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Chocolate Loving Mom

If Mom is a chocoholic, a chocolate-themed gift is perfect for any special occasion. For 50 elevated, classy, and fun gifts for your chocolate-loving Mom, keep on reading!

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Best Gifts for your Chocolate Loving Mom

This list contains chocolate-themed gifts that are roughly $40 to $150. Perfect sweet and fun gifts for your chocolate-loving Mom.

1. Assorted Candy Gift box

This gift box is any chocolate lover’s heaven. The treats included are chocolate pretzels, peanut butter cups, butter toffee, peanut brittle, hazelnut truffles, chocolate squares, and yogurt-covered peanuts. The delicious goodies come in a sleek, reusable tin.

2. Astor Chocolate Truffles Gift Box

These gorgeous truffles are almost too pretty to eat! This gourmet gift box is unique and delicious. Flavors include: Birthday Cake, Cookies & Crème, Maple Waffle, Chocolate Fudge, Pecan Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Toffee & Hazelnut Espresso.

3. Chocolate-covered Strawberries & Caramel Apples Gift Box

With this amazing gift box, Mom can enjoy delicious chocolate strawberries and caramel apples. They are decorated to perfection and ship in ice to ensure their perfect condition. 

4. Assorted Japanese Kit Kats

What’s more fun than trying something new? Give a gift like no other with this assortment of Japanese Kit Kats. This amazing snack box comes with a variety of fun and unique flavors for Mom to taste. 

5. Premium Dessert Sauces

With these jarred chocolate ganaches, Mom can add a touch of chocolate to any food she pleases! The set comes with two jars of each flavor: sweet + rich, dark + decadent, and dark + sea salt! 

6. Dark Chocolate Pyramid

If Mom is a dark chocolate lover, she will obsess over this dark chocolate pyramid. Each of the 10 dark chocolates comes from a different destination throughout the world. The fun gift comes wrapped in a cute, gold bow.

7. Chocolate Truffle Making Kit

Let Mom’s creative side run wild with this chocolate truffle-making kit. The set comes neatly packed with clear instructions and tons of fun ingredients such as marshmallows, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, and much more!

8. Chocolates and Confections Book

Take Mom’s chocolate obsession up a notch (or two) with this book on how to make artisan desserts. It is perfect for any aspiring chocolatiers or anyone interested in the chocolate process.  

9. Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket

This wrapped gift set of Godiva chocolates makes a truly amazing gift. Hot Cocoa, chocolate truffle coffee, assorted chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered graham crackers, and chocolate caramels all come in a gorgeous reusable basket.

10. Quest Chocolate Protein Powder

If Mom is a chocolate lover and a gym lover, there is no better gift than a tub of chocolate protein powder. This chocolate milkshake flavor from Quest has 22 grams of protein and less than one gram of sugar in each serving!

11. 5-pound Hershey Bar

This ginormous Hershey bar is one of the best gifts for any chocolate fanatic. It’s large, 5-pound size makes it both a novelty item and a classic favorite!

12. Chocolate Peel-Off Mask

For the beauty-loving, chocolate-loving Moms! This relaxing face mask provides a hydrating, cooling effect. It’s easy to prepare and its jelly feel allows it to be applied to any facial structure!

13. Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Gift Tower

This gorgeous gift tower comes with tons of delicious treats. Its beautiful packaging is perfect for gifting. The treats include dark chocolate sea salt caramel corn, milk chocolate pecan patties, and dark chocolate almond bark, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate-covered graham crackers and chocolate-covered pretzels.

14. Retro Candy Bar Assortment

Give Mom a trip back in time with this 45- piece assortment of old fashioned candy bars. This unique gift is an amazing way to show Mom you care.

15. Godiva Assorted Truffles

This awesome truffle assortment has tons of colors and flavors and is sure to satisfy any chocolate lover. The 24 piece box features white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, strawberry, and more in an elegant gift box.

Luxury Gifts for your Chocolate Loving Mom

Super sweet luxury gifts if you are looking to spend over $150 on a gift for your chocolate loving Mom.

16. Fondue Pot

This beautiful copper fondue pot is great for making some fun chocolate desserts! It is stylish, sleek, features a concrete base, and makes a great gift.

17. Ultimate Sampler Gift

This amazing tower of goodies is delicious and guaranteed fresh. Treats include 15 chocolates, 8 Assorted Brownies, a Chocolate Lava Bundt, 2 Blueberry Muffins, 4 Red Velvet Mini Whoopie Pies, 4 Chocolate Mini Whoopie Pies, 23 Assorted Cookies, and 1.5 Lb. Rugelach.

18. Flyseago Chocolate Fountain

What could be better than a chocolate fountain? This durable, stainless steel fountain is easy to use and great for any party, gathering, or family dinner!

19. 6 Month Subscription to Jackie's Chocolate

This subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. With this gift, Mom will receive high-quality chocolates monthly for half a year! Freshness is guaranteed and each purchase supports a small business.

20. Jacques Torres Signature Collection

This gift basket comes with tons of Jacques Torres’ famous chocolate. Items included are a bon bon Assortment, hot chocolate mix, milk chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and more!

21. Chocolate Tempering Machine

Tempering chocolate is an important step in making many chocolate-y desserts. This machine is easy to use, has accurate temperature control, and doubles as a food warmer!

22. Ivation Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Making chocolate ice cream at home has never been easier. This machine compresses and chills liquids on the spot, eliminating the need to pre-freeze. It is super simple to operate and comes with a variety of recipes!

23. Jura Cup Warmer

If Mom is obsessed with hot cocoa or coffee, keeping her cup nice and warm is a necessity. This machine fits multiple mugs at once and looks great on any countertop. The programmable automatic switch-on and switch-off time allows for safe usage as well.

