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7 Tips to Become a Great Gift Giver

From picking out the gift, to wrapping the gift, to actually giving the gift. Follow these 7 tips to level up your gift giving!

1. Think of the Recipient

Who are you giving the gift to? Think about what the person you’re giving the gift to loves and try to incorporate that into your present.

For example, if they love animals, you could get them a stuffed animal or a piece of jewelry with an animal motif. 

Or, if they’re passionate about their favorite sports team, you could get them tickets to a game or a piece of team merchandise.

2. Make it Unique

Another way to make your gift stand out is to choose something that’s unique and not something that everyone else would think of getting for the person in question.

For example, instead of getting them another coffee mug (which they may already have too many of), you could get them a mug with a unique design or color. 

Or, if you know they’re into fashion, you could get them a piece of jewelry or clothing that’s from a lesser-known brand.


Don’t buy the same thing over and over again

Especially when shopping for someone like Mom and Dad it may be common to have a go to gift. Changing it up will show them that you care and really put thought into a gift for this special occasion. 

3. Personalize It

Another way to make sure your gift is extra special is to personalize the gift. Personalized gifts are always good for people that have everything.

For example, instead of getting them another cutting board (which they may already have), consider getting a personalized cutting board with their family crest on it.

Personalized gifts  show the person that you went out of the way to make sure that this gift was special for them.

4. Go for Quality over Quantity

It’s better to give one high-quality item that the person will love and use often than to give multiple cheaper items that will end up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere.

For example, if you know the person likes to cook, consider getting them a nice set of knives or cookware rather than just some random kitchen gadgets. 

Or, if they’re into photography, look for a high-quality camera or lens rather than getting them several lower-priced items.

5. Wrap it Uniquely

One way to make sure your gift stands out from the rest of the gifts is to wrap it uniquely.

For example, you could wrap the gift with a Newspaper from their Birthday or give it to them in a jar.

Jar Present Wrap

6. Surprise them with it

Nothing is more exciting than not knowing what someone buys for you.

Everyone likes a surprise 

It says that you put thought into buying for them and didn’t just buy the first thing you could think of.

Give them the present a day early

Try giving them the present a day early. This element of surprise shows them that you are excited to give it to them which will make them even more excited to open it.

7. Include a Handwritten Card

Writing a heartfelt handwritten card is the best way to show someone that you care about them.

Top your gifts off with a handwritten card and the recipient will know that you took the time to think about them and prepare something specifically just for them!

Handwritten Card


If you follow these 7 tips you will improve your gift giving! And if you need giftspiration play around on our site

Our expertise is specifically in finding gifts for Moms and Dads. But giftspiration could strike at anytime!


  1. Think of Recipient
  2. Make it Unique
  3. Personalize it
  4. Go for Quality of Quantity
  5. Wrap it Uniquely
  6. Surprise them with it
  7. Include a Handwritten Card

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