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If Dad’s drink of choice is an ice-cold beer, we have the perfect gifts for you to get him. Whether Dad is interested in making his own beer or making the beer-drinking experience easier and more fun – we have a gift he will love. 

Keep on reading for 50 of the best-handpicked gifts for your Dad that loves beer!

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Best Beer Gifts for Dad

This list contains fun gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Craft Beer Starter Kit

What could be cooler for Dad than making his own beer? This craft beer kit has everything Dad could need to brew his own delicious drinks.

2. Drinking Horn

This drinking horn is a super fun and unique gift. Made from a 100% authentic buffalo horn, this food-safe item comes with a display stand!

3. Growler Tote

This 64-ounce stainless steel growler tote is perfect for picnics, BBQs, and more! It has an adjustable shoulder strap, suede accents, and a lace-up closure.

4. Beer Tower

This plastic beverage tower would look great at a party or as a fun accent piece in Dad’s home. It can be used for all sorts of beverages and can fit six pints of beer! It features a removable ice tube, a steel base, and an easy-to-use dispenser. 

5. Cooler Table

This amazing patio cooler doubles as a table! The weather-resistant item can keep up to 40 cans cold. It also has a built-in drain plug for easy cleanup!

6. Wooden Beer Box

If Dad likes to enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching some TV or movies, he will absolutely love this organizer box. It has everything Dad could ever want including two snack compartments, a slot for the remote, a smartphone holder, and spots for two beer bottles or cans!


7. Foam Dispenser

If Dad is a foam-lover, he will get great use out of this fine foam dispenser. The environmentally friendly appliance uses ultrasonic vibration to create fine-grained, authentic thick foam!

8. Baseball Hat

With this 100% cotton hat, Dad can stay protected from the sun while showing off his love for beer. It features premium stitching, a pre-curved brim, and an adjustable closure!

9. Wall-Mounted Can Crusher

With this automatic can crusher, Dad can easily have a compact, crushed can that is ready to recycle. It is easy to install and easy to use!

10. Beer Glasses Gift Set

These unique glasses are hand-blown to create the perfect shapes for tasting and enjoying a great beer. The amazing glasses come in an elegant gift box. 

11. Beer Holder Sweatshirt

Dad can simultaneously show off his Dad pride and carry a beer with this awesome sweatshirt. The high-quality hoodie has a built-in drink pouch and bottle opener!

12. Beer Infused BBQ Rubs

If your beer-loving Dad also loves to grill, these beer-infused BBQ rubs would be the perfect gift. Great for meats, veggies, and more, these adorably packaged spice sets will elevate Dad’s flavor palette!

13. DraftPour Beer Dispenser

If Dad is a draft beer fanatic, he will be in love with this amazing product. Using micro-foam technology, this appliance converts any beer into a creamy, rich nitro-style draft!

14. Craft Beer Sampler Paddle

This high-quality beer sampler paddle includes four mini pilsner glasses. Even better, it comes with free engraving for a personalized, unique gift!

15. Wooden Beer Mug

This fun, wooden beer mug will make Dad feel like he is at a medieval tavern. The artisan handcrafted mug is made out of genuine ox horn!

Luxury Beer Gifts for Dad

Want to spoil Dad? This list has gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

16. Beer Fridge

This quiet and compact mini-fridge is great for storing beer. It has a clear door, an air-tight seal, and soft blue LED interior lights so Dad can see all of his perfectly displayed beer.

17. Custom Bar Neon Sign

This premium LED sign can be customized to feature Dad’s name! It is durable, cool to the touch, and would make a perfect decoration for Dad’s space. 

18. Automated Beer Brewing System

With this amazing product, Dad can brew 2.6 gallons of beer with the push of a button. It is wi-fi connected and can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone app. Beer to brew is included!

19. Mini Keg

This mini keg system has double-walled stainless steel insulation to keep Dad’s beverage cold for 8 hours! It will also keep Dad’s beer pressured and fresh for weeks! 

20. Instant Drink Chiller

If Dad likes his beer icy cold, this instant drink chiller is a must-have. It is super easy to install and use and can make any glass ice cold in seconds!

21. Wooden Artwork

These liquor-themed art pieces have a super rustic look and are customizable! They can be used as a tabletop or as a fun piece of decor. They are hand-painted, smooth, and water-resistant!


22. Growler

This gorgeous growler will keep beer fresh for weeks. It automatically regulates pressure to Dad’s desired carbonation level and can easily pour beer at any time!

23. Globe Beer Dispenser

Is your beer-loving Dad also a history buff? If so, he will love this globe-shaped beer dispenser! It is a super fun novelty item and cool piece of decor!

24. NFL Craft Beer Set

This NFL-themed boxed beer set has over 25 different NFL teams to choose from! Each set comes with two beer glasses, two coasters, a bottle opener, and a high-quality wooden box!

