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Dad deserves to feel extra love on his special day. These amazing birthday cards are not only easy to order online, but they will make Dad super happy as well. Whatever his birthday plans are, we have the perfect card for you to give to Dad. 

From cool pop-up cards to funny puns, keep on reading to learn more about these 25 handpicked birthday cards For Dad you can order online!

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Funny Birthday Cards for Dad

Funny cards are often a crowd favorite. If Dad loves to laugh, these cards are sure to tickle his funny bone.

1. Funny TV Card

This humorous card is perfect for the Dad that’s always falling asleep while watching TV. It is printed on thick, durable cardstock.

2. Whiskey Card

If Dad considers himself to be a whiskey enthusiast, he will absolutely love this hilarious card. It comes with fun stickers for extra personalization so you can include some funny birthday jokes of your own!

3. Dad Joke Card

With this funny card, Dad will never run out of Dad jokes again. It comes with a thick envelope wrapped in a plastic sleeve.

4. Money Pop-Up Card

This super silly card is sure to make Dad let out a laugh. With its funny message and pop-up surprise, this is a card that Dad will love for years to come.

5. List Card

This hilarious card pokes fun at the nature of a grumpy old man. It has a high-gloss finish and a nice message inside.

Sports Birthday Cards for Dad

Sports fans and casual viewers alike will love these creative sports cards.

6. Football Card

If Dad is a football fan, he will love this cute card. It has cool colors and textures and a fun message inside.

7. Golf Club Card

Any Dad that appreciates a good pun will love this card. With tons of fun details, Dad is sure to love this high-quality card.

8. Basketball Card

Getting Dad this card is a slam dunk. Alongside a fun cover, this card features an awesome basketball-themed pop-up inside.

9. MVP Card

Celebrate Dad with this one-of-a-kind card. Whether Dad loves to try his hand at a variety of sports or watch from the sidelines, he will adore this 3D card.

10. Golf Birthday Card

If Dad has a love for golf, he will also love this fun, illustrated birthday card. Printed on premium cardstock, profits from each purchase helps kids in need throughout the world.

Unique Birthday Cards for Dad

If you’re looking for a unique card for Dad to enjoy, you have come to the right place.

11. Confetti Card

Despite his title as #1 Dad, Dad is not safe from a confetti surprise. This fun card is one that Dad will remember for years to come. 

12. Sneaker Card

This sneaker card has tons of cool textures, giving it a spectacular 3D effect! Its unique shape also allows it to stand upright and act as a fun piece of decor in Dad’s home.

13. Jumbo Birthday Card

If you’re getting Dad a card from a group of people, this jumbo card will allow him to feel all of the love he is surrounded by! Getting a heartfelt, oversized card is a truly memorable experience.

14. License Plate Card

Show Dad you care by getting him this thick, metallic, 3D license plate card! It is super shiny and can stand upright.


15. Grill Pop-Up Card

If Dad loves to grill, this card featuring a mini pop-up grill is sure to put a smile on his face. It has tons of fun details for Dad to find.

Music-Themed Birthday Cards for Dad

Whether Dad plays an instrument, sings, or just loves music, he will greatly appreciate these amazing music-themed birthday cards.

16. Accordion Card

Dad doesn’t have to be a skilled accordion player to appreciate this interactive card. When Dad opens and closes the card it will play happy birthday! 

17. For the Record Card

Whether Dad has an expansive vinyl collection or just appreciates a cute card, he will love this record-themed birthday card! It comes with a high-quality envelope. 

18. Musician Card

This gorgeous watercolor card is perfect for a music lover. It features a cool musician and tons of colorful music notes. 

19. Guitar Card

This interactive guitar card will play “Smoke on the Water” when Dad strums the guitar! It is slightly oversized and super fun.

20. Music Player Card

This fun card features embellished images of different types of music players. It features a sweet message inside and comes with a premium envelope with a gold seal.

Fishing-Themed Birthday Cards for Dad

These great fishing cards are perfect for the Dad who loves to spend time out on the water.

21. Best Catch Card

This simple, yet stylish card is perfect for any Dad that enjoys fishing. The cover features adorable fish that stand out due to foil, clear resin, and embossing!

22. Fisherman Pop-Up Card

This incredible pop-up card is perfect for your fisherman Dad. It has tons of fun details for Dad to appreciate!

23. Simple Fish Card

This super simple card is great for the Dad that loves a good pun. It is super cute and has tons of room for personalization.

24. Reel Good Bday Card

This adorable card will make sure Dad has a reel good time on his birthday. It is beautifully illustrated with gold accents.

25. Fish Pun Card

This amazing card is full of fish-themed puns to make Dad smile. It is super hilarious and comes with a high-quality gold envelope. 

For the Dad that deserves an extraordinary birthday.

Any one of these thoughtful cards will make Dad’s birthday feel extra amazing. Whether it’s funny or heartfelt, a special card is a great way to show Dad you care. For the perfect gift to go alongside one of these cards, check out our hottest birthday gifts for Dad.

If you are looking for something unique to do on Dad’s birthday this year, take a look at our list of things to do with Dad on his birthday.

Best wishes in your search for the perfect card for Dad.

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