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If you know any new parents who deserve some extra joy this holiday season, you have come to the right place. We have gathered an assortment of gifts that are perfect for any couple welcoming a new baby into their lives.

From baby essentials to relaxing self-care items, this list of 35 holiday gifts for new parents is sure to have something that will help you spread some holiday cheer.

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Best Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Finding a great gift for new parents can be challenging. This section contains some fun ideas, ranging from $40 to $150.

1. iHome Sound Machine

This sound machine/night light combo is great for parents and infants alike. With white noise sounds, lullabies, nature sounds, and a baby soothing mode, this light will make nights with a newborn more calm and relaxing.

2. Fruit & Nuts Tower

Quick and easy snacks are great for new parents to have on hand. This dried fruit and nuts basket is full of colorful, healthy snacks in elegant packaging. 

3. Personalized Matching Shirts

These adorable shirts are perfect for a new family that loves to match. It has customizable elements and a few fun designs to choose from!

4. Baby Keepsake Box

New parents have tons of exciting memories to make. Help them remember them all with this fabric-bound keepsake box. With tons of labels, drawers, and envelopes, this box will be loved for a lifetime.

5. Bottle Warmer

A baby’s bottle can go from cold to warm in just three minutes with this bottle warmer. Great for keeping night’s calm, it also has auto shut off, making sure the bottle will never overheat.

6. Newborn Essentials Box

Make sure Mom and Dad have everything they need with this baby arrival gift set. It comes with diapers, baby wipes, baby shampoo and more. It is sustainable, hypoallergenic, and beautifully packaged!

7. Eye Massager

Sometimes new parents just need a nice break. This portable eye massager will have Mom and Dad feeling refreshed and relaxed. Features include heat and a built-in bluetooth speaker!

8. Baby Soother

This super cute toy will keep any baby happy. It has a cry-activated sensor that will play soothing sounds and lights when the baby needs them most.

9. Milestone Kit

A milestone kit is an amazing way for new parents to keep track of their child’s growth. The hypoallergenic milestone blanket and illustrated milestone cards are great for relaxing and taking adorable pictures.

10. Silk Sleep Masks

Getting good sleep is essential for new parents. These super comfortable silk sleep masks block out light and reduce puffiness. They come in a set of two for both Mom and Dad to enjoy!

11. Portable Diaper Bag

Unlike big, bulky diaper bags, this multi pocket bag can keep all of Mom and Dad’s essentials in one compact place. It can easily attach to any stroller and includes an insulated bottle holder.

12. Heated Mug

Mornings with a new baby can be chaotic and unpredictable. With this temperature-controlled smart mug, Mom and Dad can have their coffee at the perfect temperature whenever they get around to drinking it.

Luxury Holiday Gifts for New Parents

New parents definitely deserved to be spoiled. Below are gift ideas above $150.

13. UnHide Marshmallow Blanket

There is nothing more sweet than cozying up in a blanket with a new baby. This therapeutic blanket has a heavy weight, is super soft, and is made from recycled materials.


14. Foldable Stroller

This convertible stroller will grow with the new baby from infancy all the way through early development. It has a comfortable, large seat and omnidirectional wheels for years of easy travel.

15. Shoulder Massager

This deep tissue shoulder and neck massager is perfect for getting in some extra relaxation after a long, stressful day as a new parent. Mom and Dad’s muscles will be warm and tension free with this portable device.

16. Cuisinart Food Processor

Whether it’s pureeing carrots for the baby or making family dinners a little bit easier, any new parents will enjoy this medium-sized food processor. It is simple to use and easy to clean.

17. Foldable Bassinet

This portable bassinet is great to have on hand for travel or staying at a relative’s house for the holidays. It has lockable wheels and comes with a carrying case. No assembly is required! 

18. Espresso Machine

For new parents with caffeine addictions, easy access to coffee is essential. This aesthetically-pleasing espresso machine will allow Mom and Dad to have cafe-level beverages from the comfort of their own home.

