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 Is Dad always traveling? Whether he explores the world, seeks new adventures, or has a seemingly endless amount of business trips, we have the best gifts for your traveler Dad.

With these 50 handpicked items, you are sure to find some of the perfect travel gifts for Dad.

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Best Travel Gifts for Dad

This list contains fun travel gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Blackout Eye Mask

Getting good sleep on a crowded airplane is not always easy. With this silk eye mask, Dad is sure to be well-rested as he is en route to his next adventure. With hypoallergenic pure silk and light-blocking technology, Dad is sure to wake up feeling relaxed.  

2. New York Times Travel Book

Combining travel journalism, narrative storytelling, and breathtaking photography, The New York Times Explorer. 100 Trips Around the World would make an amazing gift for any travel fan. Its vibrant, informative pages will allow Dad to feel the excitement of travel from his own home!


3. Suitcase Organizer

This hanging packing cube makes staying organized simple and easy. With mesh windows, reinforced steel hooks, and compression, this organizer will help Dad pack more and stress less. 

4. Portable Charger

There are few things worse than being away from home and watching your electronics slowly lose charge. This power bank will ensure that Dad will never have to go through that pain again. It is sleek and super fast!


5. Passport Holder

The only thing better than an absolutely adorable passport case is a passport case that doubles as a wallet and phone charger! This travel wallet is great for multi-purpose use, featuring RFID-blocking compartments and a slim power bank!

6. Portable Espresso Machine

With this portable espresso machine, Dad can stay caffeinated anywhere and everywhere. All he has to do is add a compatible capsule into the top and pour hot water into the water tank and he will have a delicious drink in seconds!

7. Carry On Cocktail Kit

This cocktail kit will help Dad make a gourmet beverage just about anywhere – even in-flight! Each tin kit includes everything except the liquor, from cocktail napkins to spoons!

8. Travel Tote Bag

This bag would be perfect for a weekend getaway or as a carry-on on an airplane! It has a padded laptop pocket and is collapsible for easy and compact storage.

9. Tie Storage Case

This synthetic leather case is an amazing way for Dad to store his ties, bowties, cufflinks, and more! With this convenient case, Dad’s fashion essentials will be safe and wrinkle-free.

10. Portable Fan

Temperature control is not always easy on the road or in a hotel. This portable fan will make sure Dad is able to stay cool while he travels! It is foldable, has an adjustable height, and multiple different speeds. 

11. Bluetooth Trackers

Lost items will be a thing of the past with these Bluetooth trackers. These are perfect for when Dad is traveling with valuables such as his laptop, luggage, and car keys!


12. Infinity Pillow

This infinity pillow will allow Dad to be comfortable anywhere he goes. It has 360-degree neck and chin support, and super soft, breathable fabric!

13. Leather Hygiene Bag

Dad can organize his hygiene products in style with this brown leather bag. It has waterproof lining, zipper closure, and an extra compartment on the bottom for extra organization!

14. Travel Backpack

A good backpack is truly a traveling essential. This laptop backpack has a bunch of cool features such as waterproof fabric, adjustable shoulder straps, tons of useful compartments, and a luggage strap!

15. Slim Wallet

Having a travel wallet will ensure that Dad can pack as lightly as he needs to without leaving any of his essentials behind. This RFID-blocking wallet is super slim and is made out of durable military-grade materials!

Luxury Travel Gifts for Dad

Want to spoil Dad? This list has gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

16. Push Pin World Map

This push-pin map is an amazing way for Dad to keep track of his world travels. It has red push pins for the places he has gone and green ones so he can mark off all of his dream locations! Each high-quality map is framed!

17. Leather Weekender Bag

This Italian leather bag features stunning brown and red colors and semi-gloss. The strong canvas lining and floor-to-floor zipper make it a durable, functional, and gorgeous travel bag.

18. Kodak Photo Printer

With this portable printer, Dad can easily print photos of the incredible views he sees while traveling. With an accompanying app, this product is fun and simple to use.

19. 3-Piece Luggage Set

The first step to any good traveling is getting a good set of luggage. This hardshell luggage set comes with 3 different pieces, each with multidirectional wheels and a side-mounted, TSA-approved lock!

20. Globe Decanter Set

This gorgeous whiskey decanter features hand-blown glass by skilled artisans and a handcrafted wooden base. With a ground glass stopper, Dad’s alcohol will stay preserved. 

21. Thule Landmark Backpack

This travel backpack has a suitcase-style opening, tons of compartments, and is perfect for traveling. It has built-in safety features and is airport friendly!

22. Bose QuietComfort Headphones

A good pair of headphones makes any type of transportation more bearable. These Bluetooth headphones have high-fidelity audio, up to 24 hours of battery life, and noise cancellation!

23. Tumi Travel Kit

This Tumi travel bag is great for Dad to organize and store small items such as toiletries or electronics. It is lightweight and made out of leather!

24. Travel Art

These gorgeous map photos are printed onto thick, high-quality wooden canvases. They have a vintage look with vivid colors and are ready to hang!

