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Finding an affordable yet thoughtful gift for Mom is important. That’s why we’ve curated a list of unique and heartfelt gifts for Mom that all cost under $25. Our gift guide offers a wide range of options, from practical gifts, to lighthearted gifts, to sentimental keepsakes. So if you’re looking to spend $25 or less on a gift for Mom you are in the right spot!

Gifts for Mom Under $25

04/02/2024 12:41 am GMT

This Scala Silicone Anti Cellulite Massager will be Mom’s new best friend! Have Mom say goodbye to cellulite and hello to smoother, firmer skin with this easy-to use, compact tool.

2. Shower Steamers
$16.99 ($2.02 / Ounce)
04/02/2024 12:43 am GMT

A great affordable luxury gift, shower steamers are an easy way to turn Mom’s shower into a home spa. All Mom needs to do is put one in the corner of the shower and the steam will release natural fragrances that are great for Mom’s mind and body. 

This memory foam travel pillow will provide ultimate comfort and support for Mom’s neck, lumbar, or legs while on a plane, in the car, or at home. Its adjustable design, machine washable cover, and added bonus of ear plugs and an eye mask make it a standout choice for any Mom who loves to travel.

4. Turban Hair Towel Wrap
$17.99 $11.99 ($6.00 / Count)
04/02/2024 12:50 am GMT

The Scala Turban Hair Towel Wrap is a practical gift for Moms that combines functionality with a touch of luxury, providing a quick and easy way to dry and style wet curly hair.

5. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer
$19.99 ($19.99 / Count)
04/02/2024 01:42 am GMT

Keep Mom’s coffee warm with this 17 watt mug warmer. Perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other warm drinks.

04/02/2024 12:55 am GMT

These conversation cards will help spark a deep and engaging conversation that will help you and Mom form a closer connection.

04/02/2024 12:57 am GMT

A thoughtful gift that will become a personal keepsake, this guided journal prompts Mom with questions about her life that she can fill in and then pass down to further generations. 

This anti-wrinkle serum from Bel Essence will help hydrate Mom’s skin and reduce wrinkles so she can feel beautfil and confident!

“Game That Song” is a fun gift for Mom that will bring the family together for hilarious and competitive game nights. Everyone can show off their music knowledge and have a great time bonding. 

The Beverage Hoodie is a fun hip gift for Mom. With its insulated can and bottle coolers that keep her favorite beverages cold. The unique coozie is certain to pique Mom’s interest.

The Macally Adjustable Gooseneck Tablet Holder & Phone Clip is a practical gift for Mom because it allows her to comfortably use her phone or tablet while keeping her hands free. Its adjustable gooseneck design and clip on clamp make it easy to attach to desks of various thicknesses, providing convenience and flexibility for Mom’s multitasking needs.

04/02/2024 01:11 am GMT

The modern boho farmhouse design, along with the black and white color scheme, sets it apart from other ordinary soap dispensers and will add a touch of uniqueness to Mom’s kitchen decor.

The perfect tool for Mom to easily clean up dust, crumbs, hair, and other small messes that clutter her keyboard and workspace.

04/02/2024 01:14 am GMT

These warm and fuzzy socks are a must-have for Mom in the winter and during the holidays.

This stylish phone lace from Phonelace Miami is a stylish, fun gift for any Mom. This phonelace will keep Mom fashionable and keep her phone safe and secure. A great, affordable gift for any occasion.

16. Fabric Shaver
$24.99 $16.95
04/02/2024 01:16 am GMT

The Pionix Fabric Shaver is a practical gift for Mom because it helps her rejuvenate her favorite sweaters and remove unsightly lint balls with ease. Its affordable price, high-performing defuzzer, rechargeable battery, and vibrant hot purple color make it a standout among other fabric shavers.

17. Funny Mom Candle
$22.99 $9.99 ($1.11 / Ounce)
04/02/2024 01:18 am GMT

This candle comes with a funny joke on the front that will make your Mom chuckle while also showing your appreciation for how much she has done for you. 

This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is a great gift for Mom because it allows her to easily infuse her water with delicious fruit flavors, making hydration more enjoyable. Plus, it comes with a handy Fruit Infusion Recipe eBook to inspire creative and tasty beverage combinations!

04/02/2024 01:20 am GMT

Looking for an affordable gift that will make your Mom feel like a wine connoisseur? This electric wine opener with its easy one-click button operation and foil cutter is not only a practical gift for moms but also a fun way to enhance their wine-drinking experience.

Every movie night needs popcorn! This easy-to-use BPA-free bowl will help Mom easily make popcorn.

21. Gold Earrings
$13.99 $11.99
04/02/2024 01:23 am GMT

These gold earrings are not only stylish and versatile, but also hypoallergenic and nickel-free, making them suitable for even the most sensitive of ears. 

This 2 pack of rechargeable hand warmers makes a great gift for Moms who like outdoor activities. 

23. Glute Blade Massage Roller
$22.95 ($22.95 / Count)
04/16/2024 12:10 pm GMT

The GLUTE BLADE Piriformis Massage Roller is a fun gift for Mom as it allows her to target specific trigger points in the lower back and sciatica. Helping provide relief from pain and tightness. Its three different heads and medium density make it a versatile and effective tool for personalized self-massage.

A practical gift that will help keep Mom safe. The BLINGSTING Mini Personal Safety Alarm is a stylish and compact device that clips to Mom’s keychain and emits a powerful 125 decibel sound when activated.

This 2-in-1 lemon lime squeezer makes juicing easy and efficient, ensuring Mom can extract every last drop from her citrus fruits.

Did you find the perfect present?

We hope that you found the giftspiration you needed on this list of 25 unique gift ideas for Mom under $25! Any of these gifts are a great way to show Mom how much you care without having to break the bank. 

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Best of luck in finding the perfect present for your Mom!