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Image of Dad holding a cat with text that says "50 Gifts for Cat Dads (That are Purrfect)

Does your Dad love cats or considers himself the best cat Dad on the planet? We have a list of 50 amazing gifts for your cat Dad that’ll bring him (and possibly his cat) joy. 

This purrfect list will work for any budget, so no matter what the occasion or your wallet allows, you’ll find something that your Dad will love.

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Best Gifts For Cat Dads

This list contains gifts for your cat-loving Dad that are between $40 and $150.

1. FluentPet Basic Vocab Kit

Does your  Dad love talking to his cat? This FluentPet Basic Vocab Kit lets your Dad teach his favorite pet 12 different words via recordable buttons for them to learn. Now his cat will be speaking back in no time!

2. Electronic Feather Cat Toy

This electronic cat toy is perfect if your Dad feels guilty about leaving the cat alone during work hours. The toy beeps to attract the cat’s attention and moves the feather to engage the cat. It’ll run for ten minutes and then shut itself off. 

3. Cat Indoor Training Mat

Does your Dad’s cat often jump onto windowsills or go into rooms it’s not supposed to? This indoor training mat will give your Dad the peace of mind he’s looking for. The mat will alert the cat through a warning sound when it steps on the mat. There are various sound/tone levels to help train the cat.

4. Cat Calming Diffuser

When a home has several cats, it’s not unusual for them to constantly get into fights. This can be extremely unsettling for cat Dads, so these calming diffusers help reduce any kind of tension in either or both cats. It also helps reduce any kind of nervous cat behaviors like urinating or scratching. 

5. Hanging Bridge

What’s more fun to have in the house for your pet than a hanging bridge? Your Dad will love hanging up this wooden bridge for his cat to run on. Not only is it going to bring fun and joy to his cat, but also to Dad. The bridge easily attaches to the wall.

6. Metal Wall Art

This metal piece of wall art will be enjoyed by your cat-obsessed Dad on the daily. The dimensions of this art piece is W:19.3″ x H:13.0″ and has a matte finish.

7. Cat Whiskey Decanter

Your cat Dad may also love whiskey and/or tequila, and what better way to display that alcohol than in a cat decanter? This decanter will work both as decor, as well as hold up to 750 ml of your Dad’s favorite liquor. 

8. Pet Crate

Your cat-loving Dad will love being able to pamper his fur baby to no extent with the contents of this box. The box includes a variety of cat treats, toys, and even cat-themed gifts for the owner! All items are high quality.

9. Cat Water Fountain

This modern drinking fountain will keep your Dad’s cat hydrated, while looking great in your Dad’s place. No filter is needed in order to keep the water clean to drink. 

10. Cat Stairs

When cats get old, jumping may not be an option anymore. That’s why your Dad will love these stairs for his elderly cat. It’ll allow his beloved pet to easily join him on the couch or armchair. 

11. Soft Cat Bed

Has your Dad’s bed been taken over by his cat? This round and fluffy bed is going to be comfy to your Dad’s cat. It’s available in more than a dozen colors, and a blanket can be purchased in addition.

12. Traveling Pet Backpack

For any future hikes or trips, this backpack will allow your Dad and his cat to be inseparable. The backpack has mesh panels and ventilation holes so his cat can breathe, and is available in a variety of colors.

13. Cat Tracker

Your cat-loving Dad will love this tracker that attaches to his cat’s collar. If his cat enjoys spending time outside, your Dad doesn’t have to worry about him or her going missing. The tracker uses bluetooth technology and a mobile app to show the cat’s location at all times.

14. Reflective Harness and Leash

Leashes are not just for dog walks! Cats can be taken on walks too, and this reflective harness and leash will be a hit with both cat and owner. The set is made to be comfortable and resist a strong pulling force.

15. Outdoor Cat House

Should your Dad be the owner of an independent outdoor cat, then he’ll appreciate this weatherproof outdoor cat house. It also has a built-in scratching post for the cat to scratch.

