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So you are thinking about gifting mom an experience this year instead of a a traditional gift? Well then you’ve come to the right spot!

Studies have shown that experiences tend to have a greater impact on our overall well-being and happiness than material possessions. So switching it up from the regular present you normally get mom to gifting an experience instead might be the perfect way to show Mom your love and appreciation for this special occasion.

Giving an experience can be:

  • Giving mom a gift card or certificate for her to enjoy the experience on her own.

  • Planning a special outing with you or others to experience something together.

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Experience Gift Ideas for Mom

Table of Contents

Experience Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Needs A Break

1. Vacation

Let’s just start off with the obvious to get this out of the way…if you have the means, organizing a vacation for your mom is the ultimate experience gift. Plan a trip for just the two of you, for the whole family, or for her to enjoy with your dad or one of her close friends. It’s a wonderful way to give her a break, create lasting memories, let her experience somewhere she’s never been, and provide a well-deserved getaway from her everyday responsibilities.

Ask mom places she’s always wanted to go or browse sites like Tripadvisor and find a cool vacation to send her on.

2. Nail Salon

If your mom works hard and never has time to relax, a great gift idea is to take her to a nail salon or get her a gift card to the nail salon. You can ask her if she has a favorite place, or if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, do some research to find a good one in the area!

3. Spa Day

A spa day is perfect for mom to relax, unwind, and self-care. A spa day might include anything from a massage, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, body wraps, scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. You could go with her and enjoy a spa day yourself too or you could give her a gift card and let her enjoy her spa day solo.

4. Massage

Maybe instead of a full-on spa day just gift your mom a massage. You can book a session at a trusted and professional place, hire a mobile massage therapist who can come to her home, or if you really want to get crazy you can give her a massage yourself! If you wanted to get a massage too you could even upgrade this experience to a couples massage (don’t worry you don’t have to be a couple!).

5. Wine Tasting

If your mom enjoys wine, consider organizing a wine tasting experience at a local winery or even a private tasting at home. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable way for her to unwind and explore different flavors.

6. Cruise

Cruises are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you know mom likes cruises why not? You can send mom on a cruise for a quick weekend getaway or a week-long cruise with the family or her friends for a longer vacation.

Cruise Ship

7. Beach Day

If you live within a few hours of a beach, plan a beach day for mom and gift it to her. Mark a date on the calendar, take off work, pack up the car, and let mom unwind and soak up the sun! Maybe even get her some beach accessories to go along with the experience and gift them to her alongside your invitation to the experience gift.

8. Paint Night

Find a local paint night, often known as “wine and canvas” events near you and sign your mom up. Whether she loves art or not, painting is a great way to relax and clear the mind. Additionally, you could consider reaching out to a local artist and inquiring about arranging a private painting lesson in the comfort of your own home.

Experience Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Loves To Learn

9. Music Lessons

Nowadays, there are excellent opportunities for music lessons all around. You can explore various online courses or arrange private virtual lessons to surprise your mom with the gift of music. Doesn’t matter what her skill level is or even if she owns an instrument. You can find something interesting that can accommodate her and fulfill her love for learning and music

10. Language Classes/Lessons

If mom has always taken an interest in different cultures, than learning a new language might be something that mom would love. You could gift her lessons with a private tutor, sign her up for a class in the community or get her started on an online learning program like Rosetta Stone.

11. Flower Arranging Class or Workshop

In these flower arranging classes, mom will learn how to create beautiful flower arrangements, discovering different techniques and styles. She’ll get to experiment with different blooms and colors and create stunning displays. You can send mom by herself, with a friend, or go with her. It’s a wonderful opportunity for mom to bond with others and create memories while exploring her creative side with flowers.

Flower Arranging

12. Baking or Cooking Class

Not to insult mom’s cooking abilities… but a baking or cooking class would be a fun experience where mom can learn some new skills, new recipes, and meet some new people. You can find cooking classes in your local community or if you are celebrating mom from afar, you could even enroll her in virtual cooking classes!

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13. Go to a Museum

Museums are like heaven for moms that love to learn. They have all sorts of things to explore, like art, history, science, and culture. Mom can see cool exhibits, ancient artifacts, and fascinating displays that make her think and ask questions. Get mom tickets online and gift them to her or bring her to the museum one day and buy tickets at the door.

14. Photography Lessons

If your mom is constantly taking pictures, a photography lesson might be a great experience gift. You can find photography classes online or find a local photographer and pay for a one-time private lesson to get her started.

