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Gifts for Gamer Dads

Is your Dad a gamer? If so you are in the right place to find him the perfect present!

Gaming is his quality time during which he relieves his stress. Getting him items from this list of gamer Dad gifts will help enhance his gaming experience and is the perfect way to express your appreciation for him!

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Best Gamer Dad Gifts

The Best Gamer Dad Gifts consists of gifts roughly $40 to $150 that will help level-up your Dad’s gaming.

If Dad plays games on a laptop, one of his biggest problems will be that it gets too hot after a while. That’s when a gaming laptop cooling pad will come into play. This product features two high-speed supercharged turbo fans, providing excellent cooling effect and 360°all-round dynamic cooling. 

03/01/2024 08:24 pm GMT

Does your Dad experience pain in his back or hips while gaming? Well, a ComfiLife footrest will help reduce back and sciatica pain by easing pressure on Dad’s lower back and hips. It also ensures proper foot placement while sitting, which will help improve blood circulation to the legs and ease pain over time. 

A proper gaming mouse is key to a great gaming experience. This mouse has exceptional accuracy and responsiveness. With this mouse, your Dad’s hands would feel far more comfortable which will improve the quality of his gaming.

03/01/2024 08:44 pm GMT

Does your Dad’s gaming space seem depressing? No lights? Dark? Or the light is too plain? This product will undoubtedly liven up his gaming space. The ZUUKOO LIGHT smart led light bar features up to 19 different dynamic modes and music sync modes. 

5. Heated Blanket
$99.99 $79.99
03/01/2024 08:37 pm GMT

With 10 different heat levels, this cozy blanket will make Dad more comfortable and keep him toasty as he plays his video games. 

Our Favorite
6. Foot Massager
$119.99 $109.99 ($109.99 / Count)
03/04/2024 01:09 pm GMT

Let Dad relax and massage his feet as he plays his favorite video games with this foot massager. A great gift that heats and massages Dad’s feet so he can feel his best while playing his video games.

03/02/2024 10:40 am GMT

When playing games with friends, communication is the most important thing. With that being said, a headset is a must. This Razer BlackShark V2 headset has a detachable mic and can be used for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and many more.

For Dads with Back Pain
8. Back Massager
$84.95 $57.95 ($57.95 / Count)
03/03/2024 03:38 pm GMT

If Dad struggles with back pain this massager will make a great gift. It can easily slip over the back of his gaming chair so he can get a back massage while he is playing video games.

03/02/2024 10:30 am GMT

When Dad sits for a long period, having a comfy chair not only makes his time more pleasant but also protects him from developing bad posture. This affordable swivel base gaming chair will allow Dad to relax and enjoy his video games in comfort. 

03/03/2024 03:34 pm GMT

This easy-to-take-care-of and soft-touch gaming rug is ideal for any gaming Dad to help brighten up his room and show off his gamer spirit.

Get Dad this gorgeous Xbox one controller. Operating off battery, this controller’s wireless feature gives Dad the opportunity to enjoy his game from different parts of the room. This controller can be used for all Xbox One models.

After constant gaming, it is inevitable for the gaming console to heat up. FASTSNAIL’s Vertical Stand Cooling Fan is the solution for that. Its low-noise cooling system will cool down the console in no time. It also features a charging station for 2 Xbox controllers.

03/03/2024 03:38 pm GMT

Perhaps Dad loves to stream while playing games. This product features an anti-vibration shock mount, four polar patterns, and a pop filter, all of which are helpful when streaming on podcasts, Twitch, YouTube, Discord, etc

This combo features both a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a wrist rest. After gaming for a while, your Dad’s wrists will begin to hurt because it is angled in an unhealthy position; the wrist rest helps alleviates that pain. 

This game is the perfect practice and test for Dad and all his gamer bodies. 4 players wait for a light to turn red and then press a button. The last one to press the button gets shocked. Just like video games, it is all about reaction time! 

At times, gaming can be stressful and intense. BlissLights Sky Lite instantly projects a field of drifting GREEN stars against a transforming BLUE nebula cloud, bringing instant mood ambiance to Dad’s gaming station.

This real game in-ear headset allows Dad to enjoy his gaming experience without messy headset wires and cords. This bluetooth headset offers touch control, a built-in microphone that ensures reliable transmission, and ergonomically designed earbuds that are comfortable in Dad’s ears.

