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Dad’s birthday is a big deal! Getting Dad a birthday present is always a good idea, but this year if you want to create lasting memories and make his birthday extra special, consider planning a special way to spend the day with Dad.

Here are 43 fun and unique ideas for things to do with Dad on his birthday!

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If Dad Loves To Eat Food

1. Take him out for a dinner: Treat your Dad to a special dinner at a fancy restaurant or a restaurant he’s been wanting to try.

2. Make him breakfast in bed: Surprise him with a special breakfast in bed featuring his favorite dishes, coffee, and juice. This will get his birthday off to a great start!

3. Cook a special dinner for him at home: If your Dad prefers a home-cooked meal, plan and prepare a special dinner for him at home. If you want to go above and beyond, create a menu with his favorite dishes and let him pick what he get served.

4. Take a cooking class together: Take a cooking class together and learn new recipes and techniques. This will be a great way to spend quality time while also learning new skills!

5. Go to a farmers’ market or food festival: Visit a local farmers’ market or food festival and try new foods together. A fun way to spend the day while supporting the community and trying new foods.

6. Go on a food tour of your city or a nearby city: Take a food tour of your city or a nearby city and try new foods. This a great way to learn about the history of the area while trying new foods.

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If Dad Is Competitive

7. Go out for a round of golf: If your Dad is a golfer, take him out for a round of golf at his favorite course or try a new course he’s been wanting to play. You can find tee times at many courses near you at

8. Play a round of mini-golf: If you’re Dad is not up for the big course, take him for a round of mini-golf. This is a fun lighthearted way to spend the day with Dad, which could get really competitive

9. Watch his favorite sports game or event: Surprise your Dad by taking him to see his favorite sports team play (search for tickets) or plan a big day to watch a big game together at home.

10. Go bowling together: Bowling is a classic activity that’s fun for all ages. Take Dad to the local bowling alley and challenge him to a game or two for some friendly competition.

11. Plan a game night with his favorite board games: Break out Dad’s favorite board game and gather the family so Dad can compete.

12. Go to a trivia night at a local bar or restaurant: Test Dad’s knowledge and competitiveness by going to a trivia night at a local bar or restaurant.

13. Play laser tag or paintball: Find a game of laser tag or paintball in your area and enjoy some friendly competition. You can also invite other family members or friends to join in.

14. Go to an escape room challenge: If your Dad loves puzzles and problem-solving, take him to an escape room challenge. You can work together to solve clues and see if you guys have what it takes to escape the room!

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If Dad Likes Learning New Things

15. Go to a museum or art gallery: If your Dad is a history buff, take him to a museum or art gallery. You can plan ahead and book a guided tour or simply explore on your own.

16. Go to a wine-tasting: If your Dad enjoys wine, take him on a wine-tasting. You can find a local vineyard or restaurant in your area and learn all about Dad’s favorite wines.

17. Take a dance class together: If your Dad enjoys dancing, take a dance class together. Even if he doesn’t it’s a fun way to push him out of his comfort zone. You can try different styles such as salsa, swing, or ballroom.

18. Take a photography class together: Take a photography class and learn how to take better photos. After you guys can use your skills and create some lasting memories.

19. Take a pottery or art class together: Take a pottery or art class together and learn how to create something beautiful. You can use the art creations as a reminder of the special day.

20. Take a language class together: Take a language class in the language that Dad’s ancestors were from. This will be a great way to get in touch with Dad’s roots while also learning something new!

21. Attend a book reading or author event: If your Dad loves to read, attend a book reading or author event together. You can spend a nice day together, meet the author, and discuss the book.

22. Go stargazing: Go stargazing and admire the night sky. Bring a telescope, binoculars, or use the SkyView App and learn about constellations.

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If Dad Is Adventerous

23. Go on a hike or nature walk: Spend some quality time with your Dad in nature by going on a hike or nature walk. Choose a trail that is suitable for his fitness level and you can even pack a lunch to enjoy along the way.