19. Rocking Chair

Whether it’s nursing the baby, reading a book, or just relaxing, a brand-new rocking chair is a great addition to any home welcoming a new child. This swivel rocking chair is super soft and made out of a spill-proof material.

20. Diaper Backpack

This stylish bag is great for new parents that love to be on-the-go. The compact backpack is an efficient and clean way to organize bottles, diapers, snacks, and more! It can also be easily attached to a stroller or suitcase.

21. Baby Monitor

Give Mom and Dad the gift of peace of mind with this high-definition baby monitor. It has a microphone for communication, privacy modes, and no harsh LED lights, ensuring that it won’t disrupt the baby’s sleep. 

22. Shark Robot Vacuum

The last thing new parents need is a super messy house. With this robot vacuum, keeping the house clean will be easy-as-pie. It cleans both floors and carpet and then empties into its bagless base for up to 45 days!

23. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

New babies can be loud. When Mom or Dad just need a little break, it is always nice to have noise canceling headphones on hand. These sleek headphones are comfortable and have a battery life of up to 22 hours.

Affordable Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Finding incredible holiday gifts for new parents does not have to break the bank. Below are gifts under $40 that they will love.

24. Family Ornament

This adorable ornament will be appreciated for years to come. A personalized keepsake, this one-of-a-kind item will look great on any Christmas tree.

25. Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit

This is a great gift set for new parents! It comes with 6 essential OTC products that can help treat a new baby from common symptoms like stuffy noses, diaper rash, gas, hiccups, and fever!

26. SEAL360 Floor Vent Traps

Little kids are constantly making a mess in the house. This floor vent trap catches toys, snacks, pet hair, pet food, and even helps keep bugs out. A great practical gift for new parents.

27. Funny Candle

This humorous candle is sure to put a smile on Mom and Dad’s face. Made out of natural soy wax, this candle has a soothing scent perfect for reducing stress.

28. Boudreaux's Butt Paste Kit

Every baby gets diaper rash! Gift new parents the Boudreaux’s Rash Kicking so they can be prepared to help treat their baby’s diaper rash with Boudreaux’s Butt Paste! Plus it comes with a spatula so they can easily apply diaper cream without getting it on their hands.

29. Clay Keepsake Frame

This gift is an art project, keepsake, and home decoration all in one. The baby hand and footprint frame kit comes complete with stencils, double sided tape, air dry clay, and more!

30. Pacifier Sanitizer

Babies are constantly throwing their pacifiers on the ground. With this UV light sterilizer, the new parents will not have to worry about any icky germs getting into their child’s mouth. It is portable, rechargeable, and can sterilize a pacifier in only 59 seconds!

31. Wine Bag

This fun, cotton wine bag will bring some extra joy to the new parents. It is durable with fade-free graphics and can fit any standard wine bottle.

32. Family of Three Ornament

Gifting this cute ornament is a great way to help celebrate a new baby! It is made out of high-quality ceramic and comes in a beautiful, blue gift box.

33. Tumbler Set

This tumbler set will help keep Mom and Dad hydrated and caffeinated during their busy days. Made out of stainless steel, they are durable and will keep their drink at the perfect temperature for hours!

34. Diaper Caddy

This versatile diaper caddy is great for keeping a nursery, car, or stroller organized. It is super soft, yet durable with a removable insert for easy and efficient use.

35. Baby Book

New babies may not come with an instruction manual…but there are still plenty of books that can offer some guidance. This simple book serves as an illustrated guide for some of the most common questions new parents have.

Tis’ the Season of Great Gifts.

From muscle massagers to baby skincare, any new parents will appreciate these thoughtful gifts. 

You may also want to gift the new parents an experience, or a gift that tailors to their niche interests such as fishing, art, or chocolate.

We hope this list gave you the giftspiration you need this holiday season!