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The holiday season is upon us, and it’s that time of year when we’re faced with the challenge of finding the perfect Christmas gift for the Dad who seemingly has everything or insists he wants nothing.

Here at ParentPresents, we specialize in gifts for parents, and Christmas is our Super Bowl! We have spent the past several months curating this list of the best Christmas Gifts for Dads so you can find a gift quickly and get back to your busy life!

As you scroll through this gift guide, you’ll find a wealth of giftspiration that will help you select unique and meaningful gift that will bring a smile to your Dad’s face.

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Best Christmas Gifts For Dad ($40 to $150)

Below are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas that are all in the $40 and $150 price range. 

1. Ergonomic Snow Shovel

This heavy-duty snow shovel is the perfect gift for Dads who want to keep their driveways clear and backs intact! Its ergonomically curved handle allows for easy use with less back pain

2. Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

This smart thermos mug is the perfect Christmas gift for Dads who love a morning cup of coffee. This temperature-controlled mug will prevent Dad’s coffee from getting cold.

3. RENPHO Reach Massage Gun

The RENPHO Reach Massage Gun is a great Christmas gift for Dads who enjoy staying active and could use some muscle relief. Its extension handle makes it easy to reach spots that are tough to reach with a regular massage gun.

4. NFL Jersey

How about an NFL jersey from Dad’s favorite team? The perfect way for him to show off his team spirit and feel like he’s part of the action on game day.

5. LEXIVON 2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure

This tape measure comes with laser capabilities so Dad can measure up to 130ft. at the push of a button. Innovative technology that will be an upgrade from your old man’s current tape measure.

6. Salt Cooking Block

This Himalayan Salt Cooking Block is a unique and fun Christmas gift for Dad as he can use it to grill or cook his favorite meats, veggies, and even seafood.

8. Countertop Icemaker

This countertop ice maker is a practical gift for Dads who like to enjoy cold beverages or host gatherings. It can produce 9 bullet ice cubes in just 6 minutes and has a high daily ice-making capacity of 26.5 pounds. 

9. Charging Station

The TopTier 3 in 1 Magsafe Wireless Charging Station combines functionality and sleek design that allows Dad to conveniently charge his iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once. Perfect for Dad’s desk or nightstand.

10. Home Office Stand

This computer monitor stand is great for Dads who work from home or spend long hours at their desks. This sleek and sturdy stand not only enhances their workspace but also promotes better posture and organization.

11. Portable Monitor

This viral TikTok monitor is a fantastic Christmas gift for busy Dads. The portable monitor allows him to easily extend his screen space so he can work with dual monitors without needing to be at his desk.

12. Razor Shaving Kit

Looking for a gift that will make Dad feel like a true gentleman? This vintage-inspired shaving kit includes everything he needs for a luxurious and nostalgic wet shave experience.

13. Whiskey Set

This whiskey gift set is the perfect Christmas present for Dad who loves his whiskey. The unique tactical box display adds a touch of masculinity, while the included whiskey stones ensure his drink stays perfectly chilled without dilution.

14. Golf Rangefinder

If your Dad loves golf and still uses a GPS watch. This is the year to upgrade him to a rangefinder! The rangefinder will tell Dad the exact distance to the hole from anywhere where he can see the pin.

15. Anti Snoring Device

This Anti-Snore Device by SmartGuard is the perfect gift for Dads who need a good night’s sleep. This device helps reduce snoring by holding the jaw forward and opening up the airway, ensuring a quiet and restful night for the whole house.

16. NFL Team Quarter-Zip

An NFL Quarter-Zip Jacket is a great Christmas gift for Dads who are die-hard football fans. It combines their favorite NFL team with a stylish and functional jacket great for everyday wear.

17. Portable Charger

This Crave Travel PRO Power Bank will provide Dad with a powerful 13400 mAh battery charger ensuring quick and efficient charging. With its portable and sleek design, Dad can easily take it on-the-go and never run out of battery again.

18. Air Fryer

Let your Dad air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate with this Air Fryer. This Air Fryer is dishwasher safe and comes with 9 customizable functions and 130+ exclusive recipes so Dad can whip up quick and delicious meals with ease.

19. Meat Thermometer

The Listime Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth is the perfect Christmas gift for Dads who love to cook and grill. It allows Dad to monitor the temperature of their food wirelessly from up to 165ft away, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

20. Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Holder

How about this AYRAVIIO Monocular Telescope with smart phone holder? Perfect for Dads who love exploring nature or bird watching. This telescope will make an exciting and enjoyable gift for any adventure-loving father.

21. Foot Massager

This Foot Massager offers multiple benefits such as soothing heat, kneading, vibration, and compression that can provide ultimate relaxation and relief for Dad’s tired and sore feet.

22. Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker Kit

Looking for a gift that will leave Dad feeling like a suave bartender? Why not impress him with this Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker Kit. Complete with a torch and bar stand, this kit allows him to infuse his favorite whiskey or bourbon for a fun and unique drinking experience. 

23. Knife Sharpener

The Knife Sharpener is a practical yet exciting Christmas gift for Dads who love cooking. It effortlessly restores any knife’s sharpness using diamond-coated ceramic sharpening stones. Plus it features an adjustable angle guide for precise sharpening. 