The DualShock PS4 controller is the ultimate accessory for the perfect Playstation 4 gaming experience. It is wireless and rechargeable, making it very convenient for Dad to use over and over again.

03/03/2024 04:03 pm GMT

This gift is perfect if Dad enjoys streaming. This product features 6 LCD keys so Dad can tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio, and much more. If he streams on multiple platforms, such as Twitch, Discord, and Youtube, this would make Dad’s life much easier.

This product will allow Dad to get creative and set up his gaming station on one corner and his work station on the other. The DESINO Professional L shaped gaming desk features an added cup holder, monitor stand riser and a unique carbon fiber texture. Talk about a useful gift!

21. Lap Desk
$69.99 $59.99
03/07/2024 02:53 am GMT

Gift Dad this lap desk so he can bring his laptop and video games into his bed or onto his couch.

Does Dad play games on a rough table surface? This Gaming Mousepad will be a huge upgrade. Featuring soft cloth material, this mouse pad comes with multiple coloring combinations, illuminating the gaming station with ambient colors so Dad’s mouse will be gliding across the table surface easily.

Reaching for buttons on a standard keyboard is uncomfortable – especially when Dad needs to have quick response times. This keyboard saves him from that trouble. This product features high-quality switches that would make his typing/gaming experience swift and smooth.

Now is the time to upgrade Dad’s dusty old keyboard into a stylish and fully functional gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard set comes with a keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and headset – all of which would enhance his gaming experience. It can be used for PC, Xbox, and PS4 users.

Luxury Gifts for Gamer Dads

This list contains gaming presents that are $150 or more. If you want to get your gamer Dad something more high-end, you are in the right place.

25. Foot and Calf Massager
$299.99 $259.99 ($259.99 / Count)
03/04/2024 03:40 pm GMT

A great luxury gift that heats and massages Dad’s feet and calves so he can relax his muscles while playing his video games.

03/04/2024 03:40 pm GMT

A proper gaming chair is a must. It not only brings comfort, but it can also help fix Dad’s posture. This product features a wide frame with cold-curved foam for maximum comfort and durability, as well as a standard mechanism with an adjustable rocking function. It also comes with an Xl pillow set if Dad ever gets tired from gaming and wants to take a power nap!

03/04/2024 03:40 pm GMT

Is your gamer Dad also a car-loving Dad? This Logitech dual-motor force feedback wheel realistically simulates the racing experience with smooth, quiet helical gearing. Dad can also accelerate, brake, and change gears to give him the feel of an actual car!

03/04/2024 03:45 pm GMT

This premium quality virtual reality headset will immerse Dad into the realities of the game. With the 3D positional audio, hand tracking, and haptic feedback, Dad will feel like he is actually in the virtual world. There are over 250 titles across gaming, golf, fitness, and entertainment, all of which will make Dad experience a whole new world!

03/04/2024 03:45 pm GMT

A fun unique gift that can help bring out Dad’s inner kid again. Help Dad transform the backyard or basement into a battle zone for an ultra-hi-tech laser tag game!

Affordable Gifts for Gamer Dads

This list contains gaming presents that are $40 or less. If you want to get your gamer Dad something special but are on a tight budget this is the list for you.

30. Gaming Headset
$39.99 $31.99
03/04/2024 04:23 pm GMT

This product delivers superior audio performance and can generate a virtual surround sound experience to create distance and depth that enhances any gaming, movie or music experience. It also comes with breathable protein memory foam ear pads to provide Dad with comfort.

03/04/2024 08:34 pm GMT

If Dad leaves his headset lying around on the table, this would be the perfect present for him. The KAFRI Desk Gaming Headset Holder allows Dad to hang his headset on it, preventing all sorts of issues that may happen if the headset were lying on the table. It also comes with a wireless charging pad, so Dad can charge his Iphone or Samsung Galaxy while playing games!

03/04/2024 04:24 pm GMT

Does Dad get loud when he plays games? Does he worry about bothering the family?  These soundproofing foam tiles absorb mid to high-range frequencies and diminish echoes. It also comes in multiple different colors to suit Dad’s style!

