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Gift Ideas for Mom's that Love to Cook

Does your Mom love to cook and is always in the kitchen? Help Mom take her cooking to the next level with any of these awesome kitchen gift ideas! Maybe she’d get excited about new herbs to spice up the meals, or new kitchen equipment to make the fluffiest of doughs – either way, there’s something on this list that she’ll fall in love with! 

Check out this list of 50 gift ideas for your Mom who loves to cook at various price categories. 

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Best Gifts For Moms Who Love to Cook

These gift ideas are between $40 and $150.

1. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer preserves freshness on your food as it reduces air and limiting bacterial growth on food that would cause it to spoil easily. Get this for Mom and help make her cooking and meal prep easier.

2. Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro

With 1100 peak watts, auto-IQ technology, and pro extractor blades assembly, making the perfect smoothie or frozen drink has never been easier. A great present for Mom’s that love smoothies and frozen drinks.

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill with Locking Lid

This easy to store Panini Press is perfect for making paninis, quesadillas, and sweet fruit turnover. The cafe-style floating lid evenly presses sandwiches of all sizes , no matter how thick or thin so Mom will no longer need to go out to get a great sandwich.

4. Caswell-Massey Pura Smart Diffuser

This home scent diffuser comes with a variety of different scents to help make Mom’s kitchen smell amazing.

5. MERRYBOX Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

Get Mom an over the sink dish drying rack to help her keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Made with high-quality stainless steel for no rusting, long lasting durability, and easy cleaning.

6. RIIMONE Sous-Vide Precision Cooker Machine

Cooking slow in vacuum retains more vitamins and nutrients in the food and delivers incredibly tasty, juicy, in the meantime. Get Mom this kitchen gadget so she can have precise restaurant results every time.

7. Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate with this Instant Vortex Air Fryer. Equipped with an easy to view windows and EvenCrisp technology a great new gadget for Mom’s kitchen.

8. Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Your Mom can use these mason jars for pickling, storing of her dried fruit and/or nuts, as well as simply use them as drinking glasses. This set comes with 12 16 oz. mason jars, as well as a jar opener.

9. Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker

This stainless steel stovetop espresso maker will completely change your Mom’s espresso game. If she loves her coffee, she’ll LOVE this gadget! It makes up to 6 cups of espresso at a time. 

10. Instant Pot

For practical Moms, this instant pot will be appreciated. It doesn’t just function as an electric cooker, but also as a yogurt maker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and so much more. It holds up to 6 quarts of food, and will save your Mom so much time (and counter space). 

11. Sea Salt Sampler Set

Seasoning salts can make all the difference in a dish, and your Mom will love experimenting with these. The set includes 10 different organic seasoning salts. 

12. Complete Cheese Making Kit

If your Mom is a DIY-Queen, she’ll love this cheese making kit. This kit teaches someone to make mozzarella, feta, halloumi, chèvre, goat cheese, cheese curds, monterey jack, cultured butter and more.

13. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This cast iron dutch oven is what every classic American woman needs in her kitchen. The porcelain enamel allows the dutch oven to be cleaned easily and quickly.

14. Mortar and Pestle

Your Mom can grind her own spices easily with this granite mortar and pestle. The bottom of the mortar is made of anti-scratch oak wood.

15. Rotating Spice Organizer

This stainless steel spice organizer will help your Mom keep all of these spices in one convenient place. The organizer holds 20 jars of spices (all included).

16. Mini Bundt Cake Pan

This non-stick mini bundt cake pan will allow your Mom to bake mini bundt cakes for the next time she has friends over! It’s easy to use and easy to clean!

17. Kimchi/Sauerkraut Fermentation Container

Homemade kimchi is an art and tastes million times better than the store bought variety. This 2 pack will let your Mom fix plenty of sauerkraut and kimchi to enjoy. 

18. Dalstrong Chef Knife

This 8″ steel chef’s knife will help your Mom get the cleanest cut on any veggie or piece of meat. The blade is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of resin and wood.

19. Balsamic Vinegar Sampler Set

This sampler set of balsamic vinegar gives your Mom many different fruity options for salad dressing and more. The set includes a fig, peach, strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple balsamic vinegar. 

20. Kate Spade Recipe Box

This cute Kate Spade recipe box will be a beautiful way to collect all of your Mom’s favorite recipes. The box comes with 40 double-sided cards and 8 dividers.

Luxury Gifts For Moms Who Love to Cook

Have a bigger budget and want to go big? Check out these gift ideas over $150. 

21. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Help Mom keep the kitchen clean with this home robot vacuum that is great for picking up crumbs, dirt, hairs, and debris on the floor.

22. Beast Blender and Hydration System

Best in class Blender and Hydration system that helps mom make perfect silky smooth blends and infused water. The perfect machine for post workout smoothies!

23. Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System

The Coravin wine system gives Mom the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. Making it easy to open and preserve wine.

24. Ice Cream Machine

Homemade ice cream doesn’t have to be difficult to make, but it does taste incredible! This ice cream machine makes 1.2 quarts of ice cream, and doesn’t require pre-freezing. Your Mom will love this machine during those hot summer days!

25. Soda & Sparkling Flavored Water Maker

This Sodastream bundle is the perfect gift for your Mom that loves jazzing up her sparkling water. It comes with one sparkling water maker, two 60L Co2 cylinders, three Dishwasher safe reusable carbonating bottles, and two 40 ml bubly drops flavors. 

