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Image of a Dad tending to plant and text that says "50 lawn-loving gifts"

Is your Dad a yard enthusiast, spending every possible moment outside in the yard? Then you have come to the right place. We’ve created a list of 50 lawn-loving gifts for your yard-obsessed Dad that he will absolutely love!

The list is broken down into various price categories, so no matter what your budget – you’ll find something your Dad will enjoy!

From top-of-the-line gardening tools and lawnmowers to cutting-edge technology designed for the backyard, this list is will help you find gifts for Dads who like yard work, lawn care, and gardening.

Table of Contents

Best Gifts For Lawn Loving Dads

This section contains gifts priced between $40 and $150, that are perfect for your lawn-loving Dad, catering to his passion for yard work and enhancing his gardening experience. 

1. 5-Blade Push Mower

Is your Dad a traditionalist when it comes to his yard tools? Then he would love this push mower that guarantees an even cut. The push mower has handles that are cushioned for comfort, as well as composite wheels. Since the mower is motor-less, all the yard work can be done quietly without bothering neighbors. 

2. Electric Snow Shovel

The Snow Joe Electric shovel has a powerful 24-volt battery, 11-inch clearing width, and quick charger, Dads can now tackle snow removal tasks with efficiency and enjoy more time bonding with their family during winter.

3. Digital Tape Measure (OUR PICK!)

This tape measure comes with laser capabilities so Dad can measure up to 130ft. at the push of a button. As Dad builds things in the backyard he is certain to need a tape measure and this will be a great upgrade from what he currently has.

4. Stand Up Weeder

Weeding all day isn’t for the weak. This stand up weeder helps reduce joint and back pain so your Dad can pull all of the weeds in a short period of time. The weeder helps grab the weed without breaking the roots with its 3-claw design. 

5. Comfy Lawn Chair

While your Dad’s robotic lawn mower is doing its thing, or if he needs a quick break in between weeding sessions, this zero-gravity lawn chair will be a blessing. The lounge chair comes with a pillow/headrest and is available in different colors. Perfect for Dad to enjoy a beer in his beloved yard.

6. Weather Station

If there is one factor that will greatly impact your Dad’s ability to get his yard work done, then it’s the weather. Using this weather station that will showcase the temperature as well as humidity levels will help him figure out if he’ll be able to seed, mow, or fertilize the yard. The LED lights allow for easy reading.  

7. 2-Pack Lawn Sprinkler

To help achieve that beautiful vibrant green yard, it’s crucial to have the grass watered the perfect amount. This 2-pack lawn sprinklers will allow your Dad to water the lawn without much effort. The spray angle and distance can both be adjusted easily. A maximum of 35 feet can be covered by one of these sprinklers.

8. Animal Repellent

Your Dad will be eternally grateful to not have deer munch on the flowers he had planted because of this animal repellent. It’s solar-powered and repels animals by sounding an alarm and ultrasonic sound, as well as flashing LED lights. No need to worry about rain damaging it either, it is waterproof!

9. Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

A dull lawn mower blade is bound to annoy any lawn-mowing Dad. Make his life easier by giving him this extremely practical gift. It’s extremely easy to use and means your Dad doesn’t have to run to a professional to get the job done. He’ll love it especially if he’s handy and loves DIY projects.

10. Lawn Care Plan

If your Dad struggles with lawn care as the seasons change, then this lawn care plan will be a blessing! It comes with turf builder for any season or weather, while simultaneously preventing weeds. This turf builder is perfect for Bermuda, Bluegrass, Rye, Tall Fescue, Centipede, Zoysia, and Bahia lawns. 

11. Mini Fire Pit

 This small portable pit is the perfect solution if Dad doesn’t have a big yard and wants a firepit! It lasts up to 1-2 hours, is made of ceramic, and will allow for a clean burn. He’ll enjoy sitting in his lawn chair next to this mini fire pit any summer night. 

12. Deluxe Broadcast Spreader

The broadcast spreader will help your lawn-loving Dad’s dream of the ultimate green yard come true. It holds up to 15,000 square feet of product, and its unique technology will ensure that the lawn product doesn’t disperse onto the sidewalk or driveway.

13. Lawn Striper Kit

To get those satisfying stripes, your Dad will need a lawn striper. It attaches to most lawn mowers and is made of high quality steel and rubber. It’s easy to attach between the tires, and can be adjusted from 14″ to 24″ wide. 

14. Seed Starting Trays

This seed starter tray pack is made of BPA-free polystyrene and is perfect for your Dad who is trying to propagate a bunch of different plants. The set comes in a pack of 20 sheets with 288 cells each – plenty to fulfill your Dad’s greatest seed planting needs!

15. Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are perfect if your Dad doesn’t have a huge yard but wants to grow his own fruits and/or vegetables. This garden bed is perfect for a beginner at 4 x 2 x 1 feet. A larger size is also available. 

16. Composter

Compost can make a serious difference in your Dad’s soil and plant’s health. So what better gift for your Dad than a composter? This one will hold 43 gallons and is extremely easy to assemble and use. 

17. Potting Table

This potting table comes with a drawer and built-in sink. Your Dad will easily be able to pot, prune, transplant, and so much more using this potting table. It’s a beautiful-looking item that will look great outside or in the garden shed. 

18. Climbing Plant Trellis

This cucumber trellis is fantastic if your Dad is looking to get into climbing plants. The trellis is made of PVC-coated steel and offers plants maximum amount of sunlight. 

Luxury Gifts For Lawn Loving Dads

If you are really looking to splurge on a cutting-edge lawn care gift for your Dad this section has ideas all $150 or more. 

19. Smart Feeder With Camera

This smart bird feeder is a unique and enjoyable gift for Dad as it not only allows him to feed birds, but also captures amazing close-up footage of them with its built-in camera, powered by solar energy. 

20. Lawn Edger

A clean sharp edge of the front lawn is extremely satisfying to the eye, as well as the heart. Your Dad will adore using this edger that comes with a 5 year limited warranty. The pivoting head allows multiple cutting angle and its balanced 4 wheel design makes it easy to push.

21. Cordless Lawn Mower

Some men have preferences when it comes to their lawn mowers – corded over cordless or vice versa. If your Dad feels very strongly that he’s Team Cordless, then this would be the best fit for him. The cordless lawn mower provides up to 35 minutes of run-time on a fully charged battery. 

22. Dewalt Leaf Blower

The Dewalt leaf blower is the Mercedes Benz of leaf blowers and sure to impress your Dad! It’s lightweight so your Dad’s arms don’t tire quickly and comes with a brushless motor that ensures a long motor life. 

23. Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher

You may not understand the appeal of shredded leaves, but we bet that your Dad’s eyes will light up when he sees this shredder and mulcher! This mulcher is able to process 53 gallons of leaves per minute and cuts down 11 bags to 1. 

24. Robotic Lawn Mower

It’s funny to see how excited Dads get about the newest home toys and gadgets. This robotic lawn mower can be your Dad’s newest favorite toy. It is controllable via a bluetooth app and is perfect if your Dad’s yard is up to 2,700 square feet big. 

25. Outdoor Path LED Lights

The final touch to any beautiful yard are outdoor path LED lights to help guide future visitors to your Dad’s door in the evening. These matte black lights are sleek and modern, and will also help illuminate some of the hard work your Dad has done in the yard lately. 

26. Retractable Garden Hose

This retractable garden hose will change the game of watering the flowers and front yard for your Dad. It has a stable auto rewind system, meaning there’s no danger in a finger getting stuck or kinking. The garden hose comes with a 2 year limited warranty

Affordable Gifts For Lawn-Loving Dads

If your budget is tight but you’d still like to show your yard-loving Dad a token of appreciation, this section is for you. These next gifts for your yard-obsessed Dad are all under $40.

27. Sturdy Yard Gloves

To protect your Dad’s hands from being obliterated by thorns, these sturdy gloves are a perfect gift. They are puncture-proof, thorn-proof, and can be recognized by touchscreens. The gloves come in different colors and are available in different sizes, as well. 

28. Reusable Yard Bags

Is your Dad always complaining about how yard bags don’t hold enough debris? These reusable bags made of rip-resistant woven polypropylene fabric are bound to be a hit. They have a maximum capacity of 137 gallons allow for way more compost or leaves to fit. 

29. Yeti Steel Tumbler

When your Dad is working outside on the lawn all day long, it’s important that he stays hydrated. The Yeti steel tumbler is insulated and will help keep his water cold as the summer heat beats down on his back. These tumblers are offered in different colors. 

30. Lawn Aerator Shoes with Spikes

These straps can be easily attached to most shoes in order to properly aerate your Dad’s lawn. No matter how big or small your Dad’s feet are, these will easily fit them. 

31. Neoprene Yard Shoes

No matter if your Dad is working in the yard while it’s raining or the sun is shining, these waterproof neoprene shoes will allow him to keep on going. The rubber sole will allow him not to slip, and the shoe comes in a bunch of different colors bound to appeal to your Dad. These shoes are also great for camping or fishing

32. Magnetic Cup Holder for Lawn Mower

For your Dad who loves to drink beer while doing yard work, this magnetic cup holder is perfect. It attaches easily to a lawn mower or tractor, and is made of stainless steel. The cup holder is anti-rust and anti-scratch so no need to worry about buying a second one soon. 

