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Baseball Gifts for Dad

Is Dad obsessed with America’s favorite pastime? Whether he watches from the stands or is out on the field, there are plenty of fun baseball-themed gifts for you to give him!

From team apparel to tailgating essentials, Dad is sure to love one of these baseball related gifts! Keep on reading to learn more about these 29 handpicked baseball gifts for Dad!

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Best Baseball Gifts for Dad

Finding a great baseball gift for Dad can be a real challenge. If you’re searching for the best baseball gift around, look no further. This list contains fun baseball gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

If Dad loves to visit new baseball stadiums, he will be obsessed with this stadium tour wall map. This map is a fun and subtle way for Dad to incorporate baseball into his home!

This baseball-themed decanter is a unique item any baseball fan would love. Great for Dad’s favorite liquor, this decanter is high-quality and comes with a set of four glasses.  

03/01/2024 11:35 pm GMT

This baseball-shaped cutting board is the perfect gift for a baseball-loving chef. It is made out of high-quality bamboo and is great for tailgates, barbecues, family dinners, and more!

If Dad loves baseball then a sweatshirt from his favorite team would make a great a gift. Here is a Yankees hoodie, but browse the collection on Fanatics and get Dad a hoodie from his favorite team.

03/02/2024 02:15 am GMT

Help Dad feel like he plays for the major leagues with this custom pinstripe jersey. The team name, last name, number, and color are all customizable, making for a one-of-a-kind item that Dad will cherish. 

These laser-engraved coasters feature diagrams of four iconic plays from baseball history. The amazing pieces of decor come in many different styles, based on tons of MLB teams!

7. Grill Caddy
$42.99 $33.99
03/02/2024 02:26 am GMT

If Dad loves to tailgate outside of baseball stadiums or grill while he watches the game, he will get a lot of use out of this large bag. It has tons of useful compartments.

A baseball-themed coat rack is a subtle and creative way to bring a bit of baseball into the home. This bat-shaped coat rack comes fully assembled and would look great in Dad’s entryway, man cave, garage, and more!

Attending a sporting event can go from fun to miserable quickly thanks to the hot sun. With this baseball cap, Dad can protect his eyes and stay cool at the same time. The built-in fan runs on both electric and solar power.

03/02/2024 09:35 am GMT

Whether Dad has an expansive baseball card collection or is just now getting into the hobby, he will love this wooden display case. It can fit up to 50 cards!

Luxury Baseball Gifts for Dad

While Dad deserves to be spoiled, finding the best luxury gift can be tough. With this list it is easy to find fun baseball gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

This custom bobblehead is a great gift for any baseball-loving Dad. Bobbleheads are a popular piece of baseball merchandise and each one of these items is completely one-of-a-kind.

03/02/2024 09:39 am GMT

These baseball-themed posters are sleek and fun and look great both framed and unframed. Printed on heavyweight, chalkboard paper, these art pieces show baseball patents that Dad will love to nerd out on.

03/02/2024 10:05 am GMT

If Dad is often the designated chef at his baseball tailgates, he will love this portable charcoal grill. It is easy to clean and super easy to travel with.


Whether Dad is a pro player or just trying to learn new skills, he will get great use out of this portable batting practice system. It is super durable and adjustable for any height!

03/02/2024 10:16 am GMT

Dad can travel in style with this retro, baseball-themed suitcase. This hardshell suitcase will help ensure that Dad always knows which piece of luggage belongs to him.

If Dad loves some friendly competition he’d love a cornhole set with his favorite baseball team on it. This here is a Boston Red Sox-themed corn hole set, but check out Fanatics and find a cornhole set from Dad’s favorite team.

17. Baseball Wall Game
$189.00 ($3.15 / count)
03/02/2024 10:30 am GMT

This baseball-themed wall decor doubles as a functional game! It comes with four mini baseballs and two pieces of chalk. This game is scored just like baseball and is played by trying to throw the balls into different circles to hit singles, doubles, triples, and home runs!

03/04/2024 02:25 pm GMT

The latest stats of Dad’s favorite baseball team can be easily displayed on this LED clock. This incredible item is controlled by a simple app – no coding needed! 


Affordable Baseball Gifts for Dad

Finding an incredible baseball gift for Dad does not have to break the bank. Below are gifts under $40 that Dad will love.

If Dad loves baseball he probably loves baseball cards. Gift him a set of 2024 baseball cards and see if he can pull some valuable players.

03/04/2024 01:00 pm GMT

Make Dad feel special by giving him this standard-size baseball with engraving that reads “#1 Dad.” It is high-quality and will look great on display.

03/04/2024 01:05 pm GMT

Any baseball-obsessed Dad would love these funny socks. They are thick and soft and come with a fun gift box.

A great way to show Dad you care is to get him a baseball cap with the logo of his favorite team! 

03/04/2024 01:05 pm GMT

The only thing better than a page-a-day calendar is a page-a-day calendar with baseball trivia for each day. With quotes, fun facts, and trivia, Dad will love this fun item.

03/04/2024 01:06 pm GMT

If Dad is always cold, this fleece blanket will help keep him warm. With a lightweight, cozy feel, Dad can enjoy this blanket in all seasons.

03/04/2024 01:19 pm GMT

Dad can display his baseball fan pride anywhere and everywhere with this fun t-shirt. It is lightweight and comes in ten different colors.

If Dad loves to crack open a cold beer, he will absolutely love this baseball-bat-shaped bottle opener. It is made out of natural wood and stainless steel.

03/04/2024 01:59 pm GMT

Dad can play catch in the dark with this durable baseball. No charging is needed for some backyard, park, or beach fun.

03/04/2024 02:04 pm GMT

Gift Dad some classic Big League Chew so he can have all the gum he needs to watch or play baseball.

If Dad enjoys puzzles and games, he will adore this fun book full of baseball-themed crosswords. With references to all decades and answers to each puzzle, this book will give Dad hours of fun.

Give Dad a Grand Slam of a Gift!

From equipment to improve his skills to fun pieces of art, Dad is sure to love one of these thoughtful gifts. 

You may also want to gift Dad an experience! Take him to watch one of his favorite teams, book him some time at a batting cage, or go play catch at a local park. Giving Dad an experience is a great way to ensure an amazing time that Dad will remember for years to come.

We hope this list of baseball gifts helped you find the giftspiration you need. Good luck finding the perfect present for Dad!