25. Action Camera

As a traveler, Dad needs a good way to capture each adventure. This camera can capture everything from underwater photos to smooth, 4K HDR action videos! It has built-in technology to keep footage steady. It also comes with a protective frame and adapter mount!

26. Fossil Smart Watch

With this smartwatch, Dad can keep track of the time wherever he goes. He can also monitor his sleep, heart rate, steps, calls, texts, and more!

27. Running Shoes

Whether he’s on a crazy hike or spending all day on a plane, Dad needs some high-quality shoes to travel with. These running shoes are super soft and comfortable and will cushion Dad’s every step.

28. Language Translator

If Dad likes to spend time in other countries, he may benefit from a language translator. With this compact-size translator with over 40 languages, Dad will no longer have a language barrier while traveling.

29. Travel Vest

This vest has 26 hidden pockets – making it perfect for travel. By storing all of his valuables in one place, Dad can get through airport security quickly and easily. Not only that, but it also has an RFID pocket for extra protection!

30. Pop-up Power Strip

With this pop-up power strip, Dad will never have to worry about his electronics losing charge. Alongside being lightweight and waterproof, it also has a built-in speaker and LED lights!


Affordable Travel Gifts for Dad

This list contains travel gift ideas for Dad that are under $40!

31. Neck Pillow

A good neck pillow is a travel essential. This neck pillow has comfortable memory foam and amazing neck and chin support!

32. Roadfood Book

If Dad likes to cook, he will love this travel-inspired food guide. With 1,000 different eateries featured, this book would be a mouthwatering treat for any travel fan.

33. Cologne Sample Set

Mini colognes are the way to go when traveling. With this set, Dad can try out ten different designer scents! A small carrying pouch is also included.

34. White Noise Machine

If Dad needs white noise to sleep, this portable white noise machine would be great for him to bring on his next adventure. It is compact, portable, and even has a headphone jack so Dad will not disturb others.

35. Cell Phone Stand

If Dad loves to watch movies on the plane, he will very much appreciate this phone and tablet stand. It makes watching movies and tv on a long flight super easy! It is durable, lightweight, and covered in adorable designs!

36. Toiletry Kit

With this TSA-approved set, Dad can have a neat set of all of the travel essentials he could need. Products include shaving cream, deodorant, toothpaste, bandages, and more!

37. Luggage Scale

Travel is made easy with this portable luggage scale! Dad will never have to face another overweight bag charge with this easy-to-read, hanging luggage scale.

38. YETI Travel Mug

This 20-ounce travel mug will keep Dad’s drinks cold for hours on end. It is stainless steel, vacuum insulated, and has a 360-degree welded handle.

39. Electronics Organizer

Dad’s electronics will never be tangled again with this water-resistant electronics case. It is compact, portable, and has three padded dividers for easy organization.

40. Page-A-Day Travel Journal

Dad can document his travel memories in this gorgeous journal. It has one page for each day, a ribbon bookmark, and a vegan leather cover!

41. Vintage Compass

This beautiful antique compass is a stunning gift for any traveler. The functional and durable compass is made out of brass and comes in a leather case!

42. 50 States Photo Map

This sticker map was created by travelers for travelers. With the photomaps website, Dad can turn any of his photos into a sticker that can be used to fill up this fun map!


43. Personalized Luggage Tag

A personalized luggage tag is a great way to show Dad you care! Dad’s name can be laser engraved into the nice, water-resistant leatherette material. It comes in five different colors!

44. Map Laundry Bag

Even laundry can be fun with this world map laundry bag! The portable, polyester bag has a built-in pouch, inner loop, and carabiner. 

45. Travel Beard Care Set

On-the-go beard care is easy peasy with this eight-piece kit and carrying case! Products include a beard brush, beard comb, beard scissors, beard shampoo, conditioner, beard balm, and beard oil!

Funny Travel Gifts for Dad

This list contains some funny gag gifts related to traveling that will make Dad laugh!

46. Traveling Socks

These funny travel socks are sure to make Dad smile. They are super soft and fade-resistant!

47. Public Toilet Survival Kit

This comical kit is perfect for an on-the-go Dad. It comes in a super funny container that contains a toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and a pair of latex-free disposable gloves.

48. Pun T-Shirt

This vintage-style t-shirt features a funny travel pun. It is lightweight with a classic fit and super soft material.


49. Warning Mug

This hilarious mug has a funny and vibrant design that Dad will love. The high-quality ceramic mug is great for any hot or cold drink.

50. Funny Sweatshirt

This machine-washable sweatshirt would make an amazing gift for any sarcastic travel lover. It is super soft and comes in five different colors.

Bon Voyage!

With any of these items, Dad will be prepared and excited for his next adventure! From fun travel gadgets to useful essentials, Dad is sure to love these handpicked gifts. If you are still searching for the perfect gift, check out our lists for business Dads, golf Dads, and gamer Dads!