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Indianapolis Colts Gifts For Dad

Have you been searching for a gift for your Dad who’s a huge fan of the Indianapolis Colts? Your search ends here! We present to you the ultimate gift guide for your Colts-loving father. From distinctive and heartfelt presents that will make him feel like a true fan, to functional items that highlight his dedication, we have a wide array of gift ideasPrepare to score big with Dad with these Indianapolis Colts gifts for Dad!

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Best Indianapolis Colts Gifts For Dad

These cool gifts cost around $40 to $150 and will make your Colts-Loving Dad, have even more fun watching their games.

1. Colts Chair

A great way for Dad to show off his team pride and enjoy his favorite games. This Indianapolis Colts Elite Chair makes a comfy throne for a proud Colts Dad!

2. Colts Jersey

Dads who love the Colts will love this Men’s Nick Cross Jersey. It’s a fantastic gift idea for Dads who are die-hard Colts fans, as they can show their team spirit in style while watching the game.

3. Grill Cover

This Indianapolis Colts Grill Cover is a fun gift for Dads who love grilling. It not only provides excellent protection for Dad’s grill with its vinyl padding and waterproof materials, but it also showcases their beloved Colts with a massive logo adding an extra element of fandom to their backyard.

4. Colts Dome Photo Collage

This framed photo collage of the iconic former Hoosier Dome. It showcases the rich history of the team’s old stadium in a unique and visually appealing way, making it a standout present that will bring back cherished memories.

5. BBQ Set

With this Colts-themed spatula, tongs, and grill fork, Dad will have all the essential tools to chef up burgers, hot dogs, and other grilled foods on gamedays. 

6. Personalized Colts Headphones

These personalized wireless Bluetooth headphones are the perfect accessory for him to enjoy his favorite music or podcasts while showing off his team pride. You can write his name or a personalized phrase on the side underneath the Colts logo for an extra personalized touch.

7. Straw Hat

The Indianapolis Colts Floral Straw Hat is a fun gift for Dads. It combines their love for the Colts with a trendy floral design, making it the unique fun accessory to wear at summer outings or gameday parties.

8. Tickets to a Colts Game!

Get Dad tickets to watch his Indianapolis Colts live in person at Lucas Oil Stadium! Spend some quality time together and make unforgettable memories cheering on the Colts. 

9. Tailgate Cooler

This Indianapolis Colts Team Stripe Tailgate 24 Pack Cooler is a fun gift for Dads who love the Colts. It not only keeps their drinks and snacks cool for game day, but also shows off their team spirit with the bold team stripes.

10. Men's Colts Quarter-Zip

This Indianapolis Colts Brigade Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt is the perfect gift for Dads who are avid fans of the Colts. Its cozy and stylish design ensures warmth during chilly fall days, and its royal blue color shows off their Colts pride.

Luxury Indianapolis Colts Gifts For Dad

If you are looking to spend a little bit more money on a gift for your Colts-loving Dad, these next gifts are all priced over $150.

11. Sports Memorabilia

This Edgerrin James Autographed Indianapolis Colts Helmet is a perfect gift for Dads who are die-hard Colts fans and love collecting memorabilia. It not only features a genuine autograph from the legendary Colts running back, but also adds a touch of nostalgia and relives the excitement of his playing days. But check out all of the sports memorabilia on and find something from Dad’s all-time favorite Colts players.

12. Indianapolis Colts Cornhole Set

This Indianapolis Colts Cornhole Board Set is a fun gift for Dads who love football and spending time outdoors. With its weathered design and regulation size, it’s perfect to add some friendly competition to backyard parties.

13. Colts Light Helmet

Looking for the perfect gift to light up your Dad’s man cave? This Indianapolis Colts LED Wall Helmet is a fun and unique way for him to show off his team spirit while adding a touch of ambiance to his favorite space.

14. Colts Carry on and Backpack Set

Perfect for Dads who like to travel, this backpack and carry-on luggage set will conveniently carry all of his stuff through the airport while showing off his Colts pride.

15. Framed Colts Panoramic Poster

This stunning poster captures the thrilling atmosphere of the Lucas Oil Stadium football field. Making the perfect addition to any Colt Dad’s man cave or sports-themed room.

16. Colts Cart Golf Bag

This Colts Cart golf bag allows Dads to show off their team pride while out on the golf course. Note that this bag is ideal to be put on the back of the cart. If Dad likes to walk the golf course than this bag would not be a good gift.

Affordable Indianapolis Colts Gifts for Dad

If you’re looking for a less expensive gift for your die-hard Colts fan Dad, these gifts are all $40 or less and will help Dad embrace his Colts fandom.

17. Colts Winter Hat

The Cuffed Knit Pom Beanie Hat is a great practical gift for Dads who love the Indianapolis Colts. Perfect to keep Dad’s head warm and show off his Colt’s pride during the winter season. 

18. Colts Tie

This stylish gingham tie is a fun and fashionable accessory for professional Dads who love the Cotls. Perfect for Dad to wear into the office on Monday morning after a big Colts win!

19. Indianapolis Colts Hat

This New Era Royal Indianapolis Colts 39THIRTY Flex Hat is a perfect gift for Dads who are avid Colts fans and love to wear hats. With its comfortable fit and stylish design, it will be a great addition to Dad’s game day outfit.

20. Wooden Colts Bottle Opener

This Indianapolis Colts Wooden Bottle Cap Opener is the perfect gift for Dads who love their team and enjoy cracking open a cold one. Its unique design combines a decorative sign with a functional bottle opener, making it a fun and practical addition to any Dad’s man cave.

21. Customized Indianapolis Colts Throw Pillow

Th Colts-themed Throw Pillow Indianapolis Custom is a fun and personalized gift for Dads. You can customize it with their name and favorite number to make it an extra meaningful gift!

22. Flip Flops

These Colts athletic gel sandal slides are perfect for a day at the beach or at the pool. Not only do they provide comfortable and cushioned support for Dad’s feet, but they also allow him to proudly display his Colts loyalty whenever he wears them.

23. Colts Flag

The Indianapolis Colts Large 3×5 Flag is a fun gift for Dads who are avid football fans, as it allows them to proudly display their team spirit and support their favorite team in a big and bold way.

24. Colts Coozie

These Colts-themed coozies not only keep Dad’s beverages cool and insulated, but the football-inspired design adds a fun and festive touch to any Sunday football gathering.

25. Insulated Tumbler

Great for Dad’s morning cup of coffee, this insulated Indianapolis Colts stainless steel tumbler is perfect for keeping his drinks hot or cold while he proudly supports his beloved Coilts. 

Blue and white pride, Colts' strength won't subside!

Indianapolis Colts fans are known for their strong loyalty and unwavering support. From exciting game moments to fun tailgating traditions, being a Colts fan is a unique experience. Giving Dad a gift that celebrates his love for the Colts is a thoughtful way to show you care.

And remember, if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, don’t worry. ParentPresents has lots of gift guides for Dad to help you shine as a gift-giving MVP!