Oftentimes when playing games, the legs can cramp if they are in an uncomfortable position. This ergonomic memory foam foot stool pillow can be used to keep Dad’s legs in a comfortable position not only for gaming, but while he is working, watching a movie, and much more!

03/04/2024 08:01 pm GMT

Maybe Dad loves to charge his phone and other devices while gaming. Get him the KOOSLA power strip tower. Featuring nearly 12 Outlets & 6 USB Ports, this power strip can connect and charge up to 18 devices simultaneously, all neat and organized.

Fan Favorite
03/04/2024 08:04 pm GMT

If Dad likes Star Wars then this Yoda controller and phone holder will make a great useful decoration for his gaming room.

Does Dad’s gaming table look like a mess? This product will help organize all of Dad’s essentials while gaming. It features a headphone holder mount with 3 USB port charging stations, along with a smartwatch charging stand. 

03/04/2024 08:04 pm GMT

Having dust on a keyboard is anyone’s nightmare. The ColorCoral Cleaning gel will eliminate all dust on a keyboard or any other rugged surface, such as a car vent, camera, etc. It can also be used repeatedly many times before it turns sticky/dirty. Never let Dad play on a dirty keyboard again.

If Dad’s eyes hurt all the time from gaming, this is exactly what he needs. These blue light-blocking glasses filter out 90% of the most harmful High Energy Blue Light rays. They can be used not only for gaming but also when he sits in front of any screen. 

03/04/2024 08:09 pm GMT

Having a smooth surface when gaming is important. This mousepad is large enough to accommodate both the mouse and the keyboard. If your gamer Dad loves Rick and Morty, then he will love this! It is also waterproof, which makes it very easy to clean.

After gaming for a long time, the PS4 controller’s batteries will eventually die. Get Dad this super fast charging dock station. It can charge up to 2 controllers at once, and it can charge to full percentage in less than 2 hours.

03/04/2024 08:14 pm GMT

Having a console cooling system is essential. This product features an efficient cooling system that generates minimal noise, as well as a charging station for 2 PS4 controllers at the same time. This product is compatible with the regular PS4, PS4 slim, and PS4 Pro.

03/04/2024 08:14 pm GMT

A fun piece for his gaming room and a convenient way to store his controller. This spiderman controller holder is perfect for a marvel-obsessed gamer Dad,.

Does Dad love to game outside of his home as well? This portable 60% mechanical gaming keyboard will help Dad play games literally anywhere. It features LED backlit compact 68 keys for Windows/Mac. A true gamer plays anywhere and this gift will enable Dad to do just that.

03/04/2024 08:19 pm GMT

Is Dad’s desk messy from all the wires? This product allows Dad to organize up to 7 cables with a single cable clip. It works for speaker wires, computer wires, etc. So Dad’s desk won’t look like a mess.

This cool Playstation icon light features up to 3 lighting modes with standard lighting and special effect color phasing. It’s also music reactive, which sets the mood if Dad loves turning on music. Get Dad this special gift to illuminate his gaming space.

Funny Gag Gifts for Gamer Dads

All Dads love dad jokes. Get Dad one of these gifts that will be funny and relatable so he and his gamer friends can enjoy a good laugh.

Let all of Dad’s coworkers and friends know what a gamer he is with this stainless steel cup! His gaming spirit will always be with him.

This funny yet relatable T-shirt is great for Dads who love to game! He will certainly get a kick out of this shirt and will wear it around the house when he doesn’t want to do something.

48. Gaming Signs
$11.99 $5.99
03/04/2024 08:29 pm GMT

Dad isn’t a true gamer without these lying around in the room! Get Dad this hilarious sign to decorate his room. It would be the ultimate item that would add to his gaming personality.

Let all of Dad’s coworkers and friends know what a gamer he is! Whether he’s home or at work, this cup will make sure Dad’s gaming spirit will always be with him.

03/04/2024 08:34 pm GMT

They say true gamers are gamers no matter what. Get Dad this funny gaming blanket that would make him a gamer even in his sleep!

Game On!

It doesn’t matter whether you get your Dad a $3 gift or a $300 gift. The act of getting him a gift in itself will show Dad how much you love him.

That being said, what are you waiting for? Go get an awesome Gamer Dad Gift that will level up his gaming experience and make him a true gamer!