24. Take a bike ride together: If your Dad enjoys cycling, go on a bike ride together. You can plan to bike to a specific destination like a park or restaurant or just explore new trails in the area.

25. Go fishing: If your Dad is a fishing enthusiast, take him fishing. You can rent a boat, book a fishing charter, or simply go to the lake or ocean and fish from the shore.

26. Take a scenic drive together: Take Dad on a scenic drive and enjoy the views. You can plan a route that passes by some of his favorite landmarks that give him nostalgia or take him to some new spots!

27. Go on a hot air balloon ride: Take your Dad on a hot air balloon ride for a unique and memorable experience. Great for any adventure lover, you can enjoy some unbelievable views and take cool photos together.

28. Go on a camping trip: If your Dad loves the wilderness, plan a camping trip. You can choose a camping site that offers activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, or kayaking.

29. Visit a nearby city or town for a day trip: Plan a day trip to a nearby city or town that your Dad has always wanted to visit. You can explore the sites, try new foods, and make memories together.

30. Take him on a boat ride: If your Dad loves boating, rent a boat and take him out for a day on the water. You can find a nice spot on the water park the boat and go fishing, swimming, or eat lunch.

31. Go to a theme park or amusement park: If your Dad loves rollercoasters, take him to a theme park or amusement park. You can ride roller coasters and enjoy the attractions together.

32. Go on a ghost tour or haunted house adventure: If your Dad loves spooky stories, take him on a ghost tour or haunted house adventure so he can learn about all the local legends and ghost stories.

33. Go on a road trip to a place he’s always wanted to visit: Plan a road trip to a place your Dad has always wanted to visit. You can make stops along the way and create lasting memories.

34. Go on a helicopter tour: Take a helicopter tour and enjoy the views from above. Not only is riding a helicopter unique and fun, but you’ll also get a unique view of the area.

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If Dad Likes to Spend Time with Friends and Family

35. Go to a comedy show or improv night: If your Dad loves to laugh, surprise him and take him to a comedy show or improv night.

36. Plan a movie marathon at home: Pick a genre or theme and plan a movie marathon at home. You can prepare snacks, popcorn, and drinks to enjoy during the movie. You can pick old classics that Dad loves or movies that he’s never seen that you think he’d like. We even put together a list of 27 great movies to watch with Dad on his birthday so you don’t have to waste time deciding what to watch!

37. Go to a concert or live music event: If your Dad loves music, take him to a concert or live music event. Take him to see his favorite band or a cover band of a genre that he loves.

38. Have a spa day together: Treat your Dad to a spa day and relax together. You can book massages, facials, or other spa treatments and enjoy the amenities together.

39. Have a picnic in the park: Pack a picnic basket with your Dad’s favorite foods and head to the park for a relaxing picnic where you can enjoy a nice day outside.

40. Volunteer together for a cause you both care about: Find a cause you both care about and volunteer together. You can make a difference in your community while spending quality time together.

41. Have a backyard BBQ with family and friends: Host a backyard BBQ and invite your Dad’s family and friends. You can set up lawn games and grill burgers, hot dogs, and other barbeque foods.

42. Have a karaoke night at home or at a karaoke bar: Sing your hearts out with a karaoke night at home or at a karaoke bar. You can choose your favorite songs and have fun.

43. Have a beach day: Spend a day at the beach and enjoy the sun, sand, and water. You can bring games, food, and music. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!


There are so many fun and meaningful things you can do to celebrate your Dad’s birthday.

Whether you choose to do something active, adventurous, educational, competitive, or relaxing, by just taking the initiative and planning a day with Dad will make him feel appreciated. 

Planning a fun day for Dad doesn’t necessarily get you off the hook for a present though! I’d still get Dad something even if it’s just a birthday card with a heartfelt birthday wish! If you do want to buy Dad a present and need help finding Dad a birthday present, we keep an up-to-date list of the 27 Hottest Birthday Gifts for Dad or you can find plenty of ideas on the Dad section of the site. 

Good luck and Happy Birthday to your Dad.

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