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Is Dad obsessed with taking his boat out, searching for some nautical adventures, or finding any and every excuse to be out on the water? 


Below you will find 50 of the best boating gifts for Dad. From fun gadgets Dad can use on the boat to gifts that will help him declare his love for boating to the world, this list has it all. Keep on reading to discover these handpicked gifts that are perfect for any boat-obsessed Dad. 


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Best Boating Gifts for Dad

This list contains boating gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Sperry Men's Boat Shoe

These Sperry boat shoes are comfortable, stylish, and top-notch footwear for spending time on the water. Features include a moccasin-stitched toe, rust-resistant eyelets, and a slotted collar.

2. JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music makes every boat ride better. This waterproof speaker is wireless, bluetooth, and has a noise and echo-canceling speakerphone. 12 hours of continuous, high-quality audio playtime will keep the party going.

3. Sun Hat

This wide-brimmed hat will keep Dad protected from the hot sun. With wind and water resistance it is perfect for any kind of boating adventure.


4. Cooler Backpack

This insulated cooler backpack is perfect for Dad to bring some drinks onto the boat. It has leak-proof lining, tons of different compartments, a built-in beer opener, and comfortable straps making it easily portable!

5. Men's Waterproof Jacket 

In order for Dad to be prepared for any type of weather, he needs a high-quality rain jacket. This sleek jacket is lightweight enough to allow for a full range of motion, but still completely waterproof.

6. Snorkeling Set

Snorkeling is a super fun excuse for Dad to take the boat out on the water. This adult snorkeling set comes with an anti-fog and panoramic snorkel mask, a high-quality dry top snorkel, adjustable fins, ear plugs and a mesh carrying case!

7. Silk Sailboat Tie

This light blue tie is an amazing way for Dad to show his love for boating, even when he’s on land. Made out of 100% silk, this tie depicts tons of classic sailboats and even comes in a giftable tin case.

8. Sun Protection Shirt

If Dad’s boating adventures include constantly being in the sun, this UV-blocking shirt would make a great gift. It is super breathable, lightweight, and waterproof.

9. Boating LED Lights

Dad’s boat can be illuminated with his favorite color with these marine LED lights. With over 20 million color options and a strong self-adhesive, these environmentally safe lights make boating even more fun.

10. Marine Cheese Board And Tool Set

If Dad loves boating and cooking, this nautical cheese board would make an amazing gift. Not only does it look like a ship’s wheel, but it comes with an assortment of tools to craft an incredible charcuterie board.

11. Fishing Rod Set

Does Dad enjoy fishing? If so, this high-quality fishing rod set would make a great addition to his gear. Included are two lure boxes, two rods, and a carrying case!

12. Tide Clock

In order to stay safe, it’s important for Dad to be aware of the tides. This tide clock is a super easy way to do so. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is accurate as well. 

13. Rubber Sailing Boots

These rubber sailing boots will ensure that Dad stays upright and steady on board. They are made out of 100% natural rubber with a quick-drying polyester lining. 

14. Sailor’s Knife

This sailor’s knife is marine tested, virtually indestructible, and lightweight. It comes in a nice gift box with a bonus leather lanyard strap. 

15. YETI Sidekick Dry Bag

No matter what happens, the belongings in this bag will remain dry and protected. Features include a hydro shield closure, RF-welded seams, and a super durable material.


Luxury Boating Gifts for Dad

This list contains boating gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

16. Costa Del Mar Men's Rinconcito Sunglasses

These luxury sunglasses are great for keeping Dad’s eyes protected. The blue mirrored lenses are perfect for being out on the reflective water. The glasses are also impact resistant and block 100% of Ultraviolet rays.

17. Vintage Boat Motor Lamp

With this boat motor lamp, Dad can bring his love of boating inside the house. With durable construction, a rustic look, and warm lighting, this lamp makes a beautiful gift.

18. Whiskey Decanter With Ship

The only thing better than a ship in a bottle is one that holds whiskey. This gorgeous whiskey decanter was hand-blown by skilled artisans and has an airtight seal to keep Dad’s liquor in perfect condition.

19. Mountable Gas Grill

With this stainless steel grill, Dad can cook up burgers, hot dogs, and more all aboard his beloved boat. It is made out of marine-grade stainless steel and is easily mountable.

20. Underwater Fishing Camera

Whether Dad fears what’s below his boat or wants to learn more about it, he can take a look with this HD underwater fishing camera. The 82-foot-long cable is super easy to use and comes equipped with LED and infrared lights.

21. Portable Cooler

This sturdy wheeled cooler is essential for storing snacks, drinks, or even bait on board. It’s made out of commercial-grade polyurethane foam for maximum ice retention.

22. Marine Beanbag

A bean bag chair that’s designed for boating use would be a super fun addition to Dad’s boat. Not only does it provide some comfy extra seating, but it’s water resistant and easy to set up.

23. Wooden Ship Model

This stunning wooden boat is a beautiful piece of decor that would look great in Dad’s office, bedroom, or even onboard! This particular piece is a historically accurate model of a Swedish warship from the 1600s – perfect if Dad is a history buff.