25. Home Brewing System

This stainless steel home brewing system has a nine-gallon capacity, adjustable settings, and a detachable filter screen for easy cleaning. It also comes with a recipe book!

26. Cooler Backpack

With this cooler backpack, Dad will be equipped for some beer on the go. It is 100% leak proof and can hold up to 36 cans! It is perfect for camping, fishing, picnics, tailgating, and more!

27. Beer Glass Art Prints

These hilarious beer-themed art prints would be a great addition to Dad’s home. These ready-to-hang prints are easy to install and come stretched on a solid wood frame!

28. Ice Bucket

If Dad likes to host parties with plenty of beer, he will love this stainless steel ice bucket. The double-walled design keeps beverages super cold without any unwanted condensation!

29. Beer Pong Table

If you want to bring Dad back to his college days, get him this premium beer pong table! The high-quality aluminum table can be folded up when not in use. Six ping pong balls are included!

30. Home Brewing Kit

Dad can make delicious beer at home with this premium fermenter. It includes a conical fermenter, a catalyst and capping kit, a 5-gallon recipe kit, a thermometer, and a helpful brewing guide!

Affordable Beer Gifts for Dad

This list contains beer-themed gift ideas for Dad that are under $40!

31. Beer Tasting Game

Unlabeled is the game for those who love to taste beer and test their knowledge! During this fun game, players blind-taste test different beers and try to guess what type it is!

32. Chiller Mug

This golf-themed chiller mug is an awesome mug for beer. It can be frozen ahead of time which will keep Dad’s beer cold for hours on end. The double-walled cup holds up to 14.2 ounces!


33. Beer Candle

This candle has a blood-orange scent, inspired by a craft IPA! The handcrafted, natural soy candle is a cool, unique gift for any beer-lover.

34. Dumbbell Beer Glass

Is Dad into fitness almost as much as he’s into beer? If so, this set of four high-quality weight-shaped beer glasses combines both of his loves into an incredible gift. 

35. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Does Dad double as a great chef? Any beer-loving cook would be obsessed with these three beer-infused hot sauces! Flavors include Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, & Roasty Chipotle!

36. Beer Sweatshirt

This humorous sweatshirt is super comfortable and features a retro-style design! It features a classic fit that will keep Dad warm while he enjoys a cold drink.

37. Cyclist Beer Glasses

If Dad is a cyclist alongside a beer lover, this gift will really show him you care. This 16-ounce beer glass is dishwasher safe and features an etched design of a bicycle!

38. Insulated Beer Carrier

Carrying beer while keeping it cold has never been easier with this insulated tote. It is stain-resistant, reusable, and can carry six bottles or twelve cans!

39. UFO Beer Glass

This unique, alien-themed beer glass would be a super fun addition to Dad’s collection. It holds up to 24 ounces and is easy to clean!

40. Vinyl Coasters

These vinyl coasters are perfect for any Dad that loves both beer and music! Dad can protect his furniture from his beer glasses with these anti-skid coasters that come with a record player-shaped holder!

41. Beer Cap Map

This wooden US map is meant to be filled in by all different beer caps! With this wonderful piece of decor, Dad can see all of the beers he has tried!

42. Automatic Bottle Opener

Opening up a bottle is super quick and easy with the Pop-the-Top automatic bottle opener. Not only will it not destroy Dad’s caps or hurt his wrists, but it is fun to use as well!

43. Beer Soap Gift Pack

Each artisan soap in this variety pack is made with a small batch of real beer! With a variety of scents and uses, Dad will love these sweet, spicy, and fresh soaps. 

44. Fish Bottle Opener

Any fisherman will adore this unique fish beer bottle opener! This functional piece of art is handcrafted out of chromed brass.

45. Magnetic Bottle Opener

This high-quality gadget will open Dad’s beer and catch the cap! It is sleek, clean, easy to use, and can be mounted to the wall.

Funny Beer Gifts for Dad

This list contains some funny gag gifts related to beer that will make Dad laugh!

46. Beer Mug Socks

Besides being absolutely hilarious, these beer mug socks are super warm. They are luxuriously soft and will last Dad a lifetime of laughs.

47. Drinking Helmet

This novelty drinking helmet is sure to make Dad smile. It has an adjustable buckle and spots for two cans.


48. Funny T-Shirt

This funny shirt is made out of a soft, polyester blend. It is super stretchy and features a hilarious, vintage design!

49. Beer Bell

Dad can let anyone and everyone know he needs more beer with this novelty bell. It is lightweight and super funny.

50. Funny Sweatshirt

This funny sweatshirt is great for any Dad that loves a good beer and a good pun. It is soft and comfortable!

For the Dad that’s here for the beer!

Buying Dad any of these gifts that were curated for a beer-lover is a super easy way to show him you care! From home brewing kits to beer-scented items to unique glasses, Dad is sure to love these handpicked gifts.

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