16. Pet Massager

Cat Dads often treat their pets with utmost care. The pet massager helps relax any tense muscles, improves blood circulation, and increases mobility.  Your Dad’s cat will never have been pampered more!

17. Leather Luxury Travel Carrier

If your Dad often travels and would love to take his cat with him this pet carrier is a great gift. It’s made of faux leather with mesh panels, and is considered a TSA-approved carry-on. 

18. Mini Pool Table

Here’s a mini pool table to accompany your Dad’s own pool table. The billiard balls are soft for your cat to play with. The pool sticks are feather cat wands to use with your cat, and the bottom of the pool table are scratching posts.

Luxury Gifts For Cat Dads

For larger budgets, these gift ideas are all $150 and up. 

19. Cat DNA Kit

Your cat-loving Dad will love this DNA test for his cat! It’s like for his cat! This will tell Dad all the different breeds as well as health markers. This could help with future vet visits, as well as giving his cat the correct food for the cat’s genetic dispositions. 

20. Hidden Cat Litter Shelf

This hidden cat litter shelf is perfect for any cat Dads that also have a thing for interior decorating. Cat litter boxes are often unsightly, but with the box being hidden by these two rustic doors. your Dad doesn’t have to worry about his space being stunk up by the litter. The shelving also offers extra storage space.

21. Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Busy cat Dads will love this pet camera and treat dispenser! No need to miss his pet, since your Dad can check in with his cat anytime! The dispenser can be controlled via an app on the phone and also has night vision. It also has 2-way audio, so your Dad can speak to his cat while away. 

22. Exercise Wheel

Your cat’s Dad may be a little overweight, and it’s easy to get worried about its health but this wooden exercise wheel will have your Dad’s cat healthy and fit in no time. It’s also incredibly entertaining to watch the cat play on and it makes little to no noise when being used.

23. Modern Scratching Post

Is your Dad tired of his cat constantly scratching the furniture? No better way to save his furniture than by getting this modern scratching post and cat tree. His cat will love sitting on the luxurious platforms of this cat tree. 

24. 360 Degree Pet Camera

For a traveling cat Dad, this gift is going to give so much peace of mind. The camera swivels around to give a 360 full view to track any movement of your Dad’s cat. With an HD camera, your Dad will be able to check in on his fur baby any time of day. 

25. Cat Flap

Does your Dad own a cat that loves to go outside? This cat flap is going to be perfect, as it reads his cat’s implanted microchip and then lets it in. This is the perfect solution for your Dad when he wants to ensure that no other animals get into the house. 

26. Outdoor Cat Patio

Your Dad’s outdoor cat will love this outdoor cat patio, that’s a perfect mix of safety and freedom. Your Dad can do yardwork or BBQ while spending quality time with his furry best friend. 

27. Cat Groomer

Too much cat fur can mean constant sneezing and MANY hairballs. Help your Dad by gifting him this grooming kit that will greatly reduce any shedding from his cat. The grooming kit is quiet and comes with multiple attachments. 

Affordable Gifts For Cat Dads

Here’s a list of affordable gifts under $40 that’ll work for any budget. 

28. Trendy Baseball Cap

This fashionable minimalist baseball cap is perfect for any cat Dad! The hat is made of 100% cotton and comes in different colors both in hat and stitching. This will become the newest staple for casual Friday or when going golfing with his friends on the weekend! 

29. Cat-themed Monopoly

This board game will be a delight at any game night! Unlike regular Monopoly, players can pay to own different cat breeds and must avoid different dog-themed obstacles in order to win. 

30. Cat Dad Shirt

To fit the cap mentioned above, there’s a cotton t-shirt that will grab anybody’s attention. The shirt is available in different colors, including blue, green, black, as well as heather options. It has a cool retro feel.

31. Laser Cat Toy

This laser cat toy is a great fit for any busy cat Dad! The laser will move for 1.5 hours for your cat to chase at 3 different speeds. The toy itself is quiet and doesn’t take up much space. 

32. Cat Tie

This polyester tie will be the talk of your Dad’s office! Made of polyester, the tie features a high-quality print that won’t fade quickly. Your Dad will be able to wear this to a black tie event or simply to work – either way, people are bound to ask him about it!