26. Herbal Oil Infusion Machine

Does your Mom love buying herb-infused oils? This infusion machine will allow her to make her own! However, she can also make infused honey, butter, and so much more. The options are endless!

27. Oprah's Favorite Olive Oils

This set of 4 premium infused olive oils is a great addition to your Mom’s kitchen. They’re infused with basil, lemon, garlic, and chili peppers. They are so good that they’re one of Oprah’s favorites!

28. Pre-seasoned Kitchen Utensils

This set has everything any wannabe chef could possibly want! Pre-seasoned kitchen utensils and cookware will add an extra zest to your Mom’s cooking. 

29. Kitchen Tower

Your Mom doesn’t have to do all the cooking on her own! This kitchen tower allows smaller helpers to help along, as well! It’s foldable for storage and keeps the little ones safe.

30. Bread Maker Machine

The smell of fresh baked homemade bread is hard to beat! Your Mom can fix her own in this bread making machine. It even comes with a gluten-free sourdough setting!

Affordable Gifts For Moms Who Love to Cook

These gift ideas are less than $40. 

31. Personalized Cutting Board

Made with Walnut or Maple wood and oiled with food-safe oil that preserves and toughens the board. Get Mom a custom cutting board so she can be reminded of the important things in life.

32. Nordic Ware Stackable Cooling Rack

What’s better than Mom’s homemade cookies? Get Mom this stackable cooling rack so she can make more tasty desserts in the kitchen.

33. Homever Food Scale

A really good helper for cooking, this easy to use digital food scale is a great present for Mom. Weigh ingredients up to 33lbs on on this easy-to-clean steel platform.

34. SMIRLY Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Help Mom dazzle her guests with SMIRLY’s wood cheese board & charcuterie tray. Perfect for gatherings among Friends and Family.

35. Oil Sprayer for Cooking

Made of 304 High-quality stainless steel and with a large press button, , anti-skid design with wave strips, and dosage control. This is a great tool for Mom’s kitchen.

36. Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

With 7 premium blades, the Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer is a great present for Mom to help her slice up her vegetables.

37. Willow & Everett Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Built to last, these durable glass salt and pepper shakers are made with clear glass so Mom can easily tell when it is time to refill.

38. Sushi Making Kit

The kit includes a roller, bamboo mats, rice mold, rice paddle, chopsticks, soy sauce, dishes, and a guidebook so Mom can have fun making sushi at home.

39. Oil Vinegar Dispenser Set

These oil and vinegar decanters are useful and stylish. They are microwave and dishwasher safe making a great addition to any Mom’s kitchen.

40. Cuisinart Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart stainless steel waffle maker has a nonstick gridle plate and indicator light making it a great gift for Mom’s that love to cook breakfast.

41. ISILER 9 Pasta Machine

This smooth roller gives pasta a consistent texture every time, delivering a chewy consistency; no more squeezing and tearing dough, as with automatic pasta machines. Let Mom enjoy delicious gourmet pasta meals at home like never before with this gift.

42. Cooking Aprons For Mom

Don’t let stains, flour, sauces, and marinades ruin Mom’s favorite clothes while cooking. Whether she’s a gourmet chef or a home cook, this apron will keep Mom dry and clean as she kneads pizza dough, mixes ingredients, or serves meals to the family. 

43. Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor

Make a nice home kitchen for Mom with this wall pediment. It adds a nice touch of fun and whimsy and shows your appreciation for Mom’s cooking. 

44. Baking Microfiber Towels Set

A kitchen can never have too many hand towels, so what better gift than these heartfelt and adorable microfiber towels for Mom!

45. Herb Growing Kit

Nothing beats fresh herbs in cooking! Your Mom will love growing these herbs in order to add some extra flavor to her cooking. The nine herbs included are dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, & mustard. Total bonus if she’s a plant lover!

46. Beeswax Food Storage Wrap

This sustainable beeswax food storage wrap will keep all of your Mom’s leftovers fresh, while saving it from going bad. The wrap can be reused several times.

47. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Your Mom won’t have to cry anymore when it comes to cutting onions with the Fullstar vegetable chopper. It comes with different attachments, so she can create different-sized cubes, grate cheese or carrots, and even spiralize zucchini. 

48. Wooden Cookbook Stand

It’s super annoying when the cookbook doesn’t stay open while cooking. Your Mom will enjoy this wooden rustic cookbook stand that’ll allow her to cook without holding the book the entire time!

49. Ceramic Spoon Rest

To keep the kitchen more tidy and clean, this ceramic spoon rest can be a real lifesaver. Your Mom will love this practical and aesthetic gift!

50. Life is What You Back it by Vallery Lomas

One of the ten best cookbooks of the year by the Boston Globe. Get Mom this book that’s full of a collection of recipes that will make her mouth water.

For Moms Who Love to Cook!

Your Mom may love spending Sundays cooking a big breakfast for the family, or hosting dinner parties for friends on Friday nights. She may be drooling over the latest KitchenAid mixer, or swooning over the cookbook that’s written by a celebrity chef. Either way, there’s something on this list of 50 gift ideas for Moms who love to cook that she’ll love! 

The list also has items for any budget – no matter how big or small!