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Present Ideas for Mom that won't cost anything

Uh oh! It’s that time of year again when we scramble to find the perfect present for Mom. But if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of great, free things you can do to show your Mom how much you appreciate her. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Cook for her 

Mom’s love to be wined and dined. Plan a night during the week that you will prepare a special meal for Mom.

Give her an invitation 

If you decide preparing a meal is the present that you want to give Mom for her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion, give her an invitation.

Be specific with the date and what she can expect.

For example,

Being creative with an invitation and specific with expectations will get Mom really excited! The anticipation will drive her crazy and she will tell everyone she knows leading up to the big night!

You can make beautiful invitation designs like this for free at

Dinner Invitation

2. Take her on a trip down Memory Lane

Everyone loves to reminisce on old memories. Gather old pictures and stories and put together a scrapbook, PowerPoint, or video slideshow. A personalized gift of memories will be something that Mom will cherish and can always look back at when she needs a smile.

Check out this video below for a great example.

3. At Home Spa Day

Similar to the cooking Mom a dinner. Give her an invitation to an “at home spa day”. This will be the ultimate relaxation day for Mom. Prepare a nice place in the house and get ready to give Mom an at home spa day. 

Start with a warm tub of water and give Mom a foot massage. Watch this video for the best technique so you can give a great foot massage  

Next prepare some warm towels and give Mom a back massage. Watch this video for the best technique so you can give a great back massage.

Conclude by closing the door and playing some coming music over a speaker for 20-30 minutes so Mom can just lay and relax. 

For some more tips on making a homerun “at home spa day” check out this article from

4. Make her a video of friends and family 

Find all the important people in Mom’s life and have them send in a video wishing her a happy birthday. Ask them to include something that they love about her to make it really special. 

There are several ways that you could compile all these videos into one. If you get less than 3 minutes of footage I would recommend just doing it in TikTok. If you post the TikTok to private you could then download it and export it through your Iphone. If you have more footage try an app like: Video Merger

Make sure to present this video to her in a manner that makes her feel special. Maybe put it on the TV at a time when the whole family can sit down and enjoy it.


Check out the video below on how to make a Birthday Wishes video!

5. Coupon Book

Traditionally something that a little kid makes for Mom in preschool or kindergarten but actually gets better as you get older. I gave one to my Mom when I was 23 and it was a HOMERUN thoughtful gift. Things in the book can include coupons for:

  • A hug
  • Designated Driver
  • Movie night
  • Cook dinner
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean your room
  • Watch a movie 
  • Give a ride
  • Play Tennis
  • 10 minute foot massage

Free presents are the best presents!

If you’re looking for a way to make your mother happy without spending any money, why not try one of these ideas? All of them are simple and easy to do, and they’ll show your mom how much you care. So put on your thinking cap, get creative, and give your mom the best present she’s ever gotten – something from the heart that cost nothing at all.

If you do want to add on another present on top of one of these ideas we have great lists of low, medium, and high budget presents for Mom!

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