33. Soil Testing Kit

Is your Dad stumped on how to improve the health and nutrient quality of his lawn? This soil testing kit will give him a plan to act on in order to improve his lawn’s health. 

34. Soil Moisture Meter

This soil moisture meter will tell your Dad all he needs to know about the soil. The meter will measure the moisture, temperature, pH, and sunlight in order to give your Dad more information to create the healthiest soil possible. 

35. Adidas Baseball Cap

To protect your Dad from overheating, this baseball cap will be a great small gift! The Adidas baseball cap comes in different colors and won’t just keep your Dad from getting a sunburn, but will also help him look trendy and add a bit of pizazz to his style

36. Lawn Care Bible

Your Dad can learn anything he wants to about how to have the ideal green yard by reading through this in-depth but straight-to-the-point book. No matter what his question, he’s bound to find the answer to it in this comprehensive guide!

37. All-Encompassing Garden Tool Set

This 10-piece garden tool set will be anything your Dad needs to help take care of the flowers and plants. The set includes a trowel, hand rake, pruner, weeder, cultivator, transplanter, twist ties, plant fabric pots, and more. The non-slip handles make these tools incredibly easy to grip and use – your Dad will be delighted to use them. 

38. Sturdy Garden Tool Bag

Your garden-loving Dad will love how sturdy and durable this tool bag is! The bag has plenty of storage, is made with a reinforced bottom, and comes with 8 total pockets. It’ll easily fit your Dad’s tool set. 

39. Outdoor Electronic Bug Zapper

Nothing’s worse than working outside on the yard and getting eaten alive by mosquitos. This electronic mosquito zapper will help your Dad work on the yard undisturbed. It’s EPA registered, and can work up to 1,500 square feet. It also comes with a tray at the bottom so your Dad can easily brush away the dead bugs. 

40. Pruning Shear Set

Is your Dad just getting into pruning? These rust-resistant pruning shears have a safety lock that helps minimize any injuries. The handles are anti-slip and extremely comfortable for longer use. 

41. Garden Kneeler

To support your Dad’s back and make gardening a lot more pleasant, this garden kneeler makes for a comfortable gift. It can be used as a seat or bench, but it can also be utilized as a kneeling pad to cushion your Dad’s knees as he weeds. 

42. Bee Feeder

Pollinators are important for any thriving outdoor ecosystem. Your Dad will love checking in to see if bees are being attracted by this bee feeder. It’s extremely easy to use and makes it easy to observe as well. 

43. Self-watering Bulbs

These self-watering bulbs are a great fit for your forgetful gardening Dad! He simply has to fill them with water and stick them in the soil of the plants he doesn’t want to forget to water. It’ll last for about 1-2 weeks. 

44. Watering Can

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Your Dad will love this watering can that holds up to 1 gallon of water and is made of steel. It’s anti-rust and recyclable, making it extremely practical. 

45. Seed Storage Kit

To keep your Dad’s seeds organized, this storage kit will be a great help! The kit includes a black storage box, 20 envelopes to put the seeds in, as well as 10 plant labels. The storage box will help keep his seeds protected from humidity, and dry. 

46. Planter

This European planter isn’t just sustainable but also sleek-looking. It’ll hold your Dad’s favorite plants and look good sitting outside in front of his house. The planter is UV-resistant, frost-resistant, and break-proof. 

47. Gardener Tool Belt

What’s more convenient than your Dad having his gardening tools right in reach? This tool belt is made of canvas, making it durable, washable, and waterproof. It has 4 pockets, enough to hold the most important tools and save your Dad the trip to the garden shed.

Funny Gifts For Lawn Loving Dads

Dads aren’t known for their peculiar jokes for nothing! These funny gifts will have your yard-loving Dad laughing hysterically. 

48. Funny Yard Flag

What’s better to look at while doing yard work than a funny yard flag? This burlap yard sign will be appreciated by your Dad. The wording is printed on both sides and the flag itself is 12.5″ x 18″. 

49. Funny Yard Shirt

This will become your Dad’s go-to shirt for lawn mowing. He will love announcing to the world that he is the absolute BEST at his job when doing yard work.

50. Funny Garden Gnome

This is NOT your average garden gnome! This naughty wizard garden gnome is perfect for a geeky Dad and will make your him smirk anytime he sees it while working in the garden. 

For the Gardening Dad!

Whether your Dad is obsessed with creating the best-looking yard in the neighborhood or simply enjoys working up a sweat while weeding the front yard, there is something to find on this list of gift ideas for the lawn-obsessed Dad. 

You’ll find anything from gardening gifts and tokens of appreciation that fit any budget to bigger luxurious gifts that will wow your Dad.