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45 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

Christmas is getting closer and it’s that time of year when we’re once again faced with the challenge of finding the perfect Christmas gift for Mom!

Here at ParentPresents, we specialize in gifts for parents, and we live for Christmas! We have spent the past several months curating this list of the best Christmas Gifts for Moms so you can easily find a thoughtful gift and get back to your busy life!

As you scroll through this gift guide, you’ll find giftspiration that will help you select unique and thoughtful gift that will make your Mom’s Christmas special!

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Best Christmas Gifts For Mom ($40 to $150)

Below are some unique and meaningful Christmas gift ideas for Mom that are all in the $40 and $150 price range.

1. Cheeseboard

For the Mom who loves to entertain, this cheeseboard and knife set would make an awesome gift! The capacity is perfect for a party of any size and the drawer slides in and out for easy storage of cultery.

2. Indoor Plant Growing System

This indoor hydroponics growing system allows Mom to easily grow a variety of herbs, vegetables, plants, flowers, and even fruits right in her kitchen, without the need for soil. The LED grow light ensures optimal plant growth, making it an exciting Christmas gift for a plant-loving Mom who wants to have fresh and homegrown produce all year round.

3. Electric Wine Opener

This wine gift set is a perfect gift for Moms who enjoy a glass of fine wine, as it features an electric wine bottle opener for easy uncorking, a wine aerator for enhancing the flavors, a vacuum wine preserver to keep the wine fresh, and handy accessories like bottle stoppers and a foil cutter. 

4. Comfy Wearable Blanket

The COMFY Dream is the perfect gift for Moms who deserve a little extra comfort and relaxation. Its oversized, light microfiber design wraps them in cozy warmth, making it the ideal companion for lounging around the house.

5. Migraine Relief Cap

Does your Mom frequently get headaches or migraines? This TheraICE Migraine Headache Relief Cap provides both hot and cold therapy, offering a soothing and versatile solution for her tension and stress.

6. Giftory - Expereince Gifts

Instead of a material present, consider gifting Mom an experience gift! Check out Giftory and find some experiences in your area. There are a ton of cool and unique options like zipline adventures, art classes, and even donut tours!

7. Aroma Humidifier

This Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect Christmas gift for Moms because it effortlessly fills their homes with soothing scents creating a relaxing and spa-like atmosphere for them to enjoy at home all year long. 

8. Viral TikTok Criss Cross Chair

Made popular on TikTok this chair comes with a large base so Mom can sit with her legs up when working at home!

9. Heated Blanket

If you want to help keep Mom cozy and warm this Christmas season, there’s nothing better than a heated blanket. This particular blanket is made out of a combination of flannel and sherpa. It has 10 different heating levels and is machine washable! 

10. RENPHO Eye Massager

The RENPHO Eyeris 1 Eye Massager combines relaxation, eye care, and migraine relief all in one, providing a soothing and rejuvenating experience for Mom.

11. Waffle Maker

The Presto 03512 Stuffler Stuffed Waffle Maker is a perfect and fun Christmas gift for Mom as it allows her to effortlessly make delicious, fluffy Belgian waffles.

12. WiFi Digital Picture Frame

This WiFi digital picture frame is a great gift for Moms as it allows them to easily store and share their favorite photos or videos, creating a personalized and ever-changing display that brings joy and memories wherever they chose to display it.

13. Crochet Kit for Beginners

The MODDA Crochet Kit for Beginners is the perfect gift for Moms who are looking to start a new hobby or enhance their crochet skills in the New Year. With soft bulk yarn, crochet hooks, sewing needles, and stitch markers included in the set, this set provides everything they need to dive into the world of crochet.

14. Candle Warmer Lamp

No more flames! Get your Mom this candle warmer lamp so she can release the beautiful smell of any candle without needing to start any fire. This candle warmer melts the candle wax from the top-down to help release the purest and cleanest fragrance so Mom’s house can smell amazing.

