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Image of a Mom praying with text that says "50 Faith-Based Gifts for Religious Moms Hallelujah"

Does faith play a big role in your Mom’s life? Then keep reading for our list of 50 faith-based gifts for your religious Mom. 

Show your Mom how you support her faith by gifting her something meaningful that will remind her of her higher power daily. 

The list is broken down into various price categories, so no matter what your budget – you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your religious Mom!

Table of Contents

Best Gifts For Religious Moms

This list contains faith-based gifts that are between $40 and $150.

1. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This faux fur throw blanket is covered in the full Psalm 91 verse. Perfect if your Mom is always cold, she will love drinking her morning cup of tea and snuggling under this blanket. 

2. Christian Wall Decor

Your faith-practicing Mom will be touched by this thoughtful gift. This inspirational sign will bring peace to your Mom in times of need. The sign is made of canvas wood and comes with 10 different inscriptions and 3 different sizes. 

3. Religious Cross

This wooden cross is something your Mom will enjoy featuring in her room to look at as she prays. The cross itself is made of maple wood and features a silver crucifix. It’s 8 inches long.

4. Color-Coded Bible

Does your Mom’s bible need an upgrade? This bible is color-coded to find various scriptures fitting different themes. The book itself is bound in faux leather and embossed with a floral pattern. 

6. Gold Earrings

These small yet beautiful earrings are going to be loved by your churchgoing Mom. They are made of 14k gold and will help remind her of her faith at all times. 

7. Bible Verse Set of 6 Wall Art

A set of 6 bible verses and plant image prints will look beautiful on the wall of any room. Your nature-loving and religious Mom will enjoy looking at these every day. 

8. Faith Stones

If your Mom loves bringing hope and faith to others, she’ll love this thoughtful gift. This set of 100 glass stones will allow her to give these to whomever she feels may need it in the moment. 

9. Lantern

This beautiful lantern with a motivational message will bring light to any dark day that your Mom may have. She can either hang the lantern outside on her front porch or use it as interior decor.

10. Pandora Bracelet Charm

If your Mom owns a Pandora bracelet, this charm is going to look beautiful next to her others. The charm features a cross, heart, and anchor. The words “faith”, “hope”, and “love” are engraved on each of these charms. It’s a subtle nod to her faith.

11. Willow Tree Praying Figurine

This beautiful resin figurine plays music when wound up. It’s painted by hand and is a powerful reminder for your Mom to lead with grace, peace, and love every day. 

11. Sterling Silver Ring

This authentic sterling silver ring featuring a dangling cross is going to look amazing on your Mom’s finger. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and modern – hard not to love! 

12. Jesus LED Light

This LED light is a modern decor addition to your Mom’s home. Whenever there’s a hardship or challenge, this neon light will help your Mom remember that she’s not alone.

Luxury Gifts For Religious Moms

These next ideas of faith-based gifts are all $150 or more. 

13. Archangel Set of 7 Figurines

This set of 7 Archangel figurines makes for the perfect gift! Each figurine is handpainted and made of resin. The beautiful set consists of Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Raguel, and Barachiel. Your religious Mom will love putting these angels on top of her chest drawers. 

14. Nativity Set

Just because this set is Christmas-themed, doesn’t mean you have to wait until Christmas to gift it to your faith-based Mom! This set consists of 13 figurines made of resin that are all hand painted. Jesus, the three wise men, shepherd, donkey, alpaca, cow, manger, and star of Bethlehem complete the set.

15. Gold Cross Necklace with Diamonds

Jewelry is ALWAYS a good idea for a gift for Mom! This particular necklace is made of 14k solid gold and features round brilliant-cut diamonds. It’ll be a great addition for your Mom to wear to church.

16. Gold Bracelet

Your church-going Mom will love this simple yet stunning gold bracelet. It’s made of 14k solid gold and features a cross with the inscription “faith”. It’s a wonderful way to dress up her everyday outfits!

