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Presents for Ski Dads

If your Dad loves to go skiing during the winter and you are looking for a gift that can complement his hobby then you’ve come to the right spot! 

We know you DON’T want to buy him an irrelevant ski gift and you DON’T want to waste time scouring the internet. So we have compiled a guide of 50 Ski Dad Gifts that features practical fun accessories, gadgets, and equipment that could make a great gift for any Dad that loves skiing.

Table of Contents

Best Presents for Ski Dads

This list contains presents that are roughly $40 to $150. The ideal amount to spend to get Dad a useful ski gift without breaking the bank.

1. Men's Power Aluminum Black Ski Pole

Ski poles are necessary for balance and stability. This product features poles and nesting brackets to store them and make them easier to carry. The high-quality rubber on the handle also ensures they don’t slip out of Dad’s hands while he skis down the mountain on a fresh powder day!

2. Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm

Can’t forget the jacket! Having a jacket is crucial, especially when Dad is high up in the mountains. This waterproof and windproof ski jacket will keep Dad’s body dry and comfortable. The bright yellow color is also certain to make a fashion statement!

3. Ski & Snowboard Helmet

When doing dangerous sports like skiing, safety is a top priority. This helmet features 10 vents to provide temperature regulation to keep Dad calm and cool all the time. Its ABS exterior shell and foamed interior shell provide maximum comfort and security.

4. Ski Goggles with Magnetic Lens

Goggles are super important when skiing. It protects Dad’s eyes and makes sure he can see through the sun and the snow fall. This product features high-performance anti-fog and UV protection to protect Dad’s eyes.

5. One Gallon Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Bringing hot water to drink after skiing helps warm up the body and prevents it from getting too cold. This thermos keeps up to a gallon of hot beverage piping hot for up to 24 hours. The 2.1-inch wide mouth design also makes it easy clean and to drink from.

6. Winter Compression Socks

Ski boots go all the way up to the ankles, so it is crucial to wear socks that also go high up the legs. Get Dad CEP’s Ski socks. Built from merino wool, they provide functional compression and warmth. They also reduce muscle fatigue and swelling.

7. Ski Pole Pair

These high-quality poles will give Dad the ideal ski experience. They are sturdy and durable while also being light at 9 ounces. They feature a soft non-slip grip to ensure the poles are tight in Dad’s hands.

8. Wool Midweight Long Sleeve Thermal Shirt

It is important to dress warm while being comfortable. Meriwool’s thermal long sleeve shirt will not only keep Dad warm but also give him mobility. This way, Dad won’t have to add multiple layers of clothes that will make him uncomfortable.

9. Men's Waterproof Warm Ski Jacket

Pooluly’s water and windproof ski jacket will always keep Dad’s body dry. Built to endure bad rainy and misty weather, this jacket will provide warmth and comfort during Dad’s ski trip.

10. Soft Shell Waterproof Snow Pants

This product is made of 95% scratch-resistant polyester and 5% stretch spandex soft shell fabric, along with fleece on the inside to keep Dad warm. These economically designed water resistant and windproof ski pants also have elastic waist bands to allow them to fit perfectly on Dad.

11. Ski Backpack

When Dad goes on his ski trip, he takes many things with him. Thermos, clothes, gloves, etc. Get the Dakine Heli backpack to help Dad carry all his items safely and comfortably on his trip.

12. 1.5 Liter Thermos Water Bottle

Get Dad the Tiger Thermos Water Bottle. Made from stainless steel, it holds up to 1.5 liters of beverage and can retain the temperature of the drink for hours. A necessary item for a ski day so Dad can keep his drink hot until he is done skiing.

13. Snow Helmet

This product features a durable self-adjusting fit system designed to take the hassle out of fitting a helmet. It also comes with an elastic fit band at the back of the helmet which adjusts to cradle Dad’s head into it. Built for comfort, it has a clip at the back to attach goggles.

14. Men's Ski Boots

These relaxed-fit ski boots feature a wider design in the forefoot, toe, and ankle areas to provide maximum comfort and support for Dad throughout the day. The tailored ankle boots also protect the ankles in case Dad has a bad fall on the mountain.

15. Electric Heated Ski Gloves

These special electrically heated gloves provide warmth 1.5 times that of normal gloves. With carbon fiber heating technology, these gloves can provide up to 131-140°F of warmth for 2-3 hours.