24. Marine Binoculars

When going out on the water, Dad might encounter some interesting wildlife or particularly beautiful sights. With these marine binoculars, he could get a high-definition look at everything the open water has to offer.

25. 3-Person Towable Tube

Any day on the boat can become a party with this towable tube. This spacious tube is easy to use and can be towed forward or backward!

26. Wooden Oar Home Decor

This gorgeous wooden oar would look amazing hanging in Dad’s office, living room, or anywhere he wants to put it! It is made out of solid wood with a red and ivory honey-distressed French finish. 

27. Mountable Cup Holder

Every boat needs a bar…or at least a place to hold your drinks. Mocktails, cocktails, cups, napkins, straws, and more can fit perfectly into this mountable cup holder.

28. Metal Boat Art

Any boat-lover would be obsessed with these metal art pieces. The metal art sculpture is waterproof, won’t fade over time, and is easy to install.

29. Boat-Themed Bookcase

If Dad is always reading when he’s not on the water, this boat-shaped bookcase would be a super great gift. It is crafted out of sturdy wood which is finished with vibrant paint. 

30. Outdoor Smart Watch

With features such as navigation, weather tracking, and long battery life, this smartwatch is great for boating. It is water-resistant to a depth of up to 100 meters as well!

Affordable Boating Gifts for Dad

This list contains boating gift ideas for Dad that are under $40!

31. Boat Scuff Erasers

If Dad is a stickler for keeping the boat clean, make his job easier with these boat erasers. These-easy-to-use products remove dirt, grime, and scuffs without any harsh chemicals!

32. Sailing Knots Tin Sign

This fun poster displays tons of different types of sailing knots. It’s useful, has a cool retro feel, and is made with high-quality color printing!

33. Moisturizing Sunscreen

High-quality sunscreen is a boating must-have. This daily moisturizer has SPF 50 and broad-spectrum protection! It’s also fragrance-free and great for all skin types.

34. Stemless Nautical Wine Glasses

These nautical wine glasses look like high-quality glass, but are actually made out of shatter-proof plastic! They are dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and super cute.

35. Custom Boat Decal

With this customizable boat decal, Dad can take his love for boating to the next level. The high-quality graphic can last for over ten years without fading! 

36. Boat Gadget

This 10-in-one boat tool takes care of almost anything Dad could ever need! Uses include a bottle opener, a corkscrew wine opener, a square drain plug wrench, a survival whistle, a gas cap and key, a drain plug tool, a canvas snap opener, molded notches, a fishing line cutter and a T-Bar drain plug hole crank.

37. ‘Captain’ Baseball Hat

Help Dad assert his dominance as captain with this embroidered baseball hat. Not only is it stylish, but it blocks the sun as well!

38. Sailor’s Knot Book

If Dad has always wanted to learn more about sailor’s knots and how to master them, this book will be very useful. It includes instructions for over 50 knots and information about each one!

39. Anchor Bottle Opener

This brass-colored nautical bottle opener is a fun and practical gift – it can double as a keychain! It is useful, lightweight, and high-quality.

40. SquidCup

SquidCup is the best way to store a drink if there are no cup holders around. With this 16 oz. tumbler, Dad’s drink can survive the roughest of seas.

41. Boat Keys Keychain

With this gift, Dad will never forget which keys are which again. This keychain is hypoallergenic and made out of high-quality stainless steel!

42. The Boat Galley Cookbook

With The Boat Galley Cookbook, cooking aboard the boat will be a breeze. It contains over 800 recipes featuring easily obtainable ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

43. Captain's Log Book

This captain’s log book features over 100 pages for Dad to record his destination, ETA, weather, passenger manifest, fuel, and engine status, and other vital information. 

44. Pirate Bottle Opener

This adorable bottle opener combines a foil cutter, wine key & keychain bottle opener in one! This novelty item is a super fun find for any boater.

45. Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shaker

Dad can bring his love of boating into the kitchen with these sailboat salt and pepper shakers! They are ceramic with hand-painted watercolor stripes and would look great on a kitchen table.

Funny Boating Gifts for Dad

This list contains some funny gag gifts related to boating that will make Dad laugh!

46. Funny Boating Shirt

This funny shirt is great for any Dad that’s simply always on the water. It is lightweight and has a fun, vintage look!

47. Captain Hat & Glasses

With this cotton captain hat and aviator sunglasses, no one will question if Dad is the boss. 

48. Funny Tumbler

Put a smile on Dad’s face with this funny tumbler. It is perfect for keeping any drink cold for up to nine hours or hot for up to three hours!

49. ‘Let’s Get Shipfaced’ Banner

This hilarious banner is perfect for any nautical occasion. It is made out of glitter cardstock and is easy to hang up!

50. Funny Boat Captain Shirt

Dad can show off his humorous side with this funny boating shirt. It features a lightweight, classic fit, and hilarious design.

All Aboard!

Showing Dad you care about his niche interests is the ultimate token of appreciation. Whether Dad is a casual boater or is totally in love with boats, there is sure to be something on this list to make him happy. 

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