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Whether Dad is a skilled biker or a motorcycle newbie, he deserves an incredible gift that celebrates his love of motorcycles. Thankfully, we have assembled a list of unique and thoughtful motorcycle-themed gifts for you to give him!

From biker gear to themed decor, Dad is sure to love one of these gifts! Keep on reading to learn more about these 21 handpicked motorcycle gifts for Dad!

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Best Motorcycle Gifts for Dad

1. Harley-Davidson Pull Over

Gift Dad this Harley-Davidson pull over and he can show off that he’s a biker wherever he goes. 

2. Personalized Name Art

This personalized name art includes high-resolution photos to represent every letter in Dad’s name. This unique gift will put a huge smile on Dad’s face. 

3. Motorcycle Gnome

Does Dad like to garden or decorate his lawn? Get him a garden gnome! Unlike a regular garden gnome, this biker gnome is hand-painted and rides a cool motorcycle.

4. Motorcycle Clock

This motorcycle wall art statue features a small battery-operated clock. The non-tick clock is quiet, easy to read, and will make a creative addition to Dad’s home.

5. Helmet Backpack

If Dad is a big-time rider, he will love this backpack designed for motorists. It is waterproof, has a spot for helmets, and has tons of other storage. Also a great gift if Dad is a cyclist!

6. Cup Holder

This handlebar cup holder will fit virtually any motorcycle. Perfect for coffee, soda, tea, or water, this useful gadget will make Dad’s motorcycle rides even smoother.

7. Harley Davidson Hoodie

If you’re looking for some Harley Davidson gifts for Dad, this hoodie will do the trick. It is soft with a screen-printed graphic.

Luxury Motorcycle Gifts for Dad

If you are looking to spend a little bit more money, the list below contains fun motorcycle gift ideas for Dads that are over $150.

8. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

These leather boots from Harley Davidson will have Dad riding in style. They are slip-resistant to keep Dad’s feet protected and safe. 

9. Motorcycle Decanter

This glass decanter is a classy and subtle way for Dad to bring his love of motorcycles into his home. Perfect for storing his favorite liquor, this decanter features glass hand-blown by skilled artisans.

10. Bluetooth Helmet

Any motorist needs a good helmet. This helmet will not only keep Dad safe, but it will also provide him with Bluetooth technology for listening to music, communicating with other riders, and more!

11. LED Wall Sign

This Harley-Davidson-themed LED sign is perfect for sprucing up a man cave, garage, or office! The handmade sign comes ready to hang with no assembly required.

12. Motorcycle Cover

If Dad takes a lot of pride in his bike, get him a gift to help keep it safe! This motorcycle cover has a solar-power panel and will prevent any damage from wind, ice, snow, and dirt. 

13. Soundbar

Does Dad love listening to music while he rides? If so, this motorcycle soundbar is the perfect gift. It fits tons of different handlebar sizes and is weather-resistant.

14. Helmet Camera

There are few things cooler than footage of gorgeous mountains or hectic city life. With this helmet camera, Dad can make his motorcycle memories last! Having a camera will also keep Dad safe by allowing him to have night vision and a better view of his surroundings.

Affordable Motorcycle Gifts for Dad

There are plenty of incredible gifts for Motorcycle Dads that will not break the bank. Below are gifts under $40 that any Dad will love.

15. Throw Blanket

Getting Dad this cozy blanket is a great way to show him you care about his interests. Alongside being motorcycle-themed, this blanket will keep Dad nice and toasty on cold days. 

16. Motorcycle Pizza Cutter

If Dad loves to cook, he will be absolutely obsessed with this motorcycle-shaped pizza cutter. This durable item is a great kitchen tool that doubles as a fun piece of decor.

17. Biker Dad Shirt

Dad can show off his biker Dad status with this fun t-shirt! It is comfortable and lightweight and looks great both on and off the bike. 

18. Ashtray

Whether Dad loves a good cigar or is a fan of unique home decor, he will love this motorcycle-themed ashtray. Made out of cold cast resin, this item could also be used to store small items such as nuts and bolts.

19. Motorcycle Blueprint

This motorcycle-themed mug is perfect for coffee, tea, water, or any other beverage Dad enjoys. It is microwave safe with a 15-ounce capacity.

20. Funny T-Shirt

This humorous t-shirt is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face. It is soft, comfortable, and comes in ten different colors!

21. Harley Davidson Lighter

This handy, chrome lighter will fit perfectly in Dad’s pocket. It has a windproof design and will last a lifetime!

For the Dads that ride on the wild side!

From cool Harley Davidson gifts to fun accessories, Dad is sure to love one of these motorcycle-themed gifts. 

Another great option is to give Dad an experience! You can book him a scenic motorcycle tour, a motorcycle skills class, or take him to see a motorcycle show. Giving Dad an experience is a great way to show him you truly care. 

We hope this list of motorcycle gifts helped you find the giftspiration you need. Best of luck with your search for the perfect present for Dad!