33. Cat Keychain

This military-tag style keychain is going to keep all of your Dad’s keys in one convenient place, and make it clear that they’re no one else’s but your Dad’s. Made of stainless steel, it’s sturdy and will become his newest favorite fashion accessory. 

34. Cat Card Game

This meme party game will help liven up any party your Dad may throw. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, players must match pictures of cats with funny captions. The best combination wins! 

35. Office Mood Board

When your Dad is at the office, he may be missing his cat and this mood board will not only make him laugh, but help him miss his pet less. The book of 25 different cat memes easily stands on the desk and will make any co-worker laugh.

36. Insulated Cat Tumbler

Perfect for your Dad’s morning cup of coffee, this cat tumbler will be a welcome gift. Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, this tumbler will hold up to 20 oz. of any beverage and keep it hot or cold.

37. Cat Puzzle

Any puzzle lover will enjoy this 300-piece masterpiece! Each puzzle piece is a cat. The player must assemble all 299 cats and 1 dog together seamlessly. Is your cat-obsessed Dad ready for the challenge?

38. Cat Hoodie Sweater

Hoodies are arguably the best and most comfortable item of clothing in anyone’s closet. This hoodie comes with a variety of different cat figures on the front, but we love the Samurai cat the best. 

39. Cat Hammock

Your Dad can relax on the couch with the cat relaxing in its own hammock right next to him. This hammock can also be placed outside and can be easily stored away. 

40. Cat PJ's

These drawstring cat pajamas are perfect for comfy nights at home sitting on the couch with the cat. Made of polyester and spandex these are sure to become your Dad’s comfiest pair of PJs. 

41. Cat Dad Mug

Morning cups of coffee are going to taste better in this ceramic mug. Your Dad who loves cats can enjoy up to 24 ounces of his favorite beverage in this mug. 

42. Cat Ice Mold

For any whiskey-lover, this cat ice mold is a fun twist to any drink. Your whiskey-loving cat Dad will enjoy adding this special ice cube to his old fashioned on the weekend. 

43. Catnip Toy

Catnip has the funniest effect on a cat. This fish will be entertaining to watch, as it flops and will allow your cat to have a small amount of catnip and silvervine. 

44. Odor-Eliminating Candle

We all know that having pets can mean having to deal with a certain kind of smell. Your Dad will just have to light up this candle, and no more smell! Cedarwood and vanilla will freshen up the house in no time!

Funny Gifts For Cat Dads

Dads are known for their special sense of humor, so this list of gifts is perfect for your funny cat Dad. 

45. Funny Cat Sign

Home decor has never looked any better than this funny sign. Your Dad can hang it up in his office or at home. The sign measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is laminated. 

46. Funny Shoes

If your Dad is also a sneaker junkie or loves running, these cat-themed running shoes will be an absolute hit! With 11 different designs, there’s bound to be one he loves.

47. Funny Butt Magnets

This set of 6 funny magnets will keep any of your Dad’s notes stuck to the fridge. Each of the magnets features a different cat’s butt. 

48. Funny Cat Book

Your Dad will love reading this tongue-in-cheek book all about cats and the obstacles they face in today’s modern world. With 144 pages of pure fun and entertainment, it’s going to be his favorite read. 

49. Funny Socks

These cotton socks are going to be your Dad’s go-to pair for the foreseeable future! The special socks will fit any Dad’s feet from sizes 6 to 12. 

50. Funny Beer Glass

This beer glass will be your Dad’s newest favorite drinkware! It holds up to 15 oz. of his favorite drink of choice. It’s made of durable glass and has “World’s Best Cat Dad Ever” etched into it.

For the purrfect Cat Dad!

Your cat-loving Dad will enjoy these gifts and immediately put them to use with his cat. While we’re sure that he already has his own cat gift collection, there are a bunch of different ideas on this list that will wow him. Whether he would enjoy a way to upgrade his cat’s life or simply have something that showcases his love for cats, there’s something for him on the list!