16. Athletic Compression Socks

These high quality ski socks will protect Dad’s legs from itch or muscle swelling. Composed of 93% nylon and 7% spandex, these will comfortably hug Dad’s legs.

17. Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Trusted by the best – Wildhorn is the helmet supplier for the US Ski Team. It is lighter than 25% of the most competitive helmets and has 13 vents so the helmet isn’t full of Dad’s sweat. This helmet built for absolute comfort will be the perfect gift for Dad.

18. Frameless Ski Goggles

These unique ski goggles are frameless, giving Dad an even clearer view of the slopes. The lenses are also interchangeable, so Dad can swap the lens accordingly if it’s day or night! These goggles are over-the-glasses, so if Dad wears glasses, this is just for him!

19. Ski Gloves

Gloves are a must during skiing. They protect Dad’s hands from the ice and prevent his hands from getting cut. These premium gloves are built with advanced technology that keeps the hands warm and breathable. They provide maximum comfort, as well as safety.

20. 40 oz Stainless Steel Bottle

These thermoses are double wall vacuum insulated and can keep drinks cold and hot for up to 24 hours. Made from steel, the bottle is not only sturdy but also easy to clean. An absolute necessity for skiing.

21. Graphite Carbon Composite Ski Poles

These high end ski poles are made of carbon fiber graphite, different from the majority of poles out there. This high quality ensures that there is minimal vibration with every pole plant and is extremely lightweight and durable.

22. Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Ski Pants

Ski pants are one of the essentials for a ski trip. Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, these water-repellent windproof pants won’t get soaked even if Dad falls often on the Ski slopes. They also have many pockets to keep Dad’s phone, keys, hand warmers, and other essentials.

23. Ski & Snowboard Tuning Kit

The Demon Mechanic Ski and Snowboarding Tuning kit will give Dad all the tools he needs for a proper ski and snowboard wax and tune-up job. It comes with Demon’s White Lightning Universal wax and Demon’s Citrus base cleaner. Just add iron and he will be all set to go out and shred!

24. DryGuy Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

A day on the mountain and in the snow gets everything wet! Help Dad dry his equipment with the Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer. This can dry two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in 1 to 2 hours so Dad can start the next day on his ski trip with dry, comfortable hands and feet.

25. DryGuy Dry Rack Boot & Glove Dryer

Designed with a silent radiant heating system and able to accommodate four or eight shoes or boots, this dry rack will be easy for any one to unload their wet equipment and is perfect for any ski house.

Luxury Presents for Ski Dads

This list contains some high quality ski presents that are over $150.

26. Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boots Mens

Ski boots are a necessity to attach Dad’s feet to skis. These boots feature Intuitive Shell for easy step-in and Flex Liner for adaptable comfort. They are also lightweight to lessen the weight on Dad’s ankles and feet.

27. Armada Declivity 92 Ti Ski Mens

A high-quality pair of skis make the skiing experience much better. Its sharp edges make turning and cutting much smoother. The Armada Declivity 92 Ti Skis are the perfect gift to get Dad. Made from polished wood, Dad will feel like he’s riding on butter with these.

28. Apex Ski Boots Antero XP

These high-end ski boots will help Dad’s performance much more. This product features an infinitely adjustable fit, and it is warm and comfortable and still retains high performance.

29. SPY Optic Marauder Elite Snow Goggle

This product features Happy Definition(HD+) lens, which boosts alertness while providing enhanced color and contrast, impact resistance, and distortion-free optics. These goggles also prevent fog from ruining Dad’s eyesight.

30. Airhead S-1400 Wide Body Combo Skis

If Dad is a beginner at skiing, these would be just for him. The wide tip at the end displaces more water and provides more stability. Their hourglass shape also makes it easier to turn corners at slower speeds.

31. Helly-Hansen Mens Alpha Infinity Insulated Waterproof Ski Jacket

This premium ski jacket features up to 80g of insulation and the best sustainable waterproof/breathable technology to date. This comfortable yet durable jacket will help keep Dad warm on a cold day in the mountains.

Cheap Presents for Ski Dads

This list contains presents that are under $40

32. Wool Ski Socks

Wearing ski socks is crucial when skiing in frigid temperatures. They not only keep Dad’s feet warm but also protects the legs from the boots. These merino wool socks not only will keep Dad’s feet warm, but make sure they are breathing and odor-free.

