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Whether Mom is just getting into the sport or is a self-proclaimed tennis pro, there are tons of tennis-themed gifts she will enjoy. Below is a list of unique and thoughtful tennis-themed gifts.

From clothing to wear on the court to tennis-themed decor, Mom is sure to love one of these gifts! Keep on reading to learn more about these 23 handpicked tennis gifts for Mom!

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Best Tennis Gifts for Mom

If you’re looking for a great tennis gift, this list is for you. With fun gift ideas for Mom that are roughly $40 to $150, these handpicked items are sure to make her happy.

1. Tennis Dress

This gorgeous tennis dress has shorts underneath for full coverage. Mom can stay stylish, dry, and comfortable while she enjoys her favorite sport. Also great for Mom to wear if she likes pickleball too!

2. Racket Poster

This gorgeous poster will look great in Mom’s kitchen, bedroom, or office! It is perfect for the tennis lover that’s also interested in history


3. Tennis Bag

Every tennis Mom needs a cute, high-quality tennis bag. This tennis tote is not only stunning but it’s waterproof and extremely useful.

4. Arm & Leg Massager

Don’t let injuries keep Mom off the court. Help keep her muscles relaxed with this portable foam roller. Designed with athletes in mind, Mom will love this versatile tool.

5. Tennis Ball Collector

Picking up tennis balls is not only annoying, but it can put a lot of stress on Mom’s back and knees as well. With this portable tennis ball collector, tennis practice will be easy and even more fun. It works for pickleballs too!

6. Table Tennis Set

With this two-player table tennis game, Mom can bring her love of tennis anywhere. It is super easy to set up and is perfect for a game-loving Mom.

7. Flex Foam Racket

This unique racket will give Mom more control and power during her tennis games. Great for players of all levels, this racket is sweat-resistant and reduces wind-resistant. 


8. Billie Jean King Book

With over 250 photographs and tons of tennis stories, this book is perfect for the tennis-loving bookworm. It will be great as a coffee table book or a stunning addition to Mom’s bookshelf.

Luxury Tennis Gifts for Mom

Mom deserves a luxurious gift. The list below contains fun tennis gift ideas for Mom that are over $150.

9. Wine Chiller Set

After tennis time, it might be wine o’clock. This beautiful wine chiller set brings both of Mom’s interests together. It comes with a bottle cooler and two gorgeous stemless glasses.

10. Running Sneakers

Every tennis enthusiast needs a good pair of sneakers. These lightweight and comfortable running shoes will make Mom happy for years to come.

11. Tennis Trainer

This tennis training tool will help Mom strengthen her skills and allow her to practice anywhere. It is adjustable for different heights and easy to transport. 

12. Solid Gold Tennis Charm

This 14k gold tennis racket charm is perfect for a tennis Mom that also loves jewelry. It is a super gorgeous, hypoallergenic piece that will last Mom a lifetime.

13. Massage Chair

A day of playing tennis can really put a strain on Mom’s muscles. Giving Mom this massage chair will help her relax luxuriously. It is adjustable for Mom’s needs and can be put on any chair!

14. Wilson Pro Tennis Racket

This premium tennis racket is super sleek and high-quality. It comes with free stringing that can be customized with Mom’s favorite color. The classic racket has been used by tons of famous athletes. 

15. Tennis Bag

This tennis court bag will hold all of Mom’s tennis gear in style. Unlike other bulky tote bags, this luxurious bag has tons of different compartments and zip pockets.

Affordable Tennis Gifts for Mom

If you’re looking for a tennis gift for Mom that is both affordable and incredible, you have come to the right place. Below are gifts under $40 that Mom will love.

16. Racket Bracelet

This stunning sterling silver bracelet is a great way for Mom to show off her love of tennis. It is suitable for sensitive skin and comes in an elegant gift box.

17. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

These tennis ball-shaped bath bombs are the perfect gift for any tennis enthusiast. They are super therapeutic with Epsom salt that will help soothe Mom’s muscles. 

18. Adidas Visor

This lightweight visor will keep the sun out of Mom’s eyes while she plays tennis. Not only is it useful, but it is super stylish as well!

19. Tennis League Candle

This Homesick candle features the familiar scents of the tennis court. With notes of cotton, honeydew, lime, and grass, this candle will be a refreshing source of comfort for Mom.

20. Pleated Skort

Mom will obsess over this fun piece of tennis fashion. It is high-waisted with a tummy control panel, an anti-slip strip, and multiple pockets.

21. Tennis Scrunchie

This cute, velvet scrunchie will keep Mom’s hair in great condition while she’s on the tennis court. It is great for all hair types or even as a bracelet!

22. Stainless Steel Tumbler

This funny tumblr will put a smile on Mom’s face. It has a spill-proof lid and will keep Mom’s favorite drink hot or cold for hours. 

23. Quick Dry Tank Top

This adorable tank top is great for long, hot days on the tennis court. It is super breathable and will keep Mom from overheating with moisture absorption technology. 

For the Moms that can’t stay off the courts!

From relaxing items to high-speed equipment, Mom is sure to love one of these tennis-themed gifts. 

Another great option is to give Mom an experience! You can take her to see a tennis match, take her on a shopping spree for some tennis clothes, or even go play Tennis with her! Giving Mom an experience is a great way to show her you care. 

We hope this list of tennis gifts helped you find the inspiration you need. Good luck with your search for the perfect gift for Mom!