24. Customizable Chocolate Gift Basket

This stunning gift basket has customizable packaging and 54 gourmet items inside! Its assortment of chocolates, popcorns, nuts, and tons of other snacks makes a beautiful gift.

25. Fudge of the Month 1 Year Subscription

Fudge is one of the best creamy, chocolatey desserts. With this gift, Mom will receive 2 pounds of delicious fudge each month for a year! The best part is that each month features two different fun flavors to try. 

26. Hot Beverage Quick-Brewing Machine

This stainless steel hot water machine is perfect for a large batch of scrumptious hot chocolate. It brews water quickly and has continuous stirring for a lump free, even heating.

27. Godiva Box

This 140 piece box of gourmet Godiva chocolates is sure to make Mom smile. This timeless classic features fillings such as butterscotch caramel, raspberry puree, hazelnut praline, and more!

28. Premier Chocolate Refiner

If Mom enjoys making homemade chocolate, she needs this amazing chocolate refiner. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but it creates a creamy, smooth product as well. 

29. Baked by Melissa 100 Assorted Bite-Size Cupcakes

These bite-sized treats will arrive fresh right at Mom’s doorstep. This 100 piece bundle includes 12 different flavors such as cookies and cream, cookie dough, red velvet, and more!

30. Dulcet Heart Chocolates

This unique assortment features 27 hand-topped chocolates with a variety of decadent fillings such as rich milk, black silk, lemon ruby citron, geranium lavender, and more! It is guaranteed fresh as well.

Affordable Gifts for your Chocolate Loving Mom

Cheaper gifts for chocolate-lovers. These next gifts are all below $40. 

31. Chocolate Facial Kit

This relaxing and hydrating chocolate facial kit is the perfect gift for any chocolate-lover. It is great for any type of skin, removes dead cells, and has no harsh chemicals.

32. Chocolate-covered Pretzel Box

This box of chocolate-covered pretzels is not only delicious, but it’s pretty too. This super tasty gift has some fun textures and comes in a super cute box!

33. Silicone Chocolate Molds

These non-stick chocolate molds are a super easy way for Mom to make adorable chocolate treats. They are super flexible, dishwasher safe, and can double as ice molds!

34. Yankee Chocolate Layer Cake Candle

This rich, premium candle smells absolutely divine. It can burn for up to 150 hours and will fill the entire room with a decadent chocolate layer cake scent.

35. Godiva Hot Chocolate Set

This cute gift set comes with gourmet Godiva hot chocolate, a ceramic travel mug, and a red satin bow. It is absolutely perfect for Mom to take her favorite treat on the go!

36. Frankford Hot Chocolate Bomb Variety Pack

This cute gift set comes with gourmet Godiva hot chocolate, a ceramic travel mug, and a red satin bow. It is absolutely perfect for Mom to take her favorite treat on the go!

37. Biscotti Basket

This gourmet sampler biscotti box comes with 12 different biscottis each with a distinctive flavor. They come wrapped in an elegant gift box complete with a nice bow.

38. Mocha Boba Tea Kit

This tapioca milk tea kit comes with a delicious chocolatey mocha flavor. With this kit, Mom can make up to 10 fun drinks in minutes!

39. Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

This chocolate-themed eyeshadow palette is a unique gift for any makeup-loving chocolate obsessor. It comes with a variety of both shimmery and matte shades that are highly pigmented!

40. Half Pound Reese’s

These large Reese’s are the perfect novelty gift for anyone who loves the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Three 8 oz. Reeses cups come in Reese’s iconic sleek packaging.

41. Chocolate-covered Oreos

This classy box of treats comes with 12 decadent dipped oreos. With a variety of chocolates and toppings, this is a delicious gift that will make Mom feel special.

42. Chocolate Essential Oil

This chocolate essential oil is the perfect addition to Mom’s self-care routine! It has a long-lasting scent with notes of top fruity butter, jasmine, chocolate, sweet honey, and creamy vanilla.

43.Modi Bars Assortment

Modi Bars has a piece of chocolate for every mood Mom might feel. Each  specific flavor of chocolate is matched with an emotion and wrapped in adorable packaging!

44. Crispy Corner Brownie Pan

With this pan, every piece of brownie is a corner brownie. The high-quality, non-stick is perfect for any Mom that loves to bake some chocolatey desserts!

45. Chocolate Truffle Face + Body Scrub

Make any day feel like a spa day with this exfoliating scrub. Alongside its cocoa scent, Mom can enjoy plenty of benefits such as antioxidants, hydrating ingredients, and reduction of redness.

Gag Gifts for your Chocolate Loving Mom

5 funny gifts for your chocolate loving mom that are sure to get a laugh.

46. Novelty Chocolate Bar Socks

The packaging of these chocolate bar socks is sure to make Mom laugh. They even come in different colors to represent milk, dark, and white chocolate!

47. Chocolate Band-Aids

These novelty chocolate band-aids are perfect for cheering Mom up, making her laugh, or as just a funny gift!

48. Funny Chocolate T-Shirt

This quirky t-shirt allows Mom to flaunt her chocolate addiction anywhere and everywhere. It comes in five different colors and a variety of sizes!

49. Calm the F* Down Chocolate Almonds

These chocolate almonds are absolutely hilarious and great for any Mom dealing with stress or needing a laugh. Each almond is covered in gourmet dark chocolate!

50. Perfect Man Hot Chocolate Bomb

This hot chocolate bomb is not only funny, but it’s delicious too! The “perfect man” is filled with mini marshmallows and makes any hot chocolate extra special.

It's Chocolate Time!

From delicious treats to cocoa-scented relaxation, any of the items on this list are sure to make any chocolate fan smile. Whatever you choose, Mom is sure to love it!