15. Sculpd Pottery Kit

The Sculpd Pottery Kit is a fun gift for Moms as it offers a creative outlet. It comes with air-dry clay, paint, and tools so Mom can indulge in a therapeutic and enjoyable pottery-making experience at home.

16. Snow Cone Maker

Who doesn’t love a snow cone? This Snow cone and Shaved Ice Machine would make a fantastic Christmas gift for Moms because it allows them to easily create delicious and refreshing snow cones and shaved ice treats at home!

17. Smart Scale

The Eufy Smart Scale P1 is the perfect fun gift for Moms who are health-conscious and want to track their progress. With 14 measurements including weight, body fat, and BMI, this sleek and wireless scale makes fitness body composition analysis easy and enjoyable.

18. 23andMe Ancestry Service

The 23andMe Ancestry Service is a great Christmas gift for Moms as it allows them to discover their unique heritage and explore their family history. With over 2750+ geographic regions included, it offers an exciting opportunity for Moms to connect with their roots and learn more about her ancestry. 

19. Microgreens Growing Kit

The Microgreens Growing Kit is a fun gift for Moms who enjoy gardening and healthy eating. With easy instructions and all the necessary materials included, they can grow their own fresh and nutritious microgreens right at home, adding a unique touch to their meals. 

20. Wireless Printer

The Canon Ivy 2 Mini Photo Printer is an awesome gift for Moms because it allows them to instantly print their favorite photos from their iOS or Android devices. With its sticky-back prints, they can easily create personalized photo collages or decorate their work space with cherished memories.

21. X3 Mop

The ultimate gift for Moms who want to simplify their cleaning routine. With its 3-chamber design, it effortlessly separates dirty and clean water, ensuring a hygienic and efficient mopping experience. 

22. Teeth Whitening Kit

The MySmile Teeth Whitening Kit includes everything Mom needs for a brighter smile! From the LED light to the 28 whitening strips, this convenient kit will have Mom’s teeth sparkling in the New Year!

23. Bath Tray

This foldable bathtub tray caddy is the perfect gift for Moms who love a warm bath.  Now Mom will have a place to put her book, candle, glass of wine, or anything else she might use while she lounges in the bath.

Luxury Christmas Gifts For Mom ($150+)

If you are looking to spend more than $150 on a Christmas gift for Mom this year check out some of these gift ideas below! We also have a longer list of 25 Big Baller Gift Ideas for Mom that includes all gift ideas over $150.

24. Laser Hair Removal

This Braun IPL Long-lasting Hair Removal system is a fun gift for Moms because it offers a convenient, at-home solution for long-lasting hair removal. With its advanced technology and included Venus Razor, it is a cost-effective alternative to salon laser hair removal that Moms can use right from the comfort of their own homes. 

25. iRobot Mop

The iRobot Braava Jet m6 6113 Ultimate Robot Mop is the perfect gift for Moms who want to spend less time cleaning and more time with their family. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, smart mapping capabilities, and compatibility with Alexa, this robot mop takes care of mopping multiple rooms, leaving Mom with a clean and fresh home without lifting a finger.

26. Touch Screen Toaster

This touchscreen premium toaster is a great way to add some smart technology to Mom’s kitchen! It is simple to use, easy to clean, and toasts 35% faster than leading toasters. A great present for Moms who like to make toast, sandwiches, waffles, and more!

27. Personalized Crystalized Photo

The ArtPix 3D Premium Crystal Photo Heart is a unique and thoughtful gift for Mom that allows her to preserve a cherished memory in a stunning crystal form. The 3D laser etched picture and personalized engraving make it a one-of-a-kind keepsake that she will treasure forever.

28. Cool & Warm Comforter

The Microfiber Dual Zone Comforter is the perfect gift for parents who have differing temperature preferences in bed. If Mom always complains about being too hot or too cold or night this could be the perfect gift! With two temperature zones, this comforter has different microfibers which keep half of the comforter warm and cozy and the other half light and cool.

