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21 Valentine's Day Gifts To Show Mom Your Love

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love to people that we love. What better person to show your love for then your Mom! 

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gifts for Mom can be a tough nut to crack. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with 15 practical and heartwarming gifts that will make Mom smile this Valentine’s Day.

21 Valentine's Gifts for Mom

1. Assorted Roses

Send flowers right to Mom’s doorstep with 1-800-flowers! These assorted roses are a top seller and will make Mom feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

2. Dove Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day gift! Get your chocolate-loving Mom this heart-shaped 18-piece milk chocolate box so she can indulge in her favorite treat.

3. 100 Things I Love About Mom Journal

This guided journal offers prompts that you can fill out with all the things that you love about your Mom. Making an incredibly thoughtful gift to show Mom how much you appreciate her.

4. Giftory - Expereince Gifts

Instead of a material present, consider gifting Mom an experience gift this Valentine’s Day! Check out Giftory and find some experiences in your area. There are a ton of cool and unique options like zipline adventures, art classes, and even donut tours!

5. Chocolate-covered Strawberries & Caramel Apples Gift Box

Here’s a loving gift box so that Mom can crave her sweet tooth. This box comes with delicious chocolate strawberries and caramel apples. They are decorated to perfection and shiped in ice to ensure their perfect condition. 

6. I Love You Mom Necklace

Show Mom your love with this “I love you Mom” necklace. A cute and affordable piece of Jewelry that will make Mom’s heart melt.

7. Self Tanner Kit

A self-tanner kit is a practical gift for Mom in the heart of winter! If Mom loves looking tan this would make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

8. I Love You Mom Blanket

Show Mom your love and give her this “I love you Mom” blanket so she can snuggle up on the couch and feel your warmth through this blanket.

9. Movie Night Popcorn Giftset

Get Mom this Movie Night Popcorn set so her and Dad can enjoy an at home Movie night. This set comes with 5 gourmet popcorn kernels and 5 popcorn seasonings.

10. Love Wallet Insert

If Mom is nuts for nuts than she will love this gift basket! This heart shaped nuts gift basket has 6 assortments of nuts so Mom can indulge in her nut cravings.

11. Gourmet Nuts Gift Basket

If Mom is nuts for nuts than she will love this gift basket! This heart shaped nuts gift basket has 6 assortments of nuts so Mom can indulge in her nut cravings.

12. Funny Mom Candle

Moms love candles. This candle comes with a funny yet heartwarming message that is sure to give Mom a big smile.

13. Foot Massager

This foot warmer and massager is great for underneath Mom’s desk. The foot massager part can also zip off so Mom can use it to massage her back and relieve her back pain.

14. Mom Necklace

Get your Mom this “I love you Mom” heart-shaped necklace as a token of your love. A great gift that Mom can wear around her neck and always know how much you love her.

15. Benchmark Bouquets Pink Roses and White Lilies

If your Mom loves pink roses and white lilies this is a perfect gift and you can order it right to Mom’s doorstep. Check the box at checkout “this is a gift” and you can write a personalized message to show Mom your love!

16. Preserved Roses in a Box

These preserved roses in a box can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years without needing any watering! Mom will always be able to show off your love with these long lasting roses. They don’t have the same strong smell as fresh roses but they do look and feel the same.

17. What I Love About Mom Fill-in-the-Blank Book

This heartfelt gift comes with different prompts that you can fill in with all your favorite things about your Mom. A personalized gift just like this will show Mom just how much you care about her. 

18. RENPHO Eye Massager

A practical Valentine’s Day gift that will help Mom relax and get more beauty sleep! This RENPHO eye massager with built-in heating pads provides a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees to relax eye puffiness and dry eyes. 

19. Infmetry Capsule Letters

This is a very heartfelt gift! Each capsule letter comes with a small piece of paper so you can write down something that you love about Mom, an experience you guys had together, or something you are thankful for that she has done for you. There are 90 capsules so this will take some effort. But it is sure to make Mom’s heart melt! 

20. Chocolate Gift Basket

This complete chocolate gift basket comes with milk butter pecan patties, cashew clusters, pretzel clouds, pecan snappers, sea salt caramels, english toffee peppermint patties, bavarian pretzels, double silk truffles, coconut haystacks, and pecan clusters. A great variety for Mom to try!

21. Salt Reed Diffuser Set

This diffuser set comes with Lemon, Rosemary, and Leafy Green scented diffusers that will produce a beautiful aroma in Mom’s home. A lovely Valentine’s day gift that she can enjoy for months to come.

A Gift From You Will Make Mom's Valentine's Day

Not everyone gets their Mom a gift on Valentine’s Day. According to an Instagram poll that we ran, we found that only 36% of young adults planned to get their Mom a Valentine’s Day Gift. 

Let’s make that number higher this year! It will be such a pleasant surprise to Mom to recieve a gift from you!