24. Portable Car Battery

The AstroAI S8 Car Jump Starter is a practical gift for Dad as it provides the benefit of a portable car battery charger that can jumpstart engines up to 6.0L gas and 3.0L diesel, ensuring that he never gets stranded on the road again. With the added convenience of a built-in flashlight and jumper cables, this jump box is a practical and reliable tool that every Dad will appreciate.

25. Portable espresso machine

This portable espresso machine allows Dad to enjoy his favorite coffee on the go, making him feel like a barista wherever he is!

Luxury Christmas Gifts For Dad ($150+)

If you are looking to spend more than $150 on a Christmas gift for Dad this year check out some of these gift ideas below! We also have a longer list of 25 Big Baller Gifts for Dad that includes all gift ideas over $150.

26. Conquest Map

The Conquest Maps World Map is the perfect Christmas gift for Dads who love to travel. This map comes with pushpins so Dad can track all of the places he’s traveled. Putting the pins in the map will make him nostalgic about his travels and make a great conversation starter.

27. NFL Team Dart Board

How about a dartboard with his favorite NFL team logo on the front? A great addition to his mancave. The dartboard will show off Dad’s fandom while giving him something fun to play against his friends. 

28. Touchscreen Toaster

This premium touchscreen toaster is a great way to add some smart technology to Dad’s kitchen! It is easy to clean and toasts 35% faster than leading toasters. A great present for Dads who like to make toast, sandwiches, waffles, and more

29. Lego Typewriter

The LEGO Ideas Typewriter 21327 Building Set for Adults is the perfect Christmas gift for Dads who appreciate nostalgia and creativity. It will be a fun project for Dad to tackle and make a cool piece of home decor when it is all finished.

30. Sports Memorabilia

Give your Dad the gift of nostalgia with autographed cards, footballs, or other valuables from his favorite sports team. This here is a Tom Brady autographed New England Patriots mini helmet. But check out and you can find something from Dad’s favorite team or athlete. 

31. Outdoor Pizza Oven

The perfect Christmas gift for Dad to unleash his inner pizza chef! With its ability to cook a 13″ pizza and its portable design, Dad can easily cook pizzas in the backyard for the whole family.

32. NFL Cornhole Set

A cornhole set from Dad’s favorite NFL team makes a thoughtful Christmas gift for any competitive Dads. This set comes with 2 boards plus the bags and will provide hours of fun and friendly competition at tailgates or backyard parties. 

33. Car Dashboard Camera

With its high-resolution 4K recording, GPS tracking, and wide-angle lens, this dashboard camera provides clear footage and gives Dad some evidence if anything were to happen on the road.

34. Record Player Bluetooth Speaker

Great for music-loving Dads, This record player not only allows him to enjoy his favorite vinyl records with high-fidelity sound but also includes built-in Bluetooth speakers so Dad can connect his iPhone and play his favorite songs from today.

Affordable Christmas Gifts For Dad (Under $40)

Tight on a budget? Here are some gift ideas that will make an awesome gift for under $40. If you are looking for more affordable gift ideas, check out our guide of 25 Gifts for Dad Under $25.

35. Customizable Dry Box

This Waterproof Dry Box Protective Case allows Dad to organize and protect his essential gear such as cameras, phones, knives, and other essentials when he’s fishing, camping, or enjoying any outdoor adventures. 

36. Sports Team Tie

A tie with the logo and colors from Dad’s favorite sports team is a fun gift for professional Dads who are die-hard football fans. Great for Dad to wear to the office on Monday after their favorite team wins! 

37. Couch Cup Holder Tray

This Couch Cup Holder Tray not only keeps his favorite drink within arm’s reach while relaxing on the couch, but it also features a strong and weighted design to prevent spills and slips. Great for Dads who like to watch movies or binge TV shows on the couch.

38. Crock-Pot Heatable Lunch Box

This Crock-Pot Electric Lunch Box allows Dad to enjoy warm, homemade meals on-the-go. Its compact size and portability make it a convenient choice for Dad’s busy lifestyle, making it a useful Christmas gift.

39. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

This Bluetooth Audio Transmitter allows Dad to easily connect his AirPods or wireless headphones with any device that he might have difficulty connecting to. It’s perfect for in-flight entertainment on airplanes, working out at the gym, or tablets.

Funny Christmas Gifts For Dad

Below are a few funny gift ideas and accessories that are sure to make Dad chuckle.

40. Toliet Timer

A silly gift for the Dad who takes too long in the bathroom! One that is certain to make the whole family laugh. 

41. Six Pack Apron

This six-pack apron is a hilarious gift that will make him smile every time he wears it while grilling or baking in the kitchen.

42. World's Best Farter Mug

A funny mug that will make the whole family laugh out loud! It’ll make Dad smile as he goes to drink his morning coffee.

43. Exploding Golf Balls

One of the most classic golf pranks in the books. The exploding golf ball is perfect for any jokester Dad. When used right this gift will be sure to have his entire golf group on the floor laughing

Make Dad's Christmas Special!

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