15. Writing Retreat or Workshop

Writing is a fantastic way for mom to unleash her creativity and let her imagination run wild. Not only will she get to express herself, but she’ll also have the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer. It’s an experience that combines fun and learning, allowing her creative juices to flow freely.

16. Online Courses

There are countless self-paced online courses that mom can find on She can learn anything from coding to music to business, if your mom is always looking to learn and grow getting her set up on or gifting her a course would be a great experience gift.

Experience Gift Ideas For The Cultured Mom

17. Theater Tickets

If there’s a big city nearby, check out the exciting theater options for a fun experience gift. If there are no big theaters nearby you may be able to find a local theater or arts center that has shows available at affordable prices. It’s a wonderful idea for a special date with mom or you can gift her two tickets so she can enjoy the show with dad or a friend.

18. Concert Tickets

Whether your mom is a die-hard rock and roll fan or has been eagerly awaiting a reunion tour of her favorite boy band, a concert will always leave a lasting impression. Get her tickets to see her favorite band or a band she really likes and she’ll cherish the memories for years to come.

People at a concert

For the Thrill-Seeking Mom

Most moms might not enjoy many of these activities, but if your mom likes adrenaline, thrill, and adventure here are some cool ideas:

19. Sky Diving

Gift mom a ticket to jump out of a plane! Mom would have to really be on board with this one but what an experience it would be! Sky Diving is said to be eye-opening for a lot of people as it helps them face fears, gain confidence, and feel a sense of freedom. It’s a chance for mom to make unforgettable memories, push her limits, and see the world from a whole new perspective.

Alternatively indoor sky diving might be better. Find an indoor skydiving place near you and schedule a time for mom to go with some friends, with you, or with the whole family.

20. Scuba Diving

If you live by water see where you can possibly take your mom scuba diving. With scuba diving, your mom can explore beautiful coral reefs, encounter colorful fish, and see amazing marine life up close. It’s something she can do with family or friends, creating special memories together. So, if your mom loves the ocean and wants to discover its hidden treasures, this would be a fun experience to gift her.

Man scuba diving

21. Zip Lining

Not all moms would be down for this but some moms would love it! Ziplining is like being on a thrilling roller coaster, but moms actually flying between trees or across beautiful landscapes. Zip lining gives your mom an adrenaline rush and a chance to conquer her fears while enjoying breathtaking views from up high.

22. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride may seem like a peaceful and serene adventure. But being that high up in the air in just a balloon is sure to get mom’s adrenaline going. Once she relaxes into the ride the breathtaking views from above will make mom’s day.

23. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is like being on a wild water roller coaster. With waves crashing and adrenaline pumping your mom will feel like the ultimate adventurer. This would be a fun experience to gift mom with a larger group as it’s a chance to bond with friends or family and create unforgettable memories.

24. Helicopter Ride

It’s like flying in the sky, getting a bird’s-eye view of everything below. Your mom will soar through the air in a helicopter, enjoying breathtaking sites and incredible landscapes. You can get her a ride that takes her to a special destination or one that just takes her for a spin around a particular area.

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25. Escape Room

For the mom who loves games and solving puzzles this one she will love! Put her detective skills to the test and sign the family up for an escape room. This is a great fun bonding experience that mom will certainly get really into. Do you think your family will able to escape???

26. Theme Park Tickets

A day at a theme park is a guaranteed fun time! Choose a day and grab a couple of tickets to spend the day with mom. Mom will have a blast riding roller coasters, playing games, and exploring all the exciting attractions they have to offer.

Picture of Universal Studios Theme Park

Experience Gift Ideas For The Active Mom

27. Ballroom Dancing Lessons

If you want to gift this to your mom you should consider gifting it to your dad too as it is something they can enjoy together. It’s all about dancing with a partner, and as they learn the moves, they’ll share lots of laughs and develop a strong connection. It’s a fun way to bond and create memories and get some good exercise.

28. Session with a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer will provide the guidance and support your mom needs to embark on the right track and establish a tailored workout plan. They can teach her exercise and proper techniques, so she can achieve her fitness goals. You can set her up with a personal trainer at a local gym, get one to come to her house, or a one-on-one online training session!

29. Live Fitness Class

Gifting a fitness class is a fantastic experience gift that will not only make mom feel healthy but also accomplished. Many studios offer great deals if you purchase multiple sessions at once, so you can get more for your money if you buy mom a package. Another option is to consider a classpass subscription, which gives mom access to various boutique fitness studios and gyms. With ClassPass, mom can explore a variety of classes each month and find what she enjoys most.

