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It might be difficult to find a gift for a puppet-loving Dad. Whether he makes puppets of his own or is just interested in the rich art of puppetry, we have the best gifts for your Dad.

Keep on reading to discover 25 of the best gifts for Puppeteers!

Table of Contents

Best Puppeteer Gifts for Dad

This list contains fun puppeteer gift ideas for Dad that are roughly $40 to $150.

1. Instructional DVD

The easiest way to learn how to make foam puppets is to get a visual from a professional. With this DVD, Dad can do just that. The tools, materials, and techniques needed are all highlighted. 

2. Puppetry Blanket

Dad can show off his puppetry pride with this fleece blanket! It is super cozy and features vibrant colors that will not fade in the wash.

3. The Yale Puppeteers Book

This book proves that puppetry is sophisticated, fun, and has a rich history. It is a hardcover, detailed account of the life and times of the famous Yale Puppeteers.

4. Aluminum Wire

Aluminum wire is incredibly useful when it comes to making puppets. Dad will be super appreciative to have 130 feet of sculpting wire to play with!

5. Ventriloquist Style Puppet

What could be a better gift for a puppeteer than a brand new puppet? This high-quality, lightweight puppet has an easy to control mouth and arms!


6. Kermit Sweatshirt

Any puppeteer would love to sport a sweatshirt featuring one of the most iconic puppets of all time: Kermit the frog. This collegiate-style crewneck is super comfortable!


7. Puppetry Foam

Foam is a super useful tool in the puppetry world. It can be used to make both puppets and puppetry accessories such as stages or stands! 

8. Fraggle Rock History Book

This hardcover history book features tons of secrets and fun facts from the making of iconic puppetry TV show Fraggle Rock. It also has concept art, behind-the-scenes-photos, and more!

9. Polymorph

Polymorph is a cool puppetry tool that can be used to craft puppet legs and arms. The small plastic pellets melt down to become a super pliable and strong material!

Luxury Puppet Gifts for Dad

Want to spoil Dad? This list has gift ideas for Dad that are over $150.

10. Dremel Rotary Kit

This comprehensive tool kit is great for cutting, carving, polishing, and more! It is easy to use and comes with six attachments and 50 different accessories. 

11. Jester Marionette

This handcrafted wooden marionette is great as both a tool for puppetry performances or as a piece of artwork for Dad’s home! It is high-quality and hand-painted.

12. Marionette Print

This framed print would be the perfect piece of art for any puppeteers home! It is printed on heavy stock matte paper and framed in a matte black wood frame.

13. Portable Puppet Theater

This portable puppet theater is great for performances or practicing at home. It is lightweight and super easy to set up in any space!

14. Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a super useful, multi-functional tool for puppeteers. This 500-watt glue gun features a sturdy base and an adjustable temperature from 220 to 400. Perfect for a handy Dad or a Dad that loves puppets!

15. Painting Set

If Dad enjoys crafting puppets from hand, he will totally love a new, deluxe paint set! With acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints, Dad can experiment and perfect his puppet-painting techniques. 

16. Vampire Marionette

This spooky vampire marionette is a rare, handcrafted item that Dad is sure to love. This unique gift has tons of cool details such as a hand-sewn outfit. 

17. Puppet Master Trunk

This gorgeous trunk is a replica of Andre Toulon’s case from the Puppet Master franchise. Plus, all blu-ray DVDs of all 11 films come inside!


Affordable Puppeteering Gifts for Dad

This list contains puppeteer gift ideas for Dad that are under $40!

18. Puppet Arm Handles

A puppeteer can never have too many puppet arms. These lightweight, metal rods are easily clipped to the hand or wrist of most puppets.

19. Puppet Shirt

If Dad is a self-proclaimed puppet nerd, he will absolutely love this humorous shirt. It has a lightweight, classic fit and comes in eight amazing colors!

20. Puppeteer Coloring Book

This hilarious coloring book is great for any puppeteer looking to release some stress. It has over 100 high-quality coloring pages full of awesome and funny designs. 

21. Miliput

Miliput is an epoxy putty used for creating puppet heads, chests, and more. This small pack of 3 is great for experimenting or adding to Dad’s larger collection! 

22. ‘I Love Puppets’ Sweatshirt

Any puppet-loving Dad will be obsessed with this fun, marionette-themed sweatshirt! It has a classic fit and comes in four different colors.

23. Contact Cement

This all-purpose adhesive can be used on a plethora of materials – making it great for puppet making. This 32-ounce can comes with a helpful applicator brush!

24. Adhesive Remover

When making puppets, things getting messy is inevitable. With this adhesive remover, Dad can keep his workspace clean and tidy. It is latex-free and non-aerosol. 

25. Puppetry Shirt

This fun t-shirt is sure to make Dad smile. It is super comfortable and comes in ten different colors!

For the super creative Dad!

With any of these items, Dad will be super prepared for his next puppetry adventure! From useful tools to fun apparel, Dad is sure to love these handpicked gifts. 

Whether Dad is an expert or an aspiring puppeteer, if Dad loves puppets he will appreciate any gifts from this list!