33. Ski Goggle Case

Ski goggles are important, but it can be tedious to carry them all the time. Get Dad the ski goggle case so he doesn’t have to worry about carrying them or getting damaged – it will always be in a case!

34. Winter Fleece Thermal Face Mask

Without a ski mask, Dad will experience the sharp winds constantly gushing against his face. Get Dad the AstroAL Balaclava ski mask. It offers full face coverage and the insulated mesh fabric prevents Dad’s glasses/goggles from fogging up.

35. Ski Strap and Pole Carrier - 2 Sets per Pack

Carrying skis and poles can be tiring and hard. This product will tie Dad’s skis and poles together so all he has to do is wear the strap on his shoulder. Get Dad the Volk Ski Strap and Pole Carrier and his walk from the parking lot and around the ski lodge will be a lot easier.

36. Hand Warmers

Dad’s hands can get cold from skiing. These hand warmers will make sure Dad’s hands will stay warm throughout the trip.

37. Over the Glasses Ski Goggles

These over-the-glasses ski goggles will make sure Dad’s vision will be unbothered even with the goggles on. Its anti-fog lens makes sure Dad’s glasses won’t fog up.

38. 2 Pack Merino Wool Ski Socks

This product is made of merino wool, which keeps the feet warm, comfy, and breathable. They target the arch, ankle, and calf to prevent muscle swelling – especially from the tight ski boots.

39. Boot Carrier Strap

Carrying both boots at once can be ridiculously hard and annoying. Get Dad the ski boot carrier strap to make his life much easier. Instead of holding both boots, all he has to do is hold the strap!

40. Thermal Water Resistant Winter Gloves

These gloves are made with a heat lock system. This system traps the body heat and then creates a thermal barrier combined with the polar fleece to keep Dad’s hands warm up to -30°F.

41. Ski Boot Bag Pack

Does Dad struggle carrying his boots all the time? Get Dad Element Equipment’s ski boot bag. He’ll never have to carry those boots again! ​

42. Ski Harness

If Dad has little kids or grandkids that he wants to teach how to ski this ski harness is the perfect gift. This mini backpack straps on to Dad so he can safely control and guide a little skier in the front!

43. Thermal Underwear for Men

It is key to be warm and also comfortable while skiing. By getting Dad the WEERTI thermal underwear, he won’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing that will be stuffy and uncomfy. Instead, with a single, thin underwear, he will still be warm and have lots of mobility.

44. Sports Thermos Water Bottle

This thermos can keep Dad’s drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours – the perfect amount of time for him to enjoy his drink after a long powder day.

45. Wool Ski Socks

These thermal merino wool socks were exclusively manufactured with Thermolite technology. The merino wool is also the most moisture wicking fabric and transports all the sweat away from the body quickly. These would come in real handy for Dad!

46. Neck Warmer

Oftentimes Dad will get very cold while skiing – even with all the durable clothing. With Turtle Fur’s Chelonia 150 Classic Fleece Neck Warmer, Dad will never have to worry about being cold. Made of 100% polyester, this soft fleece will keep Dad’s neck warm and prevent the rest of his body from getting cold.

47. Snowboard/Ski Wall Rack

If Dad is a real ski lover, this may be for him. Get Dad this ski wall mount so he can keep his garage neat and organized!

Funny Gag Presents for Ski Dads

This list contains presents that are sure to get a laugh out of your skiing-obsessed Dad!

48. Official SHOTSKI Kit

A reel cool beer gift for the Dads who Get Dad this shotski kit so he can enjoy a quick shot before his ride down the slope! Help him get pumped up and ready to rock. This would also be perfect if he enjoys skiing with others.

49. Ski Dad Winter Skiing T-Shirt

Dad would surely love this funny ski Dad shirt! Show the people around him who’s boss and get a good laugh out of them.

50. Beardski Ski Mask

Get this one of a kind ski mask to add to Dad’s unique personality. He would definitely love this. Get a good laugh out of Dad and those around him.

Hit the Mountain with Dad!

The best ski gift you can give is spending time with Dad doing something he loves. Hitting the mountain and skiing with Dad would be some great quality bonding time that he would cherish!

If you don’t ski or can’t get out on the slopes with him this season then one of the ski gifts from our list above will be a great way to show him your love and appreciation.