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Is Dad a big bookworm? If so, there are tons of fun and unique gifts for you to give him! From literary-themed apparel to gadgets that make reading easier, Dad is sure to love one of these gifts. Keep on reading to learn more about these 25 handpicked gifts for Dad that likes to read!

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Best Reading Gifts for Dad

Finding the perfect book-themed gift for Dad can be a challenge. If you’re searching for the best reading gifts around, look no further. This list contains bookworm gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Smart Table Lamp

This multifunctional table lamp is great for reading at any time of the day! It is voice-controlled with different brightness settings, three color temperatures, a timer, and more.

2. Guitar Bookends

If your bookworm Dad is also a music-lover, he will appreciate these cool guitar bookends! These fun pieces of decor are made of fine cold cast resin and will help keep Dad’s bookshelf nice and tidy.

3. Book Stand Pillow

This soft pillow will allow Dad to read hands-free anywhere! Dad will no longer have to struggle with the uncomfortable arm pain that can come with reading.  It also doubles as a travel pillow and has a pocket for small belongings.

4. Floating Bookshelf

This unique bookshelf is a super cool way for Dad to display his book collection! The expandable shelf is wall-mountable with built-in bookmarks, saving space and adding a fun touch to any space.

5. Well-Read Subscription Box

With this book-lover box, Dad will receive a box curated to his interests as a reader. Each box comes with two books and two to three extra goodies.

6. Book-Shaped Safes

With these book-shaped safes, Dad can hide his valuables in plain sight. The two vintage-style brown books each have a secret compartment and double as fun decor.

7. Brass Book Darts

Book darts are a great alternative to bookmarks, highlighters, book tabs, and more! The small metal markers easily attach to book pages and will not leave any marks or residue. 

8. Industrial Bookends

These cool, gear-shaped bookends will help Dad decorate his space and keep his books neat and organized. They are high-quality and non-skid!

Luxury Reading Gifts for Dad

Dad deserves to be spoiled. He will love any one of these reading-themed gifts that are all over $150.

9. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle is one of the best ways for Dad to access thousands of books anywhere, anytime. This e-reader has a glare-free display with adjustable brightness, 32 GB storage, and wireless charging.

10. Wireless Earbuds

If Dad prefers audiobooks, he needs a great pair of headphones. These Bluetooth earbuds have noise-canceling technology, allowing Dad to stay fully focused on his current read. 

11. Arm Chair

One of the best places to read is a comfy chair. This armchair has everything a bookworm could need: two USBs, cup holders, and the ability to convert into a futon bed.

12. Large Pillow

This triangular pillow is a great way to make sure Dad’s back and neck are supported while he reads. It is super versatile and easy to wash.

13. LED Bookshelf

This elegant, 5-tier bookshelf is a fantastic way for Dad to store and display his favorite books. It comes with LED light strips that can be adjusted to any color and brightness level.

14. Bean Bag Chair

If Dad loves unconventional, comfy reading spots, he will love this large bean bag chair! With machine-washable covers, memory foam, and a separate footrest, this bean bag is sure to make Dad smile. 

15. UGG Sherpa Blanket

This blanket is perfect for cozying up with a good book. It is super soft and will keep Dad nice and warm while he reads.

16. Bookworm Print

This bookworm print will look great in Dad’s living room, bedroom, or office. Dad is sure to love this high-quality print.

Affordable Reading Gifts for Dad

Finding an incredible gift for Dad does not have to be super expensive. Below are some amazing reading gifts Dad will appreciate – all for under $40.

17. Neck Reading Light

If Dad likes to read at night, this neck reading light is an essential reading tool. It has three light modes and a long battery life.

18. 100 Books Scratch-Off Poster

This incredible poster is inspiration, motivation, and a fun piece of decor all in one! 100 book-themed icons remain hidden for Dad to scratch off as he reads.

19. Booktrovert Shirt

This hilarious graphic t-shirt is perfect for a bookworm Dad. It is super soft and lightweight and comes in tons of colors.

20. Book Lamp

This book-shaped lamp is the ultimate piece of decor for an office, bedroom, or book nook! It is wireless, rechargeable, and can be changed to Dad’s favorite color.

21. Custom Book Stamp

With this personalized stamp, Dad can make every one of his books a one-of-a-kind item! The stamp can be customized with Dad’s name and there are tons of designs to choose from.

22. Page Magnifier

A page magnifier is a great tool to ensure that Dad’s love of reading does not take a toll on his eyes. With an anti-glare lens and dimmable lights, this lightweight gadget will enhance Dad’s reading experience for years to come.


23. Novel Tea’s Set

This literary-themed tea set is a super unique item that any book-lover would enjoy. Each bag comes with 25 individually-wrapped tea bags with a range of literary quotes on them!

24. Funny Socks

A good pair of socks makes reading even more cozy, and funny socks are simply the best kind. These thick, yet breathable socks are sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.

25. Funny Bookmark

If your bookworm Dad has a great sense of humor, this bookmark would make the perfect gift for him. It has a hilarious engraved message and a cute book-shaped charm.

For the Dad who gets lost in stories!

From organizational tools to book-themed decor, Dad is sure to love one of these thoughtful gifts. 

You may also want to gift Dad an experience! Take him to a used bookstore, watch a movie based on his favorite book, or go browse a library! Giving Dad an experience is a great way to ensure an amazing time that Dad will remember for years to come.

We hope this list of reading gifts helped you find the giftspiration you need. Good luck finding the perfect present for Dad!