29. Ceramic Tea Set

The Tea Set is a delightful and charming gift for Moms who love indulging in a cozy tea time. With its beautiful ceramic teapots and tea cups, this tea gift set is perfect for creating special moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

30. Electronic Toothbrush

This Phillips Sonicare pink electronic toothbrush comes with a charging travel case and makes a great practical gift for Mom! Upgrade Mom’s toothbrush this Christmas!

Affordable Christmas Gifts For Mom (Under $40)

Here are some gift ideas for Mom that will make an awesome gift for under $40. If you are looking for more affordable gift ideas, check out our guide of 25 Gifts for Mom Under $25.

31. Fuzzy Slippers

These Snoozies Pairable Slipper Socks are going to be Moms new favorite thing to wear around the house. These cozy and warm slippers are great for Moms who love lounging around the house.

32. UV Retainer Case

Does Mom still use a retainer? Well, then how about this UV Retainer Case? This case not only cleans and disinfects her retainers but also removes odors, making it a fun and practical present that she and her teeth will love! 

33. Dear Mom Blanket

The ButterTree “I Love You Mom Blanket” is not just a cozy blanket, it’s a heartwarming gift that will make any Mom feel special and loved. 

34. Jaw & Neck Massager

How about this LaVie TMJ Relief Jaw Massager – with its gentle vibration and ergonomic design, it’s the perfect tool to help soothe the pain and tension that she may be experiencing in her neck or jaw.

35. Dr. Teals Sleep Spray

Dr Teal’s Sleep Spray is a perfect gift for sleep-deprived Moms. Its soothing blend of melatonin, lavender, and chamomile essential oils will help Mom relax and unwind after a long day.

36. Portable apple watch charger

The Portable Charger for Apple Watch is a convenient and stylish gift that allows Moms to charge their Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. With its magnetic keychain design and wireless power bank feature, it makes sure Moms never have to worry about their watch running out of battery during busy day.

37. Personalized Song Plaque with Photo

How about a customized Spotify glass plaque that combines her favorite song with a cherished photo of you and her? This will make a truly unique and sentimental Christmas present that she’ll absolutely love!

38. Pet Hair Remover

The Uproot Cleaner Pro Pet Hair Remover is a must-have gift for Moms who love their furry friends but struggle with pet hair everywhere. This innovative tool effortlessly removes pet hair from various surfaces, making cleaning a breeze and ensuring a hair-free home for a happier and more enjoyable living space.

39. Personalized Candle

These personalized handmade soy wax candles add a personalized touch to any space, making them a thoughtful Christmas gift. You can write a thoughtful message to Mom like “Smells like Love ” that will make her smile whenever she lights it.

40. Self Care Giftset

This self-care gift set is a great Christmas Gift for Moms who like to be pampered. It comes with herbal tea, a cozy mug, a bath bomb, a scented candle, fluffy socks, lip balm, sheet mask, scrunchie, and a heartfelt Sending Sunshine Card. 

Funny Christmas Gifts For Mom

Below are a few funny gift ideas and accessories that are sure to make Mom chuckle.

41. "My Favorite Child Gave Me This" Wine Glass

Here’s a funny wine glass that is sure to make Mom laugh every time she pours herself a glass of wine!

42. Best Mom Ever Trump Tumbler

If Mom likes Donald Trump than this would make a great gift! This Trump tumbler comes with many Trump sayings that show how great of a Mom she is.

43. Funny Mom Plate

A funny gift for Mom to receive from her kids. This plate lets Mom know that no matter how hard life is, at least she doesn’t have ugly children!

44. Favorite Child Candle

A funny candle that will make Mom smile every time she lights the flame. Reminding her of her favorite child 😉

45. Coffee Lover Slippers

If Mom loves coffee these are some hilarious slippers to get her. They are cute, cozy, and will let everyone know that she will not do anything until she has her coffee.

Make Mom's Christmas Special!

 We hope that you found some giftspiration in our Christmas gift guide for Moms!

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