30. Pickleball Lessons/Clinics

Pickleball is all the rave nowadays and getting mom a package of lessons or sending her to a clinic might be the push she needs to spark a new hobby. By getting mom into a pickleball lesson or clinic, mom can learn this up-and-coming sport, get active, and meet new people.

31. Golf Lessons/Clinic

If mom has any interest in golf or expressed interest in golf, getting her a golf lesson or signing her up for a clinic would be a great experience gift. You can call a local golf course or driving range near you and they should have options for you. Even if the golf course is private, many times the golf professionals will still allow outsiders to come for lessons or clinics.

Golf Instructor helping another woman practice her swing

32. Top Golf

If a lesson/clinic is too serious but you wanted to stick with the golf theme, get mom a gift card or book a day to take her to Top Golf. These nightlife driving range arcades are slowly popping up all over the country so see if you can find one near you. The atmosphere is lively and fun, with great food and drinks available. And they have clubs there so mom doesn’t need to own clubs or bring her own. She can go even if she’s never swung a club before!

33. Axe Throwing

Find a place near you and plan a group to do some axe throwing! Just like a modern-day lumberjack, mom can challenge her aim, release some stress, and have a blast hitting those bullseyes. Many places offer axe-throwing sessions with safety instructions and guidance from trained instructors.

34. Rage Room

Also known as a smash room or anger room, if mom is constantly stressed out finding a rage room could be a great experience gift for her. In one of these rooms, mom gets a certain amount of time to break as much stuff as she can. If you’ve been driving her crazy recently getting her a gift card to a rage room would be a funny gift.

Experience Gift Ideas Any Mom

35. Take Her Out to Dinner

Buy her a gift card to a special restaurant or book a reservation and give her an invitation for a date that you guys can go out to eat together. Mom will appreciate being wined and dined and that she gets to spend quality time with you.

36. Photo Shoot of the Family

Taking a family photoshoot can be a lot of organizing, but is an experience that mom will enjoy and will leave her with something that she can cherish forever. You can book a time in a local studio or just find a local photographer or a friend who is working on their skills and book a shoot!

Photoshoot of 9 people including grandparents, parents, and little kids

37. Shopping Spree

Take mom on a shopping spree! Give her a gift card and tell her she has to spend it within a certain amount of time. Go with her and enjoy the day as she picks out different items to spend her shopping spree money on!

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How To Give An Experience Gift

1. Card/Invitation

Prepare an envelope that contains a card describing the exciting experience gift you have planned for mom. This could be a birthday card or just a note written on a piece of paper.

This note card/invitation adds an element of anticipation and surprise as well as gives her a keepsake from the special moment that you gave her the gift.

2. Gift a Related Gift that Sparks Curiosity

Another fun approach is to give a related gift that piques mom’s curiosity. For example, if you’re taking her axe throwing, present her with an axe as a clue. She’ll be puzzled at first, but as she guesses and you reveal your plan, her excitement will soar!

3. Surprise Experience Gift

Surprise your mom by letting her know you have a special day planned for her. When the time comes, invite her into the car, and watch as her curiosity grows. As you embark on the journey to the experience, she’ll feel a mix of nerves and excitement. The anticipation will build until you finally arrive at the destination, where she’ll be delighted and ready to have a fantastic time!


Make sure mom would be 100% into the activity you are planning before surprising her.

For example, I wouldn’t take mom on a surprise sky-diving trip or a surprise zip-lining adventure. But it would be fun to surprise mom and bring her to dinner or to the theater.

Image of girl surprised

Why Experience Gifts are Often Better than Physical Gifts

  • Experiences create lasting memories.
  • Experiences can provide personal growth opportunities

  • Experiences offer a break from routine, which can be refreshing and spark creativity

So... Experience Gift or Regular Gift???

Depending on the situation, gifting mom an experience might be better than gifting her an actual gift. Consider mixing in an experience gift for one of the occasions you buy her gifts for like her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or other holidays.

If you do want to surprise mom with something fun for her birthday, we have a post with fantastic ideas for fun things to do on mom’s birthday, so be sure to check it out for inspiration.

If you decide to go with a traditional gift, our up-to-date list of trendy birthday gifts for mom can help you find the perfect present.

Remember, what matters most is the thought you put into the gift. Your effort and consideration will make mom feel loved and appreciated, ensuring that she’ll cherish whatever you choose for her special day. Good luck, and happy gifting!

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