17. Crucifixion Painting

If your Mom doesn’t currently have a painting hanging over her bed, then this could be the perfect gift. This canvas wall print is gallery wrapped made to order. The print comes in different sizes and is either ready to hang or rolled up. A great faith-based gift for a Mom that appreciates art.

Affordable Gifts For Religious Moms

Want to find something small and affordable to gift your Mom? This list includes religious-inspired gifts for your Mom under $40.

18. Faith Tote

This reusable tote bag isn’t just cute, but it’s also super practical. Your religious Mom will love taking this tote bag to her bible study or even grocery shopping. 

19. Faith Shirt

This cotton shirt is great for everyday wear for your committed Mom. It comes in a variety of different colors and is something she can dress up with heels on a night out or wear with jeans for a casual night in.

20. Godly Gratitude Jar

This gratitude jar comes with 365 cards that have bible verses on the back and space to write on the front the things your Mom is grateful for. This gift will bring joy to your Mom all year long. The jar itself is made of glass and the lid is made of bamboo.

21. Religious Gift Box

This gift box contains a bunch of different small gifts for your devout Mom. She will receive a candle, bracelet, bookmark, tumbler, bath bomb, and a few other items. It’s the perfect combination of self-care and faith!

22. Faith Silver Necklace

This cute and simple necklace is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Your Mom will love this silver necklace! It’s 18 inches long and comes in different style options with words like “Jesus”, “Blessed”, or “Faith” being some of them.

23. Beginner's Book

If your Mom is newly religious, then this book will be a great gift for her! The book covers various ways to practice faith and grow closer to God. 

24. Bible Case

This bible case is not only chic but it’ll help free your Mom’s hands when she’s on her way to church or bible study. There are plenty of compartments for her to store other items in the case as well. The case comes in different colors so you’ll find the perfect fit for your Mom.

25. Blessed Thermos

This cute 12 oz. thermos will keep your Mom’s coffee or tea hot in the morning. It’s simple, cute, and reminds her of her faith. The tumbler is made of ceramic and the lid is made of BPA-free plastic.

26. Vanilla-scented Candle

Does your Mom always have a candle on? This vanilla-scented candle has a Bible verse printed on the front and a 70 hour burn time. Every time your faithful Mom will burn it, she’ll be reminded of the verse.

27. Love Like Jesus Sweatshirt

Perfect for chilly fall nights, this sweatshirt will be a wonderful gift for devoted Moms. It’s U.S. made and a stylish addition to her wardrobe. 

27. Ceramic Mug

Coffee tastes better when it’s served in a cute mug. Your Mom will love this ceramic mug with a religious verse on the front. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe and guaranteed not to fade or chip.

28. Christian Phone Case

Phone cases are a great way to show off a person’s personality and values. This phone case will help your Mom proudly showcase her love for her faith and belief. This particular case is available for iPhone 11.

29. Daily Devotional for Women

To start off the day on the right foot, your Mom will love this daily devotional. One prompt for every day, there won’t be a single day that she will be unable to begin the day with her faith. 

30. Neutral Bible Tabs

These bible tabs will make your Mom’s reading time a lot easier. These neutral-colored tabs allow your Mom to easily find the right section she’s looking for that day. With 90 tabs, she’ll have the most organized bible in her study group!

31. Apron

When your Mom is cooking or baking, she’ll love wearing this “Pray more, worry less” apron. It’ll keep her clothes clean and features a cute design in the front. It’s perfect for summer BBQs or Sunday dinners. 

32. Christian Game

This card game will be something your religious Mom will love! This game will open a lot of deep conversations around the topic of faith. Perfect for family night and bonding time!

33. Christian Daily Planner

Nothing feels better than being organized. Your Mom will love this planner that interweaves faith into the daily schedule. This one is for 2023 and dated, however there are always updated new planners available. The planners come with many stickers for personalization as well.

