and will help him pick up crumbs in some other tough to reach nooks and crevices. 

Before Buying Consider what Dad has:

With most smart-home devices, it’s important that the devices can all work together. So if Dad has all Alexa devices, then gifting him a Google Home product won’t do much good. 

You should also consider what type of devices would be best suited to Dad’s lifestyle.

Get Dad the Best Home-Tech

If your Dad loves technology and smart home devices, this comprehensive list contains some excellent ideas for great gifts he’s sure to love.

If you’re still looking for further inspiration, consider checking out one of the many smart home magazines to find more ideas. There are several publications dedicated to smart home technology, most of which are available online.

Best of luck with getting a great smart home gift for your techie Dad!