35. Bible Verse Pillow Cover

What would look better on your sofa than a pillow with an uplifting verse? Your Mom will love this throw pillow cover made of cotton and linen. 

36. Door Mat

What better way to be greeted, than by a doormat reminding your Mom of all that is important – her faith! This gift will make her smile every time she leaves and enters her house. The mat is made of coconut coir and is easy to clean.

37. No-Bleed Pens and Highlighters

At first glance you may wonder if highlighters and pens are even appropriate as a gift, but A) they come in beautiful pastel colors and B) they don’t bleed through the paper making them perfect to use for when your Mom reads the bible. The pens write incredibly smooth and they all come in five different colors.

38. Prayer Plaque

If Mom has a child in the Navy then this prayer plaque would make a great sentimental gift that will help give Mom strength when he is called to duty.

39. Wooden Prayer Bowl

If your religious Mom has been going through a rough time recently and needs to know her prayers are being heard, this wooden prayer bowl is going to give her peace of mind. The bowl comes with 24 prayer cards and a linen bag. 

40. Miracle Socks

These colorful socks are a wonderful gift of appreciation for your devoted Mom. She can keep her feet warm while showing off her love for her faith.

41. Compact Mirror

This compact mirror is easy for your Mom to take wherever she goes. At the back of the mirror, there are scripture passages etched into it. Your Mom can take this on her way to work or reapply her lipstick before her next work meeting. Either way – it’s both practical and sentimental!

42. Cosmetic Bag

This durable cosmetic bag will hold any of your Mom’s makeup or even markers and highlighters for bible study. The bag measures at 9.5″ x 7″.

43. Mustard Seed Bracelet

This mustard seed bracelet will be a reminder to always hold strong onto faith and that your Mom can do anything she sets her mind to. This bracelet comes in different colors and has inspirational words engraved.

44. Religious Measuring Spoons

Celebrate your Mom’s amazing characteristics with these beautiful silver measuring spoons. The set comes with 4 spoons playing on the “recipe for an amazing woman”. Each spoon is engraved with a different word including “Faith”, “Strength”, “Honesty”, and “Generosity”.  

45. Kitchen Towels

One can never have too many kitchen towels so these will be a welcome gift for your Mom. The set comes with a pack of 2 towels made of polyester and nylon. Each with a different scripture printed on it.


Give your faith-filled Mom this set of 5 metallic bookmarks so she never loses her place in a book ever again. Each bookmark features its own unique scripture and a cross tassel pendant.

47. Audiobook

Listening to an audiobook can be both soothing and help time go by faster. Giving your Mom the gift of a religious audiobook will be appreciated no doubt. She can learn more about some crucial Biblical women figures. 

Funny Gifts For Religious Moms

If your Mom loves to infuse humor in everything, then check out some of these gag gifts that are going to make her laugh. 

48. Funny Wine Glass

Is your Mom a wine drinker? She’ll love this punny wine glass with the enscription “holy water” on it. It holds 15 oz. of her favorite beverage and is dishwasher-safe.

49. Funny Chrsitian Joke Book

Jokes don’t have to be tasteless or reserved for those who don’t practice a certain faith. This joke book will allow your Mom to chuckle at any chance she gets. She can even share these jokes in her bible study group!

50. Funny Bible Shirt

This cotton shirt is perfect for casual Friday. Your faith-obsessed Mom will love wearing this cotton shirt to the gym or just running errands. It comes in different colors. 

For the Religious Mom!

If your Mom is committed to attending every Sunday church service, reading her bible every morning, or praying every night. Then a faith-based gift may be just what you are looking for. 

There are plenty of great gift ideas for any religious, faith-based Mom in the list above that can help you get the giftspiration you need. 

Another great idea would be to go on a religious retreat or spiritual journey with Mom. You could also look into volunteering at the local church. This would be a great way to spend quality time with Mom doing something she loves while also giving back to the community.